Transcript of Frankel's Free Clinic March 30, 1998

rwalton Good Morning!

reisa@plin morning :)

Louise@gr thank you :)

pmsteil@ima Ok Rob! Made it... thanks! Patrick

rob Hi everyone! This is tough to add in people as they arrive! Bear with me

reisa@pl no problem :)

rob Okay, who's up first?

reisa@plinet what's the topic? *smile*

rob I should tell you that the list is really cranking. The topic can be any question that you have about your business or web stuff...

rob It's really about free consulting, if I can help..

Louise@gree ok, I will go first then :)

rob Okie doke

reisa@plinet the list is killer :) I've gotten some terrific leads :) I love it!!


Louise@gree The post about the free ad on eyecom? I took them up on their offer, ow I have to think about the best way to use up the big ad they gave me 400x400 pixels? any suggestions?

ken@modern We sell Tupperware online. We have the full ecommerce thing, online ordering, credit cards, secure server, yada yada. Our average order amount is increasing along with our average profit per visitor. But our average pageview per visitor has dropped from 5.0 to 2.7. I have improved the content and the navigatibility of the site. Shouldn't pageviews be increasing? Should I be worried about this?

reisa@plinet I could use some suggestions on that also, Louise! I took them up also on their offer!

Louise@gree i am a manufacturer of 100% natural bodycare products

Louise@gree in other words I sell my soft soap <hehe>

rob Okay, let's take the ad first. You sure its 400 x 400? That sounds big..

reisa@plinet it's 397x397 to be exact - and that's correct.

Louise@gree yes, i am sure :)

reisa@plinet a full month of free ads. Can also run small buttons if you prefer.

rob That sounds huge. Also takes a lot of load time. If I were you, I would create an entire ad that sells and asks for the order all at once. You have the room to do it....will they take HTML ads?

rob Ken...we'll get to you in a minute..

reisa@plinet Don't know - I'm going to start with a small button and a text ad first.

Louise@gree i have to develop the ad myself, I am my own bank, too BEG

Louise@gree yes

reisa@plinet mostly because my graphic art ability is well, worthless :)

Louise@gree I am pretty good with graphics, and can really bring their bandwith down

rob Ten this is a prime opportunity to see how much you have to say to get the sale. Make it graphic and immediate...and don't forget to TRACK it. If it works, it could have significant impact on your future efforts.

reisa@plinet Ken, just curious, you said your profit is going UP, right?

rob's my take on it.:

ken@modern Reisa: Yes, profit is going up.

rob It sounds like your effort is working. That's good. DON'T get side tracked by nuts who brag about traffic numbers. PROFIT is where it's at.

rob That having been said, now that your profit is operating efficiently, NOW start looking at ways to bring more traffic in.

rob I HATE guys who brag about traffic means they aren't making money...!

stevep@med :)

reisa@plinet *laugh!!*

rob ALRIGHT, everyone just SETTLE DOWN!

ken@modern I am not in this for love, that's for sure.

rob Ken, what are you doing to promote the site?

ken@modern I have a partners program with about 300 partners. I use Smart Cclicks.

ken@modern I am pretty well positioned in search engines.

rob How are you listed? Under what key words?

ken@modern I am looking at clickthrough based ads now that I have hard data on what a clickthrough is worth to me.

ken@modern WEWE are listed u

rob Ken, oil your fingers...

ken@modern Ooops! We are listed under Tupperware, kitchen storage, food storage, food preparation

rob Okay, it's probably time you started thinking about second level listings...ancillary places to list your site.

rob BTW, what's the going CTR for you?

ken@modern Between 0.7% and 2.7%

rob And since nobody else is jumping upand down with questions, who are your partners?

LMhooping@ Rob, for us novices -- What is CTR?

ken@modern I have almost all small partners that no one would know (including me).

pmsteil@ima When you all are done.. :) I have a question.... have you or anyone on the list employed the services of any PR consultants to help promote their websites?

rob Click Through Rate. From the time someone clicks on a banner to your site.

rob PM, go ahead...

reisa@plinet Ken, do you have info about your partners program at your site? I might be interested :)

rob AHA! Another connection!


reisa@plinet *grins*

rob Steil, ya with me?

reisa@plinet SO do I!!! :)

ken@modern Reisa:

frankel@mcs Can I jump in? I'd like some tips on how to reach media to find them, how to build a relationship with them, how to convince them to spend money, etc. Broad topic, I know, but hints from the inside would be helpful

rob Media buyers for agencies?

frankel@mcs and or individual accounts

rob Are you cute? Attractive? Firm? Possess a large expense account?

frankel@mcs um.....

Louise@gree rob, i think that's a bit sexist :)

web19@indy a somewhat newbee, with a site- not being our core biz. it's in a soft launch and getting ready to market. anyone having time to ck. it out...any feedback woyuld be greatly appreciated. ron

reisa@plinet this whole business is sexist :) I'm getting used to it :)

Louise@gree but I bet it would help, right?

rob Louise, how do you know I meant female?

Louise@gree point taken :)

rob Wait, webindy...too much cross traffic

pmsteil@ima I'm still here...... I thought I sent the Q..... I am interested in anyone's experience of using PR consultants in promoting their web site...

rob As far as consultants go, there are some good ones...but no good CHEAP ones.

Louise@gree what's the dif between a soft and hard launch?/ Keep this simple guys! no technospeak for the masses :)

web19@i consultants tell you the time on your own watch, present company accepted:)

rob I wrote a two part article on this at our website, which outlines this exact story.

pmsteil@ima It seems to me that using PR would be a very targeted topic that would need dedicated attention from somone in the company...

pmsteil@ima much like keeping up with search engines...

rob Go to it's listed down there...

pmsteil@ima although not as easy to "get to the press" as it is to "list with the SE's"....

rob Let's get back to frankel's media question...can you elaborate?

frankel@mcs I don't have a large expense account, so I cannot fly out to meet with every agency...

frankel@mcs is there a way to reach them by phone/email without being intrusive?

rob Okay, listen up: Intrusive isn't it. MEMORABLE and compelling is.

web19@indy here's a request from my office neighbors- how do i turn the beep down?

rob No idea on the beep thing. Try "Preferences"?

rob I have found that I get the best response from people when I can tell them the IMMEIATE BENEFIT they get from taking my call.

rob The same way I bounce posts to the list for not making an offer...

rob People want to know that your call is more than just a schmooze. They want to know that you're here to make them look good.

frankel@mcs but in order to be compelling, I need to find out as much info as possible about their clients' campaign - what benefit can I possibly offer without knowing what they need?

Louise@gree hmmm... lucky I haven't posted yet, I would like to offer something, but I don't know what your lsitmembers would need from ME? I am probably the only manufacturer you got , from your stats. Guess who never filled in her form :)

rob You need to be a marketer. YOU need to tell them why your stuff suits their clients. I get a million calls a day from nuts who simply announce "I'm HERE! USE ME!"


rob Um, sorry.

rob Now, where was I ?

frankel@mcs makes what makes you listen to some of these calls?

rob I listen to the ones who say, "I know you handke the YADAYADA account, and I found something here that could be a really good fit for them without costing an arm and a leg....

rob Then I listen for aminute to see if they're full of crapola or not.

frankel@mcs do prefer calls over emails?

rob The ones that impress me are like, well, take some of the folks on this list ---EXCEPT LOUISE WHO WON'T FILL OUT HER FORM!!!!

rob If their program is really interesting, I don't care who they are, I'll listen. Personally, don't mind calls, but I answer e-mails faster.

frankel@mcs thanks - this is helpful!

rob You have to sense that most people are in "jobs". We have to be deal makers, who push the "jobs" people into action. They're NOT going to respond unless you do all their thinking for them.

rob Louise??? You gonna fill outthe form? Hmmm? Come on, now, soldier....

rob Who else?

Louise@gree sure am, I was just hesitant, Iwanted to see what the list would be like first, but I have been here since Day 1 or such, you know

rob I know you've got one of the best addresses on the list.

rob Certainly among the most creative.

Louise@gree what? someone is giving me accolades?!

possibil@mai Wow...I made it. Sorry to crash in late...

rob No, it's just me. A lower life form

rob No sweat. You came at the right time...

rob Dum de dum dum...

rwalton@nor Along the smae lines, I've been looking for an ind. sales rep who calls on M.D.s. No luck. How would I find them? Do they exist?

Louise@gree i have another question...

rob WHOA! Great question.

rob AMong the worst catgories to go after are the MD'S. VERY tough crowd.

rwalton@nor yes!

rob MD's are among the least sophisticated groups out there, and are very slow to take up the online thing.

web19@indy ck manufactor reps who drugs (sell, not use) to docs

Louise@gree so far I have been targeting email lists for my advertising, want to know what creative means I can use ( insert ,free of low $$) to bring more people to the site. I average 800 hits a day at the moment ( i dunno how I do that )

rob They're terrible offline, too.

possibil@mai I know an ind. sales rep but he doesn't specifically see MDs...He actually tried to sell web sites back in the 80's for college students...who heard of web sites in the 80's?

logonusa@lo Louise -- how many people are your 800 hits.

rob Lousie, chances are that a number of your hits are robots and spiders verifying your site...

logonusa@lo Do you understand the difference between a hit and a person. Hits are not people

rob rwalt: The medical problem is an access issue. You have to find the right access point -- and it isn't the doctor.

Louise@gree I capture their domain addies so I know which one are people and which are probably not

rwalton@nor my biz is voice recognition dication that is customized to the individual's vocabulary usage.

rwalton@nor Office managers?

web19@indy HITS- How Idiots Track Success... who's on target quote is that anyway?

rob Okay, that's different. At least you don't have to chase down the Big kahuna.

logonusa@lo Web - Your acrynomyn is a scream! :-)

rob have you contacted established reps in other fields who have this kind of success?

Louise@gree i had someone here jsut the other day , rwalton .. my DH is a network admin, and he was trying to install some software for one of his bosses, and the thing was so unreliable. Very comical though

rob This is one instance where their list will save you MEGA amounts of time and mney

rwalton@nor No-trying to find out WHO that is is my problem...

ken@modern Another question: Who has sources where I can buy CPC banners? I will tell you right now, if it is over 25 cents I'm not interested.

Louise@gree not yours though, the point is, they could really use some reliable software, maybe you should emial me later?

rob LOTS of verying outfits are trying to get into the same office. For example, I have a client that sells private label skin care lines. SHE knows where everyone lives!

reisa@plinet ken and both I think 10 or 15 cents

ken@modern Thanks, Reisa.

rwalton@nor Actually, the core software is very good, but the problem lies with those who try to use it w/o a specialized dictionary.

earthdream Rob, do you have any suggestions on the best way to market a retail site for under about $500 per month? (in addition to LE, search engines, recip. links, etc.)

Louise@gree i think out of those 800 hits, about 75 of them are people and I always get 2 or 3 /day buying..

rob earth, waht are you selling?

ken@modern Earthdream: Do you have cgi programming ability?

earthdream We sell earth-friendly products (organic coffee, books, toys, etc.)

rob Hmmm, thought about hooking upnwith louise?

Louise@gree earthdream do you sell soap, shampoo bars, and lotions too?

possibil@mai you handle earth-friendly home products as well?

earthdream yes to both

rwalton@nor Louise, will email you. Thanks!

Louise@gree 'k!

earthdream Thanks

Louise@gree what's your URL, earthdream

possibil@mai I have a client who sells a completely organic odor eliminator (I've used it and it's great) ...looking for places to promote it and have been given the entire online marketing of it...


rob Earth, what are you currently doing? And do I get a cut from all these referrals?

frankel@mcs ken - are you looking for generally targeted click throughs?

ken@modern frankel@mcs: yes

frankel@mcs I'll send you an email with some ideas....

rob's working....

ken@modern Rob Frankel: I thought you were in this for solely altruist reasons ;-)

earthdream We have ads in a few eco-magazines, links from a lot of sites, banners in a few places, and we just submitted the free month deal with eyegive

rob My altruism goes to the highest bidder

reisa@plinet Ken, I might be able to sell you click-thru's on my site for 15 cents (normally 60 cents by the way!) *smile*

possibil@mai you mind my asking your name so I can put something in my list?

rob And I should add that reisa's site is the biggest secret on line. Very impressive.

earthdream Steve Haney

reisa@plinet *blush* rob!! :)

rob Hey, I hold no punches....

possibil@mai Thanks what a plug reisa!

rob ..or accolades.

reisa@plinet I don't blush easy either! :)

LMhooping@ so what is your URL?

rob See Louise? See what I could do if you filled out your form?

reisa@plinet mine?

Louise@gree :oÞ

rob Is that spitting or laughing?

web19@indy reisa... i too will check out your site

Louise@gree Steve, do you have your soap private-labeled?

Louise@gree that is a raspberry :wink:

rob TEN MINUTE WARNING! I gotta scoot in ten mniutes...

earthdream Right now we just buy through distributors and do not have any private-label items.

reisa@plinet Rob, question: Now that I finally landed some advertisers for April and May, suggestions on ways to get them to extend their insertion orders?

rob By the way, you should allknow that the FrankelBiz Archives will be up and running this next week. I'll be announcing on the list, in case you want to search for back messages..

Louise@gree thanks, Rob!

possibil@mai Great...I thought I might have missed some posts...

web19@indy just in case time runs out... great list, great chat...i'll be back

rob Reisa, you must handle this on the FRONT end of the deal. make every deal a long term one, with a rebate for the first months if they stay around longer.

ken@modern Any thoughts about enlightening companies whose product lines you want to offer? There are a lot of companies out there who are afraid of the internet.

rob NOBODY's afraid of a raskless offer where all they have is upside ad nodownside.

Louise@gree rob, you never answered my q on how to get more noticed out there....

rob Louise, for fillers get priority....Nah, just kidding.

Louise@gree ken, who were you referring to?

rob What are you doing now Louise?

ken@modern The Pampered Chef, Princess House, Party-Lite etc.

reisa@plinet nod... understood. Since it's too late for that :) (besides, they would only talk to me about one month!), ideas on getting them to extend? Offer discounts perhaps?

Louise@gree marketing through email lists, mostly, don't have a lot of $$

reisa@plinet Louise, do you have a newsletter for your website?

possibil@mai Ken...great question. I've run across great products but the merchants are either afraid of the Internet or don't think they'll ever have to know anything about it...How does one propose to offer their wares...percentage of sales? % of responses?

rob Okay, louise, into the "parntership Wagon" you go. Start reaching out to those who are JUST LIKE YOU. Most of them ar. Wouldn't you be recpetive to someone who was compatible with you but not competitive?

ken@modern possibil: I just want the same commission they would give to anyone else.


Louise@gree in the process of getting ne set-up, I like to bater.. so I bartered for a really well know person in Australia to write my newsletter for me for soap, should be online any day now

Louise@gree sure would, Rob

rob If they can't see the potential of online, go for their ENTIRE ONLINE RIGHTS! position it as a no-lose for them.

wsulliv@nwl Rob, batting equipment just arrived. I'm excited to try it.

rob Excellent, Sally, we're talking with Steve Garvey today..

ken@modern Rob: they are no just ambivalent, they are hostile to the internet. How do I break down the wall?

wsulliv@nwl As I told you, I have a player in mind who is still playing. Do you want me to pursue that?

rob Oh yeah? Try showing up with leads for them. That changes their tune. Or better still, sign up as an agent and don't tell them how you're bringing in sales...

rob Sally: Yes.


ken@modern Rob rocks! Thanks for the insights.

wsulliv@nwl I think you;ll like who I have in mind. also, I have a friend who can put me on to manufacturing if you want me to pursue that.

rob Okay, everyone, this was even better than Clinic #1! Thanks to you all! Let's get more people on the list and Ill bring you more stuff!

possibil@mai Rob...can we do that? I see the potential of several products (have convinced one) but do I get some proposals and then offer the merchant to resell for them?

wsulliv@nwl Sorry I was late to meeting. I enjoyed what little I got to see. Bye for now. S2

rob possiil: Yes, you can do that if you go through their channels as a sales rep. Play by the rules, but use the net unless they forbid it...

reisa@plinet thanks & *hugs* rob! you are the best!! :)

rob Right back atcha...

possibil@mai Thanks Rob...great chat...

wsulliv@nwl rob I will email you later today. Perhaps we should talk./S2

Louise@gree and Rob I will fill out the form, ok!

rob Cool. See you all next week, and on line this week! BYE


rob I made a sale!

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