Transcript of Frankel's Free Clinic June 12, 2000 (6/12/100 9:00 AM): you are both wrong... hehe .. you need to look north of the border to find the world's largest apple (6/12/100 9:00 AM): Where? (6/12/100 9:00 AM): hello Rob

RobFrankel ( (6/12/100 9:00 AM): Greetings, you apple seekers. (6/12/100 9:01 AM): Hey, Rob. (6/12/100 9:01 AM): Colborne, Ontario, Canada weber

RobFrankel ( (6/12/100 9:01 AM): The only Apples I seek are in Cupertino, CA....

RobFrankel ( (6/12/100 9:01 AM): Macintosh, preferably.

Arizona Reporter ( (6/12/100 9:01 AM): Entered the room.

GuyRCook - (6/12/100 9:02 AM): Al, here ya go. (6/12/100 9:02 AM): much prefer courtlands Rob LOL (6/12/100 9:02 AM): I need some advise from everyone.

RobFrankel ( (6/12/100 9:02 AM): Hit it, Weber. (6/12/100 9:03 AM): Entered the room. (6/12/100 9:03 AM): OK, from last week you know we are getting ready to publish our Ezine. The question is the name of it. (6/12/100 9:04 AM): Our site is called Emperor's Herbologist. We sell natural traditional and modern health products. (6/12/100 9:05 AM): Things that are interesting and a little different, like Pearl Powder, Stevia, Stevioside , Calsense the worlds first flavored powdered calcium supplement, and other such items.

RobFrankel ( (6/12/100 9:05 AM): Judging by the "emperor" I assume that this is Chinese stuff?

Arizona Reporter ( (6/12/100 9:05 AM): The Emperor's Herbs sounds like a good name (6/12/100 9:06 AM): Yes. Mostly Chinese health products

RobFrankel ( (6/12/100 9:06 AM): Listen carefully now -- what's the purpose of the e-zine? (6/12/100 9:06 AM): We are featuring interviews with alternative and complimentary health practitioners, authors, Chinese Doctors, etc.

Gaby (6/12/100 9:07 AM): Entered the room. (6/12/100 9:08 AM): Sorry, this is not an advertisement for the Ezine, I just want you to know the background. Our purpose is to bring customers back to our site, and develop new ones.

RobFrankel ( (6/12/100 9:08 AM): I mean the purpose for me to want to subscribe...

RobFrankel ( (6/12/100 9:09 AM): First mistake, Weber, is that you're pushing your own agenda instead of your readers'. Why should they want to receive this?

RobFrankel ( (6/12/100 9:10 AM): BTW, it's totally okay to plug here. Someone may want to advertise in your zine.... (6/12/100 9:10 AM): It has information they can not get anywhere for one thing

Gaby (6/12/100 9:10 AM): Chinese emperors all had philosophers who gave advice...hat about Emperor's ProvHERBs

RobFrankel ( (6/12/100 9:10 AM): My point is that the name of the ezine has to transmit why I, as a reader, would benefit from subbing to it.

RobFrankel ( (6/12/100 9:11 AM): Like what kind of information/ Incidentally, that's a REAL hard argument to sell. People think that because they have a modem and access, they can find anything they want on the web... (6/12/100 9:11 AM): is it information which will help them improve their health, make good health choices?

RobFrankel ( (6/12/100 9:12 AM): The best, most effective names are those that communicate something about the benefit.

RobFrankel ( (6/12/100 9:12 AM): Weber, be reeeeeally specific: what can they find there that they can't find anywhere else? (6/12/100 9:12 AM): Yes, but we are doing the interviews personally. Our first issue has an interview with a Chinese Chi Gung Doctor. He was trained in China, and only speaks Chinese. My partner interviewed him in Chinese.

RobFrankel ( (6/12/100 9:13 AM): Then your newsletter should communicate more on something along the lines of "talks with the masters", no?

GuyRCook - (6/12/100 9:13 AM): Al, are you going to be the first online newsletter, the newest? What position do you have? (6/12/100 9:14 AM): Yes. We also will have interviews with non Chinese health practitioners. For example, I have interviews lined up with some authors of Stevia cook books

RobFrankel ( (6/12/100 9:14 AM): At least with a name like that, your targets will be intrigued that you are getting your information from the source.

RobFrankel ( (6/12/100 9:15 AM): That speaks of quality and also lets them know they would have a tough time finding it many ancient Chinese masters are on the web? (6/12/100 9:15 AM): Guy, we will be something a little different. It will help to open peoples minds to other things.

RobFrankel ( (6/12/100 9:16 AM): Kind of has an authoritative tone, too, that fits nicely.

Bob Adams ( (6/12/100 9:16 AM): Entered the room.

GuyRCook - (6/12/100 9:16 AM): ok, so "MindWindows" is out then huh?

RobFrankel ( (6/12/100 9:16 AM): That whole "snatch the pebble from my hand, grasshopper" thing. (6/12/100 9:17 AM): hmmm Ancient Chinese Proverb Ancient Chinese Wisdom (6/12/100 9:17 AM): Sounds like a computer program

RobFrankel ( (6/12/100 9:17 AM): Guy, MindWindows is perfect -- for acid heads!!!!!

RobFrankel ( (6/12/100 9:17 AM): Quick -- anyone have Ken Kesey's e-mail address?

GuyRCook - (6/12/100 9:17 AM): Hey, I said it was out don't get your Mac all worried Rob...sigh.

RobFrankel ( (6/12/100 9:18 AM): Just playing with ya Guy, cuz I know you can take it.

GuyRCook - (6/12/100 9:19 AM): Ok, if the masters are "Sages" what about "Sages Pages"? (6/12/100 9:19 AM): Even though it will have other than Chinese medicine, do you think we should mainly play up the Chinese aspect?

RobFrankel ( (6/12/100 9:19 AM): Well, the whole Emperor thing tips your hand. EVERYTHING with that word is about Chinese medicine. (6/12/100 9:20 AM): the Chinese generally seem to be recognized as the source for much of the alternative herbal healing ... doesn't mean they have it all though

RobFrankel ( (6/12/100 9:20 AM): Actually, Guy & Gaby, you have to be careful with names like those. Weber has a serious issue, but your names are light hearted. That's a serious miscue.

GuyRCook - (6/12/100 9:21 AM): Know what I think Roman when I hear Emperor, but maybe that's cuz the movie "Gladiator" is out now.

RobFrankel ( (6/12/100 9:21 AM): No, Patti, but look at it from the users' view. The first thing they see is Emperor, and if they're knowledgeable at all, they know it means Chinese. (6/12/100 9:21 AM): Most of our products are from China, or at least Chinese background. But we do have other products

Arizona Reporter ( (6/12/100 9:21 AM): Besides your title should promote your web site/page as well. The name shouldn't stray too far from the parent name.

RobFrankel ( (6/12/100 9:21 AM): Guy, you are SO mass culture.....tee hee (6/12/100 9:22 AM): I was referring to Weber's question about the Chinese aspect... even if he draws on that it doesn't mean his content has to be all about Chinese herbals (6/12/100 9:22 AM): Mass something :-)

Gaby (6/12/100 9:23 AM): Rob, does the name have to be fairly short? (6/12/100 9:23 AM): We have been using Red and Yellow as the colors for the site, and also the labels on our products. Except for Calsense.

RobFrankel ( (6/12/100 9:23 AM): I disagree. AZ. In fact, one of the problems Weber is having is trying to fit his ezine into an existing model. Why? He's in a category that demand credibility. Too much sales stuff will detract from credibility

RobFrankel ( (6/12/100 9:24 AM): Good question, Gaby. No, the name does NOT have to be short. That's a total myth. Some of the best names are long one, if only because everyone else's are short!

GuyRCook - (6/12/100 9:24 AM): So then the first issue needs a testimonial section from people already using Al's products to build the quality

RobFrankel ( (6/12/100 9:25 AM): Weber, you have to make credibility with your readers your #1 priority when naming it. Use the romance aspect, too. Your users are very touchy feely types.

GuyRCook - (6/12/100 9:25 AM): I think easy to remember so that verbal referrals can occur. (6/12/100 9:25 AM): Rob, that brings me to another point. One interview we have scheduled is for a researcher who has been published in some medical journals

RobFrankel ( (6/12/100 9:25 AM): Guy, testimonials can be good, but in alternative medicine, the clear winner is.....(anyone want to guess?) (6/12/100 9:26 AM): Our site is pretty much known (at least from the Emails we get) for having a lot of good content on our limited products. 14+ pages about Stevia and stevioside, 4 pages on Pearl Powder, etc.

GuyRCook - (6/12/100 9:26 AM): recognition of the name?

Yancey ( (6/12/100 9:26 AM): Free samples?

RobFrankel ( (6/12/100 9:26 AM): Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

RobFrankel ( (6/12/100 9:27 AM): No, Yancey, not free samples... (6/12/100 9:27 AM): Mystical

RobFrankel ( (6/12/100 9:27 AM): No Guy, not recognition....

GuyRCook - (6/12/100 9:27 AM): Name recognition builds the brand thru awareness?

Yancey ( (6/12/100 9:28 AM): Some Letters after an expert's name?

GuyRCook - (6/12/100 9:28 AM): ok, Rob, what is your answer?

RobFrankel ( (6/12/100 9:28 AM): Weber, you're closest: with western cultures, it's IMAGERY!!! They want the spooky stuff to work! They love the degree of mysticism and spirituality that Western medicine shuns.

GuyRCook - (6/12/100 9:28 AM): Michael Jordan endorsements

GuyRCook - (6/12/100 9:29 AM): oops, sorry that's for phone service...

RobFrankel ( (6/12/100 9:29 AM): In Asian cultures, this stuff is accepted as the norm, so their packaging, for example, is really basic. but not here!

RobFrankel ( (6/12/100 9:29 AM): Guy, what did you inject today for breakfast!!??

RobFrankel ( (6/12/100 9:30 AM): And that's why I think extending that imagery to the ezine is effective.

Arizona Reporter ( (6/12/100 9:30 AM): Gary, David Carridine

Yancey ( (6/12/100 9:30 AM): They want to buy into the dream, the possibilities.

Arizona Reporter ( (6/12/100 9:30 AM): oops --- Guy (6/12/100 9:30 AM): Our Logo is a scale that is balanced with two Yin Yang symbols, It is on a red background that emulates the look of patterned silk.

GuyRCook - (6/12/100 9:30 AM): Gotta go all, have a good week, burning daylight in chat gotta get working. (6/12/100 9:31 AM): See ya Guy

RobFrankel ( (6/12/100 9:31 AM): Yep, that's where I would put my money. I'd want these readers to think they had access to the guys in the long silk robes with the fu manchus and the wise, smiling eyes.

RobFrankel ( (6/12/100 9:32 AM): AZ, you bring up another hidden point -- remember that "mass culture" (TV, etc.) are the images on which your market builds its preconceived notions about things. Use them!

RobFrankel ( (6/12/100 9:32 AM): Use them, but tweak them to make them your own and more credible for your audience

RobFrankel ( (6/12/100 9:33 AM): Anyone else have anything to bring up (just checking)? jump in if you do.

Yancey ( (6/12/100 9:34 AM): Ancient Words for Modern Times

Arizona Reporter ( (6/12/100 9:34 AM): I know we try to use those preconceived notion for promoting Arizona Reporter. The western, cowboys and Indian, wild wild west-type of feel.

Gaby (6/12/100 9:35 AM): Ancient Chinese cures can heal you today.

RobFrankel ( (6/12/100 9:35 AM): Exactly, AZ. Why fight it? But leverage it into something you can own.

Arizona Reporter ( (6/12/100 9:35 AM): But that's for our travel news etc....

RobFrankel ( (6/12/100 9:35 AM): Yancey, that's not bad at all.

RobFrankel ( (6/12/100 9:36 AM): I like going down that trail, personally. (6/12/100 9:37 AM): I think that is a good starting point. But more than words. I would like to grab at philosophy, mystery, etc.

Arizona Reporter ( (6/12/100 9:38 AM): Today, See the Grasshopper. Tomorrow, Catch the Grasshopper!

RobFrankel ( (6/12/100 9:40 AM): Weber, don't try to do it all in the name. The rest is left up to the format and the content.

RobFrankel ( (6/12/100 9:41 AM): (Anyone else have a topic? Don't be shy....or we can keep going on this one)

RobFrankel ( (6/12/100 9:42 AM): You should have reliable content, too. Like a proverb and a discussion on how to apply it to today's lifestyle....

Gaby (6/12/100 9:43 AM): I do...I am working on my branding for the site has a sizable mission. I am trying to fit it all in... (6/12/100 9:43 AM): We were going to do the proverb. Also an editorial speaking on things like GMO foods, what is happening in the health area, etc.

Yancey ( (6/12/100 9:44 AM): You can leverage your content by letting other ezines use it with your sig file attached.

RobFrankel ( (6/12/100 9:44 AM): Go for it Gaby...what's the problem? (6/12/100 9:44 AM): Yancey, what do you mean?

Arizona Reporter ( (6/12/100 9:45 AM): I know I'm looking for some more Arizona travel content. Our travel section is getting slammed with new visitors this month. Trying to get handle on our growth is daunting.

Gaby (6/12/100 9:45 AM): all the western Mass sports news and information in one convenient SPOT. We juggle the events, scores, schedules, student reporters in all 4 counties. Write for Sport-Spot the western MA sports information gateway.

Yancey ( (6/12/100 9:46 AM): If you write a nice article, you can use it in your zine and also submit it to other related zines who are looking for content.

RobFrankel ( (6/12/100 9:46 AM): What can I help you with, Gaby? Specifically?

Gaby (6/12/100 9:47 AM): Can you tell from this what we are going to do for "you?"

Yancey ( (6/12/100 9:48 AM): AZ, look at Gaby's Very cool.

RobFrankel ( (6/12/100 9:48 AM): Not really, Gaby...From the site, I get an idea of what you are, but from you, I sense you're looking for more involvement from your visitors. Right?

Gaby (6/12/100 9:49 AM): yes

Gaby (6/12/100 9:49 AM): we want the area students to be our reporters and photographers

RobFrankel ( (6/12/100 9:50 AM): Then why don't you lead with that right on the front page? Clearly?

Gaby (6/12/100 9:50 AM): we'd love schools to buy into this as a school-to-career project

RobFrankel ( (6/12/100 9:50 AM): (TEN MINUTE WARNING)

Gaby (6/12/100 9:50 AM): please say more

Gaby (6/12/100 9:51 AM): thanks, Yancy

RobFrankel ( (6/12/100 9:52 AM): I have to look really hard to find one line of copy that invites me to become a reporter. THAT idea should be the driving idea for the site! (6/12/100 9:53 AM): Rob, do you like "Path to Knowledge" as a title?

RobFrankel ( (6/12/100 9:53 AM): In fact, I'd change the name of the site to, which is available -- I just checked.

RobFrankel ( (6/12/100 9:53 AM): No, weber, that's too generic.

Gaby (6/12/100 9:53 AM): wow!

RobFrankel ( (6/12/100 9:54 AM): Fast service. Free stamps with every fill up, Gaby.

Yancey ( (6/12/100 9:54 AM): Gaby, maybe a tag line above the "Become a reporter.." that states that area students are the reporters and photographers.

RobFrankel ( (6/12/100 9:54 AM): Which also ought to tell everyone that all the good names AREN'T taken

RobFrankel ( (6/12/100 9:55 AM): The good names are there if your brand strategy is clear.

RobFrankel ( (6/12/100 9:56 AM): yancey's on the right track...yet again! Not bad for an agency guy, Yance....

RobFrankel ( (6/12/100 9:57 AM): (Something tells me Gaby is at Internic right now....)

Gaby (6/12/100 9:57 AM): This is helpful! I can do that this afternoon and see what happens!

RobFrankel ( (6/12/100 9:58 AM): (TWO MINUTES)

Gaby (6/12/100 9:59 AM): I should mention to all that we are in Beta testing...take a look tomorrow and feel free to send me your thoughts! I appreciate the help! I am glad I came today.

RobFrankel ( (6/12/100 9:59 AM): Great. Glad it helped!

Gaby (6/12/100 9:59 AM): I'll be at Internic when we sign off...

RobFrankel ( (6/12/100 9:59 AM): Okay, you guys, I've gotta run. But you are most welcome to continue as long as you want. You can also use this site to meet any time you like during the week. See you online!

Yancey ( (6/12/100 9:59 AM): Gaby, I like your idea and site look and feel.

Gaby (6/12/100 9:59 AM): thanks, Rob (6/12/100 10:00 AM): Thank you everyone for your kind help. BY Rob.

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