Transcript of Frankel's Free Clinic February 7, 2000

RobFrankel ( (2/7/100 9:00 AM): Entered the room.

Terri ( (2/7/100 9:00 AM): hehehe Kieran! were you trying to be inconspicuous? <g> And nope, never watch TV!

Terri ( (2/7/100 9:00 AM): Greetings, Rob!

RobFrankel ( (2/7/100 9:00 AM): Yabba dabba doo!

GuyRCook - (2/7/100 9:01 AM): Entered the room. (2/7/100 9:01 AM): Oh, please, Rob. Where do we go with THAT one?

Mike ( (2/7/100 9:01 AM): Entered the room.

Terri ( (2/7/100 9:02 AM): hey Guy! love the new name of your discussion group!

Andy TeBockhorst (2/7/100 9:02 AM): Entered the room. (2/7/100 9:02 AM): Cathy's new. What do you do, Cathy?

RobFrankel ( (2/7/100 9:02 AM): well, I gotta tell you, I've spent more time dealing with weird posts this week than at any other time in history...

Kieran (2/7/100 9:02 AM): You should Terri, most recent European Intellectual discourse asserts that the Simpsons has (finally) introduced America to the notion of sarcasm

RobFrankel ( (2/7/100 9:03 AM): JoAnna, did you get a personal reply from our friend?

RobFrankel ( (2/7/100 9:03 AM): (Keep it anonymous)

Andy TeBockhorst (2/7/100 9:03 AM): Gee Kieran, I didn't notice that the Simpsons was sarcastic!

GuyRCook - (2/7/100 9:03 AM): Thanks, that was a word from back in 1994 or so when attending a BBS meeting, I related to the group that I was now an Internaut, traveler in cyberspace on the internet. First time using it since then

Terri ( (2/7/100 9:03 AM): Kieran, I thought Benny Hill did that years ago! <g> Hi Andy!

Cathy (2/7/100 9:04 AM): Sorry, I was distracted. I am a print and web graphic designer.

Andy TeBockhorst (2/7/100 9:04 AM): Hello Teri!

Kieran (2/7/100 9:04 AM): Good Point <g> (2/7/100 9:04 AM): no, Rob, I never got replies from either of them... :-(

Kieran (2/7/100 9:05 AM): Now you've got it Andy..

Mickie ( (2/7/100 9:05 AM): Entered the room.

Chester ( (2/7/100 9:05 AM): I hope one of them wasn't me (you would have heard from me).

RobFrankel ( (2/7/100 9:05 AM): You should be. I gave it out pretty straight there....

RobFrankel ( (2/7/100 9:06 AM): No, Chester, but thanks again for offering to help with the CGI/Perl thing. I finally did figure it out, which is why I didn't bother you....

GuyRCook - (2/7/100 9:06 AM): I want to share a comment on firetalk, from best voice over IP client I've seen ever!

Terri ( (2/7/100 9:06 AM): I have found, sadly, that not everyone is as prompt on emails as I want them to be!

Chester ( (2/7/100 9:07 AM): That isn't Guy Cook formerly of SuperNet is it?

Andy TeBockhorst (2/7/100 9:07 AM): What's firetalk, Guy?

GuyRCook - (2/7/100 9:07 AM): no, different one.

Susan Fogel (2/7/100 9:07 AM): Entered the room.

Terri ( (2/7/100 9:08 AM): Rob, did you go to BigNoseBird to get their free script?

Kieran (2/7/100 9:08 AM): Any development on Revenge of Brand X yet Rob??

GuyRCook - (2/7/100 9:08 AM): Andy, firetalk uses the microphone and speakers of your computer to allow voice conversations with multiple people in the same "room"

RobFrankel ( (2/7/100 9:08 AM): Guy, is this another PC only thing -- a blatant plug perhaps?

Andy TeBockhorst (2/7/100 9:08 AM): Have you seen I don't use my telephone for long distance anymore!

Muhammad( (2/7/100 9:08 AM): Entered the room.

GuyRCook - (2/7/100 9:09 AM): Andy details are at online.

Muhammad( (2/7/100 9:09 AM): Joanna, r you there?

Barbara Candelario ( (2/7/100 9:09 AM): Entered the room.

Mike ( (2/7/100 9:09 AM): PC only - just checked

RobFrankel ( (2/7/100 9:09 AM): Checking status

Mike ( (2/7/100 9:09 AM): My poor family of Macs J

Barbara Candelario ( (2/7/100 9:09 AM): Hi all

GuyRCook - (2/7/100 9:09 AM): not blatant, shameless and yes it's PC only I think. (2/7/100 9:09 AM): There are three new people. Let's find out what we can do for them! (2/7/100 9:10 AM): Yes, I'm here!

RobFrankel ( (2/7/100 9:10 AM): Okay, who has a real issue here? New guys get to go first...

Ellen ( (2/7/100 9:10 AM): Entered the room.

Mike ( (2/7/100 9:10 AM): Is venture capital needed? I know depends...

Barbara Candelario ( (2/7/100 9:10 AM): JoAnna you can start by getting me a coffee thanks:-)

RobFrankel ( (2/7/100 9:10 AM): And Mike, our Macs are still strong -- and growing!

Mike ( (2/7/100 9:10 AM): We have the name - instant branding in mag headlines, etc.

Ellen ( (2/7/100 9:11 AM): I need to share my BIG news!

Muhammad( (2/7/100 9:11 AM): Have *any* of my E-mails gotten through to you recently? (2/7/100 9:11 AM): Oh, THAT's not a way to make friends...

RobFrankel ( (2/7/100 9:11 AM): Make the question direct so that I can answer most helpfully....

Mike ( (2/7/100 9:11 AM): Working now on the launch. Getting approached a lot by $$$

Mike ( (2/7/100 9:11 AM): Go Ellen (2/7/100 9:11 AM): yes, Ellen, TELL! TELL!

Ellen ( (2/7/100 9:11 AM): I just got offered the first and only position with NJ assoc of women biz owners center,, Internet Rep!

Ellen ( (2/7/100 9:11 AM): part time position with great potential!

RobFrankel ( (2/7/100 9:11 AM): So what's the question Mike?

Terri ( (2/7/100 9:12 AM): Wow! Congratulations, Ellen!

Mike ( (2/7/100 9:12 AM): Congrats Ellen!

Barbara Candelario ( (2/7/100 9:12 AM): What do you help with here?

Ellen ( (2/7/100 9:12 AM): then this a.m. my mentor SCORE guy called and asked me to help write a newsletter for the state dept!

RobFrankel ( (2/7/100 9:12 AM): One at a time, folks...

Kieran (2/7/100 9:12 AM): You go Ellen

Mike ( (2/7/100 9:12 AM): Can we be viable bootstrapping. Talented folks. Few $$

Barbara Candelario ( (2/7/100 9:12 AM): Great Ellen wtg!!

RobFrankel ( (2/7/100 9:13 AM): Barbara, this is the one hour a week I provide consulting for free. Sometimes these guys help out, too....

Ellen ( (2/7/100 9:13 AM): I will be writing and helping American companies hook up with international companies BIG!!!!!!!

Ellen ( (2/7/100 9:13 AM): this is also a paid position

Barbara Candelario ( (2/7/100 9:13 AM): Terri told me about this but I didn't know we got free consulting too. Thanks Terri for pointing me here

RobFrankel ( (2/7/100 9:13 AM): Mainly about branding and marketing issues, but other business issues as well. Often, you'll make a biz connection here, too.

Muhammad( (2/7/100 9:13 AM): Depends on your industry, your goals, were you're at financially.......

Ellen ( (2/7/100 9:13 AM): Everyone scream with me! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Yancey ( (2/7/100 9:14 AM): Mike, do you need the $$$ for new management positions?

Barbara Candelario ( (2/7/100 9:14 AM): thanks Rob

Mike ( (2/7/100 9:14 AM): Mostly marketing/adv. (2/7/100 9:14 AM): Muhammad, if you're referring to the one where you said you'd send me a check, I still haven't gotten the check. That's the last E-Mail I've gotten from you. Please take this offline and go to ICQ (17112299)...

Terri ( (2/7/100 9:15 AM): You're welcome, Barbara! This is the BEST place for learning how to brand your company!

Mike ( (2/7/100 9:15 AM): My partners feel word of mouth will work best (and free). But is building slowly what you want - this is Internet?

Susan Fogel (2/7/100 9:15 AM): What do you do when your angel investors don't believe in branding?

Muhammad( (2/7/100 9:15 AM): Can't go ICQ.....behind a firewall........I'll just send you another E-mail

Sort of my situation. (2/7/100 9:16 AM): Entered the room.

RobFrankel ( (2/7/100 9:16 AM): Mike, what used to be word of mouth is now called viral marketing. It can't hurt, especially if you want to build slow and steady.

Sort of my situation. (2/7/100 9:16 AM): Mike (

Andy TeBockhorst (2/7/100 9:16 AM): Mike, pardon me for asking, but what is it you do at I somehow missed that detail.

RobFrankel ( (2/7/100 9:16 AM): The best brands build on a solid foundation, which is why a lot of these new dot coms will fade out before long. So they're half right.

Chester ( (2/7/100 9:17 AM): To help the viral marketing thing, add a link on your page to allow people to tell others about your site.

Mike ( (2/7/100 9:17 AM): Entered the room. (2/7/100 9:17 AM): oops, mike you've got to close the window and log in again...

Mike ( (2/7/100 9:17 AM): Back!

Chester ( (2/7/100 9:17 AM): I did this at and it has helped tremendously.

RobFrankel ( (2/7/100 9:17 AM): You should not. however, rely totally on viral, because it is so slow. The right balance of branded alliances plus some paid programs will do nicely.

Mike ( (2/7/100 9:18 AM): Thanks. The one good thing we've got going for us is the right people are calling on us.

Susan Fogel (2/7/100 9:18 AM): explain branded alliances

Andy TeBockhorst (2/7/100 9:18 AM): Great Article on Viral Marketing at

Ellen ( (2/7/100 9:18 AM): has anyone here done a mass e mailing of press releases before? if so what was the result of this?

RobFrankel ( (2/7/100 9:18 AM): Yes, Chester, the Tell A Friend or "Send this site to a friend" can be good, as long as it doesn't rollover into spamming. I've had it blow up on people who were careless.

Barbara Candelario ( (2/7/100 9:18 AM): Hi Guy I didn't see you here:-) You're quiet today

Barbara Candelario ( (2/7/100 9:19 AM): Rob what do you think about recommend-it?

RobFrankel ( (2/7/100 9:19 AM): Susan, a branded alliance (a whole chapter on this in the book) is when you choose your partner based on their brand qualities, instead of their economic/demo attributes.

Mike ( (2/7/100 9:19 AM): Mass emailing of press releases - make sure opt-in service (don't do self)

GuyRCook - (2/7/100 9:19 AM): I was ranting about firetalk, and had to stop. Glad that you found this finally.

Mike ( (2/7/100 9:19 AM): Try or or

Barbara Candelario ( (2/7/100 9:19 AM): I just put it on my site

Mike ( (2/7/100 9:20 AM): Recommend-it is great for little site but mostly you're branding them and sending users to them for signing up for their opt in lists. (2/7/100 9:20 AM): why not, Mike?

Barbara Candelario ( (2/7/100 9:20 AM): Guy I've been using firetalk for some time. it's ok

RobFrankel ( (2/7/100 9:20 AM): You will find, Susan, that especially on the web, and more offline, too, that branded alliances are way more productive and successful. They're far less dangerous, too.

Barbara Candelario ( (2/7/100 9:20 AM): Mike who's opt-in list?

Mike ( (2/7/100 9:21 AM): If you do yourself, make sure you have a relationship with editor or have queried them (It's still spam otherwise).

RobFrankel ( (2/7/100 9:21 AM): Remember, THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS CO-BRANDING.

RobFrankel ( (2/7/100 9:21 AM): Whenever you do a joint venture, make sure that the other guy is supporting your brand, not stealing from it.

Ellen ( (2/7/100 9:21 AM): it important to have your press release sent through one of these to get taken seriously?

Mike ( (2/7/100 9:21 AM): Where the person has signed up for the content (same for email lists as well as press release lists/services).

Susan Fogel (2/7/100 9:22 AM): So, what book? don't be insulted if its your book Rob and I missed it, or are you talking about Evoy's book?

RobFrankel ( (2/7/100 9:22 AM): No Ellen. And if you want the advice of a real pro, you should subscribe to Paul Hartunian's e-letter.

Mike ( (2/7/100 9:22 AM): What out for opt-out - spammers choice word in which you must sign off a list you haven't subscribed or "opted" to receive.

Chester ( (2/7/100 9:22 AM): Rob - do you have a URL for that?

Jorge R (2/7/100 9:22 AM): Entered the room.

Ellen ( (2/7/100 9:22 AM): ok Rob..fill me in..

RobFrankel ( (2/7/100 9:23 AM): No, Susan, The Revenge of brand X is FINALLY going to press! Should be out in a month or two....!!!

Kieran (2/7/100 9:23 AM): Rob, Can you clarify on no such thing as co-branding???

Natasha ( (2/7/100 9:23 AM): Entered the room.

Jorge R (2/7/100 9:23 AM): Hello everyone

Mike ( (2/7/100 9:23 AM): I don't think it's important to go through a service (press release) but can save time if you don't have a media list yet or a person for that job.

Natasha ( (2/7/100 9:23 AM): Hi all! First time here.

RobFrankel ( (2/7/100 9:24 AM): Paul's site is

Mike ( (2/7/100 9:24 AM): Congrats Rob.

Barbara Candelario ( (2/7/100 9:24 AM): Hi Jorge and Natasha welcome

Ellen ( (2/7/100 9:24 AM): I have a very professional press release,, just need to get it noticed!

RobFrankel ( (2/7/100 9:24 AM): Kieran, did you read below? It's cached here....

RobFrankel ( (2/7/100 9:25 AM): Ellen, there are great resources at Paul's site. He also tells you how to write a great release. Paul is the man who sold the Brooklyn Bridge.

Chester ( (2/7/100 9:25 AM): Does anyone know of a good business broker (a real estate agent for businesses)?

Barbara Candelario ( (2/7/100 9:25 AM): ya I think that guy Paul is great!!! I remember the Brooklyn Bridge thingy:-)

RobFrankel ( (2/7/100 9:25 AM): Natasha, did you have a question? new people get to ask first...

GuyRCook - (2/7/100 9:25 AM): is one that I suggest Ellen

Andy TeBockhorst (2/7/100 9:25 AM): Rob, I just finished reading ANOTHER article that talks about all the .com advertising on TV and how ineffective it is (so you remember any of those URLs from the Super Bowl?) Do you think there is just too much .com "noise" in the market, and if so, what to do?

Barbara Candelario ( (2/7/100 9:25 AM): Brooklyn girl here:-) gallivanting in Southern CA now lol

Ellen ( (2/7/100 9:26 AM): ok Rob, My release was written by a pro with my input as well. It is very nice,, needs to get to the right places!

RobFrankel ( (2/7/100 9:26 AM): Well, Barb, that Brooklyn Bridge thingy got him to retire early! And he did it all with free publicity through faxed press releases.

Jorge R (2/7/100 9:26 AM): Rob how thick will your book be?

Barbara Candelario ( (2/7/100 9:26 AM): Rob I think that's so awesome how he thought that up. What a mind!! and he's a NJ boy to boot lol

RobFrankel ( (2/7/100 9:27 AM): Andy, those bozos in the ad/dot com industries have NO idea what they're doing! They're trying to buy awareness instead of building markets! I'm sending them review copies of the book! <g>

Barbara Candelario ( (2/7/100 9:27 AM): LOL Rob

Andy TeBockhorst (2/7/100 9:27 AM): Good idea, but they won't read it.... they already know it all, you know.

RobFrankel ( (2/7/100 9:27 AM): That was the beauty of the press release, barb: it said NEW JERSEY man sells the Brooklyn Bridge!

RobFrankel ( (2/7/100 9:28 AM): Jorge, it's just under 300 pages.

Ellen ( (2/7/100 9:28 AM): WOOHOO! Jersey! jersey girl!

Andy TeBockhorst (2/7/100 9:28 AM): What is this you're talking about - the Brooklyn Bridge thing?

Kieran (2/7/100 9:28 AM): Natasha, are you signed to a label

Barbara Candelario ( (2/7/100 9:28 AM): Yup Rob:-) We in Brooklyn were joking about that for the longest time

RobFrankel ( (2/7/100 9:28 AM): Not after I'm done with them, Andy!

Barbara Candelario ( (2/7/100 9:29 AM): Ellen I have a son in NJ in Fanwood

RobFrankel ( (2/7/100 9:29 AM): Seriously, what you're witnessing is the dearth of ability by people who think they can buy their way into mindshare. They have the budgets and no real knowledge. This is what gives me so much hope for the little guys! We can think better

Natasha ( (2/7/100 9:29 AM): Hi Rob! I'm a musician interested in establishing a strong personal brand. Where do you suggest I start?

Ellen ( (2/7/100 9:30 AM): Yea Rob,, we go!

RobFrankel ( (2/7/100 9:30 AM): First thing, Natasha, is use your own name.

Ellen ( (2/7/100 9:30 AM): Natasha where are you from?

Jorge R (2/7/100 9:30 AM): I am visiting Paul Hartunian's site. I don't see any newsletter subscription form.

Barbara Candelario ( (2/7/100 9:30 AM): Amen Rob

Andy TeBockhorst (2/7/100 9:30 AM): Mindshare.... I haven't heard that term... sounds like a new buzzword!

David ( (2/7/100 9:30 AM): Entered the room.

RobFrankel ( (2/7/100 9:30 AM): I almost NEVER take on celebrities or showbiz clients, because branding is about "accepting the mantle of leadership" and most talent seems to thrive on approval rather than leading. Which one are you?

Kieran (2/7/100 9:31 AM): What about Amazon??? (2/7/100 9:31 AM): what's the URL, Jorge? (did I miss it?)

Barbara Candelario ( (2/7/100 9:31 AM): HI David

Jorge R (2/7/100 9:31 AM): Rob what others authors -besides you - do you recommend to read?

Ellen ( (2/7/100 9:31 AM): LEADER!!!! WOOHOO! :)

RobFrankel ( (2/7/100 9:31 AM): Andy, mindshare goes back to the ad biz in the eighties....

Cathy (2/7/100 9:31 AM): Andy, you are kidding right?

Jorge R (2/7/100 9:31 AM): Joanna:

Jorge R (2/7/100 9:32 AM): I mean in the Branding subject.

RobFrankel ( (2/7/100 9:32 AM): On branding, Jorge, there is no other. That's why I wrote the book. I know that sounds pretty heady, but that's the truth. I can't find any books that are worthwhile on the subject.

Ellen ( (2/7/100 9:32 AM): Natasha...e mail me about yourself.. I have a potential hook up for you

Andy TeBockhorst (2/7/100 9:32 AM): Sorry gang, as one of Rob's famous "mindless ad execs" I somehow missed that term. I guess I missed that class, eh?

David ( (2/7/100 9:32 AM): I am in the middle of the book Permission Marketing by Seth Godin VP, Marketing at YAHOOH! Wonderful concept and easy to understand.

RobFrankel ( (2/7/100 9:32 AM): Yes, but Andy, you're my FAVORITE mindless exec....

Andy TeBockhorst (2/7/100 9:33 AM): ;-)

Ellen ( (2/7/100 9:33 AM):

RobFrankel ( (2/7/100 9:33 AM): David, Seth's book is good, as is Jakob Nielson's new book. But they're not on branding.

Natasha ( (2/7/100 9:33 AM): As a songwriter, my job is to lead people-to insight into their emotion, or just to have fun. I hate popularity contests.

Kieran (2/7/100 9:33 AM): Entered the room.

RobFrankel ( (2/7/100 9:34 AM): Anyway, Natasha, which are you -- leader or approval junkie?

Susan Fogel (2/7/100 9:34 AM): y investors are back in if I do this deal.. I'm trying to find a new way to market the new client we've chosen to pursue--pursued us.

Natasha ( (2/7/100 9:34 AM): Thanks Ellen. E-you soon.

Barbara Candelario ( (2/7/100 9:34 AM): Hi Kieran

Andy TeBockhorst (2/7/100 9:34 AM): Natasha, there is no bigger popularity contest than the music biz.

RobFrankel ( (2/7/100 9:34 AM): Okay, great. Then lead with who and what you are. And don't get packaged by anyone you don't trust.

Ellen ( (2/7/100 9:34 AM): Natasha...I sell my products in a gift store,, owner is a friend ,, her son works for the record label with Brittany spears

Kieran (2/7/100 9:34 AM): It's home time again folks, Have a great week.

Susan Fogel (2/7/100 9:34 AM): Part of my message got lost. I have a BIG SF bank that wants a one page proposal for partnering.

Barbara Candelario ( (2/7/100 9:35 AM): Thanks Kieran you have a great week too

Jorge R (2/7/100 9:35 AM): what is Seth's book about? you can print Jacob Nielsen's columns on the web and wont have to buy the book. Very valuable but nothing different.

RobFrankel ( (2/7/100 9:35 AM): Natasha, if you do lead, you will find that people will follow. But it takes a little time until it grows to avalanche proportions. The important thing is to get the early adopters to become evangelists to others.

Chester ( (2/7/100 9:36 AM): Rob - is Paul newsletter worth the $7? The site seems like some questionable ads I have seen from other "businesses"...

RobFrankel ( (2/7/100 9:36 AM): Jorge, I don't think there's anything philosophically new about Seth's book, but the general public hasn't seen it.

RobFrankel ( (2/7/100 9:37 AM): Well, Chester, I spent an hour with Paul -- we became good friends at this last conference -- and it changed my attitude -- and YOU KNOW HOW TOUGH THAT IS!

Terri ( (2/7/100 9:37 AM): Chester, if you mean Paul Hartunian, his newsletter is the BEST thing I ever read! Great info in it!

GuyRCook - (2/7/100 9:37 AM): It's only worth $7 if you pay for it...(grin).

RobFrankel ( (2/7/100 9:37 AM): I think my one conversation with him will probably pay out in six figures for me.

Barbara Candelario ( (2/7/100 9:38 AM): lol Guy

Natasha ( (2/7/100 9:38 AM): Thanks Rob. PS. This is my real first and middle name (:

Terri ( (2/7/100 9:38 AM): I should qualify that to say "the best thing I ever read on press releases" <g>

RobFrankel ( (2/7/100 9:38 AM): Natasha, let's get back to you... what are you doing to promote your brand? How have you created it?

Andy TeBockhorst (2/7/100 9:38 AM): Wow, six figures... I want to talk to him!

Barbara Candelario ( (2/7/100 9:39 AM): Rob I surely believe that

Jorge R (2/7/100 9:40 AM): What is Seth's new book Title?

Yancey ( (2/7/100 9:41 AM): Natasha, nice bio, with there where sound clips...

Ellen ( (2/7/100 9:42 AM): sound clips will sell you Natasha.. I know someone who sold her CD online and she did very well

Natasha ( (2/7/100 9:42 AM): Creating the me means defining the sound of music, defining who wants to hear it. Having an image that I feel good about.

RobFrankel ( (2/7/100 9:43 AM): Natasha, you need to do two things real quick: optimize your graphics (slow loads) and tell people more about yourself, text-wise

Natasha ( (2/7/100 9:43 AM): Sound clips will be up soon...Site is in construction.

Natasha ( (2/7/100 9:45 AM): I'll do that.

Jorge R (2/7/100 9:45 AM): yes Natasha. And add a brief introductory info on your home page. 1 paragraph would be just fine.

Terri ( (2/7/100 9:45 AM): Have to run, everyone! Great seeing all of you again! See you next week!

Jorge R (2/7/100 9:45 AM): what is the Seth's book about Rob?

Ellen ( (2/7/100 9:45 AM): bye Terri (2/7/100 9:46 AM): Natasha, I might point you to a site I did... The soundclips used to work, but they're trying to get permission to put their own music on their site (go figure)

RobFrankel ( (2/7/100 9:46 AM): Seth's book is about Permission Marketing

RobFrankel ( (2/7/100 9:46 AM): Natasha, to whom are you trying to appeal with your site and stuff?

Barbara Candelario ( (2/7/100 9:46 AM): bye Terri. Thanks again.

GuyRCook - (2/7/100 9:47 AM): is anyone going to expo2000 Corporate Software & Technology's Virtual Trade Show tomorrow at besides me?

GuyRCook - (2/7/100 9:48 AM): Not meant as an invitation, just a question.

GuyRCook - (2/7/100 9:49 AM): And yes, Rob it's another PC only thing <grin> (2/7/100 9:49 AM): where is it, Guy?

Chester ( (2/7/100 9:49 AM): I have to run, thanks for all the great URL's everyone.

GuyRCook - (2/7/100 9:49 AM): info is at it's a virtual event JoAnna (2/7/100 9:49 AM): (duh, ignore question...)

RobFrankel ( (2/7/100 9:50 AM): (TEN MINUTE WARNING)

Natasha ( (2/7/100 9:51 AM): To a pop audience. Bubble-gummers on up.

RobFrankel ( (2/7/100 9:51 AM): Anyone else?

RobFrankel ( (2/7/100 9:51 AM): What are you doing to establish a branded community among those types?

Barbara Candelario ( (2/7/100 9:52 AM): Rob I know that there's no list better than the ones we build ourselves. What opt-in services do you recommend?

David ( (2/7/100 9:52 AM): Rob best ways to establish brand as speaker/trainer/coach??? (2/7/100 9:52 AM): Here's one Rob - How can you brand a productless product? (

Jorge R (2/7/100 9:53 AM): Natasha has anyone ever asked you if you and Michelle Pfeiffer are relatives? :)

RobFrankel ( (2/7/100 9:53 AM): There's nothing wrong in seeking out e-lists that are common to your interested. The good news is that there are a few agencies that are starting to do that..

RobFrankel ( (2/7/100 9:53 AM): Joanna, isn't the effectiveness aspect where you go on that? (2/7/100 9:54 AM): David, where are you located? If you're in LA, I can get you on a kind of circuit if you're willing to give 1-hr presentations for free.

RobFrankel ( (2/7/100 9:54 AM): David, I think the best way to establish your brand in the speaking area is to start out doing it for free. That's what I did.

Natasha ( (2/7/100 9:54 AM): Not doing enough yet, so I have some homework to do. (2/7/100 9:54 AM): Rob, I have no idea what you just said (do I need stronger tea?!)

RobFrankel ( (2/7/100 9:54 AM): There, JoAnna beat me to it.

David ( (2/7/100 9:54 AM): Rancho Cucamonga, CA Yes, I'd be interested.

RobFrankel ( (2/7/100 9:55 AM): JoAnna, what do you me by productless product? I still haven't had my coffee. (2/7/100 9:55 AM): Cool, David! Do you have a website?

Jorge R (2/7/100 9:55 AM): Natasha?

David ( (2/7/100 9:56 AM): Have been a trainer/presenter for a major seminar company for 4 years. Did 105 dates last year and my skill level is high. But I am interested in more local gigs

Natasha ( (2/7/100 9:56 AM): hello Jorge

Jorge R (2/7/100 9:56 AM): Well guys. Got to go. Have a great week. Thank you for your time. :)

Jorge R (2/7/100 9:56 AM): has anyone ever asked you if you and Michelle Pfeiffer are relatives? :)

David ( (2/7/100 9:57 AM): Working on site. Have been piddling around. Advice about up fast and good?

GuyRCook - (2/7/100 9:57 AM): Bye all, and may see some of you tomorrow at the corpsoft show, starts 8am EST and there are door prizes, etc. (2/7/100 9:57 AM): The website is They're giving away cool customized signatures that you design yourself or take from a template. I'd guess they can only be viral, right?

Barbara Candelario ( (2/7/100 9:57 AM): bye Jorge thanks you have a good one too

Yancey ( (2/7/100 9:57 AM): The "product" is a super sig file.

Barbara Candelario ( (2/7/100 9:57 AM): bye Guy see you later

Natasha ( (2/7/100 9:58 AM): Rob & all...Thank you for the tips & feedback.

Ellen ( (2/7/100 9:58 AM): bye everyone!

Ellen ( (2/7/100 9:58 AM): Have a great week!

RobFrankel ( (2/7/100 9:58 AM): You know, JoAnna, some ideas just aren't good ideas for business....

Cathy (2/7/100 9:58 AM): Bye, thanks. Maybe next time I will say something...

RobFrankel ( (2/7/100 9:58 AM): (TWO MINUTES)

Barbara Candelario ( (2/7/100 9:58 AM): bye Ellen

Yancey ( (2/7/100 9:59 AM): JoAnna, where is their revenue coming from? How are they going to us this to make a profit, ads in the sigs?

David ( (2/7/100 9:59 AM): Rob, how do I follow up on free locals you mentioned?

Barbara Candelario ( (2/7/100 9:59 AM): I have to scoot along. Rob thanks for this chat. have a great week all.

RobFrankel ( (2/7/100 9:59 AM): Cathy, you are always welcome to speak up!

Natasha ( (2/7/100 10:00 AM): Bye Barb!

RobFrankel ( (2/7/100 10:00 AM): David, depends on whom you would like to speak to. But almost everyone is looking for event speakers, especially groups who meet regularly.

RobFrankel ( (2/7/100 10:00 AM): Okay, guys, I'm outta here too. have a great week and stay here as long as you like! (2/7/100 10:01 AM): I don't think it's going to be ads, not like banner ads. Who would put that in their signature?

David ( (2/7/100 10:01 AM): Rob, already on e-ing chambers, service club. Any others you had success with?

Yancey ( (2/7/100 10:01 AM): Just trying to figure out "why."

David ( (2/7/100 10:02 AM): Best to all, have a great week. (2/7/100 10:03 AM): Bye bye! Chat with you next week!

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