Transcript of Frankel's Free Clinic July 24, 2000

RobFrankel) (7/24/2000 9:02 AM):'s everyone summer vacation? (7/24/2000 9:02 AM): hi rob

Doug ( (7/24/2000 9:02 AM): Entered the room. (7/24/2000 9:03 AM): Entered the room.

Terri Robinson ( (7/24/2000 9:03 AM): Busier than a bee, Rob! Hi Doug! (7/24/2000 9:03 AM): hello Doug

RobFrankel) (7/24/2000 9:03 AM): Hi Doug...we always let the new guys go first...what can I do for you ? (7/24/2000 9:03 AM): Hello folks! Great to see everyone. (7/24/2000 9:03 AM): hope the site goes well Terri .. always nice to be 'expert'

Doug ( (7/24/2000 9:03 AM): Hi all, I'm back to listen in this time.

Yancey ( (7/24/2000 9:04 AM): Entered the room.

RobFrankel) (7/24/2000 9:04 AM): Jozef, your rabbi actually e-mailed me....

Terri Robinson ( (7/24/2000 9:04 AM): Hi Jozef! thanks, Patti! :) (7/24/2000 9:04 AM): Rob, I gave last week's chat to my Rabbi, he loved it, particularly your TIP (lol). (7/24/2000 9:04 AM): hi Jozef and Yancy (7/24/2000 9:05 AM): Did he give you more "Revenge of Brand Yiddish"??? (7/24/2000 9:05 AM): Good morning Patti. (7/24/2000 9:05 AM): btw rob... caught part of your radio interview.. was interesting but murder to listen to on a dial up connection (7/24/2000 9:05 AM): Good morning Terri.

RobFrankel) (7/24/2000 9:05 AM): He was interested in my use of the term Big Time Branding. (7/24/2000 9:06 AM): I am sure he will buy your book. Just send him to, yellow banner, ok (grin).

RobFrankel) (7/24/2000 9:06 AM): Patti, you got more than I did. Last time I checked, it was still not available on the archive page of moneyroom. (7/24/2000 9:08 AM): I went directly to it when you posted.. it was available right from the main page

Terri Robinson ( (7/24/2000 9:08 AM): Who was the interviewer, Rob? Hi Yancey!

Arizona Reporter ( (7/24/2000 9:08 AM): Entered the room.

RobFrankel) (7/24/2000 9:08 AM): Yes, Patti, it was there over the weekend. Then another show moved into its place on Monday, and Michael didn't update the archive page.....

RobFrankel) (7/24/2000 9:09 AM): Terri, I was interviewed by Michael Lamb, who I met at the Abraham summit in January.

RobFrankel) (7/24/2000 9:10 AM): Michael has since become a FrankelBee. The show is carried on a bunch of business sites and could be a source of free publicity for everyone.

Terri Robinson ( (7/24/2000 9:10 AM): Awesome, Rob! That summit is having some really great results "still"! *smile* Hello James! (7/24/2000 9:10 AM): Rob, can you tell us about the affiliateforce 2000 conference. How big? Who is there? How many vendors, etc.? (7/24/2000 9:10 AM): I understand it is this week.

Yancey ( (7/24/2000 9:10 AM): Entered the room.

RobFrankel) (7/24/2000 9:11 AM): The thing everyone forgets about these types of shoes is that -- especially if they're daily shows -- is that they constantly need stories.

Yancey ( (7/24/2000 9:11 AM): Morning Terri, Patti, Rabbi, Jozef, all.

RobFrankel) (7/24/2000 9:12 AM): Yes, the AffiliateForce 2000 is a first year event, which means it's going to be more intimate than most. I don't know that more than 100 people will attend. I personally want to support the affiliate movement, so I've agreed to help them out. (7/24/2000 9:12 AM): hmmm good point Rob

RobFrankel) (7/24/2000 9:13 AM): One thing I can tell you about "first year" shows is that you get the most out of them. I can't tell you how well everyone did after the e-commerce 2000 (Hawaii)

RobFrankel) (7/24/2000 9:14 AM): ..but we all got to know each other personally and we all did business.

RobFrankel) (7/24/2000 9:15 AM): So it's not going to be an extravaganza, but I would expect that some good connections -- fundamental ones -- could result.

RobFrankel) (7/24/2000 9:16 AM): Since I'm going to be there at lunch time, I figured we could try a FrankelBiz Face to face. At 10:30 Saturday morning in the coffee shop at the Marriott.

rob0768 (7/24/2000 9:16 AM): Entered the room.

I would love to go, probably catch the very next one in Miami. (7/24/2000 9:17 AM): Entered the room.

RobFrankel) (7/24/2000 9:17 AM): Anyone else have a topic I can help with? (7/24/2000 9:17 AM): Entered the room.

Terri Robinson ( (7/24/2000 9:17 AM): Rob, when are you going to team up with Peter Kent and get in on his "Poor Richard" series? *grin*

RobFrankel) (7/24/2000 9:20 AM): Terri, I find that most of those types are very easily threatened. If anyone like that ever approached me, I would do what I could to make something happen, but they don't.

RobFrankel) (7/24/2000 9:20 AM): In fact, I know one person who deliberately WON'T refer business to me because she's afraid that I'll get a higher fee than she will!!!

Terri Robinson ( (7/24/2000 9:21 AM): Chris Pirillo did the Poor Richard e-mail newsletter book - I think most of those are available on too.

Terri Robinson ( (7/24/2000 9:22 AM): That's sad, Rob! Holding things too tight isn't going to make them grow!

RobFrankel) (7/24/2000 9:22 AM): Which brings up a good point about brand compatibility: I do what I can to help other professionals and NEVER take a fee for it. But I only help those I like and who are secure enough to send me stuff, too -- and there are few of them. (7/24/2000 9:22 AM): off the wall question .. but what sort of ideas could a small community (not web) look at to try to market itself? in particular an effort from the existing business people

Yancey ( (7/24/2000 9:22 AM): Entered the room. (7/24/2000 9:23 AM): Rob, we belong to BNI (lead sharing breakfast groups) who believe in "givers usually get". People need to understand effective networking is not trying to keep the ledger balanced on leads and referrals.

RobFrankel) (7/24/2000 9:24 AM): Of those who are terrific, I can tell you that John Audette and Larry Chase, Audri Lanford, Dan Janal and Paul Hartunian are all terrific in this respect.

RobFrankel ( (7/24/2000 9:24 AM): Entered the room.

RobFrankel ( (7/24/2000 9:25 AM): Oops, dropped off there...

Yancey ( (7/24/2000 9:25 AM): Jozef, I like telling them that it all comes back around, just help someone else out. (7/24/2000 9:26 AM): Yes Yancy, and also, when you give referrals and connect others, people perceive you more as a good person to know. The referrals eventually come, you just have to be patient.

Terri Robinson ( (7/24/2000 9:26 AM): Jozef that is an excellent point! One of my associates promotes what he calls "helpfulness marketing" - Paul "the Soaring" Siegal over at - Lot of great ideas start over there :)

RobFrankel ( (7/24/2000 9:26 AM): Anyone here? (7/24/2000 9:27 AM): Hmmm, thanks Terri, I will check out Paul's site

rob0768 (7/24/2000 9:28 AM): Can you give a description (or URL referral) that might describe who would benefit from attending the AffiliateForce 2000...advertising people? business development people? can one expect to meet people from companies on the Microsoft level, or is it smaller e-biz companies? etc...

Yancey ( (7/24/2000 9:28 AM): I've had three computer problems this morning, I think the digigremlins are active. (7/24/2000 9:28 AM): We are all here Rob. (7/24/2000 9:28 AM): was here last I looked (7/24/2000 9:28 AM): Hello, is everyone there?

Arizona Reporter ( (7/24/2000 9:30 AM): Standing up to be counted: I'm Here!

Terri Robinson ( (7/24/2000 9:30 AM): I'm still here! I think the server is hiccuping maybe :)

Doug ( (7/24/2000 9:30 AM): Me too. (7/24/2000 9:30 AM): Standing up as well, count me in!

Rob Frankel (7/24/2000 9:31 AM): Entered the room.

Rob Frankel (7/24/2000 9:31 AM): Whoa! Did I just have a trip into the weird!

Rob Frankel (7/24/2000 9:31 AM): rob0768, let me get you the URL...

Terri Robinson ( (7/24/2000 9:32 AM): in IRC world we call this "Mr. Toad's wild ride", Rob *grin*

Rob Frankel (7/24/2000 9:33 AM): Try

rob0768 (7/24/2000 9:34 AM): Can you give a description (or URL referral) that might describe who would benefit from attending the AffiliateForce 2000...advertising people? business development people? can one expect to meet people from companies on the Microsoft level, or is it smaller e-biz companies? etc...

Rob Frankel (7/24/2000 9:35 AM): I think it's mainly people who are interested in leveraging affiliate power for their causes, plus getting in on the organization of affiliates worldwide. There's a movement on to unite them all to protect them from unscrupulous outfits.

Terri Robinson ( (7/24/2000 9:36 AM): Rob, how effective are you finding the affiliate program in promoting your book?

Rob Frankel (7/24/2000 9:37 AM): Interestingly, Terri, I have almost 100 affiliates so far, but only two of them have received checks from me. This IN SPITE of the fact that I pay twice per book over what anyone else does.

Rob Frankel (7/24/2000 9:38 AM): That could also be due to the fact that my book has a fairly narrow appeal, but you would think that if someone signed up for it, the numbers would be better.

Rob Frankel (7/24/2000 9:39 AM): What it shows me is that people aren't really motivated by money. They really have to be motivated by belief in the product in order to promote it.

Terri Robinson ( (7/24/2000 9:40 AM): Why do you think that is, Rob? I know I am an affiliate in a couple of things - but truthfully, I don't do a lot of active promoting aside from having them on my site and saying that they are good and legit, etc.

RobFrankel ( (7/24/2000 9:42 AM): Entered the room.

Terri Robinson ( (7/24/2000 9:42 AM): I think any business would be interested in learning to brand their company

RobFrankel ( (7/24/2000 9:43 AM): Wow, this server is funky today....anyway, what it says to me is that only a tiny fraction of people -- on the web or anywhere -- are really business people.

RobFrankel ( (7/24/2000 9:44 AM): ...and while the book is a good one, SELLING it is not their main concern or interest.

Terri Robinson ( (7/24/2000 9:44 AM): I know for certain that money is not the key motivator in recruiting! It's the less tangible things like company culture, flexible work schedules, and things like that - those get the person excited even more than money

RobFrankel ( (7/24/2000 9:46 AM): I personally prefer when people buy it through the revengeofbrandx site, because I get the people's data. My affiliate sales do the same thing. But if anyone else sells it, I miss out on that data.

Doug ( (7/24/2000 9:46 AM): Rob, I've recommended your book to a couple of clients, one of which thumbed through my copy and mentioned that he did not like the style of writing, and also commented on an editing mistake he saw.

Doug ( (7/24/2000 9:46 AM): He could not look into the content to find the value!

RobFrankel ( (7/24/2000 9:47 AM): I LOVE THAT Doug. It's the perfect example of someone I would NOT want to work with, because our styles are completely incompatible. So you can see the book is doing its job.

RobFrankel ( (7/24/2000 9:48 AM): It's what I call "anti-branding"... letting your brand screen out those people who would just waste your time over trivial issues like that, instead of concentrating on the matters of importance.

RobFrankel ( (7/24/2000 9:49 AM): But thanks for trying to recommend it, Doug! you can lead a horse to water....

RobFrankel ( (7/24/2000 9:49 AM): (TEN MINUTE WARNING)

Doug ( (7/24/2000 9:50 AM): Incidentally, there is a free download at -- "Unleashing the Ideavirus" that online marketing/branding types may find useful. Worth the download time, even on a slow connection.

Terri Robinson ( (7/24/2000 9:51 AM): That is Seth Godin's new book, Doug - it is awesome! and totally free over the Internet :)

Terri Robinson ( (7/24/2000 9:53 AM): For anyone that isn't familiar with Seth, he also wrote the book "permission marketing"

RobFrankel ( (7/24/2000 9:53 AM): Anyone here planning on going to the F2F in Los Angeles this Saturday?

Doug ( (7/24/2000 9:54 AM): I'm hoping to attend Saturday.

Terri Robinson ( (7/24/2000 9:55 AM): I can't get there, Rob, but tell JoAnna hello if you see her! :)

RobFrankel ( (7/24/2000 9:57 AM): I will. Anything else before we wrap it up?

Terri Robinson ( (7/24/2000 9:58 AM): Thanks for your time, Rob! Very interesting session :) See you all next week!

RobFrankel ( (7/24/2000 9:58 AM): (TWO MINUTES)

Doug ( (7/24/2000 9:58 AM): It's quiet--See you on Saturday.

RobFrankel ( (7/24/2000 9:59 AM): Sorry for the server junk, if anyone else is having trouble....

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