Transcript of Frankel's Free Clinic March 13, 2000

RobFrankel ( (3/13/100 8:59 AM): Grrrrreeetings!

Keith Price ( (3/13/100 9:00 AM): Entered the room.

RobFrankel ( (3/13/100 9:00 AM): What can I do for...Keith today?

Teri McCready - ( (3/13/100 9:00 AM): Good morning. My dumb question du jour is' How do you post to FrankelBiz'?

RobFrankel ( (3/13/100 9:00 AM): Oops. Keith

Keith Price ( (3/13/100 9:01 AM): Rob, I just found about your and FrankelBiz.

Teri McCready - ( (3/13/100 9:01 AM): Entered the room.

Keith Price ( (3/13/100 9:01 AM): What are your thoughts about viral marketing?

Teri McCready - ( (3/13/100 9:01 AM): Entered the room.

Teri McCready - ( (3/13/100 9:02 AM): Entered the room.

Keith Price ( (3/13/100 9:02 AM): I have a MS Access program I want to use as a Viral Marketing carrier, but not sure on some specifics.

RobFrankel ( (3/13/100 9:02 AM): Hi Keith. Whatever you call it, viral marketing works -- if you know how to manage it.

Cindy Nemeth-Johannes ( (3/13/100 9:02 AM): Entered the room.

RobFrankel ( (3/13/100 9:02 AM): The key, IMHO, is making sure you don't stop there. I believe strongly in Branded Community. None of the viral stuff makes sense unless it comes back to reinforce your brand.

Keith Price ( (3/13/100 9:02 AM): I can let people DL for free, but how do I put (positive) pressure on them to tell their friends about it?

Keith Price ( (3/13/100 9:03 AM): I can let people DL for free, but how do I put (positive) pressure on them to tell their friends about it?

RobFrankel ( (3/13/100 9:03 AM): The obvious answer to that is some sort of affiliate program, but that doesn't work in a lot of cases.

RobFrankel ( (3/13/100 9:04 AM): On of the great things about FrankelBiz is that while I do encourage sponsors to pay commissions to our members, that's not what drives the community.

Keith Price ( (3/13/100 9:04 AM): Do you recommend your Brand X book for this type of thing?

Yancey ( (3/13/100 9:04 AM): Entered the room.

RobFrankel ( (3/13/100 9:05 AM): What REALLY drives the loyalty and referrals is the brand -- a strong, common interest and level of ethics. That, plus everyone is strongly encouraged to provide discounts or added values to members.

greg (3/13/100 9:05 AM): Entered the room.

Keith Price ( (3/13/100 9:05 AM): Rob, So you think one of the best viral motivators is greed? (I mean that in a positive way.)

RobFrankel ( (3/13/100 9:05 AM): Yikes, Keith! There's a whole chapter (one of the longest) on this. And one chapter in particular deals with just e-mail strategies.

Keith Price ( (3/13/100 9:06 AM): Rob, Is your book in the bookstores?

Amy (3/13/100 9:06 AM): Entered the room.

RobFrankel ( (3/13/100 9:06 AM): Actually, Keith, just the opposite. When driven from a brand point of view, it's the act of contributing that motivates people. Are you a Mac or PC guy?

RobFrankel ( (3/13/100 9:06 AM): No, Keith. The book will ONLY be available at No stores. No publishers.

Keith Price ( (3/13/100 9:06 AM): Sorry, Rob. I'm a PC guy. MS Access only works on PCs.

Keith Price ( (3/13/100 9:07 AM): Rob, you say "will only be available". Does that mean it's not available yet?

Glenda Yancey (3/13/100 9:07 AM): Entered the room.

RobFrankel ( (3/13/100 9:07 AM): That's not why I asked, Keith. I asked because Mac people drive the Apple brand by sharing and helping each other.

Glenda Yancey (3/13/100 9:08 AM): Hello everyone

greg (3/13/100 9:08 AM): I work for a retailer selling gift items. The new company director (an accountant) is trying to cut some costs and wants to get rid of sales promotion. How can I convince him that sales promotion is as important part of the promotional mix. His argument is that the people on the shop floor already get paid for selling

RobFrankel ( (3/13/100 9:08 AM): Incidentally, I'm distributing the book via the site and as a support measure, will be offering affiliate opportunities first to the FrankelBees...

Keith Price ( (3/13/100 9:08 AM): Yes. I read the book by Guy Kawasaki (that's probably not the right last name).

Venture Planning Associates (3/13/100 9:08 AM): Entered the room.

Good morning all (3/13/100 9:09 AM): Entered the room.

RobFrankel ( (3/13/100 9:09 AM): Anyway, the mutually supportive, brand-driven tactic is what has grown the FrankelBiz list from a hundred people to several thousand -- with no paid advertising.

Jan ( (3/13/100 9:09 AM): Entered the room.

Good morning all (3/13/100 9:09 AM): Drat, that didn't work (this is Chester) anyone know how to log out and back in?

RobFrankel ( (3/13/100 9:10 AM): Hi Greg, glad you returned. You have a tough task there, mainly because you have a boss that won't listen to an employee. Very often they have to hear the news from a paid outsider....Nevertheless, there is something you can do.

RobFrankel ( (3/13/100 9:10 AM): Chester, clear your browser cache or quit your browser, then log back in,

Keith Price ( (3/13/100 9:10 AM): OK Rob. Here's more specifics. I have a site with a forum, and some free MS Access tutorials. I want to drive more traffic. The free download was my thought (viral). Any other ideas?

Jan ( (3/13/100 9:10 AM): Good Morning all, I think we're related. I was Hi Everyone! last week.

Teri McCready - ( (3/13/100 9:11 AM): Entered the room.

RobFrankel ( (3/13/100 9:11 AM): Hold on a sec, Keith. Greg, your best bet is to show -- in dollars and cents -- how NOT advertising is going to kill the business. My hunch is that your boss is just frustrated because the advertising he IS doing ain't working.

Chester ( (3/13/100 9:12 AM): Entered the room.

Chester ( (3/13/100 9:12 AM): Much better, thank you.

RobFrankel ( (3/13/100 9:12 AM): Greg, what were you doing before the boss pulled the plug?

Teri McCready - ( (3/13/100 9:12 AM): A free download isn't viral. Viral is "tell a friend" technology.

tshawk (3/13/100 9:13 AM): Entered the room.

RobFrankel ( (3/13/100 9:13 AM): Hold up, Teri. We'll get back to Keith in a minute. I want to hear about greg's issue....

Keith Price ( (3/13/100 9:13 AM): Teri. I understand. The DL would be the carrier. The idea would be to use the DL as the *reason* for telling a friend. I could possibly also add some incentives for telling a friend.

Yancey ( (3/13/100 9:13 AM): Nice definition Teri.

tshawk (3/13/100 9:14 AM): Hi,Sorry I'm late.. looking for the person who has a Data Base of Australia Companies?

Keith Price ( (3/13/100 9:14 AM): Go ahead, Greg. Rob, I'll hold off on any other posts until you signal.

tshawk (3/13/100 9:15 AM): If anyone has this information please send to Thank you

RobFrankel ( (3/13/100 9:15 AM): Greg? You there?

RobFrankel ( (3/13/100 9:16 AM): If not, okay, Keith. Teri is right. The DL might be the gimmick, but that's all it is. It's like getting a free sample of aspirin in the mail. What good does it do?

RobFrankel ( (3/13/100 9:17 AM): Keith, the essence of great viral marketing is what is, not what it's giving away for free today.

greg (3/13/100 9:17 AM): we were doing instore promotions 2 4 1 etc backed up with POS AND competitions to win prizes. He wants to stop all that but I 'm sure I can convince him with your help

Keith Price ( (3/13/100 9:18 AM): OK. So, how do I encourage the referrals? Are you saying the DL is not a good way to jump start a viral campaign?

RobFrankel ( (3/13/100 9:18 AM): Okay, Greg, the problem is that you guys are undercutting your brand by communicating to people that it's not worth what you charge. It's a pricing and marketing issue, not advertising.

RobFrankel ( (3/13/100 9:19 AM): No, Keith, what I'm saying is that you have to take a hard look at what zmagic is and use the giveaway as an example of that brand's value and ethics.

Cindy Nemeth-Johannes ( (3/13/100 9:19 AM): This chat is really not working for me. Every time it updates, it goes back to the stuff that was up 10 minutes ago, not updating well at all.

Keith Price ( (3/13/100 9:20 AM): Rob. Excellent concept. How do I implement?

RobFrankel ( (3/13/100 9:20 AM): For example, on FrankelBiz, I always try to give what I can to the FrankelBees. In the case of the book, I'm going to make sure that those who wish can make money on my book.

RobFrankel ( (3/13/100 9:20 AM): But the money they make is not the reason why they'll participate. They'll participate because we've built a relationship based on furthering each other's businesses.

RobFrankel ( (3/13/100 9:21 AM): So it goes back to what zmagic is and why it should command allegiance from its members

RobFrankel ( (3/13/100 9:21 AM): Cindy, the page updates automatically every 20 seconds.

Terri Robinson ( (3/13/100 9:21 AM): Entered the room.

RobFrankel ( (3/13/100 9:22 AM): Keith, what other programs can you do -- at little or no cost -- that would cultivate that kind of camaraderie among your members?

Keith Price ( (3/13/100 9:22 AM): Rob, I have a forum. I have free tutorials. To do what you suggest, is it a way of communicating? Or is there more to it than that?

Cindy Nemeth-Johannes ( (3/13/100 9:22 AM): Entered the room.

RobFrankel ( (3/13/100 9:23 AM): What kind of interaction among them can you foster so that they see what kind of branded community you envision?

greg (3/13/100 9:23 AM): I realize that, so what should I do. I'm heavily involved with the sales promotion side and feel that we are not using it to the best of our ability. Any words of wisdom to turn this situation around and prove that marketing with sales promotion is just as important as advertising and DM

Cindy Nemeth-Johannes ( (3/13/100 9:23 AM): take two

Keith Price ( (3/13/100 9:23 AM): Rob, when you say "programs", are you talking about MS Access programs, or on-line activities as a programs?

RobFrankel ( (3/13/100 9:23 AM): For example, if one person downloads, what mechanism have you given them to easily communicate their raves about it/

RobFrankel ( (3/13/100 9:24 AM): Greg, it sounds as if you have no marketing people there. Is that true? It sound as if your company has plenty in the way of sales, but not marketing.

Keith Price ( (3/13/100 9:24 AM): I have a referral script set up that emails their review to a friend. It is my own design, but similar to Refer-It.

Cindy Nemeth-Johannes ( (3/13/100 9:25 AM): He actually does have some nice testimonials online, Rob.

RobFrankel ( (3/13/100 9:25 AM): No Keith, I'm talking about brand programs. For example, this Free Clinic is a branded program of the Rob Frankel brand.


RobFrankel ( (3/13/100 9:25 AM): Keith, technology is only a small part of it. Tech is how you implement the idea, not the idea itself.

Keith Price ( (3/13/100 9:25 AM): Ouch! My ears hurt. <g>

RobFrankel ( (3/13/100 9:26 AM): Could be, Cindy, but you have to go there to find them. This, incidentally, is why there is no central directory for FrankelBiz. To do so, would kill the interaction of the members.

Keith Price ( (3/13/100 9:26 AM): Rob, I like the clinic idea. I'm trying to think how I could do something similar.

tshawk (3/13/100 9:26 AM): Greg, Find a marketing company that fits your needs.

Keith Price ( (3/13/100 9:27 AM): Cindy. Thanks.

RobFrankel ( (3/13/100 9:27 AM): Greg, what this says is that you boss is, forgive me, an unsophisticated merchant. To convince him that he needs a more effective marketing plan is a tough sell. He has to be open to it.

RobFrankel ( (3/13/100 9:27 AM): It also sounds as if he might be the founder of the company...yes?

Terri Robinson ( (3/13/100 9:28 AM): Keith, you could start by announcing to your past customers via an e-mail (you DO have their addresses, right?) that you will volunteer your time each week for an hour to answer their questions like Rob does here

Keith Price ( (3/13/100 9:28 AM): Rob, using your example. Does this clinic convert into good business for you?

RobFrankel ( (3/13/100 9:28 AM): Greg: Try

Jan ( (3/13/100 9:28 AM): Rob, when you have a minute, how many subscribers do you think an ezine should have before it promotes a specialized chat -- like this only different?

Cindy Nemeth-Johannes ( (3/13/100 9:29 AM): Keith, you're offering something valuable enough that you may wish to consider some offline advertising and pr to boost it.

Keith Price ( (3/13/100 9:29 AM): Terri. Yes. I like that idea! And, yes I have a couple of ways to capture emails. I'm working on more. For example, I need to require registration before allowing people to view my free tutorials.

RobFrankel ( (3/13/100 9:29 AM): Keith, the clinic does help. But my success is derived from a number of branded programs, including the site, FrankelBiz, speaking gigs, reprints of articles, etc.

CindyWilliams ( (3/13/100 9:30 AM): Entered the room.

Keith Price ( (3/13/100 9:30 AM): Cindy, I'm planning a news release to announce the free download.

Cindy Nemeth-Johannes ( (3/13/100 9:30 AM): and you provide extremely worthwhile information, Rob.

RobFrankel ( (3/13/100 9:30 AM): Jan, forget the numbers! Go for the end users' needs. I started the Free Clinic when we had fewer than 200 members. It turns out that enough non-members hear about the Free Clinic to come and later join FrankelBiz

Terri Robinson ( (3/13/100 9:30 AM): ouch, Keith! you should definitely get that going! And that is a lot better than "capturing" emails without their knowing it <g>

RobFrankel ( (3/13/100 9:31 AM): Thanks, Cindy (blush)

Keith Price ( (3/13/100 9:31 AM): Rob, what is your goal? What do you do for income?

Cindy Nemeth-Johannes ( (3/13/100 9:31 AM): Good. How are you going to target that news release, though? You might want to talk with some of the editors for small business magazines directly, via phone, to give them a heads up.

Keith Price ( (3/13/100 9:31 AM): Terri, I don't capture any emails without their knowledge. I was talking about a newsletter subscription, and other opt in forms.

Terri Robinson ( (3/13/100 9:32 AM): Keith, you could submit articles to Woody's Office Watch and have an extremely targeted audience - just be sure you have your contact information at the bottom of each article

RobFrankel ( (3/13/100 9:32 AM): Keith, my goal is to consult to high-growth companies and speak on the topic as THE BEST BRANDING EXPERT ON THE PLANET!

RobFrankel ( (3/13/100 9:32 AM): My other goal is to make sure that the web gives small and micro-businesses the shot they deserve!

RobFrankel ( (3/13/100 9:32 AM): I truly believe the web levels the playing field for the rest of us. Nobody should be left out.

Keith Price ( (3/13/100 9:33 AM): Terri, I was worried that Woody's would be competition. They have Woody's Access Watch, which does exactly what I'm trying to do.

Cindy Nemeth-Johannes ( (3/13/100 9:33 AM): That's great to hear, Rob. Especially since the big research orgs like Forrester and Jupiter are forecasting most on-the-web business for 300 companies :-(

RobFrankel ( (3/13/100 9:33 AM): I make money by speaking, consulting, taking equity, etc.

Keith Price ( (3/13/100 9:34 AM): Cindy, I was planning on using one of the release services (like digital works).

Terri Robinson ( (3/13/100 9:34 AM): ahhh ... I hadn't seen the Access Watch yet. But check out where they are submitting articles and see if you can also submit to those publications maybe

Terri Robinson ( (3/13/100 9:34 AM): MediaPeak is another great one, Keith

Keith Price ( (3/13/100 9:35 AM): Terri. What do you mean, "where they submit articles"?

Terri Robinson ( (3/13/100 9:35 AM): and it's free.. and they don't demand exclusive rights to the article

Keith Price ( (3/13/100 9:35 AM): Terri. Yes. I just read about MediaPeak.

Cindy Nemeth-Johannes ( (3/13/100 9:35 AM): You can do that, Keith. Also suggest that you work on establishing relationships with a couple of editors, though. Give them the good stuff that their readers will want to see.

Keith Price ( (3/13/100 9:35 AM): Terri. Which is free?

RobFrankel ( (3/13/100 9:36 AM): Cindy, forget what the research firms are publishing. They're reporting to blue suits in boardrooms, telling them what they want to hear. Stay focused on the business we have down here on the ground.

Terri Robinson ( (3/13/100 9:36 AM): I may be mistaken, but I think I have seen articles by Woody's group in other publications.

Keith Price ( (3/13/100 9:36 AM): Cindy, I'm still hazy about how to build relationships with Editors. Not sure who to target or how to approach. Ideas?

Terri Robinson ( (3/13/100 9:36 AM): MediaPeak doesn't charge you to publish your article, Keith

Cindy Nemeth-Johannes ( (3/13/100 9:36 AM): Oh, I agree, just glad to see your message.

RobFrankel ( (3/13/100 9:37 AM): Keith, YOU don't build relationships with editors. hire someone for that.

Keith Price ( (3/13/100 9:37 AM): Terri. How do you track down articles written by others?

Cindy Nemeth-Johannes ( (3/13/100 9:37 AM): Okay, Keith. From a very fast scan of your site, looks like you're working with people who are using access as their database but don't have a huge programming background. Is that correct?

Keith Price ( (3/13/100 9:37 AM): Cindy. Oh. That's right! MediaPeak is for articles not releases.

Keith Price ( (3/13/100 9:38 AM): Rob, where do I find people to build those relationships?

Keith Price ( (3/13/100 9:38 AM): Cindy. That is correct.

Terri Robinson ( (3/13/100 9:38 AM): do a search for publications that target your market, Keith, then do a search on their site for Woody's name or by the author of Access Watch's name

RobFrankel ( (3/13/100 9:38 AM): Well, you can always post a message to the FrankelBees. I'm using one to help me launch the book!

Keith Price ( (3/13/100 9:38 AM): Thanks Terri.

RobFrankel ( (3/13/100 9:39 AM): And you know that since you found them through FrankelBiz, you'll get a great value -- and make a ton of good friends and business contacts.

Cindy Nemeth-Johannes ( (3/13/100 9:39 AM): Would suggest that perhaps you might want to offer a column on using MS Access to them, with a bio on you and your URL and other contact info.

Keith Price ( (3/13/100 9:39 AM): Rob. You mean post a NEED for a PR person?

RobFrankel ( (3/13/100 9:39 AM): I just sent out a request for Search Engine Optimizer and got about 50 responses within three hours.

Bob Adams ( (3/13/100 9:40 AM): Entered the room.

RobFrankel ( (3/13/100 9:40 AM): yeah Keith. That'll do it.

Keith Price ( (3/13/100 9:40 AM): Rob, would FrankelBees post be appropriate to announce the free tutorials and/or the free download?

Terri Robinson ( (3/13/100 9:40 AM): Rob, isn't MediaPeak's Marcy Peek one of the FrankelBees?

RobFrankel ( (3/13/100 9:40 AM): Also, Keith, if you have been to my archives, you'll see my reprint policy. Talk about effective! People are dying for content!

Jan ( (3/13/100 9:41 AM): I think a place to start to see where a person/bus. submits articles is search the web for "article submissions," then search for the author's name. That might take a bit of work, but if it's what you're after this might be the answer.

Keith Price ( (3/13/100 9:41 AM): Rob, I glanced at the archives just before the chat. I'll dig into them tonight. Thanks.

RobFrankel ( (3/13/100 9:42 AM): Yes, Keith, it would. But make sure it's not an ad. Show the value and make sure you stress its helpfulness and you'll do great! I once drove 250 FrankelBees to a site with one post, and all of them were very pleased. I even got thank you notes!

Cindy Nemeth-Johannes ( (3/13/100 9:42 AM): true, Keith, actually if you have something good in an introductory sort of way, I'd be thrilled to get free content for my ezine and link back to you. Though I've only got 400 subscribers now.

tshawk (3/13/100 9:42 AM): Greg, Find a marketing company that fits your needs.

Keith Price ( (3/13/100 9:43 AM): Cindy. Great! Who are your subscribers?

RobFrankel ( (3/13/100 9:43 AM): Listen to this: Next month, AdForce is featuring a reprint of one my articles and plugging my book -- they called me, I didn't call them. Keith, are ya listening????

RobFrankel ( (3/13/100 9:43 AM): Hey, Cindy, 400 is fine! It's 400 more than he had yesterday!

Keith Price ( (3/13/100 9:43 AM): Rob. Oh Yes. I'm listening! <g>

RobFrankel ( (3/13/100 9:43 AM): Tshawk, it's not that easy.....

Cindy Nemeth-Johannes ( (3/13/100 9:44 AM): small business owners and startups, and Access is very appropriate for them to start keeping info on their customers.

RobFrankel ( (3/13/100 9:44 AM): Keith, AdForce's printed newsletter is arriving by snail mail to over 2800 top web marketing people. Hello Betty!!!!

Keith Price ( (3/13/100 9:44 AM): Rob, when will your book be available?

Cindy Nemeth-Johannes ( (3/13/100 9:44 AM): In many cases, they've already got the software.

Keith Price ( (3/13/100 9:44 AM): Cindy. Thanks. I'm very interested. Your email? Mine is

Keith Price ( (3/13/100 9:45 AM): Rob, how do you think AdForce caught wind of you?

Cindy Nemeth-Johannes ( (3/13/100 9:45 AM): -- check out our website to see the sort of things we've been doing

RobFrankel ( (3/13/100 9:45 AM): Keith, it comes out in April. We should be taking advance orders later this month at (plug) or click the banner in the bottom window.

Yancey ( (3/13/100 9:46 AM): Congrats Rob, how much would that have cost as an ad?!

Keith Price ( (3/13/100 9:46 AM): Rob, how do I capture this chat?

RobFrankel ( (3/13/100 9:46 AM): Anyone else lurking that wants to jump in?

aerocline (3/13/100 9:46 AM): Entered the room.

RobFrankel ( (3/13/100 9:46 AM): What cost, Yancey?

Yancey ( (3/13/100 9:46 AM): Exactly!

RobFrankel ( (3/13/100 9:47 AM): Keith, transcripts are available via the link in the top frame.

Bob Adams ( (3/13/100 9:47 AM): Can I shift directions? a question about branding for a manufacturer who doesn't sell direct.

RobFrankel ( (3/13/100 9:47 AM): Go for it Bob

aerocline (3/13/100 9:47 AM): hello... oh my gosh, I see somebody I know (sort of)... aloha, Teri McCready! I'm Caroline Wright, and I once worked with Linda Kramer in Honolulu.

Bob Adams ( (3/13/100 9:47 AM): Specifically, best elements to add to a website redesign...I've suggested retail locator, product info etc.

RobFrankel ( (3/13/100 9:47 AM): Yancey, I have sold that spot in the past, but I know the owner so I get it reeeeeally cheap...

Cindy Nemeth-Johannes ( (3/13/100 9:48 AM): lol

Bob Adams ( (3/13/100 9:48 AM): The current site is's a mess right now.

RobFrankel ( (3/13/100 9:48 AM): Bob, if you're just there to OEM or support retailers, you're best off seeing yourself as a support and nurture environment

Cindy Nemeth-Johannes ( (3/13/100 9:49 AM): Bob, you may wish to add Live Person or Live Agent as well, if there might be a need for assisted ordering.

RobFrankel ( (3/13/100 9:49 AM): Yikes, Bob, you're right. You've got to get more active way up front on the first page.

Bob Adams ( (3/13/100 9:49 AM): Rob--define for me your opinion of support & nurture

aerocline (3/13/100 9:50 AM): <grins> perhaps Teri is busy... anyhow, hello to all.

Cindy Nemeth-Johannes ( (3/13/100 9:50 AM): B2B is all about convenience and cutting time and cost, while providing great customer care and support for your sales force. (Talk about contradictory!)

RobFrankel ( (3/13/100 9:50 AM): I would put the sell on the back burner and focus more on "where to get yours". Seems to me that anyone arriving at this site already pretty much knows what and why they want it.

Terri Robinson ( (3/13/100 9:51 AM): Bob, I am finding to be excellent for the live person aspect - and I get to see where they came from and who referred them - and can see if they have visited me before - and it's free and requires no software download by the customer!

RobFrankel ( (3/13/100 9:51 AM): Cindy is on the right track. What products and programs are you offering to make it easier for the end users to get to the merchants and vice versa?

RobFrankel ( (3/13/100 9:51 AM): (TEN MINUTE WARNING)

Bob Adams ( (3/13/100 9:51 AM): Thanks for the live agent tips-----I hadn't got that far yet

Cindy Nemeth-Johannes ( (3/13/100 9:52 AM): good referral, Terri

Bob Adams ( (3/13/100 9:52 AM): Rob- The company has operated in a 3x5 card environment for a long time. All that is changing now

Yancey ( (3/13/100 9:52 AM): Terri, is free for the merchant?

RobFrankel ( (3/13/100 9:53 AM): In the meantime, Bob, do you have sample CGI scripts that merchants can download and stick on their websites to make their lives easier, for example?

Bob Adams ( (3/13/100 9:53 AM): I've suggested a program to allow the site visitor to locate a retailer and simultaneous notification to the retailer

Terri Robinson ( (3/13/100 9:53 AM): Yancey, it is free for me to have it on my site - I guess that means it's free for the merchant <g>

RobFrankel ( (3/13/100 9:53 AM): That's fine, Bob. If they're at 3x5 now, you've got a clean slate for bringing them on to the web. No reinventing.

Bob Adams ( (3/13/100 9:53 AM): Rob-do you mean scripts for product information?

RobFrankel ( (3/13/100 9:54 AM): Sure, Bob, plus simple "contact and response" scripts. I almost always recommend that businesses insert a "one hour response" button on their site. It impresses the hell out of people when a real live person calls back within an hour.

RobFrankel ( (3/13/100 9:55 AM): It's also a GREAT way to capture their information with their full permission

Bob Adams ( (3/13/100 9:55 AM): We also have discussed capturing visitors (voluntarily of course) in order to do some cross-selling and co-promotion

Cindy Nemeth-Johannes ( (3/13/100 9:55 AM): Bob, if you can ensure that your inventory info is correct, so you can let people know if their order can be immediately shipped, that's a huge level of convenience. Also, don't forget using email assistance. A huge amount of companies are not responding to their email quickly, or at all, yet.

RobFrankel ( (3/13/100 9:55 AM): Bob, your vendors will also disseminate your brand more faithfully if you give them materials to download for free.

Bob Adams ( (3/13/100 9:56 AM): Thanks Cindy---good idea. We also discussed creating a password-protected area for the retailer to check inventories, shipping status, etc.

Terri Robinson ( (3/13/100 9:56 AM): Rob, where can I find a "one hour response" button? Or do I need to create one of my own?

RobFrankel ( (3/13/100 9:56 AM): Give them banners, buttons, graphics, item description copy, suggested layouts, sales pitches, etc.

Bob Adams ( (3/13/100 9:57 AM): Rob--we just broached the concept of co-op programs with this client so your points are logical extensions

Keith Price ( (3/13/100 9:57 AM): Cindy, how can I reach you?

RobFrankel ( (3/13/100 9:57 AM): Terri, it's really little more than a simultaneous email notifying you to call the guy....

Cindy Nemeth-Johannes ( (3/13/100 9:57 AM): Good idea, Bob. Don't forget to look at integrating your website with your back office systems. It costs more in the redesign, but will be a big competitive advantage.

Cindy Nemeth-Johannes ( (3/13/100 9:58 AM): Keith, my contact info is on my webpage:

RobFrankel ( (3/13/100 9:58 AM): (TWO MINUTES)

Bob Adams ( (3/13/100 9:59 AM): Thanks Cindy--the client has a current MIS that has a web interface which can be made available to retailers--very slick

Keith Price ( (3/13/100 9:59 AM): Cindy. Got. Thanks.

Terri Robinson ( (3/13/100 9:59 AM): I have that in place already Rob - but had been saying "within 24 hours" .. I would like to have a cool button that says "1-hour response" since I really do get back to them within the hour!

RobFrankel ( (3/13/100 9:59 AM): Wow, that hour flew by!

Keith Price ( (3/13/100 9:59 AM): Thanks All. My first visit was valuable and enjoyable. I *will* come back!

Bob Adams ( (3/13/100 9:59 AM): Thanks everyone--good feedback as always!

Cindy Nemeth-Johannes ( (3/13/100 10:00 AM): Sure did. I'm impressed with the quality of the FrankelBees, good work, Rob.

RobFrankel ( (3/13/100 10:00 AM): Terri, cut it from 24 to one or two and you'll hear the difference

Terri Robinson ( (3/13/100 10:00 AM): Thanks for a GREAT session Rob and everyone! See you next week!

RobFrankel ( (3/13/100 10:00 AM): I gotta split, too.

aerocline (3/13/100 10:00 AM): thanks Rob & all... will be back next week, if all goes well, at an earlier time. this is a wonderful service! I look forward to talking with you and picking the enormous brains of your great crew!

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