Transcript of Frankel's Free Clinic May 29, 2000

RobFrankel ( (5/29/2000 8:59 AM): Yes, I'm here, but I expect most Americans are out barbecuing for the holiday....

jbp (5/29/2000 8:59 AM): Entered the room.

jbp (5/29/2000 8:59 AM): hello, ANY ONE HOME?

RobFrankel ( (5/29/2000 8:59 AM): Yup. I'm early, though. What can I do for you jbp?

jbp (5/29/2000 9:00 AM): Hello, Anyone home?

RobFrankel ( (5/29/2000 9:00 AM): Thanks for turning off your caps key, JBP. What can I do for you? It's a holiday, so we may have a light turnout today.

jbp (5/29/2000 9:00 AM): Just received an e-mail with your address

RobFrankel ( (5/29/2000 9:01 AM): What kind of e-mail?

Yancey ( (5/29/2000 9:01 AM): Entered the room.

from an associate (5/29/2000 9:02 AM): Entered the room.

RobFrankel ( (5/29/2000 9:03 AM): From An Associate -- is that your given name or a nickname?

from an associate (5/29/2000 9:03 AM): Entered the room.

Yancey ( (5/29/2000 9:03 AM): Time to light the fire....

from an associate (5/29/2000 9:03 AM): this window keeps closing and I'm having to refresh

jbp (5/29/2000 9:04 AM): Entered the room.

RobFrankel ( (5/29/2000 9:04 AM): The window is totally HTML, refreshes every 20 seconds.

RobFrankel ( (5/29/2000 9:04 AM): What browser are you using?

jbp (5/29/2000 9:05 AM): IE 5.0

RobFrankel ( (5/29/2000 9:05 AM): IE 5.0 works for me! (Mac)

Yancey ( (5/29/2000 9:07 AM): I'm using IE 4.5. (Mac)

jbp (5/29/2000 9:07 AM): NO PROBLEM

Yancey ( (5/29/2000 9:07 AM): Using the airport card with my PowerBook and surfing wireless. Has been working fine.

RobFrankel ( (5/29/2000 9:08 AM): Great, jbp. What can I do for you today?

RobFrankel ( (5/29/2000 9:08 AM): (Yancey, I plan on Airporting the whole house for the frau and kids) (5/29/2000 9:09 AM): Entered the room.

jbp (5/29/2000 9:09 AM): Actually, my partner thinks we need to look at your company to promote a new project we are about to launch

Yancey ( (5/29/2000 9:09 AM): It should work fine, my connection speed did not suffer at all. (28.8)

Jacob (5/29/2000 9:09 AM): Entered the room.

RobFrankel ( (5/29/2000 9:10 AM): That's fine, JBP. Anything you want to ask this morning?

Jacob (5/29/2000 9:10 AM): Hi everyone, good morning.

jbp (5/29/2000 9:11 AM): Not really, as I said I'm just doing some research from her e-mail.

RobFrankel ( (5/29/2000 9:12 AM): Okay. This forum is open to anyone who has any questions or needs help. Is "From an Associate" still here?

Jacob (5/29/2000 9:12 AM): The big kahuna is coming to NY, very cool.

RobFrankel ( (5/29/2000 9:12 AM): Hi Jacob. Glad to hear I'll be seeing you in NYC.

RobFrankel ( (5/29/2000 9:13 AM): JBP. if you want to see past sessions, you can click the link in the top frame to visit the archives...

Yancey ( (5/29/2000 9:13 AM): Rob, I think jbp was "from an Associate."

RobFrankel ( (5/29/2000 9:14 AM): You're probably right, Yancey. I expected a light turnout today, it being Memorial Day and all.

Jacob (5/29/2000 9:14 AM): How is the book selling? I just recently got my copy.

Yancey ( (5/29/2000 9:15 AM): I'm supposed to have a question for slow times like this.

Yancey ( (5/29/2000 9:15 AM): Jacob, I read it cover to cover and really enjoyed/learned from it. Nice work btw Rob.

RobFrankel ( (5/29/2000 9:15 AM): Jacob, the book is selling quite nicely. Actually, better than expected. I'm dedicated to growing it organically, no paid advertising at all. (5/29/2000 9:16 AM): rob do you have some suggestions regarding finding some good places for press releases.

RobFrankel ( (5/29/2000 9:16 AM): Thanks, Yancey. The reason I'm not paying to promote it (other than affiliate sales) is that I want to show clients the power of the web if you do it right.

RobFrankel ( (5/29/2000 9:16 AM): Tito, you mean reading them or placing them?

Yancey ( (5/29/2000 9:17 AM): Tito, some I have bookmarked are, (5/29/2000 9:18 AM): first to read to see the relevance and hopeful later to release, still working on my idea from ecomm 2000 in Hawaii. (5/29/2000 9:18 AM): thank you, Yancey , I will check them out.

RobFrankel ( (5/29/2000 9:19 AM): I'll tell you straight from the start, Tito -- when I do PR, I hire it out, period. It is such an experience-critical task that I don't even fool with it. That having been said, you should check out prnewswire and Cowles/Simba

Yancey ( (5/29/2000 9:19 AM): Rob, generally, do you like releases that tell or point to all the info, or is your most wanted response an interview?

RobFrankel ( (5/29/2000 9:20 AM): Also, there are several FrankelBees who do PR.

RobFrankel ( (5/29/2000 9:20 AM): Yancey, I agree with Paul Hartunian on this: the best PR releases only tell you enough to get them to call you. When you tell them the whole story, they have no reason to call or interview.

RobFrankel ( (5/29/2000 9:21 AM): Among some FB's that I can remember, are Meg Rottman and Paul Krupin.

RobFrankel ( (5/29/2000 9:22 AM): Paul specializes in books and stuff, I think. meg is more of a generalist. (5/29/2000 9:22 AM): I get the feeling there are a few bee's that do about everything, you may have built an virtual ark

Yancey ( (5/29/2000 9:23 AM): Do you have any thoughts/opinions on online media kits?

RobFrankel ( (5/29/2000 9:23 AM): Yes, Tito, that has always been my plan. We now have a few thousand FB's, most of whom get the brand image. So we have a fairly reliable community at our disposal.

RobFrankel ( (5/29/2000 9:24 AM): How do you mean, Yancey? Displaying them or using them to negotiate?

Arizona Reporter ( (5/29/2000 9:24 AM): Entered the room.

Yancey ( (5/29/2000 9:25 AM): Displaying them from the standpoint of providing information/content to go with the interview.

Yancey ( (5/29/2000 9:25 AM): Like listing good questions for the interviewer to ask.

RobFrankel ( (5/29/2000 9:27 AM): Okay, Yancey, here's what I do (like with the ad card for FrankelBiz): I use them to screen out the serious guys from the time-wasters. I can't tell you how many people try to trade links with me on FrankelBiz. I refer them to That lets people know I charge for advertising on the list.

RobFrankel ( (5/29/2000 9:27 AM): Remember that branding does as much to screen out non-targets as it does to attract and retain good targets.

RobFrankel ( (5/29/2000 9:28 AM): As far as interviews go, I let them ask the questions they want -- no canned stuff. Because they only publish what they are interested in. If someone wants a canned interview, I've got those, but I don't publish them.

Yancey ( (5/29/2000 9:28 AM): That's more on the rate side of the media kit but I know what you are talking about.

RobFrankel ( (5/29/2000 9:29 AM): I have no media kit for myself or the book. I want to force the personal connection, because, quite honestly, I get better results when I personalize.

RobFrankel ( (5/29/2000 9:30 AM): I've had about six interviews for the book lately and although the questions tend to be similar, they're always slightly different

RobFrankel ( (5/29/2000 9:31 AM): You want to make yourself available and accommodating, but you want to give them the stuff their readers are interested in.

Jacob (5/29/2000 9:31 AM): 12:30 NY time, sorry I gotta bolt. But now that I'm back in NY I will try to make it every week. Later Rob!

RobFrankel ( (5/29/2000 9:32 AM): Bye Jacob. See ya Saturday.

Yancey ( (5/29/2000 9:36 AM): Rob, sold my second gargoyle this morning, a $280 order! We are happy. ;-)

RobFrankel ( (5/29/2000 9:37 AM): Excellent, Yancey. Nothing like hearing the cash register ring to feel validated. I still get a thrill every time a book order comes in via e-mail. That's a high price point on that gargoyle, so you must be doing a great job.

RobFrankel ( (5/29/2000 9:38 AM): Are you selling it from

Yancey ( (5/29/2000 9:39 AM): It was our biggest and the company will drop ship so we thought it couldn't hurt to have it on the site, and it is not taking up shelf space.

Yancey ( (5/29/2000 9:39 AM): For most of our items, I will have them in stock so I can control the shipping and even put my brand/logo on the mailing label.

RobFrankel ( (5/29/2000 9:41 AM): You're fulfilling yourself?

Yancey ( (5/29/2000 9:42 AM): With the small number of items that we sell, the cost for a fulfillment house.

Yancey ( (5/29/2000 9:43 AM): I have 15 years of retail and know how to run a warehouse and so it is more cost efficient right now.

RobFrankel ( (5/29/2000 9:44 AM): That makes sense. I fulfill the promotional book orders from here, but I have do everything else.

Yancey ( (5/29/2000 9:45 AM): If I had a product that sold daily, I would look at fulfillment services.

Yancey ( (5/29/2000 9:47 AM): But I really like adding perks, we include business cards with Susan's art on them and our URL.

RobFrankel ( (5/29/2000 9:48 AM): Very smart, Yancey. In-packing is one of the most overlooked aspects of e-commerce. Ad it's so easy to do. your best prospects get the stuff delivered for free to buy more.

RobFrankel ( (5/29/2000 9:49 AM): If I had something to stick in the books, I would! (5/29/2000 9:49 AM): design what you want to stick in and I will get it made for you rob

michele( (5/29/2000 9:50 AM): Entered the room.

Yancey ( (5/29/2000 9:50 AM): It's quiet so I'll keep going. Latest tag line: The "intriguing and beautiful" art of Susan Rose (new line) Art and Gifts Full of Delight! (new line) Delightful Way Gallery, Frames, and Gifts

michele( (5/29/2000 9:50 AM): Rob, how about bookmarks, or an insert to order a cassette of the book or another talk (5/29/2000 9:53 AM): I thought more of a branding icon suitable for worship, but you could use it as a book mark

RobFrankel ( (5/29/2000 9:53 AM): Michele, I have no tapes right now and that would create a market to which I could not deliver. Remember that I know where all the site orders live -- they register their names and e-mail. I can always contact them later.

michele( (5/29/2000 9:53 AM): Ha! How about buttons with his head on them.

Yancey ( (5/29/2000 9:54 AM): How about a hologram of your bobbing head on a bookmark?

RobFrankel ( (5/29/2000 9:54 AM): The book marks are a neat idea, but what would I put on them? unless there's a real reason for doing it -- and if you've seen the back cover, you know there's no problem finding out how to contact me -- why do it?

michele( (5/29/2000 9:54 AM): That was a poke in the butt rob

michele( (5/29/2000 9:54 AM): I like the hologram effect!

RobFrankel ( (5/29/2000 9:54 AM): Thanks Michele. Always love abuse. Can't get enough of it.....

Yancey ( (5/29/2000 9:55 AM): I would rather give away my bookmark then let someone borrow the book on the chance of it not returning.

RobFrankel ( (5/29/2000 9:55 AM): You know, I always get asked about the OBH in EVERY interview. Gotta love it as a memorable logo...

RobFrankel ( (5/29/2000 9:55 AM): (FIVE MINUTES)

michele( (5/29/2000 9:56 AM): How about putting your laws of branding on it - I didn't like having to flip around or turn to the appendix to look at them

RobFrankel ( (5/29/2000 9:57 AM): Ah, but you have to remember that the point of the book is to be used. Making it too easy to put it away on a shelf is self-defeating. I WANT you to have to use the book.

RobFrankel ( (5/29/2000 9:57 AM): Incidentally, this is also the reason I chose not to publish it as an e-book.

RobFrankel ( (5/29/2000 9:58 AM): I didn't want to be hidden away on a hard drive. I want that sucker plopped down on a desk where everyone can see it. (5/29/2000 9:59 AM): thanks for the leads everyone, have a good week.

RobFrankel ( (5/29/2000 9:59 AM): (TWO MINUTES)

Yancey ( (5/29/2000 9:59 AM): Thanks Rob. Same Bat channel....

RobFrankel ( (5/29/2000 10:00 AM): Okay, folks. Slow but fun today. We'll see ya next week when it's all back to normal!

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