Transcript of Frankel's Free Clinic May 25, 1998

Rob Frankel (5/25/98 9:09 AM): Hi Louise...see? Some USA types are working today!

soaplady (5/25/98 9:10 AM): hiya, just catching up:)

Tina Thomas (5/25/98 9:10 AM): Hi Louise!

Tina Thomas (5/25/98 9:10 AM): We are basically talking about growth opportunities out side the US

soaplady (5/25/98 9:10 AM): wow! Does this mean I have two of the biggest brains all to myself today??:)

Rob Frankel (5/25/98 9:10 AM): I figure I was never in the military, so I don't deserve to take today off.

soaplady (5/25/98 9:11 AM): I see the chat script has matured a bit.. i like it

Rob Frankel (5/25/98 9:11 AM): I told Tina that I don't expect a big turnout today...

soaplady (5/25/98 9:12 AM): well. I am still working on my website.. lots of hits but hardly anyonw buys.. gotta fix the cart

Rob Frankel (5/25/98 9:12 AM): Thanks. There are two real possibilities that the Clinic may get integrated into a big corporate sponsorship site, which will be even better. But for now, this works nicely,.

Rob Frankel (5/25/98 9:13 AM): The cart ain't the problem! One of the most common complaints I have from clients is a "low close rate".

Tina Thomas (5/25/98 9:13 AM): Louise, what's your URL again?

soaplady (5/25/98 9:13 AM):

Rob Frankel (5/25/98 9:14 AM): You have one of two problems: 1. The site is too hard to buy from or 2. You're getting unqualified traffic. Maybe even BOTH...

soaplady (5/25/98 9:14 AM): rob, I am reorganizing it, so that it takes no more than 3 clicks to buy something

Rob Frankel (5/25/98 9:14 AM): The last time I checked, it took a LOT of clicks to get to the purchase. Are you shortening that?

soaplady (5/25/98 9:15 AM): explain unqualified traffic??

soaplady (5/25/98 9:15 AM): everypage except the home page has a link to a product somewhere :)

Rob Frankel (5/25/98 9:15 AM): Great. That should help a lot. Another thing that might help is stressing how tough it is to find these products anywhere else.

Rob Frankel (5/25/98 9:16 AM): Unqualified traffic means you get lots of inquiries, but nobody who would be interested in your site. For example, if you had a "SEX" meta tag, you would draw lots of hits, but nobody would buy because you had no porno to sell...

soaplady (5/25/98 9:17 AM): how do i do that?

soaplady (5/25/98 9:17 AM): i have a free month with

Rob Frankel (5/25/98 9:17 AM): This is where CONTENT is important. Ever see those TV spots that say "available only through this exclusive offer"?

Rob Frankel (5/25/98 9:18 AM): That's how you have to sell your stuff. Also, price your items in a package so that you sell more stuff per sale, even though you sell each item for less.

soaplady (5/25/98 9:18 AM): hmmm.. I don't really see how I can incorporate that kind of hard sell in a shopping cart?

Rob Frankel (5/25/98 9:19 AM): Sure you can. You make the "green Cottage Special gift Pack" availabel as one item in the cart.

Tina Thomas (5/25/98 9:19 AM): Also, the homepage should scream exclusivity and why to buy...

Rob Frankel (5/25/98 9:19 AM): Tina's right. You may have distributors out there, but there shouldn't be any conflict with them.

Tina Thomas (5/25/98 9:20 AM): Appeal to the senses both verbally and graphically to get visitors as emotionally excited/stirred as possible.

soaplady (5/25/98 9:20 AM): I am bartering to get some pro commercial photos taken of my products, should help :)

Rob Frankel (5/25/98 9:21 AM): Plus, it should scream why they should buy RIGHT NOW. Special time sensitive limited offers are great for that, especially when holidays aren't helping you.

soaplady (5/25/98 9:21 AM): the homepage will have 2 sections, one for purchasers, the other will lead into a resource area

Rob Frankel (5/25/98 9:21 AM): Aslong as we're in this deep, what about Gift Certificates?

Tina Thomas (5/25/98 9:22 AM): For instance,,, I looked at the link Spalutions... It didn't appeal cause I didn't know what it was... then when I saw it was Cool New Fizzy Bath Stuff it made me smile thinking it would be neat to try.

Rob Frankel (5/25/98 9:22 AM): What's the resource area?

soaplady (5/25/98 9:22 AM): yes, I was thinking about that for my cataloque, I can do that for the online catlaogue as well

soaplady (5/25/98 9:23 AM): well, Rob, I run 2 discussion lists, one for the product that I distribute here in Canada (some more soap HA), and a list about Natural beauty

Rob Frankel (5/25/98 9:23 AM): Yeah...Cool New Fizzy Bath Stuff sounds a lot more intriguing than Spalutions...

soaplady (5/25/98 9:24 AM): thanks Tina, the new site has a picture of the bombs so that we can see immediately what they are :)

Rob Frankel (5/25/98 9:24 AM): Gosh, with all that soap, Canada must be a very clean country.

Tina Thomas (5/25/98 9:25 AM): Just an example of using names/descriptives that appeal.... you can reveal the real name later :)

soaplady (5/25/98 9:25 AM): :)

Tina Thomas (5/25/98 9:26 AM): Louise, have you considered co-branding?

soaplady (5/25/98 9:26 AM): a lot of my problems come from not having enough hours in the day to get it all done :)

Rob Frankel (5/25/98 9:26 AM): Now, where is most of your traffic coming from?

soaplady (5/25/98 9:26 AM): i am starting to delegate, just takes time to train, I guess..

soaplady (5/25/98 9:27 AM): most of my traffic comes from eyegive and the search engines

Rob Frankel (5/25/98 9:27 AM): UH OH TIME MANAGEMENT problem...why aren't there enough hours?

Dale Leonard (5/25/98 9:27 AM): Entered the room.

soaplady (5/25/98 9:27 AM): co-branding?

soaplady (5/25/98 9:27 AM): hiya Dale!

Dale Leonard (5/25/98 9:27 AM): Happy Memorial Day, Rob, Tina and Louise ! !

Tina Thomas (5/25/98 9:28 AM): Yeh, for instance, there is this dog breed called Jack Russell..

Rob Frankel (5/25/98 9:28 AM): Okay, Business question: What's your Average Sale on the web? And is it worth the ffort you're putting in?

Rob Frankel (5/25/98 9:28 AM): Hi Dale!

Tina Thomas (5/25/98 9:28 AM): They have a catalog just for Jack Russell Terrier lovers (Hi Dale!) ...

Rob Frankel (5/25/98 9:29 AM): Watch where Tina is going on this go girl!

soaplady (5/25/98 9:29 AM): average retail? about $100-150, average wholesale? about twice that

Tina Thomas (5/25/98 9:29 AM): An example of co-branding would be to determine if this fizzy bath stuff is safe for dogs and if so, letting Jack Russell put their name brand on it and sell it because dogs would get a kick out of the fizz

Tina Thomas (5/25/98 9:30 AM): All you have to do is supply the raw product to Jack Russell and let them do the rest.

soaplady (5/25/98 9:30 AM): so how do you think i should approach someone about co-branding?

Rob Frankel (5/25/98 9:30 AM): Maybe you should look at bumping up the average sale by re-apckaging and adding more items so that you generate more profit per transaction.

Rob Frankel (5/25/98 9:31 AM): Tina, are you talking about co-branding or OEM'ing?

Tina Thomas (5/25/98 9:31 AM): Production on such a co-branding campaign would balloon, but you save on overhead and time on packaging and distribution.

soaplady (5/25/98 9:31 AM): i find that adding more items tends to bring down my profit margin, unless I am not doing it right?

Tina Thomas (5/25/98 9:32 AM): OEMing?

Rob Frankel (5/25/98 9:32 AM): It shouldn't. By creating a Super Cottage pack, with five of everything instead of one, you should be able to sell each item for 10% less, but generate about 15% more.

Tina Thomas (5/25/98 9:33 AM): Don't add more items, sell what you have in different ways (packaging)

Rob Frankel (5/25/98 9:33 AM): OEM stands for Original Equipment manufacturer. It means producing stuff and letting other people slap their brand label on it.

soaplady (5/25/98 9:33 AM): rob, we call that private label

Rob Frankel (5/25/98 9:34 AM): So Lousie might sell the Jack Russell Fizzy bath without her label on it, but they would have to buy the stuff by the metric ton to make it worth her while.

soaplady (5/25/98 9:34 AM): those are 2 interesting options, I am thinking of using boxes but the soap is also artistic and should be seen

Tina Thomas (5/25/98 9:34 AM): Oh yeah... no... what I was meaning by co-branding is that the manufacturer name stays on somewhere.

Rob Frankel (5/25/98 9:35 AM): Private Label, OEm, whatever. In the high tech arena, they always use ten syllables when one will do...

Tina Thomas (5/25/98 9:35 AM): You got it Rob

soaplady (5/25/98 9:35 AM): and you are right, they need to buy at least 100 bars to make it worthwhile

soaplady (5/25/98 9:35 AM): oops 1000

Rob Frankel (5/25/98 9:36 AM): I still think your idea has a lot of merit. "Specs" has a lot of appeal.ially Prepared for Jack Russell

Dale Leonard (5/25/98 9:36 AM): Would you guys like to give me a hint what to expect when our ad goes in Modern Bride on June 23rd? We don't have any idea what to expect.

Rob Frankel (5/25/98 9:36 AM): oops. That should have read: "Specially Prepared for Jack Russell by Green Cottage">

soaplady (5/25/98 9:37 AM): got it:)

Rob Frankel (5/25/98 9:37 AM): How big of an ad? Where is it being placed? How mantimes are you running it?

Tina Thomas (5/25/98 9:37 AM): You got it Rob.... What's your URL Dale?

Dale Leonard (5/25/98 9:38 AM): 1/6th page, and it will be in every issue for the next year at least.

Rob Frankel (5/25/98 9:38 AM): Four color or black and white? And is it in a special section or just floating around?

Dale Leonard (5/25/98 9:39 AM): And like I mentioned two weeks ago, if our website is done before that, we will buy a banner ad on the Modern Bride website, on their Gift and Registry page. Black and white ad, floating.

Rob Frankel (5/25/98 9:40 AM): Well, unless it's a killer ad, I wouldn't bet the farm on it. Small space print ads tend to get shoved to the back of the book...

soaplady (5/25/98 9:40 AM): hey Dale, you haven't updated me with what you need from me for the site:)

Rob Frankel (5/25/98 9:40 AM): Doesn't Modern Bride have a special showcase section for ads that size?

Tina Thomas (5/25/98 9:41 AM): That small, b&w, floating... need to use a little text as possible... make white (or black) space work hard for you.

Rob Frankel (5/25/98 9:42 AM): Dale, sometimes you can use a book like Modern Bride as your marketing Handbook. Have you gone to the smaller advertisers and offred them space on your site in exchange for a mention of your URL in their ads?

Rob Frankel (5/25/98 9:42 AM): Jeez, that's like Modern Bride printing out a prospect list just for you!

Dale Leonard (5/25/98 9:42 AM): Rob, you know it's not a "killer creative" ad because I didn't get you to design it! ! Sorry Louise, I will have my webbuilder get in touch with you tomorrow to let you know. I can't wait to see what traffic you will get from this.

soaplady (5/25/98 9:44 AM): well at least you will have some idea of how effective your site is :)

Rob Frankel (5/25/98 9:44 AM): Years ago, I had a client who thought her "wedWare' planning software would take over the world. Her little ad didn't pull much, but then her product was pretty bad, too, and those were the days when software was considered more "male".

Dale Leonard (5/25/98 9:44 AM): No, Rob, we hadn,t thought of that. But seriously, I want you to create some advertising for me when I can afford your services. I really get a kick out of the way you think.

Rob Frankel (5/25/98 9:44 AM): BTW, I did the "killer" ad and it still flopped!

Rob Frankel (5/25/98 9:45 AM): Modern Bride should have a shopping section for smaller ads. Those sections usually work better than floating around a thick magazine.

Dale Leonard (5/25/98 9:45 AM): It is pretty neat that all the advertisers in the various magazines are potential clients for us as well.

Rob Frankel (5/25/98 9:46 AM): Ya know, Dale, that's like Mistake #3 that I se on people's websites: They list their CURRENT clients -- right out there in the open for everyone else to steal!

Tina Thomas (5/25/98 9:46 AM): Dale, have you looked into reciprocals/partnering online?

Dale Leonard (5/25/98 9:46 AM): And we are going to the photographers convention in New Orleans August 2nd, and the videographers' on August 18.

Dale Leonard (5/25/98 9:47 AM): Not really sure just what you mean, Tina.

Rob Frankel (5/25/98 9:47 AM): PHOTOGRAPHES! That's great! Most of them hve the worst sites anywhere. Very slow loading. They'd be happy to do deals for web space on your site.

Jorge R (5/25/98 9:48 AM): Entered the room.

Rob Frankel (5/25/98 9:48 AM): And your site could have a geographical directory

Dale Leonard (5/25/98 9:49 AM): The cool thing about our site : when every girl registers with us, all the vendors within 60 miles of her "downloads" to her computer so she can see the services in the area of her wedding location.

Rob Frankel (5/25/98 9:49 AM): Let's face it, wedding photogrpahers are not going to travel the country to do weddings...

Dale Leonard (5/25/98 9:50 AM): We are actually going to have a national staff just to sell webpages on our site to every florist, caterer, tux rental et al in every major city. The sky's the limit ! ! !

Rob Frankel (5/25/98 9:50 AM): Yeah, I like that photographer angle..and caterers, obviously...

Rob Frankel (5/25/98 9:51 AM): Dale, did you know that the owner of is a member of FrankelBiz?

Rob Frankel (5/25/98 9:51 AM): We're talking long stemmed flowers, buckaroo

Jorge R (5/25/98 9:51 AM): Hello everyone. Excellent approach to nationwide marketing Dale.

Rob Frankel (5/25/98 9:51 AM): Oops, that's

soaplady (5/25/98 9:52 AM): is that right Rob? <wink wink, nudge nudge>

Dale Leonard (5/25/98 9:52 AM): So Rob, this is where you come in, and very soon, I hope. We are placing ads in all the trade journals for the different industries, and we need something that would be so compelling the people reading them just can't resist using us. You can guaranty those results, can't you, Rob???

Rob Frankel (5/25/98 9:52 AM): (Seven minute warning -- Barbecue is firing up)

Rob Frankel (5/25/98 9:53 AM): Ummm, define "results".....

Tina Thomas (5/25/98 9:53 AM): Like geographically partnering with, say, the Baltimore Sun's Online Paper The Sun Spot, Where they tout you as the exclusive resource, knowing that any other businesses in the area will reap rewards.

Dale Leonard (5/25/98 9:53 AM): We are having barbecues chicken. And I live on St. Simons Island, Georgia. Absolutely beautiful down here! ! !

Rob Frankel (5/25/98 9:53 AM): Actually, there has to be a better way for me to let everyone know what kinds of categories of people are on FrankelBiz, without making it too messy...

soaplady (5/25/98 9:54 AM): if you change some of your categories to reflect what people speicalize in.. i.e. giftware industry

Dale Leonard (5/25/98 9:54 AM): Tina, I have to admit that is totally new to me. Thanks!

Rob Frankel (5/25/98 9:55 AM): Yeah, but how do I get the members to see all that? A web page?

Rob Frankel (5/25/98 9:56 AM): Maybe I'll put up a page that lists everyone by specialty...if I could just g everyone to sign in....

Jorge R (5/25/98 9:56 AM): what about a web page database driven with restricted access Rob?

Dale Leonard (5/25/98 9:56 AM): Rob, maybe a directory of some sort. Let us give you two or three sentences describing our business. If anybody doesn't take the time for that, they aren't serious about doing business efficiently.

Rob Frankel (5/25/98 9:56 AM): (Two Minutes and I'm off to pour marinade)

Tina Thomas (5/25/98 9:57 AM): Dale... try to approach it as big time value added to their site.

soaplady (5/25/98 9:57 AM): that sounds like a good idea Dale

Rob Frankel (5/25/98 9:57 AM): Restricted access is counter to our mission, Jorge. We want as many people in as possible, we justdon't want spammers and geeks.

Dale Leonard (5/25/98 9:57 AM): Yes, by broad categories would be great to begin with. Like you show us the percentages now - retail, advertising etc.

Rob Frankel (5/25/98 9:58 AM): Yeah, I'll give it more thought. We need a tool for more efficient contact. At the same time, i like broadcasting messages to the list to show people how we work. Otherwise, we just become a BBS...

Dale Leonard (5/25/98 9:58 AM): Buy everyone, have a super week! ! See you in two weeks. Louise, you'll hear from us tomorrow. Thanks, ROB!

Rob Frankel (5/25/98 9:59 AM): Okay, everyone, the kids are dragging me ot to the backyard! Stay and schmooze for as long as you like. I'll see you online!

Tina Thomas (5/25/98 9:59 AM): My daughter is calling me to have fun now... Enjoy the day everyone!!

good luck Dale (5/25/98 9:59 AM): Entered the room.

soaplady (5/25/98 10:01 AM): thanks everyone! byeeee

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