Transcript of Frankel's Free Clinic January 10, 2000

DorothyK (1/10/100 8:55 AM): Hey Rob... hope you're having fun. Hi Terri!

Relaena (1/10/100 8:55 AM): Hello all! Finally remembered to drop in at the appointed hour! :-)

Terri ( (1/10/100 8:55 AM): Hi Relaena

Terri ( (1/10/100 8:56 AM): I have a feeling Rob is in sunny Hawaii! lucky dog! *grin*

DorothyK (1/10/100 8:56 AM): But the appointed big guy is not in attendance!

DorothyK (1/10/100 8:57 AM): I've learned to set up a reminder in my Outlook calendar, else I space it out.

Relaena (1/10/100 8:58 AM): That's what I wound up doing.

Terri ( (1/10/100 8:58 AM): Ditto here, Dorothy! Don't you love seeing those little reminders popping up ?

Relaena (1/10/100 8:58 AM): Trouble is, I always have a 9:30 am meeting on Mondays... -sigh-

Clayton T( (1/10/100 8:58 AM): Entered the room.

Clayton T( (1/10/100 8:58 AM): Entered the room.

Relaena (1/10/100 8:58 AM): But I figured 30 minutes was better than none.

Clayton T( (1/10/100 8:58 AM): Mornin' all

Terri ( (1/10/100 8:58 AM): Clayton!! Hi there!

DorothyK (1/10/100 8:59 AM): Rob does read the transcripts, so we *can* have a bit of fun with him!

Terri ( (1/10/100 8:59 AM): you can learn a lot in 30 minutes in here, Relaena!

Clayton T( (1/10/100 8:59 AM): Yea, I talk with the big kahona this morning!

DorothyK (1/10/100 9:00 AM): Hi Clayton... and belatedly to Relaena also.

Terri ( (1/10/100 9:00 AM): hehehe The transcripts are also posted for the world, Dorothy!

Clayton T( (1/10/100 9:00 AM): that's talked with..

Kieran (1/10/100 9:00 AM): Entered the room.

Relaena (1/10/100 9:00 AM): Hello Dorothy and everyone

Yancey ( (1/10/100 9:00 AM): Entered the room.

Guy Cook - (1/10/100 9:00 AM): Entered the room.

Terri ( (1/10/100 9:00 AM): Hi Kieran! Clayton, you talked with Rob this morning?

DorothyK (1/10/100 9:01 AM): Then we could really have fun!!

Kieran (1/10/100 9:01 AM): Howdy Folks, & a Happy New Year to you all

Terri ( (1/10/100 9:01 AM): Hi Yancey!

Kieran (1/10/100 9:01 AM): Howdy Folks, & a Happy New Year to you all

DorothyK (1/10/100 9:01 AM): Yippee... Happy year 100 to all once again!!

Terri ( (1/10/100 9:01 AM): you already having Guinness, Kieran? *grin*

Yancey ( (1/10/100 9:01 AM): Good morning Terri!

Relaena (1/10/100 9:01 AM): Pretty interesting development with AOL and Time Warner...

Clayton T( (1/10/100 9:02 AM): Yes, I was trying to set up a projector rental for the conference for Thom Reece..that's the condensed version:)

Yancey ( (1/10/100 9:02 AM): Missed it, what happened Relaena?

Kieran (1/10/100 9:02 AM): Year 100?? Dorothy maybe you caught the Y2K bug...

Clayton T( (1/10/100 9:02 AM): Yea, and then the Earthlink /apple deal. The big keep getting bigger

Relaena (1/10/100 9:03 AM): AOL and Time Warner have merged. (and they talk about Microsoft being a monopoly!) ;-)

Terri ( (1/10/100 9:03 AM): Awesome, Clayton! No, Kieran, look at the date on the left of your post

DorothyK (1/10/100 9:03 AM): Rob needs to get his CGI guys on fixing the chat software... check the date.

Kieran (1/10/100 9:03 AM): Believe it or not Terri, I swapped Guinness for some Vin Blanc, I spent the new year in Paris

Kieran (1/10/100 9:04 AM): Well spotted...

Terri ( (1/10/100 9:04 AM): sounds like fun, Kieran!

Guy Cook - (1/10/100 9:04 AM): So then these notes won't be archived, till the find replace happens on the date right?

DorothyK (1/10/100 9:04 AM): Last year was 99, so it follows.

Terri ( (1/10/100 9:04 AM): Anyone have any burning issues for this morning? Don't want Rob to think we just come in here to shoot the breeze *grin*

Kieran (1/10/100 9:05 AM): It was Terri, So is everyone geared up for the new year

Relaena (1/10/100 9:05 AM): I was wondering if any of you have some insight into "affinity programs" for online retail sites

Terri ( (1/10/100 9:05 AM): Hey Guy! I didn't see you slip in! I don't know how the date will effect archiving

Clayton T( (1/10/100 9:05 AM): Are you the stand in Terri?

Guy Cook - (1/10/100 9:06 AM): My burning issue is this. Since I have a hosting only company am I an ISP? or a webhosting provider?

Terri ( (1/10/100 9:06 AM): Geared up and hit the deck running, Kieran :) no way, Clayton!! just asking in general <g>

DorothyK (1/10/100 9:06 AM): The nearest I got to Paris was watching the ABC telecast News year day. Rob's email said it'd be cancelled today, so Rob will have to decide whether it's official or not.

Guy Cook - (1/10/100 9:06 AM): I posted (finally) to FrankelBiz, and the subject was changed to "change your ISP"

Clayton T( (1/10/100 9:06 AM): <g>

Guy Cook - (1/10/100 9:07 AM): I am trying to just offer competitive hosting pricing, not have folks change their dialups.

Terri ( (1/10/100 9:07 AM): Guy, my guess is you're a webhosting provider. Don't you have to be a server to be an ISP

Relaena (1/10/100 9:07 AM): I'd agree with Terri

Kieran (1/10/100 9:08 AM): How did it look on TV, 'cos I have to tell you it was amazing live...

Guy Cook - (1/10/100 9:08 AM): ISP's offer dialup connections, right Terri.

DorothyK (1/10/100 9:08 AM): Guy, my understanding is that an ISP offers dial-up service to clients.

Yancey ( (1/10/100 9:08 AM): Does Rob filter these or does he have someone else do it?

Clayton T( (1/10/100 9:09 AM): Yancey, I'm pretty sure he does it himself.

Terri ( (1/10/100 9:09 AM): the transcripts, Yancey? or the FrankelBiz postings?

Guy Cook - (1/10/100 9:09 AM): I'll have to check the FrankelBiz mailing list to see if the dates are right there?

Yancey ( (1/10/100 9:09 AM): Who ever it is makes calls and may have missed with this one.

Yancey ( (1/10/100 9:09 AM): FrankelBiz postings

Clayton T( (1/10/100 9:10 AM): Kieran it was a pretty great looking party on TV

DorothyK (1/10/100 9:10 AM): I don't know who does the work, but they are not edited in any way when they are archived.

Terri ( (1/10/100 9:10 AM): Whoever does it is tough... no recruiting messages EVER get through! <g>

Relaena (1/10/100 9:10 AM): Do any of you have any insight into setting up an "affinity program" for an online retail site?

Yancey ( (1/10/100 9:11 AM): I'm sure it consistently takes a lot of time.

Clayton T( (1/10/100 9:11 AM): Oh, you've tried Terri?

Guy Cook - (1/10/100 9:11 AM): Terri, do you have your own recruiting messages? I have an internet_web_developers newsletter...

Terri ( (1/10/100 9:11 AM): what do you mean by "affinity program" Relaena?

Relaena (1/10/100 9:12 AM): "Affinity groups" - groups of people - clubs, organizations, or casual groupings of people that have something in common...

Relaena (1/10/100 9:12 AM): An affinity program targets these groups to use their inherent viral nature for marketing

Guy Cook - (1/10/100 9:12 AM): Terri- email relative messages to "" and I will know they are from you. Or join the list at if you'd rather.

Clayton T( (1/10/100 9:13 AM): What is your site Relaena?

Terri ( (1/10/100 9:13 AM): Guy, I have a new list for when I update my job-listing site ..I can send that to you. And yes, Clayton, when I first joined the group I tried a couple of times but Rob doesn't want the list used for that

Relaena (1/10/100 9:13 AM): There is a lot of discussion about "affiliate" marketing, but this is different, although related

Relaena (1/10/100 9:13 AM):

Terri ( (1/10/100 9:13 AM): Will do, Guy.

Kieran (1/10/100 9:15 AM): Just so I understand, is an Affinity Group the same thing as a virtual community?

Clayton T( (1/10/100 9:15 AM): OK, I'm going to check it out be back in a flash(plugin) (1/10/100 9:15 AM): Entered the room.

Relaena (1/10/100 9:15 AM): Kieran, it can be. It can also be the "Boeing Credit Union members." Or the Elks Club. Or Triple A. (1/10/100 9:15 AM): Good MORNING, my lovelies!

Terri ( (1/10/100 9:16 AM): Good Morning, JoAnna!!

Kieran (1/10/100 9:16 AM): Relana, what kind of activity is the retail outlet involved in

Guy Cook - (1/10/100 9:16 AM): Just looked "quickly" at, it's first impression to me was it's a catalog of stuff for sale, not seeing a community offer here for a newsletter etc at my 5 sec read.

Kieran (1/10/100 9:16 AM): Relana, what kind of activity is the retail outlet involved in

Relaena (1/10/100 9:17 AM): Kieran - we are an online retail company only - selling a wide variety of (delete marketing hype) products using a dynamic pricing approach - the more people who are interested in purchasing an item, the lower the price drops.

Guy Cook - (1/10/100 9:18 AM): Is mercata part of PowerBuy? an affiliate?

Yancey ( (1/10/100 9:18 AM): My impression is that this is a community buying site. The more of my friends that buy the same product, the cheaper it gets.

Clayton T( (1/10/100 9:18 AM): I think your on target Guy. Time to start a branded community.

Terri ( (1/10/100 9:18 AM): like a co-op buying club, Relaena? (1/10/100 9:19 AM): Do you think Rob is tan yet?

Guy Cook - (1/10/100 9:19 AM): I think it needs to answer the "Why?" question quicker than the "What we have?" question.

Relaena (1/10/100 9:20 AM): Yancey, you've got it. Thus, we believe targeting groups to get this message out will be an effective marketing strategy.

Clayton T( (1/10/100 9:20 AM): probably slightly pink :)

Guy Cook - (1/10/100 9:20 AM): Rob spends time in the sun? <g> There should be pictures online somehow???

Relaena (1/10/100 9:20 AM): Terri, sort of - but without the "club membership" dues - you can remain entirely anonymous... you just happen to be getting the benefit of people all over the nation who are interested in the same product you are looking to purchase.

Clayton T( (1/10/100 9:21 AM): I'll bet at least his Ears are burning!

Guy Cook - (1/10/100 9:21 AM): Relaena, a newsletter even in text might be a good start, letting members know about bargains as they occur.

Relaena (1/10/100 9:21 AM): Guy - so far we are driving people to the site using "why" media and advertising.

Relaena (1/10/100 9:21 AM): Guy, we've been doing that for 8 months. And it is effective. What we're hoping to do now is increase viral "buzz

Terri ( (1/10/100 9:22 AM): Relaena, why should your target market use you as opposed to Power Buy, etc? I think Guy is right - you want to get your USP up there first... maybe that "no membership fee" is how you are different from everyone else?

Guy Cook - (1/10/100 9:22 AM): That will get them there the first time, but I meant the "why come back, why"

Relaena (1/10/100 9:22 AM): (oops, hit the return key) ... increase viral "buzz" with new groups of people who may not have seen our advertising. The site's only been up since May '99

Yancey ( (1/10/100 9:22 AM): So you want small portals to add a store to their site that utilized your site. Using the endorsement of the site. What exactly is your question?

Clayton T( (1/10/100 9:22 AM): Ok, every one I'm gonna go eat, I'll see Y'all next week. Have a great one!

Relaena (1/10/100 9:23 AM): Terri... I'm sorry, you've lost me... use "me" vs. the PowerBuy? The PowerBuy is the dynamic pricing method that "my" (Mercata's) site sells product.

Guy Cook - (1/10/100 9:23 AM): adios Clayton

Terri ( (1/10/100 9:23 AM): see ya next week, Clayton - give me a buzz later

Relaena (1/10/100 9:23 AM): Yancey, that's more of an affiliate program.

Relaena (1/10/100 9:24 AM): Sorry all... the "affinity" thing is a pretty new concept... I was just curious to know if any of you had any insights or info about it.

Terri ( (1/10/100 9:24 AM): now I think "I" am confused, Relaena.. are you an Affiliate of Power Buy? or is that a company? or are you their competitor?

Guy Cook - (1/10/100 9:25 AM): I have an affinity to save money, so it's the group most represented?

Relaena (1/10/100 9:25 AM): Terri... I'm the marketing manager at Mercata.

Relaena (1/10/100 9:25 AM): PowerBuy is Mercata's "term" for the way we sell products dynamically - the "down is good" effect.

Kieran (1/10/100 9:26 AM): Gotta go guys, see y'all next week.

Bob Adams ( (1/10/100 9:26 AM): Entered the room.

Relaena (1/10/100 9:26 AM): Ahhh well... I'm clearly not communicating well, I'm sorry.

Guy Cook - (1/10/100 9:26 AM): Pool your buying power with other shoppers who are interested in the same product.

Terri ( (1/10/100 9:26 AM): see ya, Kieran! Okay Relaena - sorry for the confusion

Terri ( (1/10/100 9:26 AM): Hi Bob

Guy Cook - (1/10/100 9:27 AM): Relaena, I think the "group" is online shoppers, more than it's the Elks or the Rotary Club etc.

Relaena (1/10/100 9:27 AM): Guy, yes, exactly. So... by targeting members of a group, say, Triple A, and giving them some sort of incentive to visit our site, as long as they understand that "the more Triple A members who shop at Mercata, the lower the price goes," - well you (hopefully?) get the picture.

Bob Adams ( (1/10/100 9:28 AM): Greetings everyone. Seems things are moving fine without the dictator:)

Relaena (1/10/100 9:28 AM): Guy - we're doing demographic studies to target the right groups, yes... the percent of online shoppers at the Elks club is definitely low - (was using that as an example).

Kieran (1/10/100 9:28 AM): Relaena, I see that you have 10 main buying categories..It may prove costly but how about developing different communities based on each of these categories???

Guy Cook - (1/10/100 9:28 AM): Relaena, it might be better served to have the affinities for each category, like one for lawn & garden for instance and send discounts to gardening groups (1/10/100 9:28 AM): That's a really interesting concept, Relaena. can any group sign up for the privileges?

Yancey ( (1/10/100 9:29 AM): Do you offer an incentive for the person or Triple A itself for bringing in the group?

Relaena (1/10/100 9:29 AM): Looks to me like "Affinity" marketing is pretty new to everyone, not just me! :-)

Relaena (1/10/100 9:29 AM): JoAnna, yes.

Relaena (1/10/100 9:29 AM): Yancey, yes... each group would have an incentive tailored to them... educational groups often want a percent donation back to their schools, for example.

Guy Cook - (1/10/100 9:30 AM): Relaena, will my "group" of webmasters, get a discount over Terri's group of "HR's people" or are we going to collectively lower prices by adding our purchases together?

Relaena (1/10/100 9:30 AM): Guy - you are right on target - we are definitely using the categories as one of the methods to prioritize our target groups.

Kieran (1/10/100 9:30 AM): Your Baby category is ideal for a young mother community, why rely on existing groups, why not develop your own community??

Guy Cook - (1/10/100 9:31 AM): Oh, you answered my question while I typed it. I'm too slow...

Relaena (1/10/100 9:31 AM): Guy, both. I could set up a program for your group of webmasters that gives you a discount. Meanwhile, when Terri's group of HR folks start buying product, everyone gets the benefit of the lower price.

Guy Cook - (1/10/100 9:31 AM): Is there a free join window?

Relaena (1/10/100 9:32 AM): Kieran, we have a "power talk" process that is beginning to develop our own communities... and we've discussed the viability of becoming more a community site...

Kieran (1/10/100 9:32 AM): Ok, I've just read the transcript & I think I may be way missing the point...

Relaena (1/10/100 9:32 AM): Guy - the "$25 new users sign up here" - that's a $25 store credit, not a cost to join. There's never a cost to join.

Bob Adams ( (1/10/100 9:32 AM): Ralena, do you have an ideal size of group for it to be effective?

Guy Cook - (1/10/100 9:32 AM): Relaena, push for the community site, have more FREE things too would help it out.

Relaena (1/10/100 9:33 AM): Guy - you make me smile... we in marketing have been pushing for more free stuff - we've had as much as a $50 incentive in the past - have dropped it to $25, but are soon releasing a "earn Mercata$ for every referral" program.

Guy Cook - (1/10/100 9:34 AM): I would have FREE to JOIN somewhere on the TOP of the homepage, the initial screen looks "expensive" since it's very well done.

Relaena (1/10/100 9:34 AM): Bob - that's a good question, and one we haven't defined yet (size of group)

Relaena (1/10/100 9:35 AM): Guy.... very interesting feedback... thank you! (free to join)

Bob Adams ( (1/10/100 9:35 AM): It might help you define targets, probably highly vertical (therefore small) aren't your first priority.

Relaena (1/10/100 9:36 AM): Bob - yes... to date I've only been coming up with the (gag) PowerPoint presentation describing what it is, how it can be done, and where we should begin to look - developing "screening" criteria currently.

Guy Cook - (1/10/100 9:36 AM): If it looks like a Ferrari, you sometimes are hesitant to kick the tires.

Kieran (1/10/100 9:37 AM): Right I'm really leaving this time, buy folks.

Relaena (1/10/100 9:37 AM): Guy :-) (thanks for the compliment)

Kieran (1/10/100 9:37 AM): Right I'm really leaving this time, buy folks.

Relaena (1/10/100 9:38 AM): Bye Kieran... I hope to be back here again.

Guy Cook - (1/10/100 9:38 AM): Relaena, do your http access logs show how long visitors stay at the site?

Relaena (1/10/100 9:38 AM): Is it okay to give out my Email address in this forum?

Relaena (1/10/100 9:39 AM): Guy, you betcha. Where they came from, which pages they visit, the path they take from page to page, and how long they stick.

Bob Adams ( (1/10/100 9:39 AM): An old sage once said advice always outpaces implementation!

Terri ( (1/10/100 9:39 AM): sure, Relaena.. you can even put it as part of your name when you login

Guy Cook - (1/10/100 9:39 AM): This forum is archived to the web...use your own judgement on that one.

Relaena (1/10/100 9:39 AM): Bob, ain't that the truth... ;-)

Guy Cook - (1/10/100 9:40 AM): And the advice is usually less expensive :-)

Relaena (1/10/100 9:40 AM): Well... I'll take the chance... should any of you have further thoughts about this, or questions, feel free to Email me... - I'm open to any and all advice and ideas! (1/10/100 9:41 AM): Relaena, many of us use our email addr as our login... like me!... you give your domain & email in one shot.

Relaena (1/10/100 9:42 AM): As I refine this "affinity program," I'll be happy to share what I learn, if any of you find it could be applicable in your businesses.

Bob Adams ( (1/10/100 9:43 AM): I have a question. We are working on 'stickiness' aspects of our site and are considering free e-mail accounts with our domain. Any opinions?

Relaena (1/10/100 9:43 AM): And now... I need to run off to a meeting discussing our Home Page design/layout - Guy you can bet I'll be bringing up your comment! Thanks very much all - looking forward to being here again next week!

Guy Cook - (1/10/100 9:43 AM):

Relaena (1/10/100 9:44 AM): Bob - I'll take a look at your site and get back to you next week?

Guy Cook - (1/10/100 9:44 AM): Use time Relaena, by that I mean check the logs as to how long folks are looking and then see how much you can read in that amount of time.

Bob Adams ( (1/10/100 9:45 AM): Relaena--not a problem.

Relaena (1/10/100 9:45 AM): Bye all! Thank you for your time!

Terri ( (1/10/100 9:45 AM): having e-mail with your domain name is good advertising.. I believe most sites add a small "ad" like "get your free email at

Terri ( (1/10/100 9:45 AM): Bye Relaena! Great talking to you! (1/10/100 9:45 AM): Bob, if you have email on your site, you've got to make it so that people can't check it unless they come back to your site... like

Guy Cook - (1/10/100 9:46 AM): Terri, we are working on adding voice support using firetalk, from it's great voice over IP and it's FREE.

Guy Cook - (1/10/100 9:47 AM): My partner in Delaware and I tested it last night, works great. and will add it to our ticketed email support soon.

Terri ( (1/10/100 9:47 AM): I've heard great things about it, Guy - my associate here in Phoenix said her brother won a new car for being online with them! lol I use same concept, but no software to download to my already swamped hard drive

Bob Adams ( (1/10/100 9:47 AM): One consideration was whether to use another companies service that will allow our domain ( or build our own.

Guy Cook - (1/10/100 9:48 AM): The download is 2 megs, and worth making room for if you have the need for voice contact.

Bob Adams ( (1/10/100 9:48 AM): Joanna-good point. We also looked at FireTalk but haven't tested yet.

Guy Cook - (1/10/100 9:49 AM): Bob, do you need a webserver? Unix or NT

Terri ( (1/10/100 9:49 AM): I did check it out, Guy. I really don't have the need for it that much.. like any telephony on the web, it has some "echo" on occasion.. so I still use the telephone for business calls long distance

Terri ( (1/10/100 9:50 AM): but all my personal long distance is done on dialpad

Bob Adams ( (1/10/100 9:50 AM): Guy--our site is hosted with our developer so I don't think so--then again I'm the sales gut what do I know? (1/10/100 9:50 AM): does anyone know if that telephony stuff is Mac compatible? That's always been my issue.

Guy Cook - (1/10/100 9:50 AM): Terri, I will suggest check the sound card settings if you have echo, mine here is CD quality I to me. (1/10/100 9:50 AM): Terri, you are truly a Geek's geek!

Bob Adams ( (1/10/100 9:51 AM): Let me rephrase---"sales guy" not "sales gut"....stop laughing now...

Bob Adams ( (1/10/100 9:51 AM): Guy--I'm also getting bad echoes--what sound card settings did you change? (1/10/100 9:51 AM): I'll have to remember Sales Gut for next time!!!

Bob Adams ( (1/10/100 9:52 AM): As we speak I am registering

Guy Cook - (1/10/100 9:52 AM): In control panel I set up the optimal levels first, then setup the tools in firetalk, works fine. I have a Yamaha something sound card...just a sec I'll check the card for sure.

Terri ( (1/10/100 9:52 AM): *laffin* thanks, JoAnna! Guy, if the calls are done strictly on the web - i.e.: they also use dialpad - sound is perfect... it's only web to telephone where it's sometimes an echo and that might be my mic too close to the speaker

Guy Cook - (1/10/100 9:54 AM): Card is YAMAHA OPL3-SAx WDM Driver (including driver info)

Yancey ( (1/10/100 9:55 AM): JoAnna, I'm also on the Mac. I've had great success with VirtualPC for any PC only stuff.

Bob Adams ( (1/10/100 9:55 AM): Thanks Guy---the tech support on this FrankelBiz is better than I get from Dell.

Guy Cook - (1/10/100 9:55 AM): I used to work in radio time sales, so recording is sort of a side knowledge I suppose. (1/10/100 9:56 AM): I've got VPC, too. How do you deal with the sound card issues? Have you tried this telephone stuff?

Guy Cook - (1/10/100 9:56 AM): Be sure that your sound card is FULL DUPLEX, or firetalk won't work well if at all.

Terri ( (1/10/100 9:56 AM): Well, it's been great seeing you all, as always! but duty calls now and I better get some work done! Take care everyone! See you next week!

Guy Cook - (1/10/100 9:57 AM): 5 minutes left

Yancey ( (1/10/100 9:57 AM): I haven't tried the telephone or sound card stuff yet. (1/10/100 9:57 AM): :-) Give it up, Guy, the cat's away...mice at play... all that...!

Guy Cook - (1/10/100 9:58 AM): HAHAHA

Yancey ( (1/10/100 9:58 AM): Until next time... (1/10/100 9:58 AM): Yancey, the site practically says PC only...nothing MAC mentioned.

Guy Cook - (1/10/100 9:59 AM): That was for me, so I would get back to work. Could stay longer but duty calls, yells sometimes...

Bob Adams ( (1/10/100 9:59 AM): Guy-I just peeked at your site--very clean & some interesting services. Where is Manchester?

Guy Cook - (1/10/100 10:00 AM): West of Seattle, near Bremerton (south of Bremerton)

Yancey ( (1/10/100 10:00 AM): I've been in development, I know the issues. Oh well, the only thing to do is try it on VPC or get my PC out of the closet.

Yancey ( (1/10/100 10:01 AM): I'll stick with my telephone for now. :-)

Bob Adams ( (1/10/100 10:01 AM): OK now it makes sense. I used to Live in both Tacoma & Seattle. sorry for the digression.

Guy Cook - (1/10/100 10:02 AM): Bye all till next week, going to go check out see if there's a newsletter "FromThePaunchedOne" or something. (grin) (1/10/100 10:02 AM): Smooches from L.A., dah-lings... see you next week!

Bob Adams ( (1/10/100 10:03 AM): Guy, I'm forever branded---oops I guess Rob would say that's a good thing!

Bob Adams ( (1/10/100 10:03 AM): Have a great week.....

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