Transcript of Frankel's Free Clinic July 5, 1999

RobFrankel (7/5/99 9:02 AM): I'm here, just in case anyone else is....

Scott Turner (7/5/99 9:22 AM): Entered the room.

RobFrankel (7/5/99 9:23 AM):'s a holiday, so not too many people are around. But what can I do for you?

Scott Turner (7/5/99 9:23 AM): Rob, would love to know if you have any comments on ways to market our digital audio recorders on the Net. Our Website is for background. Scott

RobFrankel (7/5/99 9:25 AM): Let me get the page up....what specifically did you want to know?

Scott Turner (7/5/99 9:25 AM): Rob, we're looking at different ways to market our recorders to consumers for use with major life events: weddings, reunions, anniversary celebrations, bar mitzvahs, etc.

RobFrankel (7/5/99 9:26 AM): Hmmm...let me get an idea of how this stuff works...What are you doing so far to market?

RobFrankel (7/5/99 9:27 AM): Are these digital cameras with audio enhancement? Is that the idea?

Scott Turner (7/5/99 9:28 AM): So far we've focused on the yearbook market, through yearbook publishers marketing to schools. We haven't marketed directly over the Net, except thru our Website, and we haven't even publicized our Website yet. It's an audio recorder to record people's voices, then attach to yearbooks, photo albums etc

Scott Turner (7/5/99 9:29 AM): We're adding audio to print media. It's also a Web appliance, so you can up and download soundbytes over the Net. Retail $24.95

Scott Turner (7/5/99 9:29 AM): Try looking at the Zecko Pictures and Get and Send Soundbytes section of the site.

RobFrankel (7/5/99 9:30 AM): So it only records sound in something like a WAV format that you can e-mail, etc? is that it?

Scott Turner (7/5/99 9:32 AM): Yes, it records them analog, then you can for example email them to friends, family, etc. You can use it as a Web appliance, or simply keep the messages on your recorder as a "Standalone".

RobFrankel (7/5/99 9:32 AM): How do you back up the soundbytes? I'm assuming you can cable it to your PC and store it that way..., yes?

Scott Turner (7/5/99 9:33 AM): For example, students record their friends at the same time as they have them sign their yearbooks, then they attach them to the yearbook "for a lifetime of sound memories(tm)". Or school yearbook editors record game, musical, school highlights, and upload them thru a cable thru their PC to their school Website.

Scott Turner (7/5/99 9:34 AM): Students can either play them back over a multimedia PC, or thru their own cable into the recorder.

RobFrankel (7/5/99 9:34 AM): Okay, now I'm up to speed...what's the question?

Scott Turner (7/5/99 9:35 AM): What do you think would be the most effective way to market this over the Web to generate direct sales of the product thru a future eCommerce enabled Website, or thru a partner's Website?

Scott Turner (7/5/99 9:35 AM): One idea is working thru wedding sites and family history sites.

RobFrankel (7/5/99 9:36 AM): Have you considered affinity programs?

Scott Turner (7/5/99 9:36 AM): Could you give me a brief example?

RobFrankel (7/5/99 9:37 AM): Fraternities, sororities for one example.

RobFrankel (7/5/99 9:37 AM): What kind of sales are you getting so far through your existing channels?

Scott Turner (7/5/99 9:38 AM): We just started offering for sale, and only thru the yearbook cos. Nothing over the Web yet.

RobFrankel (7/5/99 9:39 AM): At $24.95, you could up the price to $28.95, and offer 10% of every sale to a host organization for every one they sell.

RobFrankel (7/5/99 9:40 AM): That's affinity marketing.

Scott Turner (7/5/99 9:41 AM): Good point. Which ones do you feel have a decent audience on the Net. Or are you just talking traditional channels?

RobFrankel (7/5/99 9:42 AM): They exist in both channels. but affinity is really web-friendly. BTW, who is that cheerleader on the Audio Advocate page???

Scott Turner (7/5/99 9:43 AM): What do you think of our branding? What do you think of Zecko(TM) and Sound Memories(TM)? How can we improve in that area. She's from a photo licensing catalog; some have opined she is a he. We doctored a second arm onto her. She won our design team a Print's Regional Annual award.

RobFrankel (7/5/99 9:44 AM): Well, I wouldn't want to meet that cheerleader in a dark alley, that's for sure.

RobFrankel (7/5/99 9:45 AM): As far as branding goes, you need -- IMHO -- a stronger, clearer communication. The name is intriguing, but for a simple device, I had to work hard to understand it.

RobFrankel (7/5/99 9:46 AM): Your home page, for example, assumes that people already know what a Zecko is.

Scott Turner (7/5/99 9:46 AM): Goo point.

RobFrankel (7/5/99 9:47 AM): If you launch hard, you've got to assume that NOBODY ever heard of you or your product.

Scott Turner (7/5/99 9:47 AM): Any particular suggestions on stronger, clearer...

RobFrankel (7/5/99 9:48 AM): Well, my constant drone is about how Branding is the only solutions to your prospects' problems. You should reinforce that solution on every page, wherever your brand appears.

Scott Turner (7/5/99 9:48 AM): We can safely assume no one heard of us....except in a small number of high schools in our May pilot....BTW was very well received by students.

RobFrankel (7/5/99 9:49 AM): The program has big potential, Scott. What's your competitive situation? Anyone else out there?

Scott Turner (7/5/99 9:50 AM): So, "preserving a lifetime of sound memories" or a similar tagline. Our main competition is the status quo, getting people to do things differently.

Scott Turner (7/5/99 9:51 AM): We've done extensive patent search and have a broad patent pending. Also exclusive rights on voice tech.

RobFrankel (7/5/99 9:51 AM): Well, I think you're starting on the right track. But remember you're introducing a new technology, too. So try making the tagline clear first. Then make it clever.

Louise ( (7/5/99 9:52 AM): Entered the room.

RobFrankel (7/5/99 9:52 AM): I try not to get into working sessions on these chats, mainly because these get publicly archived. Also, it begins to get into my work product....but yes, you're on the right track.

Louise ( (7/5/99 9:52 AM): not too many here today?

RobFrankel (7/5/99 9:53 AM): No Louise, but you missed out on a fascinating one on one. Scott has a really cool product.

Louise ( (7/5/99 9:54 AM): sound memories? or something along those lines?

Scott Turner (7/5/99 9:54 AM): Samples are very effective, people click in right away. We're planning on an on-line sample you can click on as if pressing buttons. Louise, you can check us out at

Scott Turner (7/5/99 9:55 AM): Rob, thanks for your comments. Really enjoy the FrankelBees group.

RobFrankel (7/5/99 9:56 AM): Scott, I think you need to define the product more quickly. once you do that, your efforts will go much more smoothly. The concept as presented to a newbie seems way more complicated than it is.

RobFrankel (7/5/99 9:56 AM): Sure, my pleasure.

Scott Turner (7/5/99 9:57 AM): Rob, will work on implementing your valuable advice, thanks. Scott

RobFrankel (7/5/99 9:58 AM): Is that it for today?

RobFrankel (7/5/99 9:58 AM): I guess we can take the rest of the day off! See you online!

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