Transcript of Frankel's Free Clinic January 24, 2000

RobFrankel ( (1/24/100 9:01 AM): Greetings (yawn)....

Relaena (1/24/100 9:01 AM): G'morning Yancey

Terri ( (1/24/100 9:01 AM): Greetings, Rob!

Relaena (1/24/100 9:01 AM): :::uploading Rob a double tall mocha with extra whipped cream:::

Terri ( (1/24/100 9:01 AM): hi Yancey!

RobFrankel ( (1/24/100 9:02 AM): I want you to know that I'm taking the day off today, except for the clinic. I just came back from four days at the Abraham Conference. (1/24/100 9:02 AM): Entered the room.

Yancey ( (1/24/100 9:02 AM): Good morning all

RobFrankel ( (1/24/100 9:02 AM): Thanks, Relaena. I could use it.

Terri ( (1/24/100 9:03 AM): Did you see Wanda there, Rob? That was in LA wasn't it?

Relaena (1/24/100 9:03 AM): ahhhhh I can remember the good old days of consulting....

RobFrankel ( (1/24/100 9:03 AM): Yup. Wanda was there as well as about 20 other FrankelBees.

Clayton( (1/24/100 9:04 AM): Entered the room. (1/24/100 9:04 AM): Entered the room.

Clayton( (1/24/100 9:04 AM): Good morning all!

RobFrankel ( (1/24/100 9:04 AM): Nancy Roebke, Neal Voron and a bunch of others, including, of course, Audri Lanford (who sponsored the conference for Jay)

Terri ( (1/24/100 9:05 AM): Hiya Clayton! Rob, next year I am making it my goal to be there and Hawaii! <g> Hi Guy! (1/24/100 9:05 AM): Greetings from Washington state (1/24/100 9:05 AM): Entered the room. (1/24/100 9:05 AM): Good morning, all!

RobFrankel ( (1/24/100 9:05 AM): You have no idea how great it was to hear people talking about the FB's! I bet we'll get a ton more members -- and people will get lots more business from it.

Relaena (1/24/100 9:06 AM): Hello fellow Washington state person :-)

Terri ( (1/24/100 9:06 AM): That's always welcome - new business AND new friends! Hi Ronni :)

RobFrankel ( (1/24/100 9:06 AM): Terri, Hawaii will happen next year, but I don't know about this one...Jay said that this was "a once and done" kind of thing. but maybe they'll do it again. (1/24/100 9:07 AM): Relaena is email for me,

Terri ( (1/24/100 9:07 AM): I know Wanda is planning on sharing some new ideas from there with us in her teleclass this week - I am really excited about that.

Relaena (1/24/100 9:08 AM): Got it Guy, thanks! (1/24/100 9:08 AM): Hello all, Michigan is here (1/24/100 9:09 AM): sure, has everyone tried's voice over IP client yet, very nice allows conference voice chats...

RobFrankel ( (1/24/100 9:09 AM): Well, Wanda will have a lot to report. It was a great panel of people I've known for along time but never met face to face. As usual, made a lot of friends.

Kieran (1/24/100 9:11 AM): Entered the room.

Terri ( (1/24/100 9:11 AM): I haven't tried it myself yet Guy, but have heard good things about it. I did check out - a really nice little program that lets you have live customer service on your site and your visitor doesn't have to download anything to talk to you. Not voice though.

RobFrankel ( (1/24/100 9:11 AM): Now, anyone have something to jump in with? Any lurkers out there? (1/24/100 9:11 AM): What did you think was the most important thing to come out at the conference, Rob? (1/24/100 9:12 AM): We will soon have firetalk support setup for voice, for international clients to save on long distance.

Kat ( (1/24/100 9:12 AM): Entered the room.

RobFrankel ( (1/24/100 9:13 AM): For me, Ronni, it was that everyone -- me included -- needs to have some sort of e-commerce initiative on their site. And that you have to do it now, not wait around. Jay is big on getting started now. And so I'll be introducing some new stuff for myself

Kieran (1/24/100 9:13 AM): Hey Guy's

Relaena (1/24/100 9:14 AM): Rob, can you give a few examples?

Kieran (1/24/100 9:14 AM): Hey Guy's

Relaena (1/24/100 9:14 AM): Hello Kieran! (1/24/100 9:14 AM): Entered the room. (1/24/100 9:14 AM): I offer free shopping carts with virtual servers Rob, for that reason, the wait is over. (1/24/100 9:14 AM): I take it that you mean more than just taking credit cards?

Kieran (1/24/100 9:15 AM): Hey Relaena... (1/24/100 9:15 AM): I'm usually lurking in the background, Rob... Hi all!

RobFrankel ( (1/24/100 9:16 AM): Well, I'm seriously moving forward with self-publishing my book. I'm thinking of selling it through Amazon and more importantly, selling more of my stuff through an affiliate program -- but one only open to FrankelBees

RobFrankel ( (1/24/100 9:17 AM): Then taking that affiliate program and bolting it on to my clients, which would give FB's the first crack at their product.

RobFrankel ( (1/24/100 9:18 AM): It's still pretty much in the planing stages, but I'm taking a very hard look at it. (1/24/100 9:18 AM): Rob, I know a publisher, let me know and I will have her contact you.

RobFrankel ( (1/24/100 9:18 AM): I also want to see, having become friends with Corey Rudl and others, if we can create a FrankelBee affiliate program that does what tried to do last year.

Bob Adams ( (1/24/100 9:19 AM): Entered the room.

RobFrankel ( (1/24/100 9:19 AM): Guy, that would be great if you would have her contact me off chat. Right now, the book I at another publisher, but frankly, I'm leaning to giving the book to the FB's and me to make some bucks.

RobFrankel ( (1/24/100 9:20 AM): I'd like to renew the idea of creating a program where FB's can rely on a program where we can help lift online business to a new level, through the FB brand. Make it easy and ethical for us. (1/24/100 9:20 AM): Done, Rob.

Terri ( (1/24/100 9:21 AM): Rob, you might want to talk with Wanda too - she just set up an affiliate program for her group.

Relaena (1/24/100 9:22 AM): We've got a huge affiliate program here at let me know if I can be of any help.

RobFrankel ( (1/24/100 9:23 AM): Yes, I'll be looking at all the aspects. I want to see what I can build here.....Thanks Relaena -- the hardest name to type correctly) (1/24/100 9:23 AM): Is there a way that those of us who sell technical services can make use of affiliate programs?

RobFrankel ( (1/24/100 9:24 AM): Anyway, there were excellent presentations by Corey Rudl and Declan Dunn on affiliate stuff and Jim Sterne did a great job on Customer Service on the web. (1/24/100 9:24 AM): Ronni, partner with non competing sites, that is what started

Relaena (1/24/100 9:24 AM): Rob :-) I learned to spell at an early age. (1/24/100 9:25 AM): Explain a little more, please, Guy!

RobFrankel ( (1/24/100 9:25 AM): Yes, Ronni, I think so. The most basic is to give a "Cost per sale" commission for every person that refers a lead you close. Otherwise, this was the conference that convinced me to create products: tapes of the presentation, for example. People were (1/24/100 9:26 AM): contact me off chat ok, this is Rob's gig really

RobFrankel ( (1/24/100 9:26 AM): People were asking for tapes and workbooks from me.

Relaena (1/24/100 9:26 AM): Ronni, other than directing your site visitors towards sites selling product that has relevance to what you do?

Kieran (1/24/100 9:26 AM): Short & sweet this week again folks, see you soon...

Relaena (1/24/100 9:27 AM): Same here... got a weekly 9:30 Monday meeting... bye all!

RobFrankel ( (1/24/100 9:28 AM): Another great speaker was Jakob Nielsen -- showed everyone how to make your site more user friendly and workable -- then backed it up with stats showing how radically usability affects sales.

Terri ( (1/24/100 9:28 AM): Rob, I have just set that kind of "referral fee" deal up with a couple of non-competing sites I know.

RobFrankel ( (1/24/100 9:29 AM): Danny Sullivan did two hours by phone about search engines....

RobFrankel ( (1/24/100 9:29 AM): And every day started with a 7AM breakfast and ended officially at 11 PM, with everyone asking questions during lunch and dinner and every other break.

Bob Adams ( (1/24/100 9:30 AM): Rob-glad you mentioned Jakob Nielsen. He has some strong bias about advertising on web sites. Did he discuss this?

RobFrankel ( (1/24/100 9:30 AM): Yes, Bob, he discussed almost everything. I think he's a genius -- maybe because he and I agree on everything????

RobFrankel ( (1/24/100 9:31 AM): One of the ways he and I connected was that I professed that if a site has a site map, it's probably a poorly designed site. To which he agreed.

RobFrankel ( (1/24/100 9:32 AM): And it was more than just basic "don't use heavy graphics" stuff. it was more, "does the nav make sense?" (1/24/100 9:32 AM): Or a site map because it's so big? I am not a genius I guess.

Bob Adams ( (1/24/100 9:32 AM): We have studied his thought on usability carefully-I just think he goes overboard on bashing ads-banners particularly

RobFrankel ( (1/24/100 9:32 AM): But he's also a very bright - and funny guy -- as is Paul Hartunian, who spoke about PR

RobFrankel ( (1/24/100 9:33 AM): I agree with him mostly on banners -- but then I was never a banner fan except in some cases.

RobFrankel ( (1/24/100 9:33 AM): Some of the stuff was just so simply basic -- and good. Like having a free search box on every page, instead of a site map

Terri ( (1/24/100 9:34 AM): Bob, he isn't the only "expert" I have heard say that ads and banners serve to take visitors AWAY from your site instead of doing something for you. I know I re-designed my site to put almost all the links/ads on inner pages and increased my customer inquiries by five within 3 days.

RobFrankel ( (1/24/100 9:35 AM): Entered the room.

Bob Adams ( (1/24/100 9:35 AM): He also recommends being clear with users about what will happen when they click on a link on your site (open a new window) (1/24/100 9:36 AM): Entered the room.

RobFrankel ( (1/24/100 9:36 AM): Yeah, and I think those are really good ideas. I constantly tell people "you work so hard to bring users in, why give them an easy out?"

Bob Adams ( (1/24/100 9:36 AM): Terri-my concern is that not all web businesses are the same-content sites may be more comfortable with external links than product sites (1/24/100 9:36 AM): Terri, I need to contact you. E-mail, please? Guy, yours also, if you don't mind.

Bob Adams ( (1/24/100 9:36 AM): In other words generalizations (banners don't work) aren't helpful

RobFrankel ( (1/24/100 9:37 AM): Okay, this brings up a comment I was making all four days: it's the right tool for the right job. Different stuff works for different businesses. (1/24/100 9:37 AM): for me

Terri ( (1/24/100 9:37 AM):

RobFrankel ( (1/24/100 9:38 AM): Ken Evoy and I were at constant loggerheads over this, because he's a real hard sell type. Friendly, but at odds, until we agreed on diff stuff for diff markets (1/24/100 9:38 AM): Thanks! I'll be in touch later today.

Yancey ( (1/24/100 9:38 AM): It also takes an artist to use a brush, how the tool is used.

RobFrankel ( (1/24/100 9:39 AM): I still believe, though, that you don't have to hard sell people who come to your site voluntarily...they've come to buy.

Bob Adams ( (1/24/100 9:39 AM): Some things never change about ads--who is the audience, where are they, and what do you want them to do when they see your ad (1/24/100 9:39 AM): Now that the web has "morphed" in so many directions, do the old rules still apply at all?

Terri ( (1/24/100 9:39 AM): Very true, Yancey! Just throwing a banner up onto your site is not going to help the advertiser or you either. Great, Ronni!

RobFrankel ( (1/24/100 9:40 AM): Sure Ronni, except not ALL do. I can't tell you how many people had to readjust their idea of "Selling" for the reasons I just laid out.

RobFrankel ( (1/24/100 9:41 AM): I had a talk with a Network marketing guy who just couldn't imagine NOT positioning his biz as a "business opp" company.

RobFrankel ( (1/24/100 9:41 AM): His whole offline world depended on herding people into room and giving the sales pitch.

Terri ( (1/24/100 9:42 AM): I just had the opportunity of reading Claude Hopkins' book "Scientific Advertising". He did sales long before the Internet and the ideas are just as valid today as they were then.. great book

RobFrankel ( (1/24/100 9:42 AM): Had no idea about web culture, nurture, education, willing visitors...just wanted to set it up as another MLM.

RobFrankel ( (1/24/100 9:43 AM): Claude Hopkins? That goes back a century or so....Salesmanship in Print?

Terri ( (1/24/100 9:44 AM): the book is called Scientific Advertising - I have heard of the Salesmanship in Print but haven't seen it

RobFrankel ( (1/24/100 9:44 AM): I had to read Hopkins stuff for my very first job, because they considered a god at Foote Cone & Belding....

RobFrankel ( (1/24/100 9:45 AM): Hopkins' idea does translate in that our "print" is now a screen and doe indeed represent our businesses.

Terri ( (1/24/100 9:45 AM): this is an e-book - I'm going to upload it to my server to offer my visitors - will let you all know the address to get it if you like.

RobFrankel ( (1/24/100 9:46 AM): Anyway, you can tell my brain is flat after four consecutive non stop days. But does anyone have any issues to discuss?

Clayton( (1/24/100 9:47 AM): Terri please send that address to me please, thanks

RobFrankel ( (1/24/100 9:48 AM): Terri, you may want to link up with JoAnna re: a FrankelBee that may be contacting you in an unauthorized fashion...

RobFrankel ( (1/24/100 9:48 AM): Also, thanks for helping out last week at the clinic.

Terri ( (1/24/100 9:49 AM): *laffin* Rob, JoAnna and I have a joint thing going on already - thanks to meeting here in your chat a long time ago! You're quite welcome!

RobFrankel ( (1/24/100 9:50 AM): Cool. There may be an MLM lurking around that is contacting FB's.

RobFrankel ( (1/24/100 9:50 AM): Just a head's up for you.

RobFrankel ( (1/24/100 9:51 AM): (TEN MINUTE WARNING) <-- Needs a cup of coffee, badly

Terri ( (1/24/100 9:51 AM): MLM people give themselves away in their e-mails - they fail to establish a relationship in here, where they could, and then send the usual junk mail - I have them on 'immediate trash' if I don't know them.

RobFrankel ( (1/24/100 9:53 AM): This one is, which looks and smells like one.

RobFrankel ( (1/24/100 9:53 AM): This particular FB is introducing herself as a "fellow FB" and wants to post jobs for handtech on JoAnna's site.

Clayton( (1/24/100 9:53 AM): That is a recently sore subject for me.

Bob Adams ( (1/24/100 9:54 AM): Rob--I got a few e-mails from them

RobFrankel ( (1/24/100 9:54 AM): Why Clayton?

RobFrankel ( (1/24/100 9:54 AM): Bob, anyone introducing themselves as FrankelBee? (1/24/100 9:54 AM): A big thanks to all the info, etc, etc that I once again gathered by being here, have a great week and if you get firetalk call me up I am in the "book"

Clayton( (1/24/100 9:55 AM): Someone has been sending out spam and falsifying my address. Its fixed now but man am I still hot!

Bob Adams ( (1/24/100 9:56 AM): No-haven't had that happen

Jan (1/24/100 9:56 AM): Entered the room.

RobFrankel ( (1/24/100 9:56 AM): Jan! You made it! But we only have a couple of minutes left!

Jan (1/24/100 9:57 AM): Hi guys! Just thought I'd pop in. I'm new here, but I'm setting up my web page and hope to participate a lot in the coming weeks. Thanks.

Terri ( (1/24/100 9:57 AM): In case someone doesn't know - Rob has all the chats archived so you can go back and read them anytime.

RobFrankel ( (1/24/100 9:58 AM): (TWO MINUTES)

RobFrankel ( (1/24/100 9:59 AM): Yup, you can always find all these chats at (1/24/100 9:59 AM): What business are you in, Jan?

Bob Adams ( (1/24/100 9:59 AM): Terri-can you give some offline advice about job listings online--that is adding them to our site?

RobFrankel ( (1/24/100 9:59 AM): Or click the link in the top frame here (1/24/100 9:59 AM): Michigan is out for now all, thanks for that bit of info Terri I will look that up

Terri ( (1/24/100 10:00 AM): Sure, Bob! just e-mail me at - always happy to give advice <g>

Jan (1/24/100 10:00 AM): I'm a Hypnotherapist with Neuro-Linguistic Programming training - Anthony Robbins, etc.

RobFrankel ( (1/24/100 10:00 AM): Okay you guys, I'm crawling out to the coffee machine. Ill see you all online!

Terri ( (1/24/100 10:00 AM): See ya later, Rob! As always, thanks for the great info!

Clayton( (1/24/100 10:01 AM): Bye Rob! Have a great week!

Bob Adams ( (1/24/100 10:01 AM): Gotta go too--bye y'all

Terri ( (1/24/100 10:02 AM): Clayton, I'll be giving you a call later! And for sure will send you the address for the e-book when I get it up

Terri ( (1/24/100 10:02 AM): Bye everyone! See you next week - same Bat time, same Bat channel!

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