Transcript of Frankel's Free Clinic January 3, 2000 (1/3/100 8:54 AM): Look! Rob's got his own Y2K problem! (1/3/100 8:54 AM): The date says 100! (1/3/100 8:54 AM): Good morning, Ken. Are you new?

ken (1/3/100 8:56 AM): Hi Joanna, Yes I am (1/3/100 8:57 AM): Welcome! What do you do?

ken (1/3/100 8:57 AM): I'm still trying to figure that out

Dave: (1/3/100 8:58 AM): Entered the room.

Dave: (1/3/100 8:58 AM): hi

ken (1/3/100 8:58 AM): Joanna, what do you do? (1/3/100 8:58 AM): Very cryptic, but I'll take it....

Yancey ( (1/3/100 8:59 AM): Entered the room.

Yancey ( (1/3/100 8:59 AM): It's good to be here in the year 100. ;-) (1/3/100 9:00 AM): So, I guess everyone survived the y2k weekend?

RobFrankel ( (1/3/100 9:00 AM): Entered the room. (1/3/100 9:00 AM): (Yeah, Yancey, isn't that hilarious!)

Andy TeBockhorst (1/3/100 9:00 AM): Entered the room.

RobFrankel ( (1/3/100 9:00 AM): HAH! FOOLED YOU ALL! I have my very own time zone! Talk about branding! (1/3/100 9:01 AM): Hi, Rob! So, what really happened in the year 100?

RobFrankel ( (1/3/100 9:01 AM): Welcome to the year 100. We are SO far ahead of the competition.

Yancey ( (1/3/100 9:02 AM): Swatch Time? Frankel Time!

RobFrankel ( (1/3/100 9:02 AM): This is truly the ONLY Y2K glitch I've seen....I feel so special! I suppose for this week, anyway, I am vindicated for those "don't panic' columns I wrote last year.

ken (1/3/100 9:03 AM): We were all concerned and I'm glad it went well

Yancey ( (1/3/100 9:03 AM): I just issued a press release, we will see it on this evenings news.

Andy TeBockhorst (1/3/100 9:03 AM): Anybody else seen any glitches?

DorothyK ( (1/3/100 9:04 AM): Entered the room. (1/3/100 9:04 AM): It was kind of a let-down that nothing AT ALL happened...I saw this same kind of error on the site for the publisher of the dianetics book.(clicked on a banner...) (1/3/100 9:04 AM): Entered the room.

RobFrankel ( (1/3/100 9:04 AM): Well, Yeltsin lost his job, but I don't think it was due to a Y2K error.

DorothyK ( (1/3/100 9:05 AM): I thought the year 100 always followed the year '99. I've seen it in other forums also.

RobFrankel ( (1/3/100 9:05 AM): Hi,! You're the newest member so you can go first with any questions you have. Just jump in.

RobFrankel ( (1/3/100 9:06 AM): Or Ken....

Benjamin Fitts ( (1/3/100 9:06 AM): Entered the room.

ken (1/3/100 9:07 AM): Hi Rob, I have two sites and and I was wondering if you had any thoughts on how to brand them. (1/3/100 9:07 AM): Entered the room. (1/3/100 9:07 AM): Hi Rob. I building a home-related directory for plumbers, heating/ ac contractors etc. and am wanting to know the best way to build branding for my site. My site is different for these types of businesses because they can market to their market by selecting the zip code(s) they want to be affiliated with.

RobFrankel ( (1/3/100 9:07 AM): What is that you do on each Ken?

RobFrankel ( (1/3/100 9:08 AM): Okay, Robert, let's take Ken first.. You're next. hang in there...

ken (1/3/100 9:08 AM): On it's for Nurses, I insure 450m+ in the US, and is my marketing books I've written and other stuff to get customers.

Terri ( (1/3/100 9:08 AM): Entered the room.

Bruce (1/3/100 9:09 AM): Entered the room.

RobFrankel ( (1/3/100 9:09 AM): Wow, Ken. Did you know I'm speaking at the PIAA (Physicians Insurers Association of America) in February in Santa Barbara?

ken (1/3/100 9:10 AM): No, I didn't

RobFrankel ( (1/3/100 9:11 AM): I'll be their keynote on exactly this topic. And it is important for you, because you have to compete with all the med-mal's that are starting to get back into the biz...

Benjamin Fitts ( (1/3/100 9:11 AM): Entered the room.

RobFrankel ( (1/3/100 9:11 AM): Are you an agent or a self-funded group?

Bruce ( (1/3/100 9:12 AM): Entered the room.

ken (1/3/100 9:12 AM): That's correct Rob, but I've been doing it for 30years now and I insure over 450,000 Nurses, I'm an MGA

RobFrankel ( (1/3/100 9:13 AM): So you're not self-funded, but represent other insurers?

Linda Langs (1/3/100 9:13 AM): Entered the room.

Bruce ( (1/3/100 9:13 AM): morning, all!

ken (1/3/100 9:13 AM): Just one. The Medical Mal Market is overcrowded but I have only 5 competitors.

RobFrankel ( (1/3/100 9:14 AM): Ken, you blue-eyed devil, you. the FIRST thing I'd do is de-link from NPG.

RobFrankel ( (1/3/100 9:15 AM): These are totally spearate entities, and I suspect that actually works to undermine your NPG brand.

ken (1/3/100 9:15 AM): I think your right. (1/3/100 9:15 AM): Entered the room.

RobFrankel ( (1/3/100 9:16 AM): That's not to say you're not a great sales guy, but the two have nothing to do with each other. The minute a serious prospect at NPG hits your kenvarga link, your credibility goes down the toilet. Makes you look opportunistic.

RobFrankel ( (1/3/100 9:16 AM): A big part of branding is credibility. You don't want to torpedo yourself.

ken (1/3/100 9:16 AM): I feel your correct is your assessment

RobFrankel ( (1/3/100 9:17 AM): Robert, can you repeat your question? We've got a lot of people here today and I want to get to everyone.

Jane (1/3/100 9:18 AM): Entered the room. (1/3/100 9:19 AM): I'm building a site for home-related services such as plumbers, heating/ac contractors. One of the problems with all these directories is their lack of marketability. How do I convince these people of my marketing techniques?

RobFrankel ( (1/3/100 9:19 AM): BTW, other than that, Ken, you've got a lot of good tools on your site. I would like to see them more branded to you, though, and not just as tools. Make them yours. Your "gems" is a good start.

ken (1/3/100 9:20 AM): Thanks Rob

Pelican Wayne (1/3/100 9:20 AM): Entered the room.

RobFrankel ( (1/3/100 9:20 AM): Robert? You still there? If not, whose next up? Remember, the new guys get to go first....

RobFrankel ( (1/3/100 9:21 AM): I see that Mr. Porsche just drove up...Hi Wayne. (1/3/100 9:21 AM): Yes I'm still here. My question is listed.

RobFrankel ( (1/3/100 9:21 AM): Jane? Can I help you this millennium Monday morning?

Pelican Wayne (1/3/100 9:22 AM): *yawn* How do I avoid staying up to 3AM answering hundreds of emails? (just kidding)

RobFrankel ( (1/3/100 9:22 AM): Yeah, but it scrolled past my window Robert. Quick recap?

RobFrankel ( (1/3/100 9:22 AM): I'm at your site right now, Robert

Jane (1/3/100 9:23 AM): Rob, greetings and thank you for this venue! I am still struggling with my first major comprehensive marketing plan for a do cam start up! Key pointers appreciated!

RobFrankel ( (1/3/100 9:24 AM): Jane, what's a "do cam"? Dot com perhaps? (1/3/100 9:24 AM): Rob, how do convince my advertisers of my ability to market my site; that I build branding easier than they can?

Jane (1/3/100 9:25 AM): oops- Yes Dot Com!

RobFrankel ( (1/3/100 9:25 AM): Robert, assuming that you are indeed a directory that's locally-based, you are probably okay in fishing where the fish are -- with other locally-driven vendors. This is a two sided issue. On the one hand, they can leverage your zip code driven marketing

Andy TeBockhorst (1/3/100 9:25 AM): Here's Robert's question again Rob: I'm building a site for home-related services such as plumbers, heating/ac contractors. One of the problems with all these directories is their lack of marketability. How do I convince these people of my marketing techniques?

RobFrankel ( (1/3/100 9:26 AM): ...on the other, you're limited by the small target areas. Which means revenues will always be low UNLESS you can key in large advertisers with locations across multiple zips. (1/3/100 9:26 AM): thanks Andy

clpsf (1/3/100 9:26 AM): Entered the room.

RobFrankel ( (1/3/100 9:27 AM): Overall, Robert (thanks Andy), they key here will NOT be selling your advertisers on REACH. You will have to sell them on ROI. That's what they listen to. (1/3/100 9:27 AM): Thanks Rob

RobFrankel ( (1/3/100 9:28 AM): Also, Robert, that means you've got to ramp up the action on your home page. Get to the sales sooner. Position the site more as a resource. It's a very passive page right now.

Andy TeBockhorst (1/3/100 9:28 AM): Robert, I have built several websites for realtors... this might be a neat thing to get them involved with

RobFrankel ( (1/3/100 9:28 AM): BTW, does anyone else share my view that unlinked graphics are frustrating? It could be me, but I always get disappointed when I see a graphic and I can't click on it....

Andy TeBockhorst (1/3/100 9:29 AM): When people relocate, they have a hard time finding these kinds of services. You might become a valuable resource to the realtors.

RobFrankel ( (1/3/100 9:29 AM): Man, I want to click on that drill and be taken to a carpenter's or handyman's directory! (1/3/100 9:29 AM): Andy, It's ideal for realtors. In fact I have about 25-30 industries that will fit into my directory. Realtors fit right in.

Andy TeBockhorst (1/3/100 9:29 AM): I agree Rob

RobFrankel ( (1/3/100 9:29 AM): Excellent suggestion, Andy. Also, multi-regional realtors like RE/MAX have embraced the web big time.

Yancey ( (1/3/100 9:30 AM): The conditioning of icon driven navigation. Yes!

clpsf (1/3/100 9:30 AM): Hi everyone, sorry I'm late - name's Carmen

RobFrankel ( (1/3/100 9:30 AM): You know what other industry might benefit from this? Welcome Wagon. They're dying and need a shot in the arm. (1/3/100 9:31 AM): Great suggestion about WW. In fact, I thought they WERE dead.

RobFrankel ( (1/3/100 9:32 AM): Lotta people here today. Jane, can you be more specific in your question? The #1 suggestion I make to people starting biz plans appears at http;//"the brand belongs in the business plan"

Jane (1/3/100 9:32 AM): They may be under the name Getting To Know You!

RobFrankel ( (1/3/100 9:33 AM): I tell people to brand early, because branding helps differentiate you -- even from the other business plans on the VC's desk.

clpsf (1/3/100 9:33 AM): I'm not seeing any discussion - are y'all receiving me? I think I broke something :-)

Jane (1/3/100 9:33 AM): I am creating a plan to market professional services/directory online to Attorneys (yikes), Ins. Profs, realtors...

Terri ( (1/3/100 9:33 AM): Robert, don't forget about your offline advertising to drive business too.. I would see about having local realtors give flyers to their clients maybe (1/3/100 9:34 AM): Thanks Terri

RobFrankel ( (1/3/100 9:34 AM): Whoa, Jane...without getting too confidential, that sounds pretty ambitious...a portal?

Jane (1/3/100 9:35 AM): eventually- yes

RobFrankel ( (1/3/100 9:35 AM): Terri is right on, Robert. Remember that an effective strategy may be to start offline local guys and wean them onto your service a bit at a time -- always selling comparative ROI!

RobFrankel ( (1/3/100 9:36 AM): Jane -- you have a reason why these sectors should use your portal as opposed to others?

Jane (1/3/100 9:36 AM): Flyer is great but perhaps a premium item they will keep- a magnet with a place to write important #'s and of course your URL!

Jane (1/3/100 9:37 AM): Yes Rob there is a reason, but sorry, can't divulge....

RobFrankel ( (1/3/100 9:37 AM): Carmen, we see you! You're next

Bonnie Johnston (1/3/100 9:37 AM): Entered the room.

Carmen - (1/3/100 9:37 AM): Entered the room.

RobFrankel ( (1/3/100 9:37 AM): I've got a killer premium that I will be announcing and offering at a discount to all the FrankelBees in a month or two. Perfect for this stuff.

Carmen - (1/3/100 9:38 AM): Sorry - system crash. Had to start all over.

Bonnie Johnston (1/3/100 9:38 AM): I have a quick question -- what does "ROI" mean?

Terri ( (1/3/100 9:38 AM): or maybe a keychain for them to put their "new" house keys on - with your ad on it of course.. gives their clients something of value that they will "perceive" the realtor as giving them... Win, Win;

Jane (1/3/100 9:38 AM): A an aside can you define SWOT

Bonnie Johnston (1/3/100 9:38 AM): Also, since the topic seems to be premiums, I'm interested in learning how effective imprinted pens are for mail order promotions?

Andy TeBockhorst (1/3/100 9:38 AM): Return On Investment (1/3/100 9:38 AM): return on investment

RobFrankel ( (1/3/100 9:39 AM): Well, Jane, just be careful NOT to rely on technology to brand yourself. It's a losing proposition. Branding is 100% non-rational. That's why we pay FEDEX $20 to deliver the same package the US Post Office delivers for $3

Linda Langs (1/3/100 9:39 AM): We're preparing to launch and were wondering if anyone in the group had suggestions on how to reach the major advertising agencies who have clients that may be interested. We have a PDF file we can send on our rates. How do we reach the

RobFrankel ( (1/3/100 9:39 AM): Bonnie, they may be effective. But not nearly as effective as other stuff.

Chester Bullock ( (1/3/100 9:39 AM): Entered the room.

RobFrankel ( (1/3/100 9:39 AM): Carmen, do you have a question?

Jane (1/3/100 9:39 AM): Point taken, Thanks Rob

RobFrankel ( (1/3/100 9:40 AM): Chester!!! Long time no chat, bud!

Carmen - (1/3/100 9:40 AM): No question - just wanted to introduce my presence!

Chester Bullock ( (1/3/100 9:40 AM): Hello, it has been awhile.

Andy TeBockhorst (1/3/100 9:40 AM): Linda, get a copy of Advertising Age. That will have a lot of the information you're looking for.

RobFrankel ( (1/3/100 9:41 AM): Linda: Going through ad agencies is usually NOT the quickest route. Take it from me, some of the biggest dopes you ever met work there.

Bonnie Johnston (1/3/100 9:41 AM): What types of promotional items do you think would be more effective for mail order businesses? Specifically, I'm selling subliminal affirmation tapes, focusing on customized tapes for people working on specific goals.

Jane (1/3/100 9:41 AM): Linda, how about an on-line press release

Andy TeBockhorst (1/3/100 9:41 AM): As an ad agency person, I AGREE!

RobFrankel ( (1/3/100 9:41 AM): Linda, I want you to e-mail me off line, though, because I have a client that is very interested in "ethnic" marketing. Mailto, okay?

Chester Bullock ( (1/3/100 9:41 AM): On the subject of promotional items, has anyone here used iPrint? (1/3/100 9:41 AM): Linda: Crains (in Chicago) and LA Biz Journal (in L.A.)

Jane (1/3/100 9:41 AM): Should have read a "targeted" press release

Linda Langs (1/3/100 9:42 AM): Great ideas. Does anyone have an on-line list they really like?

RobFrankel ( (1/3/100 9:42 AM): Except for Andy, of course. He's friggin' brilliant... (1/3/100 9:42 AM): I've used iPrint a couple of times. the stuff is nice, but they're slow...

RobFrankel ( (1/3/100 9:43 AM): Bonnie, e-mail me offline and I'll give you a much better

Bob Adams ( (1/3/100 9:43 AM): Entered the room.

RobFrankel ( (1/3/100 9:43 AM): I haven't used iPrint. For business cards, I found very good and inexpensive. For promotions, we have a bunch of FrankelBees. Post a request to the list. (1/3/100 9:44 AM): bonnie - how about a small pocket mirror, "I'm good enough I'm smart enough and doggone it, people like me!"

Andy TeBockhorst (1/3/100 9:44 AM): (Wow Rob, nice crowd today) (1/3/100 9:44 AM): Rob, what's with all the offline stuff? SHARE!

Jane (1/3/100 9:44 AM): Can I get one of those mirrors! great idea! (1/3/100 9:44 AM): Entered the room.

RobFrankel ( (1/3/100 9:45 AM): JoAnna, I just signed a new client and their stuff is SO cool for promotion that I'll be using them myself. When I can set up a program especially for FB's, I promise you I will share!

RobFrankel ( (1/3/100 9:45 AM): Andy, I think everyone showed up to experience the Year 100....

Bob Adams ( (1/3/100 9:45 AM): Another promotional resource (cheap too!) is at (1/3/100 9:46 AM): patience is NOT one of my virtues, Rob! (thanks, Jane!)

Andy TeBockhorst (1/3/100 9:46 AM): LOL!

Chester Bullock ( (1/3/100 9:46 AM): Some sites I saw Saturday said it was the year 19100

Pelican Wayne (1/3/100 9:46 AM): Best Promotional Item: FREE CD-ROMs with actual useful information on them... (IMHO)

RobFrankel ( (1/3/100 9:46 AM): But you know me, JoAnna. First I want to give everyone a good discount, then I want to see if I can turn this into a profit-making venture for them.

Chuck (1/3/100 9:46 AM): Entered the room.

RobFrankel ( (1/3/100 9:47 AM): Carmen? Did you have question or should we ask Chuck?

Bonnie Johnston (1/3/100 9:47 AM): A Stuart Smiley line of products? :) (1/3/100 9:47 AM): I've got to know, are all these new people from San Francisco?

Carmen - (1/3/100 9:47 AM): No question for now - thanks!

RobFrankel ( (1/3/100 9:47 AM): Wayne, I've found that almost nobody uses CD-ROMs, especially with the advent of the web.

RobFrankel ( (1/3/100 9:48 AM): Okay, Carmen, didn't want you to think I forgot about you. Chuck? What can I help you with today?

Jane (1/3/100 9:48 AM): I'm from the NY Metro area- any one of a place to get e-mail lists by region/zip code.. (1/3/100 9:48 AM): It was an idea...for daily affirmations, aren't you supposed to say them into a mirror?

Chester Bullock ( (1/3/100 9:48 AM): Something I have seen that impresses me are the new business-card size CD-ROMs. Not sure what all you would put on it to take advantage of the medium, but it is a pretty memorable item...

Bonnie Johnston (1/3/100 9:49 AM): while we're discussing websites, has anyone here used If so, how was their service?

Pelican Wayne (1/3/100 9:49 AM): But we give away more than 450MB of info on the CDs, and it becomes more a part of their reference library. I can't make enough of them to keep up with the demand, and everyone and their uncle (literally) seems to want one... (1/3/100 9:49 AM): business card sized CD-ROMs: tell 'em JoAnna Minneci from IPN sent you.

RobFrankel ( (1/3/100 9:49 AM): For those of you who aren't subscribed to the FrankelBiz list, I heartily suggest you do. You'll never find a more helpful, ethical group of people -- who all give discounts and stuff to other on the banner below to subscribe...

Andy TeBockhorst (1/3/100 9:49 AM): I market those CD Roms in the Trading Card business... stats, photos, videos etc. of a given athlete... very popular!

Bonnie Johnston (1/3/100 9:50 AM): JoAnna, sorry I sounded amused, you reminded me of the SNL skit, which I love! You're right, though, looking at yourself in a mirror while saying affirmations is one of the popular techniques, and it is a good idea

RobFrankel ( (1/3/100 9:50 AM): Maybe. Wayne, but wanting one and using one are two different things. The trend is pointing in the wrong direction. Plus, CD's limit your market share. Web is infinite.

Andy TeBockhorst (1/3/100 9:50 AM): Good point Rob... it's an EXCELLENT list!

Chester Bullock ( (1/3/100 9:50 AM): Thanks JoAnna...

Pelican Wayne (1/3/100 9:51 AM): If you're selling product on the web, you only have a limited amount of bandwidth. With CD-ROMs, you can enclose hundreds of photos of the product. One of the downfalls of the web is the 'loss of information'. Grainy photos, etc. With a CD, you not only market yourself, but you have almost an unlimited amount of space to describe your product...

RobFrankel ( (1/3/100 9:51 AM): (TEN MINUTE WARNING) (1/3/100 9:51 AM): It was supposed to remind you of the snl skit! I was hoping it wasn't obscure already

Yancey ( (1/3/100 9:51 AM): Rob, posted twice to the FrankelBiz list recently and had huge success. Thanks.

Chester Bullock ( (1/3/100 9:51 AM): Web is infinite, but SO many people are still on dialup. In fact, I will be when I move I a couple of weeks, thanks to USWest...

RobFrankel ( (1/3/100 9:51 AM): Chuck? You still there? We have ten minutes left on this first Free Clinic of the century!

RobFrankel ( (1/3/100 9:52 AM): Hey, Chester --- I'm still on dial up!

Andy TeBockhorst (1/3/100 9:52 AM): Gotta go everyone... keep looking forward to next year... 101! Thanks Rob!

RobFrankel ( (1/3/100 9:52 AM): Great Yancey. I love these guys. They've saved my butt more than once, too.

Chester Bullock ( (1/3/100 9:52 AM): As a designer, it is something I struggle with every day...

Bob Adams ( (1/3/100 9:53 AM): Remember promotions are audience sensitive, not advertiser sensitive. Pelican Wayne makes that point, past history does not indicate future success.

Pelican Wayne (1/3/100 9:53 AM): No matter what happens with the web, paper catalog retailers will still sell plenty of product to the off-line people. Giving away a CD-ROM gives people a visible (not just a bookmark) reminder of who you are, and what your product is. I would have doubted it too, but my customers absolutely love it to death, and they tell me that they use it all the time. I hope they are not lying...

Ellen Cagnassola ( (1/3/100 9:54 AM): Entered the room.

Chester Bullock ( (1/3/100 9:54 AM): PW - what's your email?

RobFrankel ( (1/3/100 9:54 AM): Wayne, you can't argue with success, so stick with it. But you may want to start to include hot links on your CD that automatically dial up to an online catalog, if only for updates and additions. (1/3/100 9:55 AM): So, what's everyone going to do with all that bottled water? :-)

Bonnie Johnston (1/3/100 9:55 AM): Just out of curiosity, Wayne, what is your business? What kinds of info do you store on a CD-ROM that your clients are using? And how often do you have to update it?

Chester Bullock ( (1/3/100 9:55 AM): Drink it, since I drank too much on Friday night... :)

Pelican Wayne (1/3/100 9:56 AM): With the CD, I get people looking at my site even when they are not on-line. There are some disadvantages (can't update current catalog prices, check inventory, etc...) I'm working on the hotlinks. I would like to have people order directly off of the CD-ROM, (which is possible), but then I need to check the price on the CD, versus the price on the web, since they might have changed. It's on my list to do...

RobFrankel ( (1/3/100 9:56 AM): JoAnna, we save ours for earthquakes

Pelican Wayne (1/3/100 9:56 AM): I sell Porsche parts to do-it-yourselfers. My CD contains instructions, hints and tips, etc, tech articles that walk you thru the process... People seem to love it...

Ellen Cagnassola ( (1/3/100 9:56 AM): pelican..going to sell advertising on your CD's too? (1/3/100 9:56 AM): Wayne, why not an autoresponder email that sends a current price list? or whatever? (1/3/100 9:57 AM): Wayne, you should look into using some streaming media.

Chester Bullock ( (1/3/100 9:57 AM): Yikes, wouldn't want to experience a quake, I like the blizzards we get here in CO.

Bob Adams ( (1/3/100 9:58 AM): In Oregon having enough water is never a problem, just look up....

RobFrankel ( (1/3/100 9:58 AM): (TWO MINUTES)

Yancey ( (1/3/100 9:58 AM): We just survived a 26,000 acre fire in N CA, couldn't get enough water!

Chester Bullock ( (1/3/100 9:58 AM): Good idea Joanna, but I he wants to do the order from the CD, it will take a more significant effort to make sure the current price gets fed into the order system. Quite a challenge actually. XML will probably help...

Pelican Wayne (1/3/100 9:59 AM): I have all the current prices in my on-line catalog on the web... I have had a difficult time finding good paying advertisers for my site, so plans are to keep the CD ad-free, until I run out of inventory. But I have thought about it...

RobFrankel ( (1/3/100 9:59 AM): ...and they just had a quake in New York...

RobFrankel ( (1/3/100 9:59 AM): Okay, you guys, I've gotta run. But you are most welcome to continue as long as you want. You can also use this site to meet any time you like during the week. See you online!

Ellen Cagnassola ( (1/3/100 9:59 AM): Wayne what do you sell? (1/3/100 9:59 AM): Pelican Wayne (1/3/100 9:56 AM): I sell Porsche parts to do-it-yourselfers. My CD contains instructions, hints and tips, etc, tech

articles that walk you thru the process... People seem to love it... (1/3/100 9:59 AM): Thanks Rob for your help

Pelican Wayne (1/3/100 10:00 AM): Porsche Parts to do-it-yourselfers...

Chester Bullock ( (1/3/100 10:00 AM): thanks everyone. Seeya later Rob.

Terri ( (1/3/100 10:00 AM): Thanks for being here for us in the 21st Century, Rob! See you all next week!

Ellen Cagnassola ( (1/3/100 10:00 AM): bye rob

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