Transcript of Frankel's Free Clinic March 19, 2001

RobFrankel ( (3/19/2001 8:59 AM): Entered the room.

Terry ( (3/19/2001 8:59 AM): Entered the room.

Terry ( (3/19/2001 8:59 AM): Morning, all!

RobFrankel ( (3/19/2001 8:59 AM): Greetings, everyone. I'm a tad early, but what the heck...

candi (3/19/2001 9:00 AM): Rob, I'm a first I need anything before we get started?

RobFrankel ( (3/19/2001 9:00 AM): What's cooking? Who's up first this fine Monday morning?

RobFrankel ( (3/19/2001 9:00 AM): Candi, just jump in. We always let the new people go first.

RobFrankel ( (3/19/2001 9:01 AM): Whatcha got?

candi (3/19/2001 9:01 AM): Well, I don't even know what I want to know specifically..just looking for advice..have a trio of accounting websites and am having trouble keeping my "branding" consistent to all three..

RobFrankel ( (3/19/2001 9:02 AM): Okay, that's a start. Why are you having trouble keeping it consistent (<-- although he suspects he knows).

candi (3/19/2001 9:03 AM): I find I am marketing each one..and often they don't appear related (to my audience)

Ira Pasternack ( (3/19/2001 9:03 AM): Entered the room.

RobFrankel ( (3/19/2001 9:04 AM): What are the three URL's?

candi (3/19/2001 9:04 AM): (3/19/2001 9:05 AM): Entered the room.

RobFrankel ( (3/19/2001 9:05 AM): Okay, while I check them, tell me what you would LIKE to see happen with them....

candi (3/19/2001 9:06 AM): I want to keep the sites different...but find a way to market them as a "set" of place people can go to solve their accounting related issues..I am finding that very hard.

Del (3/19/2001 9:10 AM): Would "you" bother to go to three sister sites covering the same topic when the answers could/should be able to be read on one?

Ira Pasternack ( (3/19/2001 9:11 AM): Entered the room.

RobFrankel ( (3/19/2001 9:11 AM): Entered the room.

RobFrankel ( (3/19/2001 9:11 AM): Okie doke, I'm back and I can tell you what the big issue here is: you're actually in the minority of the cases we discuss here! Most of them time people start with a Master Brand and can't figure out how to launch sub brands. You have the sub brands b

Ira Pasternack ( (3/19/2001 9:11 AM): ah, I don't feel bad that I got booted from the room since it looks like Rob did too :)

candi (3/19/2001 9:11 AM): Well that is part of my issue Del..the three subjects are related...but very different..and I am having trouble showing that, while marketing them together...

RobFrankel ( (3/19/2001 9:11 AM): (Sorry, I got bumped off...working from a remote location again!)

RobFrankel ( (3/19/2001 9:12 AM): What you need to do, Candi, is create a Master Brand that encompasses the other three. That way you could also cross market to your various audiences and make your product/service mix more efficient and profitable.

candi (3/19/2001 9:13 AM): OK, so I have them all operating under Morash Accounting Services..what I need to do then is market THAT...

RobFrankel ( (3/19/2001 9:13 AM): And if I may say so, Candi, all three sites really should look as if they come from the same family. Not identical, but brand consistent with the Master brand. After all, chances are that if one user from one site has a need at that site, there's a good

RobFrankel ( (3/19/2001 9:14 AM): Yeah, Candi, if that's the Master Brand, why not? Or are you just being shy? you have NO IDEA how many people want to succeed and yet shy away from that prominence once they have a shot at it.

Ira Pasternack ( (3/19/2001 9:14 AM): I agree, rob, that was my first thought - that I should be able to look at any 2 of these sites and at a glance know that they are related

candi (3/19/2001 9:15 AM): So I could create a front page for each that looks consistent with the others...the content deals with each site in similar ways already..just cosmetic changes maybe...

Del (3/19/2001 9:15 AM): Candi: Here's a masterbrand for you: "accountancy for professionals and clients".

RobFrankel ( (3/19/2001 9:15 AM): Sure....if I find a great site for pistons, the first thing I'm going to look at is if the same people offer crankshafts!

Del (3/19/2001 9:16 AM): heh. And is still available (I was going to buy it for cpa/financial planner series of b2b/b2c cards.

RobFrankel ( (3/19/2001 9:16 AM): Candi, if you know ANYTHING about me, you know that "branding is about getting your prospects to see you as the only solution tot their problem."

RobFrankel ( (3/19/2001 9:16 AM): In addition, offering them choices works to invite them in to your space with no pressure

RobFrankel ( (3/19/2001 9:17 AM): PLUG ALERT: I go into to how to do this in the tape set (a little bit in the book).

RobFrankel ( (3/19/2001 9:17 AM): Amelapa, do you have a question at all?

RobFrankel ( (3/19/2001 9:18 AM): Otherwise, we can keep going here.

RobFrankel ( (3/19/2001 9:18 AM): I just don't want anyone to feel left out!

candi (3/19/2001 9:18 AM): issue is all I have read tells me how to deal with one thing..and I have been working with three..but as you've said, maybe I am thinking of it backwards..I need to think of the sites as sub brands..

candi (3/19/2001 9:18 AM): THANKS!

RobFrankel ( (3/19/2001 9:19 AM): Yeah, Candi. Start from the top and work your way down. That should help a lot.

RobFrankel ( (3/19/2001 9:19 AM): You're more than welcome.

RobFrankel ( (3/19/2001 9:20 AM): Anyone else? Jump in!

Ira Pasternack ( (3/19/2001 9:22 AM): I could use some advice today...

RobFrankel ( (3/19/2001 9:22 AM): Go for it, Ira.

Ira Pasternack ( (3/19/2001 9:22 AM): I finally launched the site for my new business,

RobFrankel ( (3/19/2001 9:23 AM): And?

Andy TeBockhorst ( (3/19/2001 9:23 AM): Entered the room.

Ira Pasternack ( (3/19/2001 9:24 AM): and looking for feedback on the site, as well as on our sales strategy

RobFrankel ( (3/19/2001 9:25 AM): Well. what's your INTENDED strategy?

Del (3/19/2001 9:25 AM): Ira: Right off the bat, where's the accessible sample doctor's page? This is a tangible product, it should be seen, not just talked about. :-)

RobFrankel ( (3/19/2001 9:26 AM): Uh oh...

Terry ( (3/19/2001 9:26 AM): Ira, I agree with Del -- you need either links to sites you've designed or, if that's not possible, sample page(s)

Ira Pasternack ( (3/19/2001 9:26 AM): step 1 is to get in front of prospects, using techniques ranging from referrals from our first 2 clients, to cold calling

Andy TeBockhorst ( (3/19/2001 9:27 AM): Uh oh...?

Ira Pasternack ( (3/19/2001 9:27 AM): step 2 is to present an overview of how doctors and medical practices can use the net, and if they are interested in our help, to show them what we recommend

RobFrankel ( (3/19/2001 9:27 AM): Okay, Ira, you do realize that you chose the #1 toughest audience to crack, right? I mean it's easier to break into Fort Knox than it is to get a doctor's attention.

Terry ( (3/19/2001 9:27 AM): how about client testimonials? Would they give them?

candi (3/19/2001 9:28 AM): OK..I may be new...but I was confused at your looks like you're doing web marketing, but only for doctors..right?

RobFrankel ( (3/19/2001 9:28 AM): Before I get into the real heavy issues, the "Uh oh" refers to a SERIOUS consideration of mentioning rates on the site.

Ira Pasternack ( (3/19/2001 9:28 AM): ok, we do have 2 clients who are online already, one of whom I’ve worked with for a few years and can get a great testimonial

RobFrankel ( (3/19/2001 9:29 AM): I can tell you right now that on my own site, I only mention one rate at all, and that's to give people a general idea of what my costs are like, not the actual costs.

RobFrankel ( (3/19/2001 9:29 AM): Posting your rates on your site is a great way to kill off inquiries. These guys have no idea what they're paying for or what value is.

Ira Pasternack ( (3/19/2001 9:30 AM): Entered the room.

RobFrankel ( (3/19/2001 9:30 AM): And I can tell you that (sweeping generalization - ) doctors HATE paying anything to anyone.

Terry ( (3/19/2001 9:30 AM): them and lawyers, Rob! :-)

Del (3/19/2001 9:30 AM): Ira: To be blunt: Why is your package worth over $2k when the client can go to a non-specialized website designer and get it for half? I mean, from the cursory reading on your pages, I don't see anything that makes your doctor/medical specific other than in your About Us page.

RobFrankel ( (3/19/2001 9:31 AM): They are also rarely in charge of this kind of stuff. Usually their office administrator does this kind of thing.

RobFrankel ( (3/19/2001 9:31 AM): Ira, have you been to (3/19/2001 9:31 AM): To chime in, you might also consider differentiating yourself from the "big boys" like WebMD. Why should they customize with you?

Del (3/19/2001 9:31 AM): If I were going to pay that kind of money, I'd have to explicitly trust the company knows about my business/industry.

RobFrankel ( (3/19/2001 9:31 AM): Oops: ?

RobFrankel ( (3/19/2001 9:32 AM): Ira, I want to know -- right up front -- how you're going to save me time and make me more profitable. I cannot tell you how important it is -- these days -- to link online services to profitability.

Terry ( (3/19/2001 9:32 AM): Ira, do you have specific expertise that makes your services more desirable to the medical field? i.e. a background in medicine and thus a better understanding of the field/quirks?

Ira Pasternack ( (3/19/2001 9:33 AM): argh, sorry, getting overwhelmed by questions combined with a computer that needs to be rebooted

RobFrankel ( (3/19/2001 9:33 AM): Okay, everyone, let's give Ira chance to answer...

Terry ( (3/19/2001 9:34 AM): by the way, Rob, I liked your post this weekend about "what have you been doing for the last XX years"

RobFrankel ( (3/19/2001 9:34 AM): Thanks, Terry. I really want to get that message out...

RobFrankel ( (3/19/2001 9:35 AM): It will also appear in I-Branding list on Wednesday.

RobFrankel ( (3/19/2001 9:35 AM): But of course, the FrankelBees get it first!

Ira Pasternack ( (3/19/2001 9:35 AM): ok, first, doctors CAN go and get a free or relatively cheap sites, generally template driven, that allows them to put up a simple brochure

Ira Pasternack ( (3/19/2001 9:36 AM): what we can do is go beyond those simple sites...

RobFrankel ( (3/19/2001 9:37 AM): Okay, but how does it differentiate with on the fly stuff like ?

Ira Pasternack ( (3/19/2001 9:37 AM): for example, with one client we have integrated an online health risk appraisal into the site, which is a tool that will deliver a service that will be sold to corporate clients as part of wellness programs

Ira Pasternack ( (3/19/2001 9:38 AM): at a more basic level, the on the fly stuff requires: that the doc knows who to use the Web fairly well... that they know how to write for the web... that they have the time to do the work required

Ira Pasternack ( (3/19/2001 9:38 AM): Entered the room.

RobFrankel ( (3/19/2001 9:39 AM): Then why not show that as the group suggested? Offhand, I think what you're hearing is that the site is talking a lot about what you do, not what THEY get.

Ira Pasternack ( (3/19/2001 9:39 AM): is it just me or is anyone else getting booted out of here every 5 to 10 minutes today?

RobFrankel ( (3/19/2001 9:40 AM): I was having trouble and got booted off one time today, so it can't be just you, but I haven't seen anyone else but us having the trouble

Ira Pasternack ( (3/19/2001 9:40 AM): so you are saying I need to focus much more on benefits as opposed to features (which I honestly thought I was doing, but not enough obviously)

candi (3/19/2001 9:40 AM): I've been here since 8:55am and haven't been booted (yet)

Terry ( (3/19/2001 9:40 AM): Ira, I think you need to show WHY you're best suited to assist the medical profession -- either because of background/expertise among your team in the medical profession and understanding of the medical field

RobFrankel ( (3/19/2001 9:41 AM): It likes you better, Candi....

Del (3/19/2001 9:41 AM): Ira: You give sales numbers and options..but you forget to sell them on the idea of a custom site first.

RobFrankel ( (3/19/2001 9:41 AM): Yeah, Ira. There's NO mention of benefits here!

Terry ( (3/19/2001 9:41 AM): Can you save them time in the building of their site because you understand their needs better than anyone else does?

candi (3/19/2001 9:41 AM): I'm thinking the system knows I'm new and is being more forgiving (g)

candi (3/19/2001 9:42 AM): Terry that was my question...maybe Ira knows the medical community well enough to be a more efficient alternative?

RobFrankel ( (3/19/2001 9:42 AM): Personally, I'd explore what their beefs are and then address staying informed, handling patient calls, etc., in a more controlled way.

Terry ( (3/19/2001 9:43 AM): if not save them time, at least make the process less painful?

Ira Pasternack ( (3/19/2001 9:43 AM): yes Terry, that is one benefit

RobFrankel ( (3/19/2001 9:43 AM): Remember, Ira, chances are the doctor WON'T see this, but his admin person will. And he/she has to have a reason to recommend this to him.

RobFrankel ( (3/19/2001 9:44 AM): In the tapes, I go over this a number of ways (PLUG) "If you don't lead, they can't follow". You've got to give them the reasons to buy. They can't figure it out for themselves.

Ira Pasternack ( (3/19/2001 9:44 AM): makes sense, make sure we target to the admin person, and sell them on why they need to convince their boss that this will help them

RobFrankel ( (3/19/2001 9:44 AM): AAAAAAAAAABsolutely!

Terry ( (3/19/2001 9:44 AM): Absolutely. I agree with Rob that you need to identify known problem areas in the field and show how you can solve them.

RobFrankel ( (3/19/2001 9:45 AM): Which is another point I make: Make heroes out of them!

Del (3/19/2001 9:45 AM): Ira: Figure out what it costs an office to mail out appointment reminder notices per year based on the average client load. Then tell them how a reminder program, part of a website package, can save them $XXX in postage).

Monica (3/19/2001 9:45 AM): Entered the room.

RobFrankel ( (3/19/2001 9:45 AM): Del’s thinkin'!

Terry ( (3/19/2001 9:45 AM): great suggestion, Del!

Andy TeBockhorst ( (3/19/2001 9:45 AM): Hey Rob (long time no chat!) I have an opportunity to develop a website for a landscaper locally, and I have a lousy yard. Any pitfalls I should be aware of in working for barter services?

RobFrankel ( (3/19/2001 9:46 AM): If you can make a hero out of the admin, he/she is more likely to take you up on it.

Ira Pasternack ( (3/19/2001 9:46 AM): ok, and we do have a reminder system that we are putting into place already, so that works well

RobFrankel ( (3/19/2001 9:46 AM): Hi Monica....jump in when you're ready.

Del (3/19/2001 9:46 AM): Shoot: There are even freeware e-greetings/postcards available you can incorporate in their sites.

Terry ( (3/19/2001 9:47 AM): Might work for you, Andy, but my experience has been that bartering stinks

Del (3/19/2001 9:47 AM): Ira: If you have a reminder system, then tell your prospects about it.

RobFrankel ( (3/19/2001 9:47 AM): Yes, Andy....don't do it. Do it for cash and agreed upon discounted price -- unless he's willing to do his work first.

Del (3/19/2001 9:47 AM): It's not about selling points, it's about buying opportunities. Give me the benefits that makes it a no-brainer to chose you.

candi (3/19/2001 9:47 AM): I'm curious of the reasoning there Rob..

RobFrankel ( (3/19/2001 9:47 AM): I am doing one barter deal where barter is only one part of the price. The cash portion is still profitable, but the barter is jewelry for my lovely bride.

Terry ( (3/19/2001 9:47 AM): And watch the discount... give 'em an inch and they'll often take a mile

Ira Pasternack ( (3/19/2001 9:47 AM): true Del... the system we are creating is for some specific needs though that needed customization, but for more straightforward needs what you suggest could work

Andy TeBockhorst ( (3/19/2001 9:48 AM): Really?! I'm surprised, I thought barter was the way of the new world. Sure beats giving 1/2 your $ to taxman

Andy TeBockhorst ( (3/19/2001 9:49 AM): (Sorry Ira, didn't mean to weasel in on your session. I thought you were done)

RobFrankel ( (3/19/2001 9:49 AM): Yeah, you might avoid taxes, but there's a better chance that you won't get the deal done.

Terry ( (3/19/2001 9:50 AM): Andy, in my case, it came down to the value for the services. By agreeing to a barter, I was taken a lot less seriously, and the job (also a Web design one) ended up costing me a fortune in lost time that could have been billed otherwise

Del (3/19/2001 9:50 AM): Ira: And seeing as you'll need solid graphics to spruce up your site (and your clients), might I suggest (I have no affiliation with them...They just have good prices for website image use.)

RobFrankel ( (3/19/2001 9:50 AM): BTW, my tech support says that Level 3 lines are messed up across the country today, so that's what's booting people off line...

RobFrankel ( (3/19/2001 9:51 AM): Also, Andy, depending on your local IRA branch, barter is JSUT as taxable as cash. It's just "unrealized income". If you have a record of it, they'll tax it.

RobFrankel ( (3/19/2001 9:51 AM): (TEN MINUTE WARNING)

Andy TeBockhorst ( (3/19/2001 9:51 AM): Well, I'm not known for my strong record keeping ;-)

RobFrankel ( (3/19/2001 9:52 AM): Then make sure he does his work first....

Andy TeBockhorst ( (3/19/2001 9:52 AM): Just kidding Uncle Sam! Heh heh heh

RobFrankel ( (3/19/2001 9:52 AM): And you have a specific agreement in writing as to who gets what.

Terry ( (3/19/2001 9:52 AM): If you decide to do it, Andy, make sure you have a VERY clear contract which clearly states what you will and won't do in exchange for the work he will be doing (which should also be made very clear in the contract).

Monica (3/19/2001 9:52 AM): I do barter all the time and have found it a great way to go. I have had everything from my laundry room rebuilt to my garden cleaned up to my dishes washed. Never had any trouble.

RobFrankel ( (3/19/2001 9:53 AM): Best rule of thumb: Get enough cash to make it profitable, trade the part that you wouldn't mind losing if they flake.

Ira Pasternack ( (3/19/2001 9:53 AM): Del, thanks for the powerpics link, that is exactly what I was looking for (you were reading my mind, huh?)

RobFrankel ( (3/19/2001 9:53 AM): Where are you from, Monica?

Andy TeBockhorst ( (3/19/2001 9:53 AM): Well, this could probably be converted into a cash deal. Maybe you all are right. A bird in the hand...

candi (3/19/2001 9:53 AM): I do a lot of bartering...I do bookkeeping for other services..but haven't really done much other than by word...guess I'd better start being careful..

Monica (3/19/2001 9:53 AM): Small island off the west coast of Canada

Terry ( (3/19/2001 9:53 AM): Web design is not a 'tangible' good to some people's way of thinking -- if the site fails, and they haven't yet fulfilled their end of the bargain, they may decide to walk

Del (3/19/2001 9:54 AM): Ira: Stumbled on it about 2 weeks ago. Kept the link since I never know when I might launch back into the web design biz OR have a need (like today) of being able to offer the link.

RobFrankel ( (3/19/2001 9:54 AM): Ah. Monica, that explains it! Canadians are still respectable!

candi (3/19/2001 9:54 AM): Monica...I know you then.

Terry ( (3/19/2001 9:54 AM): and there are MANY people out there who think their sites should become overnight successes!

Terry ( (3/19/2001 9:55 AM): hey, Monica, where are you? I'm on Vancouver Island

Monica (3/19/2001 9:55 AM): waving at Candi

Ira Pasternack ( (3/19/2001 9:55 AM): you should see how excited my web designer was when I just IMed the link to her Del :)

Monica (3/19/2001 9:55 AM): I'm on Mayne Island

candi (3/19/2001 9:55 AM): So what you're saying Rob is we don't have to panic about bartering up here in Canada?


Del (3/19/2001 9:55 AM): Terry: Years back, I did a website for a local sushi restaurant...The sole purpose was for people to understand the different types of sushi and sake as well as distribute printable coupons. So it can be a tangible property. :-)

Andy TeBockhorst ( (3/19/2001 9:55 AM): Wow. lots of Canadiens here today. Welcome, eh? It's lunchtime here in Iowa... gotta go gang. Thanks for the chat.

candi (3/19/2001 9:55 AM): Terry, I'm in Parksville

Monica (3/19/2001 9:56 AM): Well, I have to admit that all the barter I have done has been with local people who I know a bit except for an exterminator who did his side first.

Terry ( (3/19/2001 9:56 AM): Candi, I think bartering is considered a "taxable benefit" under our income tax rules

Terry ( (3/19/2001 9:56 AM): I'm down Victoria way, Candi

michael kimsal (3/19/2001 9:56 AM): Entered the room.

RobFrankel ( (3/19/2001 9:56 AM): Okay, so anyone have anything else before we wrap it up? Got a few minutes....

michael kimsal (3/19/2001 9:56 AM): always the last to the party... :(

candi (3/19/2001 9:57 AM): You're right (taxable) Terry...but I'm a GREAT bookkeeper..

fredog (3/19/2001 9:57 AM): Entered the room.

Monica (3/19/2001 9:57 AM): Nice to be here, Rob. I have enjoyed your site

Terry ( (3/19/2001 9:57 AM): Candi, wish you were closer! (I'm in the market...)

candi (3/19/2001 9:57 AM): Any last min advice for my trio Rob?

RobFrankel ( (3/19/2001 9:57 AM): Hey, mark it down for next week, Michael!

Del (3/19/2001 9:57 AM): Rob: I have a feeling when I make my greeting card offer to the FB list, I'm going to see more inquiries and sales from the one-time posting than the series of print ads I'll be running at the same time. 8-)

michael kimsal (3/19/2001 9:57 AM): I know I know! Had a db issue to clean up!

fredog (3/19/2001 9:58 AM): will there be a transcript of this chat posted anywhere?

Ira Pasternack ( (3/19/2001 9:58 AM): thanks for all the help everyone... hopefully by next week things will be much more clear :)

RobFrankel ( (3/19/2001 9:58 AM): thanks, Monica. Candi, just create the master brand. Give it a look and then translate that brand character to the other sites. Make sure you have crosslinks, too.

Terry ( (3/19/2001 9:58 AM): good luck, Ira!

RobFrankel ( (3/19/2001 9:58 AM): Yes, Fredog, click the link in the top frame to get there. Today's chat will be up today or tomorrow

candi (3/19/2001 9:58 AM): Got cross links all over them...THANKS AGAIN!!!!!

RobFrankel ( (3/19/2001 9:58 AM): (TWO MINUTES)

Del (3/19/2001 9:59 AM): Ira: Don’t forget to rehash this next time. :-)

RobFrankel ( (3/19/2001 9:59 AM): Del, I bet you're right!

fredog (3/19/2001 9:59 AM): Great, thanks.

RobFrankel ( (3/19/2001 9:59 AM): Okay, folks, I've got to get back to the salt mines. See you online!

Terry ( (3/19/2001 10:00 AM): Thanks, Rob!

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