Transcript of Frankel's Free Clinic April 6, 1998

andrewsk@n Morning Rob!

rob Good mornong! What's going on this week?

rob Um..that should be morning.....

andrewsk@n Nothing yet, coming down off a killer week last week. Hoping for a little peace and quiet!

rob I have a feeling that it will be slow today.

andrewsk@n Why, everybody still in bed?

rob Probably.

rob You know I think I owe you an answer to a qustion you had

andrewsk@n Did you ever get that first transcript on line?

andrewsk@n Which question, I have so many...

rob Not the first, but the second is trapped and ready for posting

andrewsk@n And it will be posted when???

rob Remember you asked about converting online people to your factility?

andrewsk@n Yeah, oh that question

rob Well, the answer I meant to give-- but was distracted -- was that you should be aiming your message to onliners in your area. There have to be more than just you online ....

andrewsk@n I must have been the only person on the computer, we arent gonna talk to each other for an hour, are we?

andrewsk@n Not that I wouldn't enjoy it, of course.

rob .Nah. You won't hurt my feelings if you drop off. I do this as a public service. No compulsory attendance.

andrewsk@n How do I target local on-liners?

rob See? You get all this for free all to yourself!

rob You start by looking at the situation from a double perspective: Add online to your traditional media, and traditional to your online meda. include messages to both markets.

rob On your site, you should promote a service to the local onliners in your area. You should cross that by collecting zip codes. Are you promoting with traditional media at all?

andrewsk@n No, well we do yellow pages.

andrewsk@n What do you mean, cross that by collecting zip codes?

andrewsk@n Hello, someone else is here!

rwalton goo morning!

andrewsk@n Rob, is there a way to attached names to these addresses so that we are not looking at 'rwalton@nort..', but a real person's name?

rob Okay, then in your Yelow Pages, IMMMEDITELY UPDATE your ad with your online capabilities.

andrewsk@n I see my name, and your name, but no others.

rob I thnk Peoplelink prefrences handles your name and stuff...

andrewsk@n What capabilites, remember it's just a brochure, and my address is in the book.

jquirk@coms Greetings Rob and All

rob You should either expand your listing into an ad where you can mention your online capabilities, or get another listing. Although I think the former is a better solution...

rob As for collecting zips, the reason why I do it for the list is to target people geopgraphically. You need some way of identifying and then hitting your local people.

rob On your site, you should be asking for locals' numbers and zips and then clsoing the deal by traditional media.

andrewsk@n Again, what capabilities, at this point my site is not interactive.

andrewsk@n Sorry, don't mean to hog, doesn't anyone else have something to say?

rob If you want to sell real office factilities or meeting faciltie, there must be plenty of onliers in your zip code who need them. THOSE are your sales, not the internet as a whole.

rob Anyone else can jump right in...ioncluding louise WHO STILL HASN'T SEnT IN HER FORM!

andrewsk@n How would I get them? Should I have some form to fill out online to get more info?

andrewsk@n Geez, Rob, jump on people when they first join in, why don't cha?

rob Absolutley. And they WILL fill it out, especially if you offer them a Special Online program rate...

rob I didn't...she IM'ed me before joining in...

andrewsk@n Any ideas on where to go to develop this. I'm doing my own site maintenance, and don't know how to make the form.

reisa@plinet morning all! :)

andrewsk@n Sorry, I know that was an elementary question.

jquirk@coms Rob, When itís appropriate to ask a question give me a que.,

rob There are plenty of people on the list who can do this for you...or buy Adobe Pagemill. It's REALLY easy. On the other hand, if you want a lightly more sophisticated approach, you should post a plea to the list. I did and got a great response.

rob Right now, quirk...

jquirk@coms I would like to get into the business of selling brokering banner ads.Any suggestions on how to get started.

rob Oh, man...

jquirk@coms how bout that

jquirk@coms go man

rob You can start off by realizing that you're way late. But that shouldn't deter you. If I were going to do it...

rob ...I would specialize in niche brokering.

rob Pick one or two fields and be the absoltule best in it.

jquirk@coms like what?

rob Where are you best qualified?

jquirk@coms I have godd local presence. would that be a good place to start?

rob geographically local?

jquirk@coms godd=good

rob This is the web. To make the big money, think global. Geographically local is not a good place to start, unless that's all the market you ever want to conquer.

jquirk@coms yes, I have a local site that does well for local businesses. and I have several large local companies including the local convention and visitors bureau

rob Where are you located?

jquirk@coms Evansville IN

rob From a borad storkes perspective, I'd say your best chances are in becoming the ConVis specialist, where anyone who really wants to get in front of that audience comes to you because of your relationship with ALL the CONVIS guys in the country.

jquirk@coms CONVIS?

rob If you stick to Evansville, you'll eventually get eaten by big money cometition.

rob Convention Visitors

jquirk@coms thanks

rob Better to be bought than eaten.

rob You're welcome.

rob BTW, I have a question for you guys:

Louise@gree a question for us?

Louise@gree :)

andrewsk@n Well, on with it!

reisa@plinet and gals I hope :) *tease*

rob A couple of lecutre series types have asked me to post their requests, but I don't feel it's appropriate for the list. What do you think?

andrewsk@n Ask whatever, we don't have to answer, do we?>

Louise@gree are they providing us with a service or product, besides their knowledge?

Louise@gree isn't that competition for you LOL

jquirk@coms What type of requests?

jacob-ds9@ Hello everyone (sorry for my tardyness)

rob No, just lectures...which sounds bogus to me. I want the list to be money making for us.

Louise@gree that's what I thought

rob And referrals to goods and services and people

rob Anyone else?

rob Okay...just a reality check.

rwalton@nor Is that too local? From a growth perspective, might be OK

reisa@plinet If they are offering us a discount, and if it's of interest to the majority of the list, "on topic," I think it might be ok. But on the other hand, go with your "gut feeling" if you don't think it's appropriate, don't post.

reisa@plinet It sounds to me like "lecture series" would be kind of a "one-way" deal, also,.... hrm...

jquirk@coms Discounts on lectures would seem to qualify but the travel might make it useless to most.

reisa@plinet good point quirk :)

rob I would rather keep the list pure. I started it with the idea that we could meet and DO business, not realy yak about it. Lecutres and stuff give me the willies..

reisa@plinet Bottom line - it's YOUR list :)

rob YEAH!

reisa@plinet *grins* :)

rob Okay, any other issues/debates/questions?

Louise@gree i filled out the form Rob, now what's this Online thingie?

andrewsk@n Define the types of business that qualify ( and DO business...)

rob Thingie is such a technical term, Louise....

Louise@gree i try my best :)

jquirk@coms One more question about banner ads. Could give some direction to some reference material on the biz.

rob The types of businesses I want are the folks who want to take their biz online, but have no place to start.

andrewsk@n Well, that would certainly be me!

rob quirk, have you read aythig by Rick Boyce? He's the Father of the Banner Ad....serach on that.

jquirk@coms thanks Rob

reisa@plinet I always thought it was more an ATTITUDE that qualified vs. a BUSINESS TYPE :)

reisa@plinet at least that's the way things are coming across to me!

jacob-ds9@ Well, I just want to let you know htat I have already concluded agreements with a handful of FrankelBees, ranging from partnerships to a company programming my new company's site.

Louise@gree way to go jacob

andrewsk@n My question is, although I would be happy to offer discounts on my service, I get the idea that the subscribers would not be very interested.

rob Yes, I know jacobs from another list, and he/she certianly hustles!

jacob-ds9@ Thanks, I have really benefited a lot from the list.

andrewsk@n What, exactly, can I offer to you guys that would be of value?

jacob-ds9@ Well, I am a "he" just for your info.

Louise@gree what do you do andrews?

rob That's because your service is local Kell. But if you offer it to list members in your zip code, you may get some business.

andrewsk@n Oh, boy, here we go again!

reisa@plinet Even though I've yet to post, I've had a lot of success with the 'bees also!

reisa@plinet *Grins* you can buy up all my unsold banner ads :) *joke*

andrewsk@n Not interested so much in getting business, but giving back for what I am learning.

rob Hey, Reisa, that's not a bad idea! Quirk, you listening?

rob Kell, it's okay to make money.

reisa@plinet Louise, did you have any luck with the partner program script search?

jquirk@coms I'm all ears.

Louise@gree yes, I emailed you, i found a really good one!

reisa@plinet Go on, Rob!

Louise@gree Laura, did you say last week, you had an ad on eyecom?

Louise@gree how did it go?

reisa@plinet Sorry, Louise, I'm about 600 emails behind right now - *ack!*

Louise@gree Mine started yesterday

rob Quirk, why not discuss your repping plan with reisa. She has a dynamite site -- really useful.

reisa@plinet I've not started the ad with them yet, I'm starting it next week, as I want the new traffic hitting the same time my paying advertisers are on site :)

rob Hammer out something that's "no-risk" to both of you. I did.

andrewsk@n How about listing our web addresses, just for reference?

jquirk@coms Is that OK with you reisa. Offline?


rob Kell, I lost your train of thought. Please restate

reisa@plinet thanks rob! I'm always looking for new opportunities - I've got a lot luck going right now through middle of June, but need to keep the "ball" rolling!

reisa@plinet sure thing, Quirk!

andrewsk@n You think I've got a train?

reisa@plinet Good idea, Louise - everyone show your URL's and, in five words or less, what you "do" :)

dmiller@web OK, gang, marketing ideas please??? My service is bundled web design and hosting that's database-driven, allowing the user/client to do unlimited updates with a browser interface. I'm offering co-branded partner program. Ideas on publicizing the program, and on potentially good partner fits? (

Louise@gree Luxurious 100% natural bodycare products, made by yours truly

andrewsk@n Sell office space, secretarial support, meeting space, and physical location addresses for home-based business.

rob Miller, let's say that in English...with a real marketing benefit as to why I should use your services...

reisa@plinet - free scholarship search and financial aid information

rob branding, marketing, e-commerce, columnist and geenral cynic

andrewsk@n Thanks, Rob. I had no idea what miller was saying!

dmiller@web Keep your website fresh, but separate content from design, so you concentrate on your business, not broken links, etc.

Louise@gree ok rob, i need some help branding my product

reisa@plinet Cynic? Rob, you? Nah... :)

Louise@gree :)

rob That's the real problem, folks. most people BUILD stuff really well. Few people can SELL it or Communicate it as well as they make it. The latter is what feeds my kids.

jacob-ds9@ The Screaming Politicians- A rock band that I help promote online. Any promotion ideas and suggestions on converting visits to sales is appreciated. And Satellite Studios (site currently being designed), it will be a very big online community of low-budget webmasters. I'm currently looking into partnerships with companies that also target this market.

andrewsk@n I've visited your site. Your kids must eat well! :)

jquirk@coms Miller, I comprehend and I think you are in a great growth area.

rob Miller, do you mean you handle all the data to update data-heavy sites, like CD-NOW?

rob Louise, go on...

reisa@plinet Jacob, I've actually mentioned your scholarship in my newsletter before, and I know I have it in my database, I might be able to help out a bit more, maybe with a button or banner exchange deal, let's talk later if you are interested!

reisa@plinet .

jacob-ds9 Really, that is very interesting. What is the URL?

jacob-ds9@ Oh,ttp:// . Yes, now I remember.

Louise@gree well, I am in the process of writing up my brochures, catalogues, etc, and I am looking for a clever idea to help poeple remember my name

rob Louise: Your home page doesn't come up...

reisa@plin - you submitted your scholarship to my database some time ago, I featured it in the newsletter a few weeks later actually :)

reisa@plin *grins* then I received about 300 emails asking me if it was REQUIRED to buy a CD to apply for the scholarship! *laugh*

Louise@gree eek, let me go have a looksee

jacob-ds9@ Funny, we haven't received any such inquiries.

rob Miller, was I correct in my assessment of your capabilities?

reisa@plinet people always write to ME when they have questions/problems with scholarships I list, don't ask me why, happens all the time!

rwalton@nor reisa, maybe there's an opportunity there.

rob Louise, I get "open: No such file or directory httpd: could not open transfer log file

/usr/local/etc/httpd/virtualhosts/ "

jacob-ds9@ Actually, from our listing on the FastWeb network an email went out to over 500,000 students. We then received over a thousand requests for applications by mail when we clearly state that everything is available online.

Louise@gree yes, i got that too, maybe my server is down temporarily :(

reisa@plinet maybe :) But right now, I'm so blasted for time, even if there was I probably couldn't take advantage of it at the moment!! Once I'm done with this damn database upgrade I might have a few hours of "life" again :)

rob Sounds like reisa and miller are another match....

Louise@gree yes it is down, can't even FTP into it :(

rob Louise, e-mail when the site is up and I'll look at it. We'll talk next Monday about it.

Louise@gree all right, thank you :)

reisa@plinet Jacob, sometimes I sit here reading my email asking myself if these people are *REALLY* college students - you wouldn't believe the questions I get. I'm now averaging 380-390 emails a day, most of which ask questions clearly answered on the site.

rob Jacobs, tel us what you do...

rob ...and is it spam?

reisa@plinet It's a nice site, Rob, that Louise has!

reisa@plinet Jacob, if you don't mind my asking - I'll understand if you prefer to not answer - did you have to PAY for your listing on FastWeb?

jacob-ds9@ Well, I described above exactly what I do but let me answer the spam question separately.

reisa@plinet No, fastweb isn't spam...

rob But what about Satellite Sutdios? Remember, I write a column and am always looking for biz stories.

jacob-ds9@ I help promote a band's webpage, they currently offer a college scholarship. NO spam is ever sent out. Fastweb is a very reputable scholarship search directory thingee. Students sign up and they inform the students when scholarships they are qualified for are entered into their db.

jacob-ds9@ Satellite Studios is currently developing a system based loosely on the "" idea. But we are doing thigns very differently and have already concluded agreements for at least 500,000 members by the year's end. I also alreayd sold out my entire ".edu" inventory.

reisa@plinet .

rob Your "edu" inventory?

dmiller@wes Sorry everyone...PC crashed. I'm back

jacob-ds9@ It will be a big community of low-budget webmasters. We welcome any service providers to offer discounts to our members. Since we are not in direct competition with anyone (except for other services liek we can develop win/win situations for all parties involved.


reisa@plinet Well, they are mostly reputable. They sell the students names and addresses to multiple mailing lists, mostly banks offering student loans. 99.9% of the email notifications you get about "new" listings in your "scholarship mailbox" are PAID for.

rob So where do I go for more info no you?

jacob-ds9@ We make money off of advertising, all users coming from an .edu domain IP will see an ad (as will everyone else). We can target ads by IP and the .edu IP is already sold out.

rob And how does this tie in with Sreaming Politiciains?

reisa@plinet Aren't you missing out on a LOT of students who do NOT use .edu IP's? 35% of my students are calling with AOL :)

dmiller@wes Does anyone have marketing/partnering ideas for me based on the *english* description I gave?

jacob-ds9@ Well, right now, you can call me at 718-853-5665. As I said, the site and program are currently being developed.

rob Brooklyn?

jacob-ds9@ This is completely separate from The Screaming Politicians. I am a very deversified man. <g>

jacob-ds9@ Yep, good old Brooklyn!

rob Miller, I wanted to know WHY I should use your services. What makes yours better than the rest?

rob Kings Highway. Sigh.

jacob-ds9@ About 20 minutes from there. Is that where you grew up, or do you still live here?


dmiller@wes Much more flexible -- not a total cookie-cutter approach. Possibilities on structuring your site are almost endless.

rob My body was born in Los Angeles, but my soul was born in Brooklyn. Lotta friends.

rob Miller: so you transparnetly update my site with data?

rob How do I port that data to you?

jacob-ds9@ Very cool! Maybe one day i can be added to that list of "lotta friends".

dmiller@wes A password-protected web interface.

Louise@gree i saw your examples, Rob on what you did for other company, I am thinking of going for a bit of venture capital, but I can only stretch in so many directions :)

rob Soitenly.

rob Yeah, finding money is tough. The less you need the harder it gets.

Louise@gree true, don't need a lot :)

rob Miller: And what form do I send it in?


jacob-ds9@ Oooh, I see the topic has shifted to VC. We (Satellite Studios, not the band) are currently in the throws of finding VC. We are not looking for a lot though. It isn't very easy, trust me!

rob For those of you who want to save this entire transcript, simply block the entire window and copy it to your note pad.

dmiller@wes You add it directly online. This isn't FTP -- you're adding "records", which equate to updates, events, products, etc.

rob For those of you interested in finding out more about venture money, there's a column I wrote on it at http://www.robfrankel/news.html

rob But I forgot the title....

rob Okay, thanks everyone! Bye!

dmiller@wes I'll catch you next week

Louise@gree bye

jquirk@coms Thanks, Rob bye.

andrewsk@n Thanks, Rob!

jacob-ds9@ I will check that out right away. Thanks rob.

reisa@plinet Gotta admit, I never even heard of the Screaming Politicians until you posted your scholarship on my site :) *grins*

reisa@plinet I'd be interested in hearing that also, Miller, as I'm always looking for hosts that provide database services...

reisa@plinet Miller, what database servers are you using?

rwalton@nor Thanks, Rob, always interesting!

jacob-ds9@ If you are interested Rob, give me a call, we'll do lunch next time you're in NY.

dmiller@wes Reisa, I'll follow up offline. Check out

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