Transcript of Frankel's Free Clinic June 2, 2002

Rob Frankel ( (6/3/2002 8:59 AM): Whoa, I'm early! Can't believe it!

Yosef ( (6/3/2002 9:00 AM): Happens to the best of us, Rob :-)

Hi Rob and all, good morning! (6/3/2002 9:00 AM): Entered the room.

Rob Frankel ( (6/3/2002 9:00 AM): Uh oh, server grabbed you...log off and log on again.....

Rob Frankel ( (6/3/2002 9:01 AM): So, what good news can you give me? Or I'll take questions. Your choice.

Anita ( (6/3/2002 9:01 AM): Entered the room.

Weber (6/3/2002 9:01 AM): Entered the room.

Skip Pratt ( (6/3/2002 9:02 AM): am close to launching the web site...

Sunni (6/3/2002 9:02 AM): Hello Rob!

Yosef ( (6/3/2002 9:02 AM): Let's talk pricing. I raised the price of my program ( to $249.95, slightly higher than the competition, and sales have NOT boomed.

Weber (6/3/2002 9:02 AM): Hi Rob, Yosef, and all

Terri Robinson ( (6/3/2002 9:02 AM): Entered the room.

Anita ( (6/3/2002 9:02 AM): Rob, is it possible to brand a service as opposed to a product?

Terri Robinson ( (6/3/2002 9:03 AM): Greetings, Rob and everyone!

Weber (6/3/2002 9:03 AM): Hi Terri

Yosef ( (6/3/2002 9:03 AM): Hi Weber

Rob Frankel ( (6/3/2002 9:03 AM): Yosef, a simple price rise isn't going to do much by itself. You have to support that price rise with the brand message. Your marketing materials have to reflect the value.

Anita ( (6/3/2002 9:03 AM): BTW, good morning.

Yosef ( (6/3/2002 9:04 AM): Got it, Rob.

Rob Frankel ( (6/3/2002 9:04 AM): Anita, ANYTHING can be branded. Since Branding is about turning users into evangelists, it doesn't matter if they evangelize a product or a service.

Tamra ( (6/3/2002 9:04 AM): Anita, Jiffy Lube is a branded service -- and they've just started a big branding campaign

Rob Frankel ( (6/3/2002 9:04 AM): Also, since a brand is "the only solution to THEIR problem" the solution can be a product or a service. So brands work for anything.

Weber (6/3/2002 9:04 AM): Yosef, I'm working on the codes for you right now

Yosef ( (6/3/2002 9:05 AM): Thanks, Weber

Anita ( (6/3/2002 9:05 AM): But Jiffy Lube is a service people know they need.

Yosef ( (6/3/2002 9:05 AM): Do you prefer "Alan" or "Weber"

Anita ( (6/3/2002 9:05 AM): My service they do need, but don't always know it.

Frederick ( (6/3/2002 9:05 AM): Entered the room.

Rob Frankel ( (6/3/2002 9:05 AM): Yosef, getting back to your issue, if sales are maintaining, than it shows you how much you've been leaving on the table previously. It also may indicate how this product is not affected by price as much as you thought.

Rob Frankel ( (6/3/2002 9:06 AM): Welcome to the cub, Anita!

Anita ( (6/3/2002 9:06 AM): My profile will be showing up on IdeaCafe next week, so, hopefully that will help.

Yosef ( (6/3/2002 9:06 AM): Actually, sales are down dramatically.

Weber (6/3/2002 9:06 AM): Allen

Rob Frankel ( (6/3/2002 9:06 AM): Slight correction there Tamra: Jiffy Lube is not changing their brand. They may be changing their advertising, but not their brand.

Yosef ( (6/3/2002 9:06 AM): ...but they're starting to come back....

Sunni (6/3/2002 9:07 AM): Yosef -- what is it that you are selling?

Yosef ( (6/3/2002 9:07 AM): ...I think the existing advertising venues did not like such a large increase.

Rob Frankel ( (6/3/2002 9:07 AM): Yosef, you have to take a holistic approach to the business. You can't just change one switch and expect the whole airplane to fly better.

Yosef ( (6/3/2002 9:07 AM): Sunni - A non-medical vision-improvement program

Rob Frankel ( (6/3/2002 9:07 AM): Also, you may just be shaking off the freebies and lookie-loos. Freeloaders are bad business.

Anita ( (6/3/2002 9:08 AM): What does "leaving on the table" mean?

Sunni (6/3/2002 9:08 AM): TY

Yosef ( (6/3/2002 9:08 AM): Agreed, Rob. I have more to do.

Lyman Stucky (6/3/2002 9:08 AM): Entered the room.

Rob Frankel ( (6/3/2002 9:08 AM): Finally, realize that the last two weeks were -- again -- horrible for business because America's become a nation of three day weekenders. Everyone's too busy planning vacations around Memorial Day, et al, to be serious about business.

Anita ( (6/3/2002 9:09 AM): A lot of my newer clients are being referred from others.

Lyman Stucky (6/3/2002 9:09 AM): Greetings all

Rob Frankel ( (6/3/2002 9:09 AM): Anita, "leaving on the table" is the money you could have taken, but left out there because you didn't realize you cold take it. Like in a poker game, where you win the pot, but fail to scoop up all the chips.

Sunni (6/3/2002 9:09 AM): Hello Lyman

Anita ( (6/3/2002 9:10 AM): So, I assume that I am branded locally.

Sunni (6/3/2002 9:11 AM): Hey I have a question. If you have a parity product -- i.e., salt or a service -- how do you brand that?

Anita ( (6/3/2002 9:12 AM): How useful are Press Releases?

Rob Frankel ( (6/3/2002 9:13 AM): Sunni, that's the whole point of branding. People pay more for Clorox bleach than they do for the generic kind, even though they're chemically identical. Why? beaus Clorox has the brand that people invest their trust in.

Paula (6/3/2002 9:13 AM): Entered the room.

Rob Frankel ( (6/3/2002 9:13 AM): The US Post Office delivers a package overnight for under $10. FEDEX charges $25. For important packages, most people will gladly pay FEDEX for the same service!

Lyman Stucky (6/3/2002 9:13 AM): Rob, wouldn't you agree that a lot of "chips" are often left on tables that NO parties even realize are stacked up there? Intrinsic value, unrealized benefits...yet "in-the-box" thinking means parity both in value/benefits and in selling proposition, alas!

Anita ( (6/3/2002 9:14 AM): Not me. FEDEX has fallen down on the job too many times lately.

Rob Frankel ( (6/3/2002 9:14 AM): Anita, press releases are a lot like bullets: unless you have the right person firing them from the right gun, you're wasting ammunition. I would NOT recommend sending out your own press releases. It's expensive and very ineffective if you're not a pro.

Rob Frankel ( (6/3/2002 9:15 AM): Lyman, yes, but what I'm referring to here are people (entrepreneurs, mainly) who tend to undervalue their goods.

Sunni (6/3/2002 9:15 AM): As a PR practitioner for some 30 years, I second Rob's comments!

Rob Frankel ( (6/3/2002 9:16 AM): Anita, you may have ha that experience, but FEDEX enjoys a very high rate of brand loyalty, because they're invested decades into branding themselves as reliable and covering the asses of business people around the world who needed their packages to arrive on time.

Anita ( (6/3/2002 9:16 AM): So did Enron.

Sunni (6/3/2002 9:17 AM): I agree with Anita on Fed Ex. We use Airborne. Customer Service on fed ex has impacted our decisions.

Paula (6/3/2002 9:17 AM): I wish there were some way to hire someone for PR who got paid for success with the products for sale, rather than risking everything by hiring someone...Could that be possible?

Weber (6/3/2002 9:17 AM): When did Enron go into the package delivery biz?

Rob Frankel ( (6/3/2002 9:17 AM): Press releases are very hard to write if you want to get them published. Also, most people don't realize that publicity relies far more on media relationships than blast faxing junk. Don't fall for that "20 million e-mail addresses" junk.

Rob Frankel ( (6/3/2002 9:18 AM): Actually, Paula, there is a FrankelBee who does offer that service, although I don't know how effective he is.

Anita ( (6/3/2002 9:18 AM): Paula, I have just the person for you. E-mail me!

Rob Frankel ( (6/3/2002 9:18 AM): So far, I can only recommend two good ways to go for publicity, both of which I use:

Sunni (6/3/2002 9:18 AM): What might be the very first step in developing a brand identity?

Paula (6/3/2002 9:19 AM): How can I find your email address!?

Rob Frankel ( (6/3/2002 9:19 AM): If you use him, go through this link:

Anita ( (6/3/2002 9:19 AM):

Weber (6/3/2002 9:19 AM): What are they Rob

Rob Frankel ( (6/3/2002 9:19 AM): That's my affiliate link for Dan Janal's PRLEADS service. That's where reporters contact you, seeking out your expertise on stories.

hipdeep (6/3/2002 9:20 AM): Entered the room.

Sunni (6/3/2002 9:20 AM): Do note that PRSA, professional society for PR practitioners, does not permit practitioners to charge fees via commission basis. Unethical. We can be "kicked out"

Rob Frankel ( (6/3/2002 9:20 AM): Sunni: the first step is to know what a brand is so that you know what you're trying to build. I seriously recommend my book for that. After that, you'll see a totally different -- and more effective -- way to begin creating and building your brand.

Elizabeth (6/3/2002 9:21 AM): Entered the room.

Rob Frankel ( (6/3/2002 9:21 AM): Right, Sunni. I don't recommend using a pay for placement service. Let a real pro do his/her work the way it should be done. This is one place you can't cut corners.

Elizabeth (6/3/2002 9:21 AM): There is no was to really prove the impact the PR has had on your co. so charging on a commission basis seems unlikely to make the PR person any money

lvlady - (6/3/2002 9:22 AM): Entered the room.

Elizabeth (6/3/2002 9:22 AM): Sorry --there is no WAY

Rob Frankel ( (6/3/2002 9:22 AM): For i-legions, I have hired a publicist to work with me and believe me, she does stuff that's way beyond my ken.

Sunni (6/3/2002 9:22 AM): My understanding is that branding is the creation of a unique identity for a product or service, differentiating it the marketplace...and based upon consumer needs

hipdeep (6/3/2002 9:22 AM): Aside from AARP, are you aware of anyone doing branded work to help companies get in front of older people?

Rob Frankel ( (6/3/2002 9:23 AM): For example, she researches topics that editors are interested in for stories. She digs up the facts and stats. I write a rough article, she weaves them in and submits them to editors. It goes much more smoothly and effectively.

Rob Frankel ( (6/3/2002 9:23 AM): Sunni, you're about 2/3 the way there.

Rob Frankel ( (6/3/2002 9:24 AM): Hip, I'm not aware of anyone offhand that has the awareness of AARP.

Paula (6/3/2002 9:24 AM): We just plain don't have any capital. SOB.

Ann ( (6/3/2002 9:24 AM): Entered the room.

Anita ( (6/3/2002 9:25 AM): "based upon consumer needs" or what a company thinks a consumer needs.

Paula (6/3/2002 9:25 AM): What is PRLEADS?

Rob Frankel ( (6/3/2002 9:25 AM): Paula, depends on what kind of publicity you need. PR Leads is less than $500 for an entire YEAR. That's less than what a PR agency charges for one press release.

Rob Frankel ( (6/3/2002 9:26 AM): Paula, is the link for PR LEADS. It sends reporters to you to answer their questions.

hipdeep (6/3/2002 9:26 AM): AARP has a developed brand, the brand seems to be old - would you agree?

Sunni (6/3/2002 9:26 AM): based upon "what a company thinks a consumer needs"? That sounds risky... shouldn't research be used to remove that "thinking" aspect?

Rob Frankel ( (6/3/2002 9:27 AM): AARP? That's another organization with NO brand. They happen to have a huge user base of people over 55. That's it. The fact that nobody can articulate what they are beyond that shows you their lack of brand. They have a name, but no brand,

Anita ( (6/3/2002 9:27 AM): Take the new service, Pronto. Why not just call a reference librarian? It is free.

Ann ( (6/3/2002 9:27 AM): Rob does PRLeads have any guarantee on the amount of reporter that will interview you etc.

Sunni (6/3/2002 9:27 AM): Rob -- news releases (hard news) 2 pages are 250 up here in the Northwest.. features are 500 plus

Rob Frankel ( (6/3/2002 9:28 AM): Sunni, there's a delicate balance between a brand's leadership and pandering to its constituents

Anita ( (6/3/2002 9:28 AM): AARP's magazine, Modern Maturity is a brand.

Rob Frankel ( (6/3/2002 9:28 AM): Anita, nothing in life is guaranteed, other than death

Ann ( (6/3/2002 9:28 AM): that should be the number of reporters or interviews--sorry

Anita ( (6/3/2002 9:29 AM): You forgot taxes.;)

Rob Frankel ( (6/3/2002 9:29 AM): A few weeks back, I wrote a piece in FrankelTips about this: there comes a time when you realize that doing it yourself is limiting you, not helping you. that's when you take the leap and hire experts.

Elizabeth (6/3/2002 9:29 AM): Anita, only the little people pay taxes!

Rob Frankel ( (6/3/2002 9:29 AM): Anita, taxes aren't guaranteed. Just ask the guys in jail who don't pay them....

Anita ( (6/3/2002 9:30 AM): Aha! That's why I am trying to market my services to web designers.

Rob Frankel ( (6/3/2002 9:31 AM): It's in one of the e-books at

hipdeep (6/3/2002 9:31 AM): AARP is a name with a focus - a Modern Maturity propagates the old image beyond the brand.

Rob Frankel ( (6/3/2002 9:32 AM): The point is that you can only do so much yourself to certain level.

Anita ( (6/3/2002 9:32 AM): Wouldn't the same be true for AAA (the auto service)?

Rob Frankel ( (6/3/2002 9:32 AM): Neither AARP nor Modern maturity are brands, though. Not in the sense that I develop brands, anyway. Both are identities, but not much else.

Rob Frankel ( (6/3/2002 9:33 AM): AAA is more of a brand, because you can see how they lend their brand value across related products and provide solutions for their users. It's a clumsy brand, but they're making good attempts.

Anita ( (6/3/2002 9:34 AM): Whoops! Gotta run to a meeting! See you all later!

Frederick ( (6/3/2002 9:34 AM): Re: AARP/Modern Maturity - Neither are about being old - they are about being mature. Maybe that doesn't make much difference to under-30s but it makes a great deal of difference to AARP's target market.

Rob Frankel ( (6/3/2002 9:35 AM): Fred, I think what that shows is how lack of clarity and purpose can cloud a brand's chances of success.

Rob Frankel ( (6/3/2002 9:35 AM): That's real time proof.

Frederick ( (6/3/2002 9:35 AM): As to being a brand or not, if one is not in their target group, understanding the brand might be difficult, no?

Peter Cooper ( (6/3/2002 9:35 AM): Entered the room.

hipdeep (6/3/2002 9:36 AM): If AARP, my competition, were to brand themselves as "Experts in how to age better" is that better focus?

Del (6/3/2002 9:37 AM): Entered the room.

Del (6/3/2002 9:37 AM): Rob: Mind answering a possible Brand dissolution question?

Weber (6/3/2002 9:37 AM): Hey Del

Rob Frankel ( (6/3/2002 9:37 AM): Fred, remember that a brand does not have to have global appeal. It's simply trying to be the best solution to its prospects problems. So young people don't really need to get it, although a Big time Brand makes sure that they do.

Rob Frankel ( (6/3/2002 9:38 AM): The point is that you're not out for world conquest here. You just want to focus on your core market. That's where you make your money.

Frederick ( (6/3/2002 9:38 AM): Rob, I would venture that lack of focus is a view of the young. To the over-55, AARP is very focussed, I think.

Rob Frankel ( (6/3/2002 9:38 AM): Perhaps, HipDeep.

Rob Frankel ( (6/3/2002 9:38 AM): Go ahead, Del

Del (6/3/2002 9:39 AM): My website is doing exceedingly well due to print ads in trade magazines.

Rob Frankel ( (6/3/2002 9:39 AM): Fred, I don't think ANYONE knows AARP as anything but "that organization for old people"

Elizabeth (6/3/2002 9:40 AM): Yay print ads in trade magazines!

Frederick ( (6/3/2002 9:40 AM): Everyone EXCEPT the members!

Del (6/3/2002 9:40 AM): I have an opportunity to bring in promotional merchandise (key chains, T-shirts, etc) that are targeted towards the mortgage industry BUT the other company handles all billing.

Del (6/3/2002 9:41 AM): The problem is this...people see ads about my company in 3 trade magazines and visit the website...What happens if I have to direct them to another site (say one I purchase called that sells this product extension.

hipdeep (6/3/2002 9:41 AM): AARP is "that organization for old people" that gives discounts. What does it believe? What is stands for is part of the brand - missing

Del (6/3/2002 9:41 AM): The prime domain becomes diluted, correct?

Rob Frankel ( (6/3/2002 9:41 AM): And?

Weber (6/3/2002 9:42 AM): Del, make a note, when you get big enough to buy in big bulk, let me know. Another side of our biz, is custom mfr in China.

Rob Frankel ( (6/3/2002 9:42 AM): Del, what you've got there is a cost-free proposition for the other guy. Smells like bad business to me, because they're getting your customers for free. What do you get? A piece of their future sales?

Rob Frankel ( (6/3/2002 9:43 AM): that's no business. A very high profile guy tried that with me once. The deal killer was the billing, because he wanted my list and didn't want to give his away!

Del (6/3/2002 9:43 AM): No. It's a 1099 transaction. I own all the customers. The adspec firm handles all the AP/AR and a split of the commissions. Standard agreement in the industry. (6/3/2002 9:43 AM): Entered the room.

Weber (6/3/2002 9:44 AM): Del 10,000 pcs min generally speaking

Del (6/3/2002 9:44 AM): I'm just worried that my principal company name gets diluted since I *think* I'll have to use another website (and shopping cart) to handle those orders.

Rob Frankel ( (6/3/2002 9:44 AM): Then what's the proposition?

Rob Frankel ( (6/3/2002 9:45 AM): I think you have a valid concern. The appearance is that they're going to get bounced all around the place. Why not centralize it? I believe your concerns are warranted.

Rob Frankel ( (6/3/2002 9:45 AM): Wouldn't it make more sense to just add their items to your shopping cart as an extra last minute promo?

Sunni (6/3/2002 9:46 AM): Maybe this is a stupid suggestion, Del, but can you frame that second site?

hipdeep (6/3/2002 9:46 AM): In developing a brand for a company that presents content for older people on Successful Aging, helping companies get in front of non-traditional50+, the brand becomes an oppositional POV from that of AARP

Del (6/3/2002 9:46 AM): The only way to centralize it is to make the promo goods a non-cart purchasable item....

Rob Frankel ( (6/3/2002 9:46 AM): You should handle all the billing, because they're riding on your brand, not vice versa. how would you expect them to handle it if the situation were reversed?

Del (6/3/2002 9:46 AM): Not an option.

Del (6/3/2002 9:47 AM): Sunni...Could, but I'm going for an upper-end appearance to the other site with only about 50-100 products.

Rob Frankel ( (6/3/2002 9:47 AM): Then if I understand it right, maybe you should pass on the deal until it BECOMES an option, if you get my drift.

Rob Frankel ( (6/3/2002 9:47 AM): HipDeep: no question that your brand can push off of AARP's lack of brand.

Frederick ( (6/3/2002 9:48 AM): Coming back to AARP, if I may (because it has serious branding connotations) Is it important that a non-target audience understands your brand? Or should one's brand explain itself and be understood by people that business is not interested in? (6/3/2002 9:49 AM): Entered the room.

Rob Frankel ( (6/3/2002 9:49 AM): Del, it sounds as if these guys see your business as helping them. that means you're in the power position and should be able to dictate terms. Don't be afraid to walk from the deal if it doesn't make sense.

Del (6/3/2002 9:49 AM): It'll never become an option, nor do I want it...The problem with this industry (adspec) is if YOU collect the money and pay the bills, YOU have to develop accounts with all the manufacturers. With the current system in place, the other company (100+ years in business), already has those manufacturers lined up and AAA credit. They pretty much handle everything backend. Everyone else just acts as a rep.

Del (6/3/2002 9:49 AM): It basically will add approximately $40-80k in gross sales for the second half of the year (based upon my estimates that is).

Rob Frankel ( (6/3/2002 9:50 AM): Fred, the brand absolutely has to articulate to the core user base. The external audience beyond them isn't as important, but the brand should NOT be totally blind to them. After all, they may one day become users.

hipdeep (6/3/2002 9:50 AM): AARP misses the point Frederick, EVERYONE is aging, aging is inevitable, the WAY one ages in not!

Sunni (6/3/2002 9:50 AM): Yep, Del, I know what you speak of... and you're correct...that's SOP in ad spec industry.

Frederick ( (6/3/2002 9:50 AM): Good point, Rob

Rob Frankel ( (6/3/2002 9:50 AM): Del, then why not just sell them YOUR stuff in bulk and be done with it? (6/3/2002 9:50 AM): Entered the room.

Rob Frankel ( (6/3/2002 9:51 AM): (TEN MINUTE WARNING)

Del (6/3/2002 9:51 AM): To go Yoda-esque on you, "On the same page, we are not."

Frederick ( (6/3/2002 9:51 AM): Hipdeep - you are clearly not a member (possibly not in the age group.) I am, and I can promise you that AARP is not missing that point.

Del (6/3/2002 9:52 AM): Sunni: You into adspec sales? Or just familiar with the industry?

Rob Frankel ( (6/3/2002 9:52 AM): Yeah, I must be missing something here

Sunni (6/3/2002 9:52 AM): Del...have been involved in that industry..yep

hipdeep (6/3/2002 9:53 AM): Frederick - I am in the age group, distinctly so. AARP talks, there is now action beyond their legislative concerns.

Del (6/3/2002 9:53 AM): Rob: It's a great deal and excellent revenue addition...But since they handle AR/AP, it doesn't flow with my existing shopping cart, hence the *idea* of creating a separate site just for those goods...and that's where I think I start to lose the brand strength of my business name.

Del (6/3/2002 9:53 AM): Probably answering my own question here.

Rob Frankel ( (6/3/2002 9:54 AM): Because I'm not familiar with adspec, perhaps you have.

Frederick ( (6/3/2002 9:54 AM): Hmm - what can I say!

Weber (6/3/2002 9:55 AM): Del, can you set it up with a link that is something like "Additional Resources" or something like that?

Sunni (6/3/2002 9:56 AM): Darn, we're running out of time and I was wanting more branding talk. poop.

Lyman Stucky (6/3/2002 9:56 AM): Sunni, please what is your email?

Rob Frankel ( (6/3/2002 9:56 AM): Fred, AARP is, however, not doing a great job of communicating all that it has to offer.

Sunni (6/3/2002 9:57 AM):

Rob Frankel ( (6/3/2002 9:57 AM): Sunni, we still have about four minutes. The Lakers managed to use that much time to win a championship (Can't stand the Lakers)

Del (6/3/2002 9:57 AM): Web: I was thinking about adding a section on my site talking about adspecs and how they affect your business AND providing them to a link to my "promotional products division"...e.g. the new site.

Sunni (6/3/2002 9:57 AM): very funny

Frederick ( (6/3/2002 9:57 AM): Rob, that is clearly so, if Hipdeep and I see AARP so differently.

Rob Frankel ( (6/3/2002 9:58 AM): (TWO MINUTES)

Sunni (6/3/2002 9:58 AM): Still want to know first step....very first step ... in branding.. I know, I the book.

Skip Pratt ( (6/3/2002 9:58 AM): ok, call me dumb, but what are adspecs? anyone?

Weber (6/3/2002 9:58 AM): If I was a customer, I would not think it is diluting you. I would view it as helpful, and a way to save me time. I already trust you, so I will trust your recommendations.

hipdeep (6/3/2002 9:59 AM): Rob, that is clearly so, if Frederick and I see AARP so differently.

Sunni (6/3/2002 9:59 AM): ad specialties... (ad specs)

Del (6/3/2002 9:59 AM): advertising specialties...goods with company logos/names/phone/website info on them.

Rob Frankel ( (6/3/2002 9:59 AM): Sunni, if you have any doubts, read the reviews/raves at

Elizabeth (6/3/2002 9:59 AM): FYI in publishing As Specs means Ad specifications

Skip Pratt ( (6/3/2002 9:59 AM): ahhhh. tchotke's....most of my golf shirts are from fact, almost all my casual shirts....

Elizabeth (6/3/2002 10:00 AM): Sorry again -- Ad Specs

Yosef ( (6/3/2002 10:00 AM): Sunni - I read Rob's book and lent it to a client (back when I was an accountant). She hasn't returned it yet. THAT should tell you something :-)

Rob Frankel ( (6/3/2002 10:00 AM): Del, from what I'm gleaning here, it seems worth the effort to set up a special operation for them, if it's really worth that kind of money. Plus, if that's the only channel for adspecs, it's closed and won't' dilute your brand.

Weber (6/3/2002 10:00 AM): Del, I would set it up as if it were an affiliate program, like it seems to be. Not your promotional division. That would dilute it for me.

Rob Frankel ( (6/3/2002 10:00 AM): Okie doke, everyone, time to fire it up for the week ahead!

Skip Pratt ( (6/3/2002 10:00 AM): Elizabeth, that's why I asked.....I was thinking advertising, but what Del was talking about didn't fit advert. context...

Rob Frankel ( (6/3/2002 10:00 AM): I'll see you online!

Lyman Stucky (6/3/2002 10:01 AM): Thanks Rob and all....

Sunni (6/3/2002 10:01 AM): aaaggggg... time does fly! By all

Frederick ( (6/3/2002 10:01 AM): Thanks Rob - bye all

Sunni (6/3/2002 10:01 AM): Sheesh my typing! I mean "BYE!"

Skip Pratt ( (6/3/2002 10:01 AM): have a good week everyone!

Del (6/3/2002 10:01 AM): No affiliate system. It's just not set up that way.

Yosef ( (6/3/2002 10:02 AM): Bye!

Del (6/3/2002 10:02 AM): Basically, if you want 250 bic pens with your company name, phone number and website, just enter the info, quantity and (your pertinent billing info) and the order gets taken care of.

Del (6/3/2002 10:03 AM): Bic works fast. I think I got my really nice quality pens in 8 days.

Weber (6/3/2002 10:04 AM): Yeah, but then it's not the cards, and people will may get confused.

Elizabeth (6/3/2002 10:04 AM): Bye!

Del (6/3/2002 10:06 AM): I think Rob had a point about the only channel for adspecs. Just an introduction from my pre-existing site to the new promo goods site. No brand dissolution, just a special service offering.

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