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Join the ranks of Adobe, Macromedia,,, and others. Put the responsiveness of FrankelBiz to work for you!

FrankelBiz Statistics:

  • Published several times daily, five days per week
  • Generates a minimum of over 150,000 unique impressions per week (We enjoy a fivefold passalong rate, as well).
  • FrankelBiz is the only branded community which actually expects to receive business propositions that will help members grow each others' businesses. No discussion is permitted.
  • Ethical revenue sharing and affiliate programs are encouraged.
  • Network marketing, Multilevel marketing and Get Rich Quick Schemes are not accepted (See FrankelBiz FAQ's).
  • You want response? FrankelBiz consistently outperforms the average list by the hundreds. One ad recently drew 1,400 responses in the first 24 hours.

Advertising Packages:

Rates subject to change without notice.

1. FrankelBiz List Header (text link): $1000 per week
Advertisers may buy a week-long, daily text hyperlink that appears on the top of every FrankelBiz post for the duration of the campaign.
To place your ad, click here.

2. FrankelBiz List Footer (text link): $850 per week
Advertisers may buy a daily text hyperlink that appears on the bottom of every FrankelBiz post for the duration of the campaign.

Rob Frankel's Newsletter is included in both packages.

3. Frankel's Free Clinic/Archived Transcripts (text link and banner): $1000 per month

A. Free Clinic Hosted Chat: This one-hour, weekly real time chat every Monday from 9 AM to 10 AM Pacific Time, features availability for one sponsor's banner at (click "Chat" in the left hand column)

B. Free Clinic Archives: One of the most visited sites where anyone can search on a topic and read transcripts of the hundreds of Free Clinics, at "Chat" in the left hand column).

4. Frankelbiz Subscription Page (text link and banner): $1000 per month

All new members must subscribe to FrankelBiz through one entrance only: the subscription form at

Special Revenue-Sharing Packages:

In addition to advertising opportunities, FrankelBiz also creates Revenue Sharing programs with your organization, which generates income for you -- and every participating FrankelBee!

Real Time Surveys

Responsiveness and genuine helpfulness help make the FrankelBiz branded community a very helpful resource if you need a quick, reliable, real time survey. It's a very cool, affordable survey service, that lets you collect data in real time about any legitimate marketing, e-commerce or business issue.
Every survey is approved and immediately distributed to the FrankelBees. In 24 hours or less, you receive hundreds or thousands of responses, tabulated and displayed at your private, password protected URL. The raw data is yours for the download.

Reaching thousands of active business buyers and sellers is as simple as filling out this form. First, we're going to need a little information from you. Then we'll get right back to you.

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