Transcript of Frankel's Free Clinic March 5, 2001

Rob Frankel ( (3/5/2001 9:00 AM): Grrrrrrrrrrreetings!

Terry ( (3/5/2001 9:00 AM): Good morning, all!

Terri Robinson ( (3/5/2001 9:01 AM): Greetings, Rob and all! It's been awhile!

Rob Frankel ( (3/5/2001 9:01 AM): Whoa, it's a 2 Terry morning!

Terry ( (3/5/2001 9:01 AM): that's scary! :-)

Rob Frankel ( (3/5/2001 9:01 AM): Phonetically, at least....

Terri Robinson ( (3/5/2001 9:01 AM): hehehe :)

Peter (3/5/2001 9:02 AM): Entered the room.

Rob Frankel ( (3/5/2001 9:02 AM): So, what's on everyone's mind today?

Peter (3/5/2001 9:02 AM): Hi all, Greetings from Singapore

Terry ( (3/5/2001 9:02 AM): First time on the chat, though a faithful reader of FrankelBiz...

Rob Frankel ( (3/5/2001 9:03 AM): Hi Peter! It must be awfully late or extremely early where you are....Welcome Terry!

Rob Frankel ( (3/5/2001 9:03 AM): Who's going first?

Peter (3/5/2001 9:03 AM): You betcha -please be gentle with me - 1am

Ira Pasternack (3/5/2001 9:03 AM): Entered the room.

Terry ( (3/5/2001 9:03 AM): I've got a home-based business (KIDiddles) which has received some *awesome* non-paid publicity recently -- now I'm thinking I should be looking at ways to capitalize on it.

Rob Frankel ( (3/5/2001 9:04 AM): Can you be more specific Terry? What exactly are you looking for?

Terry ( (3/5/2001 9:05 AM): KIDiddles is a kids' music site. I post the lyrics to about 2000 kids songs, and in addition, have an online store from which I sell only kids' music products (CDs, cassettes, songbooks, etc.)

Rob Frankel ( (3/5/2001 9:05 AM): Okay, so you have product ready + publicity....

Terry ( (3/5/2001 9:06 AM): Sales have increased in the last year by about 600% and traffic stemming from mentions in three major publications this month has increased substantially

Peggy ( (3/5/2001 9:06 AM): Entered the room.

Rob Frankel ( (3/5/2001 9:06 AM): So terry, what are you asking? Sounds like things are on a roll.

Terry ( (3/5/2001 9:07 AM): The traffic that's come in this weekend has brought lots of survey submissions and other feedback, but not much in the way of sales (at least from first appearances)...

Rob Frankel ( (3/5/2001 9:07 AM): Of course, one thing this shows you is that well-targeted publicity works -- but only briefly. I'm amazed at the bump in sales I get for my books and tapes when I get a mention -- but it fades very quickly. You gotta keep placing stuff.

Rob Frankel ( (3/5/2001 9:08 AM): Aha! So you need to turn traffic into sales....What's your current revenue strategy?

Terry ( (3/5/2001 9:08 AM): Ummm, strategy? :-)

Terry ( (3/5/2001 9:08 AM): Well... actually I DO have one sort of...

Peter (3/5/2001 9:08 AM): Sorry, newbie ? - is this chat linear or can we test Rob's right & left brain with multiple topics?

Terry ( (3/5/2001 9:09 AM): I have an Email mailing list that's store-based. Using that, I promote products in the store

Rob Frankel ( (3/5/2001 9:09 AM): Peter, I can handle two at most. Go ahead.

Rob Frankel ( (3/5/2001 9:09 AM): Terry. how are you currently expecting to make money from the site?

Terry ( (3/5/2001 9:09 AM): I've also just published a (real bare-bones) catalog, and there have been some requests for that...

Frederick ( (3/5/2001 9:09 AM): Entered the room.

Rob Frankel ( (3/5/2001 9:10 AM): Terry, I'm going to your site right now....

Terry ( (3/5/2001 9:10 AM): With the catalog, it's too early to tell if it will make a difference

Peter (3/5/2001 9:10 AM): Trying to implement idea of branded community. I'm about to launch a new type of promotions & incentives portal here.

Terri Robinson ( (3/5/2001 9:10 AM): Terry, it seems to me like those surveys are an excellent opportunity to get sales - just by notifying those who didn't win of specials available

Terry ( (3/5/2001 9:10 AM): But with the Email list, I usually include a special promo, and though there are about 500 subscribers so far, not one of them have taken advantage of the discounts (though some of them have gone to the site to purchase products)

Rob Frankel ( (3/5/2001 9:11 AM): Peter, have you read the book or listened to the tapes? There's a ton on branded community there -- specifics on how to make it work....

Terry ( (3/5/2001 9:12 AM): Privacy is a real stickler for me, Terri -- My promise has always been that I won't use it for any promotional purposes except to notify them if they've won that month's prize, and I'm not sure I want to take advantage of their willingness to fill out the form

Rob Frankel ( (3/5/2001 9:12 AM): Terry, the first thing I'm going to say is that you're shooting yourself in the foot on your homepage. You're making it appear to be a free site. If that's how they view your site, they're going to expect everything for free.

Peter (3/5/2001 9:12 AM): Oops no I haven't. I'll try and be specific. Was thinking of a forum, but I feel I need to be careful in balancing needs of consumers vs. my advertisers.

Rob Frankel ( (3/5/2001 9:13 AM): Your home page doesn't position itself as a business. So you're setting the wrong expectations

Terry ( (3/5/2001 9:13 AM): So, what would you change there? Make the store a higher link up?

Peter (3/5/2001 9:13 AM): Advertisers will be main revenue so I can't have some consumer trashing their promo etc

Mickie ( (3/5/2001 9:14 AM): Entered the room.

Rob Frankel ( (3/5/2001 9:14 AM): Peter, not knowing your brand, all I can say is that the brand culture sets that level of acceptability. I think it's tape #3 that goes into how to leverage your Branded icon and manage that balance.

Terry ( (3/5/2001 9:14 AM): Well, if the truth be told, when I first started, it really WAS more of a content site than anything else... it's only been the last two years that I've devoted some serious time to the store and its products

Terry ( (3/5/2001 9:15 AM): (If anyone wants to hear the pros and cons of shopping carts, I'm an expert!!!)

Rob Frankel ( (3/5/2001 9:15 AM): Terry: You must start off with the notion that this site is a store. You sell stuff. Now, you may also provide some stuff for free, but the reason for the site is to sell stuff. This is what I do with my articles and archives, but I sell books, tapes, and consulting services.

Terri Robinson ( (3/5/2001 9:15 AM): Terry, I believe in totally opt-in too - wasn't suggesting continuous follow-up - just a notice saying maybe "Sorry you didn't win" - it will just remind them that they liked what they saw there the first time :)

Rob Frankel ( (3/5/2001 9:15 AM): Peter, FrankelBiz has a very strict brand ethic (see our FAQ's) which are followed well by our members. Lead and they will follow.

Terry ( (3/5/2001 9:16 AM): Good point, Terri -- that might work

Peter (3/5/2001 9:16 AM): Ok. I am trying to step it up before I go soft launch

Rob Frankel ( (3/5/2001 9:17 AM): Terry: Now, as to the list, you'd be amazed at this: they are evangelists, but not necessarily buyers. I know who buys my books and I can tell you that of the thousands of FrankelBees, fewer than you would expect have bought the book.

Rob Frankel ( (3/5/2001 9:17 AM): I constantly test my list with offers and stuff. But they are there for FrankelBiz, not necessarily my products and services. Which is okay, because they often refer others to me, and that's the REAL value.

Terry ( (3/5/2001 9:18 AM): Good point, Rob

Del (3/5/2001 9:19 AM): Terry - How do you like DansieCart?

Rob Frankel ( (3/5/2001 9:19 AM): Terry, you need to re-design your home page, too. At least on my browser, it's a lo-o-o-ng scroll down through stuff.

Terry ( (3/5/2001 9:19 AM): I just feel like I'm missing the boat somehow -- that there's more I should be (or could be) doing -- I just don't know what

Peter (3/5/2001 9:19 AM): My website is - the idea is to make the lives of everyday consumers easier and richer by organizing this mess of promotions space in Singapore

Terry ( (3/5/2001 9:20 AM): Del, it has its limitations (and a serious security problem if you haven't modified the PGP script), but for functionality, I like it better than the four I tried before it.

Rob Frankel ( (3/5/2001 9:20 AM): Obviously, Terry, you've found that traffic does NOT equal sales. You've got to get your products way up front. Now that you

Peter (3/5/2001 9:20 AM): For businesses, I'll be offering affordable and targeted advertising for their special offers

Terry ( (3/5/2001 9:20 AM): Rob, I know -- it's on my "to do" list, but I can't seem to find the time to get there...

Rob Frankel ( (3/5/2001 9:20 AM): Obviously, Terry, you've found that traffic does NOT equal sales. You've got to get your products way up front. Now that you've changed your content site to a revenue site, it has to back that up. You have to go from "free, then revenue" to "revenue with free".

Rob Frankel ( (3/5/2001 9:21 AM): Going there Peter....

Peter (3/5/2001 9:21 AM): If I use a forum then their are going to be conflicts between these t2 groups esp. complaints not so much recommendations

Rob Frankel ( (3/5/2001 9:21 AM): Oops, peter not online yet?

Terry ( (3/5/2001 9:21 AM): Thanks, Rob -- that gives me some food for thought to mull over

Del (3/5/2001 9:22 AM): Terry - I tested some 22 shopping cart scripts before settling with DansieCart..and for the singular purpose of it's flexibility in types of product orders it could handle.

Peter (3/5/2001 9:22 AM): Just the splash - but I am days away from soft launch

Rob Frankel ( (3/5/2001 9:22 AM): Peter, what are you specifically worried about?

Terri Robinson ( (3/5/2001 9:22 AM): Terry, I love the colors - it's very appealing for kids. You might move the navigation bar from the bottom up to the top of the page for starters

Rob Frankel ( (3/5/2001 9:23 AM): Terry, if you don't find the time now, you will -- when there's no business.....

Terry ( (3/5/2001 9:23 AM): Del, agree entirely. None of the other carts offered the options that Dansie does. But there are some frustrating limitations, like the inability to actually dig into the script and make changes to it. I'm not entirely happy with the flexibility that I get from lang.dat and vars.dat

Peter (3/5/2001 9:23 AM): complaints by consumers about my advertisers - whether real or imagined

Terry ( (3/5/2001 9:23 AM): Sheepish grin at Rob... point taken!

Terry ( (3/5/2001 9:23 AM): Thanks, Terri -- that's a good point, too.

Peter (3/5/2001 9:24 AM): I don't want it to turn into raging bull, trolls that type of thing

Rob Frankel ( (3/5/2001 9:24 AM): Peter, it's up to you to create a culture that trains your users. Do it right -- and I do this all the time for clients -- and they will poile themselves. This works great on FrankelBiz: The MINUTE some idiot tries to spam members or harvest addresses, I get clobbered with tips from people. It really works.

Del (3/5/2001 9:24 AM): Terry: Agreed. DansieCart layouts are just plain ugly. He can write scripts, but obviously html isn't his strong suit. :-)

Rob Frankel ( (3/5/2001 9:25 AM): poile = POLICE

Terry ( (3/5/2001 9:25 AM): That's for sure, Del!

Terry ( (3/5/2001 9:25 AM): Del, do you find you get a lot of pending orders that don't complete?

Rob Frankel ( (3/5/2001 9:25 AM): BTW, anyone here going to be in Hawaii this week for the E-Comm 2001 gig?

Del (3/5/2001 9:26 AM): Terry: I concur with Terri's suggestion. Main menu bar at the top and perhaps a two column body layout with the "click to keep us free" at the bottom.

Ira Pasternack (3/5/2001 9:26 AM): Rob, I think what you do that is key with FrankelBiz is not pretend that it is a total democracy

Terry ( (3/5/2001 9:26 AM): Don't I wish, Rob. hopefully one day I'll get to one of those...

Rob Frankel ( (3/5/2001 9:26 AM): Hey Ira! Long time no see! Yes, that's definitely a part of it.

Terri Robinson ( (3/5/2001 9:26 AM): wow, Rob- is it Hawaii time again already??

Peter (3/5/2001 9:27 AM): Is it better to have a message board or an email discussion list do you think?

Del (3/5/2001 9:27 AM): Terry: I'm at a 60% abandon rate...better than most eCommerce sites...but then again, after all the typing my customers have to do to get an order ready, they generally don't waste time unless they are ready to spend the cash.

Rob Frankel ( (3/5/2001 9:27 AM): Yes indeedy. I jump on a jet Wednesday.

Terry ( (3/5/2001 9:27 AM): I have to revamp the site to conform with COPPA before April 1st, so maybe I can do it all in one fell swoop

Terry ( (3/5/2001 9:28 AM): Peter, my discussion board gets far more traffic than my mailing lists do

Terri Robinson ( (3/5/2001 9:28 AM): lucky guy, Rob!

Rob Frankel ( (3/5/2001 9:28 AM): Peter, I'm totally against message boards (this is in the book, too). Message boards are very polarizing. They rely on people to log onto your site. E-mail arrives every day in their box. Much more community oriented.

Ira Pasternack (3/5/2001 9:28 AM): what exactly is COPPA?

Rob Frankel ( (3/5/2001 9:28 AM): Child Protection

Terry ( (3/5/2001 9:28 AM): COPPA = Children's Online Privacy Protection Act

Rob Frankel ( (3/5/2001 9:29 AM): It's work Terri....unfortunately, last year I didn't even get any sand between my toes.

Terry ( (3/5/2001 9:29 AM):

Terri Robinson ( (3/5/2001 9:29 AM): message boards will make you look bad too if they have nothing on them - or trashy posts - you have to put a lot of effort into getting them up and keeping them fresh

Rob Frankel ( (3/5/2001 9:29 AM): On the other hand, there wasn't a necktie to be found within 1,000 miles.

Terry ( (3/5/2001 9:29 AM): Any site catering to kids has to comply to the new reg's

Ira Pasternack (3/5/2001 9:30 AM): Rob, I suspect you are the only one to blame for that... if you wanted the beach bad enough, you would schedule a meeting there or stay an extra day or two ;-)

Terry ( (3/5/2001 9:30 AM): Terri: my boards are fully moderated (necessary because of the number of kids that visit the site)

Rob Frankel ( (3/5/2001 9:30 AM): Good point, Terri. Empty chat rooms and old message boards are a surefire way to let everyone know you're a failure.

Terri Robinson ( (3/5/2001 9:30 AM): heck, Rob - if I had known that I would have sent you a bottle of AZ sand *grin*

Rob Frankel ( (3/5/2001 9:30 AM): I did this time, Ira. In fact, I included the family this time, so at least they could have some fun.

Peter (3/5/2001 9:30 AM): Oh - I thought that was part of the idea, so that they do visit the site to see the latest content?

Terry ( (3/5/2001 9:31 AM): Actually, Rob, I also use my boards to promote my products...

Terry ( (3/5/2001 9:31 AM): People log in looking, for example, for a song they remember from their childhood...

Rob Frankel ( (3/5/2001 9:31 AM): Incidentally, that's why FrankelBiz is held only one hour per week. That way, people aren't fazed by the inactivity here the other 167 hours of the week.

Terry ( (3/5/2001 9:31 AM): With a moderated board, I can be the first one to jump in, and point them to a product (or products) in the store where they can buy it :-)

Terry ( (3/5/2001 9:31 AM): (I'm not ENTIRELY dumb!) :-)

Rob Frankel ( (3/5/2001 9:32 AM): Terry, if your moderate an e-list, you can do both more effectively -- plus sell ads.

Del (3/5/2001 9:32 AM): Terry: I can't believe you hardcoded your product pages...That'll kill you having to adjust all the html every time you update your layouts.

Terry ( (3/5/2001 9:33 AM): Del, believe me -- when I revamp the site, it'll be done with SSIs

Rob Frankel ( (3/5/2001 9:33 AM): You'll also get way more response for your advertisers with an e-list. FrankelBiz is growing famous for its high-response to member ratios. Advertisers love us and are bowled over by the responses.

Terry ( (3/5/2001 9:33 AM): Oops, wait a second... yes, I did hard-code the product pages... but I *did* do them with SSI's...

Terri Robinson ( (3/5/2001 9:33 AM): Rob, I just got my latest "value added service" page up at - I'll send new sales jobs to cell phones of opt-in members and sell advertising to those who want to post their jobs

Terry ( (3/5/2001 9:33 AM): So making changes is easy on that section of the site -- the rest of it is completely and totally hard-coded (ugh)

Terry ( (3/5/2001 9:34 AM): Rob, I haven't been able to attract the level of subscribers you have

Rob Frankel ( (3/5/2001 9:34 AM): In fact, just last week, an advertiser reported that against a 12,000 member list, we pulled 51 responses in the first 24 hours -- they got less than 20 over a whole week!

Terry ( (3/5/2001 9:34 AM): Terri: sounds like an EXCELLENT service!

Del (3/5/2001 9:34 AM): Terry: I just switched over from hardcoded product pages to a database-driven html output. Only 1 template to deal with (all like products).

Rob Frankel ( (3/5/2001 9:34 AM): That's a whole other story, Terry. And you have MUCH more potential subscribers than I do!

Terry ( (3/5/2001 9:34 AM): Del, hard-coded product pages have given me huge success on the search engines

Terry ( (3/5/2001 9:35 AM): search engines can't follow scripts

Peter (3/5/2001 9:35 AM): If I have a message board, then members email address are not public

Rob Frankel ( (3/5/2001 9:35 AM): Terri, that's terrific. If I were in the recruitment biz, wireless would be a priority for me.

Terry ( (3/5/2001 9:36 AM): I started out with database-driven carts. When I switched to .html pages last year, the search engine hits were almost overnight (literally within a week)

Peter (3/5/2001 9:36 AM): but with an e-list their email is public and can be harvested

Del (3/5/2001 9:36 AM): Terry: True, but that's what all my other hardcoded pages and product index pages are for. (The individual product pages are the only things auto-generated.)

Rob Frankel ( (3/5/2001 9:36 AM): Peter, who said they're public with an e-mail list? Of course, when you make them public, it goes a long way to preventing trolls and flames, because people know that they are responsible for their posts.

Terry ( (3/5/2001 9:36 AM): Peter, I've disabled Email addresses on KIDiddles' discussion board, as well as profile info, too

Terry ( (3/5/2001 9:36 AM): In my case, I can't take a chance of a pedophile hooking up with a child

Terri Robinson ( (3/5/2001 9:37 AM): it's an important market - not least of which is because it helps them find jobs without necessarily surfing on work time *grin*

Terry ( (3/5/2001 9:37 AM): Ahh, but Del... I've given great keywords to all my product pages, plus descriptions that include song titles, etc.

Terry ( (3/5/2001 9:37 AM): Let me give you an example of my sales pre- and post- database...

Rob Frankel ( (3/5/2001 9:37 AM): Peter, in the three years I've run FrankelBiz, only four people have ever been fried off the list -- and they were warned -- and as a result, I broadcast a message warning list members. All of those thousands of members -- and their 5X referrals -- immediately noted NEVER to do business with them again.

Peter (3/5/2001 9:37 AM): I am trying to keep them private just to me so I can then use the database to market to their businesses

Terry ( (3/5/2001 9:38 AM): I had a database-driven cart up until March 2000, with the switchover in April.

Rob Frankel ( (3/5/2001 9:38 AM): Del/Terry -- take this topic off line, okay.....Not really pertinent here....

Peter (3/5/2001 9:38 AM): about what my members want and match their interests

Terry ( (3/5/2001 9:38 AM): Okay, Rob

Rob Frankel ( (3/5/2001 9:39 AM): Peter, then make Moderator a part of your business operation. It's no real big deal. Or create aliases for posting to a NON-moderated list.

Rob Frankel ( (3/5/2001 9:39 AM): Peter, are you familiar with

Peter (3/5/2001 9:40 AM): yes moderator is an option so have to allocate resources to it - looking at now

Rob Frankel ( (3/5/2001 9:41 AM): was a client of mine in the formative stages. They had the same issues.

Rob Frankel ( (3/5/2001 9:42 AM): (Anyone else want to jump in?)

Terri Robinson ( (3/5/2001 9:42 AM): was helpful for me in the early days - it is getting more complicated now I think

Peter (3/5/2001 9:43 AM): I didn't see any mention of a forum or list where users can give feedback

Terry ( (3/5/2001 9:43 AM): How so, Terri?

Rob Frankel ( (3/5/2001 9:44 AM): Terri, EVERYONE is panicking right now -- foolishly switching strategies in a desperate attempt to attain profitability. Just look at -- they're headed for the dumpster.

Rob Frankel ( (3/5/2001 9:44 AM): Peter, feedback is as easy as Amazon's rating system for books.

Peter (3/5/2001 9:44 AM): Do you think an e-list with aliases instead of email addressees would work?

Terri Robinson ( (3/5/2001 9:45 AM): they were free then changed to some categories costing money - problem is they wouldn't let me into the free categories to respond until I gave them credit card info and I balked at that

meehna (3/5/2001 9:45 AM): Entered the room.

Rob Frankel ( (3/5/2001 9:45 AM): As I personally discovered last year, their rating system is largely voluntary. If some pinhead gets in there with a vindictive post/rating, it can be an involved process to get it removed.

meehna (3/5/2001 9:45 AM): Rob, you asked if someone else could jump in.. Is the pool still available?

Terri Robinson ( (3/5/2001 9:46 AM): that's true, Rob - they need to tighten their belts and hang on awhile - things will level back out again

Rob Frankel ( (3/5/2001 9:46 AM): Peter, I don't know what would work for you, because I don't know the intricacies of your model.

Rob Frankel ( (3/5/2001 9:46 AM): Jump in Meenha.

Peter (3/5/2001 9:46 AM): Those pinheads I want to pre-empt as efficiently as possible

Terry ( (3/5/2001 9:46 AM): That's a good point, Rob -- they've done some serious damage to a number of authors/artists

Rob Frankel ( (3/5/2001 9:47 AM): Look, Terri -- the guys who took over obviously are not experienced. Typical.

meehna (3/5/2001 9:47 AM): I've heard about a new service that will be compatible with all other wireless systems to send messages.

Rob Frankel ( (3/5/2001 9:47 AM): Peter, you can. But you must lead them. No kidding, get my tape set. It will explain everything -- how to do it.

meehna (3/5/2001 9:47 AM): In other words, I can send you a message from my PC or MAC and no matter what system you have, pager, Verizon, Phone, etc., you can receive it. Sounds good in theory.

Terry ( (3/5/2001 9:47 AM): Terri, the CC issue is one I've seen on a number of sites, including B&N

Rob Frankel ( (3/5/2001 9:47 AM): Meenha there are at least three: WAP, SMS, I-Mode

meehna (3/5/2001 9:48 AM): What do you think of the concept and is the technology and user base there yet?

Rob Frankel ( (3/5/2001 9:48 AM): Wireless will work for some -- but definitely not all -- sites.

meehna (3/5/2001 9:49 AM): What are the limitations?

Rob Frankel ( (3/5/2001 9:49 AM): For example, there's absolutely no point for me to go wireless. But Terri needs it for sure -- notifying prospects that a new job just came online.

Terri Robinson ( (3/5/2001 9:50 AM): you have to design specifically for wireless with .wml meehna - and it can't be just a generic putting of your html into a converter

Rob Frankel ( (3/5/2001 9:50 AM): Different protocols have different limits, but the main thing is that the screens are really small. Input is very difficult -- which is why everyone stresses READING your e-mail and not writing it.

Rob Frankel ( (3/5/2001 9:50 AM): (TEN MINUTE WARNING)

Rob Frankel ( (3/5/2001 9:51 AM): in Japan, I-mode rules because it carries entertainment content better.

Peter (3/5/2001 9:53 AM): OK. On your elist is it possible to search the archives of emails?

Terry ( (3/5/2001 9:53 AM): Del, what's your URL?

Rob Frankel ( (3/5/2001 9:54 AM): Yup.

Del (3/5/2001 9:54 AM):

Rob Frankel ( (3/5/2001 9:54 AM): You can browse the archive by month, that's all.

meehna (3/5/2001 9:55 AM): Entered the room.

meehna (3/5/2001 9:55 AM): Oops, I got thrown off.

Erik "" (3/5/2001 9:56 AM): Entered the room.

Rob Frankel ( (3/5/2001 9:56 AM): Hi Erik!

meehna (3/5/2001 9:56 AM): But this is a business that would primarily focus on sending across different platforms: e.g. send a message to your husband to pick up something at the store, while also sending your secretary a message to get the report out.

Erik (3/5/2001 9:56 AM): Hi Rob, guess I have more time on Mondays now....

Terry ( (3/5/2001 9:56 AM): Del, nice looking site!

Rob Frankel ( (3/5/2001 9:56 AM): So what's your question, Meenha?

meehna (3/5/2001 9:57 AM): Is this a service that people would respond to? You need to stay in touch with certain people and you can keep your same address across platforms.

Del (3/5/2001 9:57 AM): Rob: Think of the benefits of a wireless reminder service (like the email reminders online)...You get the reminder and a tagline or something like "Brought to you by Rob Frankel.""

Del (3/5/2001 9:58 AM): Terry: Thanks. :*)

Rob Frankel ( (3/5/2001 9:58 AM): Meehna, my guess is that this is the primary reason why the major companies are pitching wireless -- and why I predict there will be a huge consumer backlash to it. But overall, that's the whole point of wireless.

Rob Frankel ( (3/5/2001 9:58 AM): (TWO MINUTES)

meehna (3/5/2001 9:59 AM): Why the backlash?

Rob Frankel ( (3/5/2001 10:00 AM): People are increasingly demanding their own lives back. They don't WANT to be available to everyone, all the time.

Terri Robinson ( (3/5/2001 10:00 AM): Rob, it was great seeing you again! Nice seeing the new faces too :) I'll see you all next week!

Rob Frankel ( (3/5/2001 10:00 AM): Okie doke, everyone. Hope this session was helpful. gotta scoot and pack for the islands! See you online!

Ira Pasternack (3/5/2001 10:00 AM): but rob, you CAN turn things off..

Terry ( (3/5/2001 10:00 AM): Thanks, Rob -- I appreciate the forum & the list!

meehna (3/5/2001 10:00 AM): Fair enough. But what if that caveat could be built in -- just like turning your ringer off your phone?

meehna (3/5/2001 10:01 AM): Thanks, Rob.

Peter (3/5/2001 10:01 AM): Thanks Rob & Co - Best, Peter

Ira Pasternack (3/5/2001 10:01 AM): have fun in Hawaii, make sure you get to the beach this time :)

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