Transcript of Frankel's Free Clinic May 22, 2000

Terri Robinson ( (5/22/2000 9:00 AM): Greetings, Rob!

RobFrankel ( (5/22/2000 9:00 AM): Greetings everyone! How's it going? (5/22/2000 9:00 AM): Terri, did you see my post to the listserv about employee policy on surfing?

Sana (5/22/2000 9:00 AM): Entered the room.

RobFrankel ( (5/22/2000 9:00 AM): Gibbson, "Hello", are you still here?

Terri Robinson ( (5/22/2000 9:01 AM): hmm no I didn't see that, Jozef - to FrankelBees you mean?

RobFrankel ( (5/22/2000 9:01 AM): Jozef, your post just went out a few minutes ago.... (5/22/2000 9:01 AM): Everything is going great Rob. Yes Terri, it went out this morning.

RobFrankel ( (5/22/2000 9:02 AM): For some reason, we've been getting a rash of HR posts in the last week or two.

Terri Robinson ( (5/22/2000 9:02 AM): things are great here, Rob! I designed a "doorway page" on one of my domains - haven't had enough time to see how effective it will be yet <G>

RobFrankel ( (5/22/2000 9:02 AM): Weber? Gibbson? If you're new, you get to go first....

Terri Robinson ( (5/22/2000 9:03 AM): it's if you want to give me your expert opinion :)

RobFrankel ( (5/22/2000 9:03 AM): It will definitely help with spiders and robots, Terri.

Yancey ( (5/22/2000 9:03 AM): Entered the room.

weber (5/22/2000 9:03 AM): I would like to sit and watch for a few sec's. By the way I loved your book!

Terri Robinson ( (5/22/2000 9:04 AM): hi Yancey! Thanks Rob :)

RobFrankel ( (5/22/2000 9:04 AM): Hey, thanks, Weber! I appreciate that. okay, jump in whenever you like, though. This is TOTALLY free form. (5/22/2000 9:04 AM): Anybody have some great customer service ideas for a web site for chain of vacuum cleaner stores? I have suggested a warrantee fill out section with listserv so far.

RobFrankel ( (5/22/2000 9:05 AM): Very clean, Terri. Any reason you didn't graphically title the page?

Yancey ( (5/22/2000 9:05 AM): Terri, it looks great!

Guy Cook - (5/22/2000 9:05 AM): Entered the room. (5/22/2000 9:05 AM): Also, a extra cost delivery service for bags and accessories, if it fits their plans. (5/22/2000 9:05 AM): Entered the room.

Arizona Reporter ( (5/22/2000 9:05 AM): Entered the room.

Terri Robinson ( (5/22/2000 9:06 AM): you mean put a headline on it? I just got started with it to tell you the truth.. still has a long way to go <G> Thanks Yancey!

RobFrankel ( (5/22/2000 9:06 AM): What kind of vacuum cleaner? The reason I ask is that if they need refill bags, a reminder service seems fairly obvious.... (5/22/2000 9:06 AM): hello all

Guy Cook - (5/22/2000 9:06 AM): Greetings all from Washington State (5/22/2000 9:06 AM): All kinds of vacuum cleaners, built-ins, dirt devil, electrolux, etc.

RobFrankel ( (5/22/2000 9:07 AM): Just identify the name of the site, Terri and keep it nice, clean and fastloading. It looks good and loads fast on my dial up. (5/22/2000 9:07 AM): Yes, a reminder service for bags is a good one.

Frankie (5/22/2000 9:07 AM): Entered the room.

Terri Robinson ( (5/22/2000 9:08 AM): ahhh okay, Rob - that is first on my agenda for it, of course! Hi Guy, Patti, James!

RobFrankel ( (5/22/2000 9:08 AM): Yo, Frankie. New here? Jump in when you like. We let the new people go first.

rdb (5/22/2000 9:08 AM): Entered the room.

Guy Cook - (5/22/2000 9:08 AM): Got here late, what is the URL again Terri?

RobFrankel ( (5/22/2000 9:09 AM): After that, Jozef, it depends on what you're trying to do and where. Is this an online thing or for the CSR's to upsell the call in customers?

Terri Robinson ( (5/22/2000 9:09 AM): Guy

Guy Cook - (5/22/2000 9:09 AM): Thanks

RobFrankel ( (5/22/2000 9:09 AM): Hey, RDB. Don't hesitate to jump in when you're ready. (5/22/2000 9:10 AM): It's an online thing. They want to service areas without putting a store in those areas.

rdb (5/22/2000 9:10 AM): jus' hangin out, thanks (5/22/2000 9:10 AM): They are bringing their strategic plans in later today. I just want to be armed with some ideas.

RobFrankel ( (5/22/2000 9:11 AM): Jozef, I would strongly advise an Instant Response service, then. Something that guarantees the store responds within 30 minutes of the call is free. Link it up to an e-mail pager.

RobFrankel ( (5/22/2000 9:11 AM): No prob, RDB.

Frankie (5/22/2000 9:11 AM): What is a good Web design forum on the net?

Guy Cook - (5/22/2000 9:11 AM): I just added a voice on the net support page beta to test on our site, for instant response

RobFrankel ( (5/22/2000 9:11 AM): People really dig responsiveness. (5/22/2000 9:11 AM): Thanks Rob.

RobFrankel ( (5/22/2000 9:12 AM): Web design forum? For what purpose -- developers, designers?

Guy Cook - (5/22/2000 9:12 AM): It's a free service from works great. (5/22/2000 9:12 AM): There are several web design forums at Frankie .. you can link to some of them from my resources area

RobFrankel ( (5/22/2000 9:13 AM): Guy, is it integrated telephony (can they phone the site) or is it voiceover IP?

Guy Cook - (5/22/2000 9:13 AM): I participate in a voice forum on for web design, it is text too if you can't do voice

Dan Janal (5/22/2000 9:13 AM): Entered the room. (5/22/2000 9:13 AM): Frankie, are you looking for web design or web development resources? (5/22/2000 9:13 AM): Entered the room.

Yancey ( (5/22/2000 9:13 AM): also has an instant web site response system.

Frankie (5/22/2000 9:13 AM): Both: Web design for Developers (technical)...and Web design for designers (artistic).

Arizona Reporter ( (5/22/2000 9:13 AM): Frankie, try the HTML Guild, I think the URL is

Guy Cook - (5/22/2000 9:13 AM): Our forum there is called One-Service Web Design Tech

Arizona Reporter ( (5/22/2000 9:14 AM): Oops, one too many w's

Guy Cook - (5/22/2000 9:14 AM): It only works on PC for now, Mac and linux versions of firetalk will happen someday (5/22/2000 9:14 AM): Frankie, why are you looking for web design and development info?

Frankie (5/22/2000 9:15 AM): Jozef - I am starting a web site, from scratch, need to learn fast on both counts.

Guy Cook - (5/22/2000 9:16 AM): For design classes checkout, Frankie (5/22/2000 9:16 AM): if anyone is interested in developing ebooks.. Barbara Besteni is going to be chatting on the subject on Wednesday evening at (5/22/2000 9:17 AM): Frankie, if you give me your e-mail addy I will send you a copy of my article on strategic planning. A good start. Also, read Rob's book on branding too. (5/22/2000 9:17 AM): at 7pm oops left off the time

RobFrankel ( (5/22/2000 9:17 AM): Frankie, you may find a lot of help on the FrankelBiz list. Lots of highly qualified people there.

RobFrankel ( (5/22/2000 9:17 AM): Patti, speaking of ebooks, have you tried Jim Daniel's stuff?

Yancey ( (5/22/2000 9:17 AM): Frankie, if you are using a program, the company that makes it could have a forum. (5/22/2000 9:18 AM): no I've not Rob.. can you tell me more?

Frankie (5/22/2000 9:18 AM): My e-mail is (5/22/2000 9:18 AM): The University of British Columbia just published my article. It's called Planning a Strategic Website.

Frankie (5/22/2000 9:19 AM): Yancey, Dreamweaver 3 (still shrink-wrapped as of this morning).

RobFrankel ( (5/22/2000 9:19 AM): I'm not sure if this is what you're looking for, but try

Terri Robinson ( (5/22/2000 9:19 AM): Congratulations, Jozef!

RobFrankel ( (5/22/2000 9:19 AM): Wow, Jozef, nice shootin' there, bud. Congratulations.

Yancey ( (5/22/2000 9:19 AM): Jozef, congrats on the publish! (5/22/2000 9:20 AM): nice going Jozef

Yancey ( (5/22/2000 9:20 AM): Frankie, you can find Dreamweaver 3 discussion groups, try

RobFrankel ( (5/22/2000 9:20 AM): Frankie, Dreamweaver is the way to go. You can use it by itself or plug into other Macromedia stuff with ease.

Terri Robinson ( (5/22/2000 9:20 AM): Frankie, even if you are using Dreamweaver, you should learn basic HTML so you can "proof" the code you create in DW

Yancey ( (5/22/2000 9:21 AM): First, read the manual!

RobFrankel ( (5/22/2000 9:21 AM): Patti, did you get that? (5/22/2000 9:21 AM): if you're seeking critiques on websites you might try joining .. it is a community of website owners who critique each other .. I've had some interesting and not so interesting input from it :)

Guy Cook - (5/22/2000 9:21 AM): is the link to our voice page. PC only, we talk Dreamweaver too.

Frankie (5/22/2000 9:21 AM): Once the basic page is ready, my next step would be community building...which I am totally blank how to get this going (technically).

weber (5/22/2000 9:21 AM): Is it hard to convert web pages from FrontPage2000 to Dream Weaver? (5/22/2000 9:22 AM): yes I did Rob.. wasn't sure if that was meant for me but I loaded it anyway :)

Guy Cook - (5/22/2000 9:22 AM): FP to DW depends on how many bots got installed in FP

Chester ( (5/22/2000 9:22 AM): Entered the room.

RobFrankel ( (5/22/2000 9:22 AM): Well there's the rub, Weber. FrontPage -- typically Microsoft -- lures you in with built-in functions that are linked to MS servers. (5/22/2000 9:22 AM): Hey, if that isn't enough. The local paper, the Vancouver Province did a story on us Yesterday too. (5/22/2000 9:23 AM): Entered the room.

Terri Robinson ( (5/22/2000 9:23 AM): Fred Langa just had a discussion on that weber - have a look at

Guy Cook - (5/22/2000 9:23 AM): Jozef, is there a URL for the newspaper story?

RobFrankel ( (5/22/2000 9:23 AM): The functionality seems good, until you run into FrontPage's design limitations, which do, in a real sense, suck. (5/22/2000 9:24 AM): being a Netscape user I find that most times when a page fails to load in Netscape it has been done in FP ... and those doing the work are largely unaware

weber (5/22/2000 9:24 AM): The only bots we are using are the include page

RobFrankel ( (5/22/2000 9:24 AM): I personally prefer to design and build in Dreamweaver -- or even Pagemill, for crying out loud -- and then add scripts and functionality later. Stuff that's too intimidating, I hire out.

Yancey ( (5/22/2000 9:25 AM): Patti, that is a Microsoft secret, your not supposed to tell.

Chester ( (5/22/2000 9:25 AM): Homesite for me. Going to learn Dreamweaver though.

Guy Cook - (5/22/2000 9:25 AM): One would be enough, DW would not support FP extensions on the server either Unix or NT

RobFrankel ( (5/22/2000 9:25 AM): Yup, Patti hit it right on the head. FrontPage is usually for people who thought they could buy an "all in one" package.

weber (5/22/2000 9:25 AM): I agree, FrontPage is a disaster. It looks good in IE. then looks messed up in Navigator, or vice versa. It seems to corrupt everything. Also it is unusable in Linux which we are going to switch to. (5/22/2000 9:25 AM): Guy, good point. I will try and get it onto our web site ASAP.

RobFrankel ( (5/22/2000 9:25 AM): Chester. they've integrated those two.

Guy Cook - (5/22/2000 9:26 AM): Thanks, Jozef, when I get published in the business journal, usually there is a link on their website too. (5/22/2000 9:26 AM): Weber, we are linux experts. Been developing on the linux platform for two years.

RobFrankel ( (5/22/2000 9:26 AM): Frankie, just make sure you preview your site in both browsers, going back to version 3 of each.

Andy TeBockhorst ( (5/22/2000 9:27 AM): Entered the room.

RobFrankel ( (5/22/2000 9:27 AM): before we get too techie here, does anyone have a business or branding issue (<----Reality check)

Guy Cook - (5/22/2000 9:27 AM): A good way to test browser compatibility is (5/22/2000 9:27 AM): We beat out another developer that was pushing FrontPage, with our clientupdateable web browser web page editing system.

Yancey ( (5/22/2000 9:27 AM): Andy, did you bring donuts?

weber (5/22/2000 9:27 AM): We are planning to switch around Sept.

Chester ( (5/22/2000 9:27 AM): Also make sure you check it on various color settings. It is amazing how many people buy a computer and don't change them...

Andy TeBockhorst ( (5/22/2000 9:27 AM): Hi Gang!

Guy Cook - (5/22/2000 9:28 AM): weber, Jozef do you get MAXIMUM LINUX the magazine there yet?

RobFrankel ( (5/22/2000 9:28 AM): ooooo, nice tip on netmechanic, Guy!

Frankie (5/22/2000 9:28 AM): Yes, branding issue (capitalization): or (inclined on first one, for originality/uniqueness)

weber (5/22/2000 9:28 AM): Not yet (5/22/2000 9:28 AM): Weber, we need to talk. We can really help you out. Check out Their entire site is client updateable. No FrontPage, just our client updateable back-end software.

Andy TeBockhorst ( (5/22/2000 9:29 AM): Hi Gang!

Guy Cook - (5/22/2000 9:29 AM): The premiere issue has Mandrake 7.0 and Storm Linux 2000 CD's with it for FREE!

RobFrankel ( (5/22/2000 9:29 AM): AHA! Another FrankelBiz connection! only took 28 minutes into the session! (5/22/2000 9:29 AM): No Guy, how do we get it. We read the linux developers journal.

weber (5/22/2000 9:29 AM): We try to keep our stuff simple. THE main reason for the delay is that we use the Corel graphics programs and WordPerfect Office, the graphics is not out in Linux yet.

RobFrankel ( (5/22/2000 9:30 AM): Weber, it sounds as if you're going to have to migrate into more professional products that integrate smoothly into the web space.

Terri Robinson ( (5/22/2000 9:30 AM): Rob, you can take credit for another FrankelBee connection - Jozef and I are collaborating on an article together <G>

Yancey ( (5/22/2000 9:30 AM): Rob, an article for later on branding: Your Web Site Is Your Brand (5/22/2000 9:30 AM): anyone know of a scheduler that can be shared across the web as well as on a peer to peer network?

Yancey ( (5/22/2000 9:30 AM): (5/22/2000 9:31 AM): Weber, we build web dynamic graphs using linux. Check out the graphs at's mortgage calculator.

RobFrankel ( (5/22/2000 9:31 AM): Yahoo! Two in 28 minutes, that means...carry the four...a connection every 14 minutes!

Guy Cook - (5/22/2000 9:31 AM): weber try GIMP for linux for graphics

RobFrankel ( (5/22/2000 9:31 AM): Patti, and might fit your needs

rdb (5/22/2000 9:31 AM): Rob, you're a hoot (5/22/2000 9:32 AM): thanks Rob I'll have a look at them

Terri Robinson ( (5/22/2000 9:32 AM): <laffin> I'll second that, Rob!

RobFrankel ( (5/22/2000 9:32 AM): I should be RDB. I spent three years in hoot school.

Frankie (5/22/2000 9:32 AM): Branding question - or ?

Yancey ( (5/22/2000 9:32 AM): And Terri, I'd like to think I helped give some inspiration on your graphic.

weber (5/22/2000 9:32 AM): If we use GIMP will printers be able to use it. We have had some who only accept Adobe, and it was a bitch to find some who would use Corel. (5/22/2000 9:32 AM): Frankie, just sent you my article.

rdb (5/22/2000 9:33 AM): RDB --> Rob also

Terri Robinson ( (5/22/2000 9:33 AM): oops! didn't mean to neglect that, Yancey! That is a third connection Rob! Yancey's graphic was my inspiration for my new doorpage graphic!

Andy TeBockhorst ( (5/22/2000 9:33 AM): I like tvWild

RobFrankel ( (5/22/2000 9:33 AM): Weber, why not just use Adobe, Quark , Dreamweaver, and MS Office? I run 98% of my biz on them.

Guy Cook - (5/22/2000 9:33 AM): is the link for our voice chat if you're curious PC's only sorry Rob

Yancey ( (5/22/2000 9:34 AM): Frankie, I like tvWild too.

RobFrankel ( (5/22/2000 9:34 AM): If you add in Eudora for e-mail, IE/NS for web, that pretty much takes cares of everything

Guy Cook - (5/22/2000 9:35 AM): Rob have you looked at Outlook 2000 for email?

Yancey ( (5/22/2000 9:35 AM): And BBEdit when you want to get down and dirty in the code.

weber (5/22/2000 9:35 AM): We are trying to stay away from MS, due to compatibility issues with the rest of the world. Adobe, and Quark are extremely expensive, And I personally am sick and tired of the lack of stability in windows. I have to reboot my computer at least 6 times per day due to windows crashes. Even when using MS products.

Terri Robinson ( (5/22/2000 9:35 AM): ugh, Guy! Outlook for mail is taking your life in your hands, I am afraid! (5/22/2000 9:36 AM): outlook sucks ... to put it gently :)

RobFrankel ( (5/22/2000 9:36 AM): No Guy, I haven't for two reasons: 1. I'm on a Mac and 2. I've had a lot of people find problems with Outlook mail. Still scared to abandon Eudora 4.2

rdb (5/22/2000 9:36 AM): weber, what are your output requirements? is pre-press, etc?

Guy Cook - (5/22/2000 9:36 AM): Not Outlook express, Terri, this is Outlook 2000 I like it. Sorry to hear you don't (5/22/2000 9:36 AM): Yes, we mainly use Netscape for e-mail in our office, no viruses!

RobFrankel ( (5/22/2000 9:36 AM): Um, Weber, can I seduce you into Macintosh (heh, heh)?

weber (5/22/2000 9:36 AM): Yes PrePress (5/22/2000 9:36 AM): We only use IE to test for browser compatibility.

Andy TeBockhorst ( (5/22/2000 9:36 AM): Faithful Outlook user here... sorry gang, it's stable and secure if you set it up right.

RobFrankel ( (5/22/2000 9:37 AM): Speaking of viruses, I was smirking extra hard when the PC world got hit with "I love you".

Terri Robinson ( (5/22/2000 9:37 AM): I'm using Eudora 4.3.1 Rob - it's the sponsored version and still works fantastic! - Guy, the viruses are attacking both Outlook and Outlook Express

rdb (5/22/2000 9:37 AM): are you outputting to PostScript? that's pretty standard among printers

Guy Cook - (5/22/2000 9:37 AM): 2 points for Andy endorsement, Andy are you using the Outlook 2000 as well? (5/22/2000 9:38 AM): I'm a long time Eudora user. wouldn't use anything else .. have tried others and keep going back

RobFrankel ( (5/22/2000 9:38 AM): Actually, Andy has a point. MS takes a bad hit for having problems, when the truth is probably closer to people not installing and knowing their software well enough. I know it's true for NT servers....

Andy TeBockhorst ( (5/22/2000 9:38 AM): I am a 2000 kind of guy.

weber (5/22/2000 9:38 AM): We looked at that, maybe in the future. Just scared about being locked into a particular vendor. For instance we currently use Dell and Compaq. We were IBM until there were problems with upgrading, attitude, etc. If IBM was the only place in the world to get computers ....well, you understand.

RobFrankel ( (5/22/2000 9:38 AM): I paid the money for 4.2 Terri. I hate intrusive stuff.

Guy Cook - (5/22/2000 9:38 AM): Terri, viruses are a part of the net. I have patches for protection from them pretty quickly the secret is don't open foreign looking attachments basically I think

Arizona Reporter ( (5/22/2000 9:39 AM): I use Pegasus Mail for e-mail. (5/22/2000 9:39 AM): I'm very adept with software and hardware Rob.. will still take Eudora over Outlook ... I use MS Office out of necessity not desire

Guy Cook - (5/22/2000 9:39 AM): Is Pegasus still free?

RobFrankel ( (5/22/2000 9:39 AM): Weber, I have no Apple stock and I can tell you that life is much simpler and far more productive. Works out much more profitably for me.

Frankie (5/22/2000 9:39 AM): Web server OS preferences: Windows, Linux, Solaris, others?

Terri Robinson ( (5/22/2000 9:40 AM): Yeah, that's a given, Guy <G> Rob, I paid for version 3 and will get around to paying for the new one.. the ads aren't too intrusive though.

RobFrankel ( (5/22/2000 9:40 AM): PEGASUS??? Are they still around? Wow! (5/22/2000 9:40 AM): Actually Rob, we use linux web servers and used to have an NT server in our office. A few months ago we scraped the NT, threw in a linux box with Samba and the windows apps run better with linux than they did with NT.

Andy TeBockhorst ( (5/22/2000 9:40 AM): Linux is beautiful as a web server... ridiculously stable, but you better know what you are doing... It's a little too techie for me!

Chester ( (5/22/2000 9:40 AM): Any flavor of Unix running Apache with PHP installed and you are off to the races...

weber (5/22/2000 9:40 AM): My Brother is a MAC user almost exclusively. I know he loves it.

Guy Cook - (5/22/2000 9:41 AM): Jozef, are you using win98 or win95 thru samba?

RobFrankel ( (5/22/2000 9:41 AM): Wow, to anyone lurking we must sound like a bunch of techies today....No business/branding/marketing stuff? (5/22/2000 9:41 AM): You bet Chester! (5/22/2000 9:41 AM): from what I've learned.. the main problem with linux is it does tend to have more backdoors but they can be readily closed if you know what you're doing

Arizona Reporter ( (5/22/2000 9:41 AM): Yes, Rob. I think so. I haven't checked for a new version lately, but I just love the program.

Chester ( (5/22/2000 9:42 AM): Rob, you know I am just a techie trying to learn the mktg stuff... :) (5/22/2000 9:42 AM): Guy, we are using 98 in the front office (sales) but our web developers are using linux workstations. Can code faster with linux.

Frankie (5/22/2000 9:42 AM): Rob - did you see my branding question on caps: tvWild or TVwild? (5/22/2000 9:43 AM): it is all relevant isn't it.. poorly developed sites and servers can kill the best efforts at marketing?

RobFrankel ( (5/22/2000 9:43 AM): Sorry Frankie, missed it. What's the purpose of the brand. Tell me a little about the biz.

Andy TeBockhorst ( (5/22/2000 9:43 AM): Heck Chester, the Marketing stuff is easy... I think the $$ is in the techie world these days!

Guy Cook - (5/22/2000 9:43 AM): Ok, sometime I want to talk to you about the win98 box thru samba, I am not able to do that for some reason. I can with 95 no problem, just not 98

Arizona Reporter ( (5/22/2000 9:43 AM): For me TVwild catches the eye quicker (5/22/2000 9:43 AM): And with linux you never get the blue screen of death (windows)

Frankie (5/22/2000 9:44 AM): - site for Internet/Television convergence, primarily family entertainment. (5/22/2000 9:44 AM): Guy, send a message to, he will be able to help you.

Guy Cook - (5/22/2000 9:45 AM): Thanks Jozef, booting my rh6.0 now. (5/22/2000 9:45 AM): Jim is our linux guru (and he is 19 years old, but very very good).

Chester ( (5/22/2000 9:45 AM): So far for me the $$ have been in hosting with value-added services. Just my labor, which is easy to mark up...

RobFrankel ( (5/22/2000 9:45 AM): First off, Frankie, realize that the name is going to carry pre-conceptions with it. TVWILD to me sounds like edgy/adult stuff....not family. Second read I get is animals. how close it that?

rdb (5/22/2000 9:45 AM): question, what do people suggest for learning how to write good grabby copy?

Guy Cook - (5/22/2000 9:46 AM): Reading good grabby copy?

Chester ( (5/22/2000 9:46 AM): There is also something out there called VMWare to run Win9x on top of Linux. Not sure if Samba does that or if it replaces Win9x.

RobFrankel ( (5/22/2000 9:46 AM): RDB -- start with a boring old sentence of what you want to say. Don't try to be clever the first round at it.

Andy TeBockhorst ( (5/22/2000 9:46 AM): My thoughts exactly Guy... You have to devote yourself to reading and recognizing good copy. Read, read and read.

Frankie (5/22/2000 9:46 AM): Rob - Got your feelings too, but there are not that many short .com names available to go around these days. (5/22/2000 9:47 AM): The $$ are in software development, but you need your strat plan and your branding 1st before you start coding.

RobFrankel ( (5/22/2000 9:47 AM): Step TWO; write a letter to your brother or your mother about it. Step three: once you've finished the letter, take off the "Dear Mom" and the "love, RDB".

Chester ( (5/22/2000 9:47 AM): You might find some tips at

Frankie (5/22/2000 9:47 AM): Rob - Intended meaning for is crazy about TV.

RobFrankel ( (5/22/2000 9:47 AM): Frankie, there are PLENTY of names left, trust me. But nothing will kill your marketing attempts faster than the WRONG name. (5/22/2000 9:48 AM): Frankie, try out the .ws top level domains. .ws is a good one. Represents worldsite, website, wireless. It will take off, especially since the rest of the world is catching up to the U.S. in internet usage.

rdb (5/22/2000 9:48 AM): hey, I got recently found a good resource for finding available domain names

RobFrankel ( (5/22/2000 9:48 AM): Especially if you're starting up, you can't afford to pound advertising into heads out there. You've got to make our name easily remembered for the right reasons.

Guy Cook - (5/22/2000 9:48 AM): I better bet busy, bye all, got to contact a linux guru named Jim. Have a great week and try you PC owners.

RobFrankel ( (5/22/2000 9:49 AM): Where RDB?

Frankie (5/22/2000 9:49 AM): Rob - Given the biz brief, what kind of name would you think of?

rdb (5/22/2000 9:49 AM): (5/22/2000 9:49 AM): Guy, Jim is not in today. Its a holiday here in Canada (queen's birthday).

terra (5/22/2000 9:49 AM): Entered the room.

rdb (5/22/2000 9:50 AM): you give it a few key words and it juggles them around in a variety of fashions

rdb (5/22/2000 9:50 AM): then it checks for the availability

RobFrankel ( (5/22/2000 9:50 AM): Frankie, I wouldn't do that here. That's a work session issue. But I will tell you this: the more you look at names, the more you'll see how bad most are.

RobFrankel ( (5/22/2000 9:51 AM): Believe me, was no exercise I genius and if it were up to me, the name would still not be taken.

weber (5/22/2000 9:51 AM): Sounds like They do somewhat the same thing when you are registering a domain (5/22/2000 9:52 AM): BTW Rob, I notice more when I see commercials, just how lame the tag lines are after reading your book.

RobFrankel ( (5/22/2000 9:52 AM): And yet, I just named a company -- based on its brand strategy -- and got all 24 variations with no problem, including hyphenated.

Frankie (5/22/2000 9:52 AM): Rob - I have evaluated over 10,000 available names.

RobFrankel ( (5/22/2000 9:52 AM): (TEN MINUTE WARNING)

terra (5/22/2000 9:52 AM): I entered so late, how can I read the whole discussion. Thanks

RobFrankel ( (5/22/2000 9:52 AM): Terra, the archives will be up later today. You can read them there.

Frankie (5/22/2000 9:53 AM): Rob - Got registered close to 200 hundreds. Yet tvWild somehow stands out for some reason, even wife likes it.

RobFrankel ( (5/22/2000 9:53 AM): Jozef, you're right. Funny, tragic.

RobFrankel ( (5/22/2000 9:53 AM): Frankie, the problem is that you're going from a name to your business. You should be going from your business to your name. (5/22/2000 9:53 AM): Yes, also a real opportunity.

rdb (5/22/2000 9:54 AM): can you get the Brand X book at local stores?

RobFrankel ( (5/22/2000 9:54 AM): The wife likes it? Now you're in trouble! Leadership is where it's at. Don't worry about who likes it. Worry about communicating clearly and effectively.

Chester ( (5/22/2000 9:54 AM): It's only available through the link below... :> (5/22/2000 9:54 AM): rdb, go to and click on the yellow banner to get the book (grin).

Yancey ( (5/22/2000 9:55 AM): go Jozef!

RobFrankel ( (5/22/2000 9:55 AM): No, RDB, I have committed to selling it online only, so that I can give affiliates and the web its due. The only site that ships it quickly is, although I understand that others have picked up the title. (5/22/2000 9:55 AM): Ca ching!

RobFrankel ( (5/22/2000 9:56 AM): Hey, why not? Go to Jozef's site and let him earn the fee!

weber (5/22/2000 9:56 AM): Rob, if I have some particular questions from your book and how they apply to our situation, is this a good place to ask them? (I know this may seem like a stupid questions, but no question is stupid if you don't know the answer).

Frankie (5/22/2000 9:56 AM): Rob - I am listening, also started reading your book, so there still hope.

RobFrankel ( (5/22/2000 9:56 AM): Incidentally, Allan Gardyne, the king of associate programs just gave me a very warm endorsement. Fabulous guy.

RobFrankel ( (5/22/2000 9:57 AM): Frankie, if nothing else, it will keep you on the right track, for the right reasons.

RobFrankel ( (5/22/2000 9:57 AM): Weber, this is the PERFECT place to do it. No stupid questions at all.

RobFrankel ( (5/22/2000 9:58 AM): (TWO MINUTES) (5/22/2000 9:58 AM): Frankie, if you read my article, the section on customer identification dovetails with Rob's book. If branding is about them not you, you have to figure out who "them" is 1st!

weber (5/22/2000 9:58 AM): Thanks. I will have some next week. When reading there were a few that came up, but I don't remember them off the top of my head.

Terri Robinson ( (5/22/2000 9:59 AM): Rob, everyone, thanks for a great session today! I'm off to work again - see you all next week!

RobFrankel ( (5/22/2000 9:59 AM): Correctomundo, Jozef!

Arizona Reporter ( (5/22/2000 9:59 AM): Gee, missed this whole chat this morning. On the phone with a new advertiser. When will the archive be up?

Chester ( (5/22/2000 9:59 AM): Adios all, thanks for the good links. Jozef, watch for my email.

RobFrankel ( (5/22/2000 10:00 AM): A little later today, AZ.

RobFrankel ( (5/22/2000 10:00 AM): Okay, you guys, I've gotta run. But you are most welcome to continue as long as you want. You can also use this site to meet any time you like during the week. See you online!

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