Transcript of Frankel's Free Clinic March 6, 2000

RobFrankel (3/6/100 8:58 AM): Wow, I'm actually early for once!

Andy TeBockhorst (3/6/100 8:58 AM): Entered the room.

Andy TeBockhorst (3/6/100 8:58 AM): Morning Rob!

Yancey ( (3/6/100 8:58 AM): Entered the room.

Yancey ( (3/6/100 8:59 AM): Drioux?

Terri Robinson ( (3/6/100 8:59 AM): Entered the room.

Terri Robinson ( (3/6/100 9:00 AM): Good morning everyone! Wow! the Dictator in here early?? What's the world coming to? <G>

RobFrankel (3/6/100 9:00 AM): Coffee was stronger than normal today.... (3/6/100 9:00 AM): Entered the room.

RobFrankel (3/6/100 9:01 AM): ...and I hadn't been in for the last two weeks, so I was jonesing for a Clinic!

Andy TeBockhorst (3/6/100 9:01 AM): We actually had a fairly lively discussion last week Rob. Nice to have you back though.

Terri Robinson ( (3/6/100 9:02 AM): I hear that, Rob! I was attending a workshop last week and was already "jonesing" for a Clinic! Hi JoAnna! (3/6/100 9:02 AM): Hey Yancey, I was reading a Nov issue of a magazine and saw a letter to the editor from you! (3/6/100 9:02 AM): (I've really got to catch up with my reading...!)

Yancey ( (3/6/100 9:03 AM): I got about 200 unique visitors the day of release, about 400 over the next few weeks. ;-)

Terri Robinson ( (3/6/100 9:04 AM): What magazine was it, Yancey?

Yancey ( (3/6/100 9:04 AM): Help me out here JoAnna, that was months ago. (3/6/100 9:05 AM): My "HI/goodmorning" message didn't show up... sorry! Hi, good morning!

Hi everyone! (3/6/100 9:05 AM): Entered the room. (3/6/100 9:05 AM): Honestly, I don't remember... I get about 20 magazines, and that's just paper.

Hi everyone! (3/6/100 9:06 AM): I'm evidently doing something wrong. Hi everyone was my message. (3/6/100 9:06 AM): I just remember thinking to myself, jeez, I've got to get through this stack before much longer!

RobFrankel (3/6/100 9:06 AM): Okay, who is HI Everyone???? Is that short for Hyman Everyone? (3/6/100 9:07 AM): it's kind of funny, tho, reading 3 month-lag, you can easily gloss over what's not important. Uh, YEAH, that was my strategy! (3/6/100 9:07 AM): Hi, you've got to close the window and open a new one. that will fix it.

RobFrankel (3/6/100 9:08 AM): Anyone got a business issue this morning?

Hi everyone! (3/6/100 9:08 AM): No, it's short for Hi everyone I'm happy to be here!

Terri Robinson ( (3/6/100 9:08 AM): I had to cancel all my paper magazines except for Internet World and Small Biz at Home for that very reason, JoAnna! I'm bogged down enough with ezines *g* (3/6/100 9:08 AM): the first thing you type in s/b your login, which most people use their email addr.

Hi everyone! (3/6/100 9:09 AM): I forgot to add the last part. My name is Jan.

Terri Robinson ( (3/6/100 9:09 AM): Rob, is it okay to announce an ezine in the Bees list? (3/6/100 9:09 AM): I have a stack at the kitchen table, and I can usually plow through one or two over a meal.

Teri McCready - ( (3/6/100 9:10 AM): Entered the room. (3/6/100 9:10 AM): Jan, you've got to close the window and open a new one. that will fix it.

RobFrankel (3/6/100 9:10 AM): Sure, Terri, it's fine to announce it as a TIP, but you can't solicit ads unless you give the FB discount thing. Otherwise, all I get are people advertising their wares. And you must post it as a business tool that will help them grow.

Yancey ( (3/6/100 9:11 AM): As I go searching Eudora... There it is... Internet World.

Yancey ( (3/6/100 9:11 AM):

RobFrankel (3/6/100 9:11 AM): Jan, if you're new, you get to go first. We always try to give the new people a chance first.

Terri Robinson ( (3/6/100 9:12 AM): Thanks Rob! I'm not ready to solicit ads yet anyway <G>

RobFrankel (3/6/100 9:12 AM): Terra, if you want to jump in , you can, too. Don't be shy here....

Hi everyone! (3/6/100 9:12 AM): OK. What exactly am I first at?

RobFrankel (3/6/100 9:13 AM): Any questions you may have about your business, branding it or growing it. Anything at all, until 10 AM, which is when I turn back into a pumpkin.

Hi everyone! (3/6/100 9:13 AM): And, heh heh, how could you tell I was new?

Yancey ( (3/6/100 9:13 AM): JoAnna, thanks for noticing it. (3/6/100 9:14 AM): I know my people, Yancey!

Hi everyone! (3/6/100 9:14 AM): OK. I'm getting carried away with my ezine. The last edition was 10 pages. Is that too long?

RobFrankel (3/6/100 9:14 AM): Can't tell, just making an offer. Being the Boy Scout that I am. (3/6/100 9:15 AM): I'm always trolling the Letters to the Editor for intelligent people... I've always wondered, tho, is that a way to get people to find out who you are? You said you were getting tons of hits, right?

Terra (3/6/100 9:15 AM): Thanks, today I will just watch as I have the flu which should not preclude business but it does today. Thanks and hello to everyone.

RobFrankel (3/6/100 9:15 AM): Jan, it depends. What is your ezine about? (3/6/100 9:16 AM): <;confession mode on> I have always wanted to do that... to write a L to the E just so I can get my name and E-Mail address in print.<;/off>

Yancey ( (3/6/100 9:16 AM): Well, it was a nice surge but not targeted at all. It was educational going through the process. Next time I would rather it be more of my niche audience.

RobFrankel (3/6/100 9:17 AM): JoAnna, then write the friggin' letter already! (3/6/100 9:17 AM): Rob, could that be a part of my strategy? Branding myself as the person who knows more than the person who wrote the article...

Yancey ( (3/6/100 9:17 AM): My ego liked it. ;-)

RobFrankel (3/6/100 9:17 AM): You could try that, JoAnna, but it's one of the quickest ways I know to drive business away from you.

Terri Robinson ( (3/6/100 9:18 AM): JoAnna, anything you do on or offline that will get your URL or email seen is good :) Trick is to send them to publications that your target market will read (as Yancey found *G*)

RobFrankel (3/6/100 9:18 AM): My personal experience has been that 99% of the responses I get from my Letters to the Ed are people trying to sell me stuff. (3/6/100 9:18 AM): Oh... I get that when I place recruitment ads...

Hi everyone! (3/6/100 9:18 AM): The name is "Don't Worry, Be Happy!" and every week I write a self-improvement article and an NLP technique of the Week. (3/6/100 9:19 AM): "is your client growing? do they need more office space?" JERKS!

RobFrankel (3/6/100 9:19 AM): Wow. Jan, are people paying you for this or is it ad sponsored? (3/6/100 9:19 AM): NLP?

Yancey ( (3/6/100 9:20 AM): neural linguistic programming

Hi everyone! (3/6/100 9:21 AM): Ad sponsored - mostly mine (affiliates) and swap ads - 3 each issue. I'm going to be doing an angel ezine and that one will be ad free.

Hi everyone! (3/6/100 9:21 AM): JoAnna, NLP is Neuro-Linguistic Programming. I studied under Tony Robbins, firewalk and all!

RobFrankel (3/6/100 9:22 AM): If people aren't complaining, they probably think that 10 pages is a good value. Then again, do they read it? What kind of response do you get? (3/6/100 9:22 AM): okay, I know what it stands for, what does it MEAN? like self-affirmations?

Andy TeBockhorst (3/6/100 9:23 AM): That's a lot of content... I know my attention span (about that of a 6 year old) couldn't handle it!

Hi everyone! (3/6/100 9:23 AM): Hmm. Response. Hmm. I'm just getting ready to send out my 4th issue. My subscription rate is growing consistently, but I'm not really getting any responses. No cancellations either, though. Is that good?

Terri Robinson ( (3/6/100 9:24 AM): actually, Andy, a newsletter that is 25K is about 10 pages! I see a lot of them that long - and even read them if they are interesting (3/6/100 9:24 AM): Entered the room.

Is anyone using (3/6/100 9:24 AM): Entered the room.

Hi everyone! (3/6/100 9:24 AM): Andy, you'd really be in trouble there then, because I talk s l o w l y. (3/6/100 9:24 AM): Jeez, with the stuff I send out, I ask for a response and I'm inundated.

Terri Robinson ( (3/6/100 9:25 AM): I need to know your secret, JoAnna!! I never get responses like that no matter what I ask them to do *G*

RobFrankel (3/6/100 9:26 AM): Personally, I subscribe to the model that people want their information quickly and accurately. But I cater to business types. Your audience sounds as if they have the time to immerse themselves in 10 pages. What a download!

Hi everyone! (3/6/100 9:26 AM): Joanna, I'm still trying to capsulize NLP in my mind, then in the w r I t t e n word.

Yancey ( (3/6/100 9:26 AM): In the letter to the editor I mention our wallpaper page and we have had hundreds of downloads. My URL is on the wallpaper that is used. I'm not sure how many are looking at my brand daily.(shameless plug) Need new wallpaper or desktop image - visit http:

Yancey ( (3/6/100 9:27 AM):

RobFrankel (3/6/100 9:27 AM): Jan, you haven't told me WHY you're doing the zine. Are you making $ with it yet? What kind of sponsors are you attracting? (3/6/100 9:28 AM): I guess I just ask specific questions and then follow through on the feedback, Terri.

Hi everyone! (3/6/100 9:29 AM): NLP is Neuro - nerves to the brain (loosely put) Linguistic (the language you talk to your brain with) Programming (how you've programmed your life so far) I teach how to change that. I am a Hypnotherapist and Master Neuro-Linguistic Programmer. (Shameless plug here too.)

Terri Robinson ( (3/6/100 9:30 AM): Where do you publish those things, JoAnna? I follow through too, but I get a bunch of spam more than real responses

Hi everyone! (3/6/100 9:30 AM): Good gosh, Rob. You sound like my husband. Have you made money yet? He. That's what I say when he asks also. Well, Rob, I guess the answer is no. What to do, what to do?

Hi everyone! (3/6/100 9:30 AM): Why am I doing it? I felt there was a need I could fill.

RobFrankel (3/6/100 9:31 AM): Well, I might as well come out and tell you: I AM your husband! I have a secret life as a branding expert!

Terri Robinson ( (3/6/100 9:31 AM): sounds like you are using it to position yourself as an expert Jan - that is valuable too

RobFrankel (3/6/100 9:31 AM): Jan, I'm going to give you the Hobby 101 Lecture I give many start ups:

Hi everyone! (3/6/100 9:31 AM): Sponsors? I don't think I've attracted any. Hmm. Is that a problem? I was working toward the back end, like a book I am in the process of writing about NLP techniques and strategies.

RobFrankel (3/6/100 9:32 AM): Almost every start up begins as a hobby that somehow gets successful enough to start charging money for. (3/6/100 9:32 AM): These are my HR assoc people, and my SoCalNetworking people... They know me and they see I use their suggestions. Most of it is for closed lists, I don't broadcast the way you do. Maybe I should?!

RobFrankel (3/6/100 9:33 AM): At some point, the money-making hobby decides to become a business. The problem is that different rules apply to hobbies and businesses.

Hi everyone! (3/6/100 9:33 AM): That was your lecture? And, my, you just don't look like the guy that left here for work this morning.

RobFrankel (3/6/100 9:33 AM): You have to make up your mind RIGHT NOW: is this a hobby or a business? Because if it's a hobby, you don't have to make money with it. But if it's a business, it makes money or fails.

Terri Robinson ( (3/6/100 9:33 AM): Sheesh! Why, JoAnna? sounds like your way works better!

Hi everyone! (3/6/100 9:34 AM): What's a hooby? :))

RobFrankel (3/6/100 9:34 AM): It's a badly typed hobby (3/6/100 9:34 AM): sit tight, Jan, there's more. also, don't taunt the dictator :-)

Hi everyone! (3/6/100 9:35 AM): OK. It's a business. Now, what?

RobFrankel (3/6/100 9:35 AM): The point is, that if your zine is a hobby, who cares how long it goes or what it does? It's a hobby, meant more for your enjoyment than anything else.

Terra (3/6/100 9:35 AM): I am just about to debut on three different internet sites as their advice expert on different topics. It will be Q & A sessions-basically problem solving. It is beneficial to the owner of the site and good for me. I searched through several possibilities, targeted them and sent out queries. It did help that I was well known in my field. Each of them are giving me a modest retainer to do this. Anybody else do anything like this?

Hi everyone! (3/6/100 9:36 AM): I'm not enjoying it today. It's deadline Monday.

RobFrankel (3/6/100 9:36 AM): Jan, if it's a business, now you can simply poll your readers and ask them: is ten pages too long? Because now you're in BUSINESS for them, not you.

Terri Robinson ( (3/6/100 9:36 AM): Wow, Terra! I do it for a couple of sites, but they aren't paying me! I think I am doing something wrong here! *G* But of course, I am NOT well known in my field yet :)

RobFrankel (3/6/100 9:37 AM): Terri, you need to focus.

Hi everyone! (3/6/100 9:37 AM): OK, but you know, don't you, that that will make it 11 pages?

Terri Robinson ( (3/6/100 9:37 AM): focus on what, Rob?? (3/6/100 9:37 AM): how modest is modest?

RobFrankel (3/6/100 9:37 AM): Jan, I can tell you that on FrankelBiz, if I ask the group to give me their opinion, I get pummeled with responses. They're not shy.

RobFrankel (3/6/100 9:38 AM): Jan, if they want 245 pages -- and will pay for it with $ -- give it to them!

RobFrankel (3/6/100 9:38 AM): JoAnna, is it always about money, money, money with you????

RobFrankel (3/6/100 9:38 AM): Terri, how you give advice on different topics.

RobFrankel (3/6/100 9:39 AM): Terri, you said, " am just about to debut on three different internet sites as their advice

expert on different topics."

Terri Robinson ( (3/6/100 9:39 AM): ookayyy .. I think I do that.. but illuminate me here, Rob :) (3/6/100 9:39 AM): YES! and that reminds me of a joke....

Terri Robinson ( (3/6/100 9:40 AM): ahhh that was Terra, Rob <G>

RobFrankel (3/6/100 9:40 AM): Oops, meant Terra. Sorry Terri.

Hi everyone! (3/6/100 9:40 AM): Yikes, they haven't said anything about giving me money yet! Is this where I ask them to? And in that vein, if they aren't paying me for 10, then they really won't pay me for 11, huh? :) All kidding aside, how can I tell if it's too long if they aren't responding in any way?

RobFrankel (3/6/100 9:41 AM): Jan, time has come to face reality: do a special mailing that asks them these questions. If they really value your content, they'll respond. If they don't you may find you're sending 10 pages into thin air.

Terra (3/6/100 9:41 AM): I am fifty and I published all the way for the last twenty years. My specialty is product development and manufacturing and I did a lot of learning curve along the way. Your question just came up on the different topics as I was typing this. They all fall in the same category but different niches that I feel well versed in. All of them are selling products and have multiple permutations-TV, print, internet and one is a large government agency.

Hi everyone! (3/6/100 9:43 AM): Oooooh. That hurt. Thin air. Poof. Gone.

RobFrankel (3/6/100 9:43 AM): Terra, just make sure that wherever they put you, you have links back to your site. I can't tell you how much that has helped me in my efforts on the web.

Terri Robinson ( (3/6/100 9:43 AM): That is a different ballgame than my "expert" status on websites altogether, Terra!

RobFrankel (3/6/100 9:44 AM): Terra, reality hurts. But the truth is your best friend. If it turns out that nobody cares, you can move on to something else they will care about. If they love it, you'll feel good about moving forward.

Hi everyone! (3/6/100 9:45 AM): Terra. Oooooh. THAT hurt. Doesn't even know my name. But speaks truth. I know. I know.

Terri Robinson ( (3/6/100 9:46 AM): Terra, Rob is right about making sure they put links back to you though! When I was published in one Recruiting magazine, I put my URL into my contact info - no other writer for them had done that!

Terri Robinson ( (3/6/100 9:47 AM): I thought it was their policy, but turned out the other writers just didn't add it!

RobFrankel (3/6/100 9:47 AM): In fact, I was just interviewed by the Miami Herald last week. They asked me the name of my company, and I told them, "" just so that the URL would get in the story. (3/6/100 9:47 AM): RE: asking for money, I posted my resume rates on my website, ( and so far I have had excellent response. Give people a price and they'll pay it!

RobFrankel (3/6/100 9:47 AM): Tee-Hee.

RobFrankel (3/6/100 9:48 AM): Not in my case, JoAnna. I never publish rates. (3/6/100 9:48 AM): I've been doing that too! (I don't have an identity, nobody knows my last name, but they remember Vermillion!)

Your signature or "resource box" is great place to plug something like... a new book. (3/6/100 9:48 AM): Entered the room.

RobFrankel (3/6/100 9:48 AM): Bu then, I'm in a different biz....

Terri Robinson ( (3/6/100 9:48 AM): I've been doing that too, Rob!! It works like a charm :)

Terri Robinson ( (3/6/100 9:49 AM): JoAnna, they would pay a LOT more! You are underpricing yourself <G>

RobFrankel (3/6/100 9:49 AM): Uh-oh -- The "Your sig" person needs to log off and log back on.... (3/6/100 9:49 AM): Yup, it's totally different.

Hi everyone! (3/6/100 9:49 AM): What exactly would you ask? Do you like "Don't Worry, Be Happy?" What would you change?

RobFrankel (3/6/100 9:49 AM): (TEN MINUTE WARNING) (3/6/100 9:49 AM): I totally bumped up my rates, Terri, did you see?

Yancey ( (3/6/100 9:50 AM): Entered the room.

Terri Robinson ( (3/6/100 9:50 AM): uh uh .. haven't seen it lately

RobFrankel (3/6/100 9:50 AM): Jan, send out a three question (maximum) e-mail. 1. Do you read the zine? 2. Is it too long, too short or just right? 3. Any suggestions to make it better? (3/6/100 9:50 AM): Rob, did you just speak for IPN or is that coming up?

Yancey ( (3/6/100 9:50 AM): Wow, that was me doing the sig thing, I didn't see the UFO flying by.

RobFrankel (3/6/100 9:50 AM): Coming up -- Wednesday in Orange County, JoAnna.

Terri Robinson ( (3/6/100 9:51 AM): I'm getting ready to do that on the Personal Job Search Agent feature that I offer

RobFrankel (3/6/100 9:52 AM): Believe me, Jan, that should get a response. If only three people respond, think again about the project. If 4,000 respond, call me and I'll become a 50% partner. (3/6/100 9:52 AM): Really, I adore you, dahling, but 120 miles of Los Angeles traffic is more than I can handle. I'm sending good vibes, tho!

RobFrankel (3/6/100 9:52 AM): Yancey, speaking of which, go see the Garry Shandling movie. A real dopey funny one about aliens.

Hi everyone! (3/6/100 9:52 AM): Thanks! Can I send all the not so good responses to my partner?

RobFrankel (3/6/100 9:53 AM): Thank you, JoAnna, your vibes are what I live for! (3/6/100 9:53 AM): Why haven't you plugged it on the list?

Terri Robinson ( (3/6/100 9:53 AM): Rob, I was approached by a guy selling cigars from Spain who wanted to advertise in my Smoker's Revolt! ezine... it is a VERY small list - 150 subscribers.. he had 120 click-thrus from the ad!

Yancey ( (3/6/100 9:53 AM): Cool - thanks.

RobFrankel (3/6/100 9:53 AM): No, but if they bother to send you bad ones, read them extra carefully. They often contain clues that nobody else will tell you about.

RobFrankel (3/6/100 9:54 AM): That's great Terri. What did you charge him? (3/6/100 9:54 AM): There you go, making me blush again. (3/6/100 9:54 AM): Maybe I will make the drive!

Terri Robinson ( (3/6/100 9:54 AM): not nearly enough!! lol But he is going to be a sponsor for the zine starting next month

RobFrankel (3/6/100 9:54 AM): Incidentally, I will be launching an affiliate program for my book through the FrankelBees this month.

Hi everyone! (3/6/100 9:55 AM): Terri, you should think about having an NLP EXPERT write an article for nonsmoking. Or am I misinterpreting Smoker's Revolt?

RobFrankel (3/6/100 9:55 AM): JoAnna, it's going to be the same speech I did last time.

Terri Robinson ( (3/6/100 9:55 AM): what is a fair price to charge for advertising when you have such a small subscriber base? I have a hard time figuring that out

Terri Robinson ( (3/6/100 9:55 AM): Ummm yeah Jan - it is FOR smokers <G>

RobFrankel (3/6/100 9:55 AM): I will NOT be selling the book through Amazon or anywhere else at this time.

Hi everyone! (3/6/100 9:56 AM): Rob, the next book you should write should be about spelling.

Hi everyone! (3/6/100 9:56 AM): Oh, well. I'm flexible! (3/6/100 9:56 AM): Okay, Rob - thanks for the tip.

Yancey ( (3/6/100 9:56 AM): Amazon just got the patent for Affiliate Programs. Looks like a joust at Barns and Noble.

RobFrankel (3/6/100 9:56 AM): Jan, I'm hyped on caffeine and working for free and you're giving me static about spelling? CAN I NEVER GIVE ENOUGH!?!? (3/6/100 9:57 AM): Settle down, Early Java Man, she's new and didn't take the gentle warnings...

RobFrankel (3/6/100 9:57 AM): If you cut me, do I not bleed? Are we not men? have you forgotten the House of Pain?

Hi everyone! (3/6/100 9:57 AM): Yes, you can. Tenh oyu will eb atf and hyerp.

RobFrankel (3/6/100 9:58 AM): Hey, I'm into my Dr. Moreau thing.....

Terri Robinson ( (3/6/100 9:58 AM): I saw that Yancey! What a coup if they can enforce it! But it is really more about the associate programs that sell products and pay a percent - not for "associates" that refer people for other things, I think

Yancey ( (3/6/100 9:58 AM): I thought you had a headset mic and where talking this. ;-) It's the machine's fault.

Hi everyone! (3/6/100 9:58 AM): GENTLE?

RobFrankel (3/6/100 9:59 AM): In my own dictatorial way, yes, I believe gentle is accurate. Someone get the whip!

RobFrankel (3/6/100 9:59 AM): (TWO MINUTES)

Terri Robinson ( (3/6/100 9:59 AM): Rob, what would you charge for a sponsor slot on my ezine with only 150 subscribers?

Hi everyone! (3/6/100 9:59 AM): Oh, eeks. I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I was also too slow. Now, I can't scroll down and get the 3 questions you said.

Terri Robinson ( (3/6/100 10:00 AM): don't worry, Jan - these chat transcripts will be available for posterity! (3/6/100 10:01 AM): for better OR for worse!

RobFrankel (3/6/100 10:01 AM): Gee, Terri, with 80% click through? You should get a premium price. 50¢ per member per day?

RobFrankel (3/6/100 10:01 AM): Okay, folks, I'm outta here! Nice session! See you all online!

Terri Robinson ( (3/6/100 10:01 AM): I'll remember that, Rob! thanks for the help today! See you all next week! (3/6/100 10:02 AM): Okay darlings. I've got to get to work and refill the tea. Have a WONDERFUL week and be nice to each other!

Yancey ( (3/6/100 10:02 AM): Terri How much is the customer worth to them? JoAnna, thanks for making my day!

Thanks everyone! (3/6/100 10:02 AM): Entered the room.

Terri Robinson ( (3/6/100 10:03 AM): not sure yet, Yancey! But will find out soon I think <G> (3/6/100 10:03 AM): Why, because I read the letter to the editor? okay, you keep an eye out for my *blatant* letters! :-)

Yancey ( (3/6/100 10:04 AM): Oh, do tell us as soon as you get one written!

Terri Robinson ( (3/6/100 10:04 AM): bye bye everyone! (3/6/100 10:05 AM): ha ha ha! okay, over and out! **smooch**

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