Transcript of Frankel's Free Clinic July 26, 1999

RobFrankel (7/26/99 8:58 AM): Greetings...everyone have their coffee cups in hand?

Kieran (7/26/99 8:59 AM): Entered the room.

Terri ( (7/26/99 8:59 AM): Good morning Rob! Hi everyone! Coffee in hand!

Kieran (7/26/99 9:00 AM): Good evening from the other side of the world.

Dan Geist ( (7/26/99 9:00 AM): Hello Everyone!

RobFrankel (7/26/99 9:01 AM): Kieran, where are you jumping in from?

RobFrankel (7/26/99 9:01 AM): (I want to guess Ireland....UK?) (7/26/99 9:02 AM): Entered the room. (7/26/99 9:02 AM): GOOOOOOOD morning, everyone!

Kieran (7/26/99 9:02 AM): I'm logging on from Ireland, where I'm just about to finish a typically grueling Monday at work.

RobFrankel (7/26/99 9:02 AM): Dan...did Jim call you last week?

Kieran (7/26/99 9:03 AM): Good guess!

RobFrankel (7/26/99 9:03 AM): Ah, well then, I'll spare you the "top 'o the mornin'" thing....

Dan Geist ( (7/26/99 9:03 AM): Yes he did! Thanks for sending him my way.

Dan Geist ( (7/26/99 9:04 AM): Yes he did! Thanks for sending him my way.

Kieran (7/26/99 9:04 AM): Much appreciated. (7/26/99 9:04 AM): oh, Rob!

Jacob (7/26/99 9:04 AM): Entered the room.

RobFrankel (7/26/99 9:04 AM): Okay, so who's up first you earlybirds? (7/26/99 9:04 AM): hey, Jacob, how's your computer?

Jacob (7/26/99 9:04 AM): Mornin'

RobFrankel (7/26/99 9:05 AM): Yes, JoAnna....

Andy ( (7/26/99 9:05 AM): Entered the room.

Jacob (7/26/99 9:05 AM): The old one is currently being repaired and I am working on my brand spankin' new Sony VAIO, top of the line model of course! (7/26/99 9:05 AM): I was groaning at your joke...

David (back again, IE crashed) (7/26/99 9:05 AM): Entered the room.

RobFrankel (7/26/99 9:05 AM): Kieran, since you're working late, did you have a specific topic? (7/26/99 9:05 AM): <---jealous of the vaio. how cool is it?

Jacob (7/26/99 9:06 AM): I'm just trying to plan out my trip to the west coast next week, always an exciting time.

Dan Geist ( (7/26/99 9:06 AM): Way to go Jacob!

Terri ( (7/26/99 9:06 AM): Rob, what are your thoughts on radio DJ's for press releases? are they effective?

David (back again, IE crashed) (7/26/99 9:06 AM): Greetings, Rob.

Jacob (7/26/99 9:06 AM): The vaio is beyond cool!

RobFrankel (7/26/99 9:07 AM): Um, does anyone have a business topic? Beside drooling over laptops, I mean?

RobFrankel (7/26/99 9:07 AM): Terri, what do you mean by Radio DJ' men having them read them? (7/26/99 9:07 AM): I just went to a seminar talking about radio and internet going hand in hand.

Andy ( (7/26/99 9:07 AM): speaking of radio, has anybody heard anything about radio giant Clear Channel Communications and their foray into web development. Rumor has it they are getting into development on a MAJOR scale. Anyone heard anything?

David (back again, IE crashed) (7/26/99 9:07 AM): Domain names. (For a change!) Should they be very arbitrary, or be somewhat descriptive? (7/26/99 9:07 AM): I've got a topic, but let Terri go first...

Terri ( (7/26/99 9:08 AM): Not only read them... but if they would be promoting the company I guess

Kieran (7/26/99 9:08 AM): Not particularly, I'm working as a content developer with a view to creating and maintaining the on-line brand experience. I've found your site very helpful so I thought I'd drop by and say hello.

Clayton( (7/26/99 9:08 AM): Topic here as well

RobFrankel (7/26/99 9:09 AM): Okie doke, Kieran. Since you're our first time guest, I thought I'd just invite you in first.

RobFrankel (7/26/99 9:09 AM): Terri, if there ever was a class of people worth generalizing into one sweeping category, it's Radio DJ's. (7/26/99 9:10 AM): Domain names, if NOT related to the subject matter, are slightly more difficult to remember.

niloufar (7/26/99 9:10 AM): Entered the room.

RobFrankel (7/26/99 9:10 AM): Most of them are not happy people. I mean, how happy can you be cooped up in a dark room talking into a mike for 6 hours?

niloufar (7/26/99 9:10 AM): Hello everyone.

Jacob (7/26/99 9:10 AM): But if the names are unique they will stand out in your mind.

RobFrankel (7/26/99 9:11 AM): I've worked with a lot of DJ's and the best way to get them to perform is to customize the script especially for them, and let them know it. (7/26/99 9:11 AM): from what I hear when I've got the radio, they like to be sent food. bribery is a great tool

Terri ( (7/26/99 9:11 AM): *laffin* I take it you wouldn't consider that a very good way to get out the word on a web site then?

Andy ( (7/26/99 9:11 AM): Something about domain names from the Thunder Lizard seminar last week: Use the drive time test... if a person sees your URL on a billboard during a commute, and they still remember it by the time they get to the office, YOU PASS!

RobFrankel (7/26/99 9:11 AM): This means that a standard press release will likely NOT get the reading that you want, since so many of them have such distinct styles.

David (back again, IE crashed) (7/26/99 9:12 AM): JoAnna - Yahoo and Amazon are the classic examples of arbitrary names. But does that make them ideal? (7/26/99 9:12 AM): good point, Andy!

LarryT (7/26/99 9:12 AM): Entered the room.

Terri ( (7/26/99 9:12 AM): That helps, Rob! Thank you!

RobFrankel (7/26/99 9:12 AM): It can work, but you really have to write the release in a way that shows you had them in mind. For example, your local DJ won't read it the way Rush Limbaugh would or Howard Stern...

Kieran (7/26/99 9:13 AM): Not particularly, I'm working as a content developer with a view to creating and maintaining the on-line brand experience. I've found your site very helpful so I thought I'd drop by and say hello. (7/26/99 9:13 AM): David, I guess it would depend on how much you wanted to spend on marketing.

RobFrankel (7/26/99 9:13 AM): Are we now on domain names? Yippee! The Revenge of Brand X has a whole chapter on this one....

David (back again, IE crashed) (7/26/99 9:13 AM): Within 6 months, a fair chunk.

Kieran (7/26/99 9:13 AM): When are we going to see this book?

RobFrankel (7/26/99 9:14 AM): What's the specific question on the table?

David (back again, IE crashed) (7/26/99 9:14 AM): When's it going to be published, Rob?

RobFrankel (7/26/99 9:14 AM): The book is now at McGraw Hill, scheduled for release this fall.

David (back again, IE crashed) (7/26/99 9:14 AM): Rob, the question is how specific the domain should be. (7/26/99 9:14 AM): For example: Vermillion has nothing to do with Human Resources... nor is it my name...but for some reason, people remember it! More than they remember my name!

Jacob (7/26/99 9:14 AM): Yahoo and Amazon are not arbitrary, they go out on a limb, not naming themselves Search or They create an emotion, a memory, a unique BRAND with the visitor.

RobFrankel (7/26/99 9:14 AM): It's a real riot. I wonder how much they'll publish intact....

David (back again, IE crashed) (7/26/99 9:14 AM): Rob - For reference, see the e-mail I pestered you with. :)

RobFrankel (7/26/99 9:15 AM): Okay David, my position is this: it should be clear and compelling. DON'T confuse "category inventors" like Amazon and Monsterboard... (7/26/99 9:16 AM): (not like you could remember my last name [Minneci] or pronounce it for that matter!

RobFrankel (7/26/99 9:16 AM): Those guys are "first in". They will now start to LOSE market share due to their lack of brand value.

David (back again, IE crashed) (7/26/99 9:16 AM): or is random. Yahoo and amazon are arbitrary. (At least according to a trademark lawyer, but he may be wrong...he wears red ties.)

RobFrankel (7/26/99 9:16 AM): One thing that your e-mail pointed out correctly David, was the possibility of misspellings and confusion. That's up there on the domain problem list.

David (back again, IE crashed) (7/26/99 9:17 AM): Rob - You don't feel that Amazon has brand value? Do explain! :)

Andy ( (7/26/99 9:17 AM): Whoa-I think they've got the branding thing wrapped up pretty tight (especially Amazon.)

RobFrankel (7/26/99 9:17 AM): Too generic a name promotes a category, not your brand. So I don't recommend those, either.

RobFrankel (7/26/99 9:18 AM): Wrong, Andy. They don't. The proof is this: if B&N offers the same book for 25% less, where do you think America will buy it?

RobFrankel (7/26/99 9:18 AM): If there's no reason to stay at Amazon (and there really isn't) there's no brand value there. Awareness, yes. Brand value, no. And that endangers their market.

Kieran (7/26/99 9:19 AM): Shouldn't new firms entering the market take advantage of the great leveling capability of the net and emulate the likes of amazon.

David (back again, IE crashed) (7/26/99 9:19 AM): As a Gen-Y'er, I may be atypical for the time being, but if I've had a good experience with amazon, I'll go back every time. I've got an account, and their service is great. It may not be typical, tho.

Kieran (7/26/99 9:19 AM): Shouldn't new firms entering the market take advantage of the great leveling capability of the net and emulate the likes of amazon.

Louise ( (7/26/99 9:19 AM): Entered the room.

David (back again, IE crashed) (7/26/99 9:19 AM): B&N may offer the same level of (or even better) service, but if I'm totally satisfied with one brand there's no reason to risk a switch.

RobFrankel (7/26/99 9:19 AM): David, you will until something better comes along. Then they'll spend big bucks raising their awareness, and off you'll go.

RobFrankel (7/26/99 9:20 AM): Yes and no Kieran. I firmly believe the field gets more and more level. But you must IMPROVE on Amazon to beat them.

RobFrankel (7/26/99 9:20 AM): And that's not as hard as it sounds. (7/26/99 9:21 AM): I agree with you, David. (Gen X'er, myself) I put time & money in the same wallet...If it saves time, I'll do it.

Terri ( (7/26/99 9:21 AM): Rob, what about the new lines that Amazon has - electronics and toys.. do you think that will enhance or confuse the branding issue?

RobFrankel (7/26/99 9:21 AM): David, your specific problem is that your biz doesn't have the right brand yet. That's why you're unsure of the domain name. You intuitively know it's not on target.

RobFrankel (7/26/99 9:22 AM): Terri, Amazon is scrambling to prop up its value by investing in other venues besides its core business. Also why E-Bay bought Butterfield

David (back again, IE crashed) (7/26/99 9:22 AM): Not to exclude the crowd with an inside discussion, but how do you feel about the new one I proposed?

RobFrankel (7/26/99 9:22 AM): The smartest guys out there, I hate to say it, are AOL. Steve Case is on the right track.

RobFrankel (7/26/99 9:23 AM): David, I think you need a brand, but honestly, the ones I saw didn't do your concept justice. Keep working on it. I love ya, but I gotta be honest.

David (back again, IE crashed) (7/26/99 9:24 AM): Well, Steve Case missed out on a HUGE opportunity. Not that he's doing poorly, mind you, but if AOL would've considered internet access a few years earlier they would've sewn up the ISP market much more so than they currently have. (Again, not terribly.)

RobFrankel (7/26/99 9:24 AM): Personally, I like to create brands that suggest a market positioning at the outset. I want to know what you've got and why it's best for me, right there in the brand.

David (back again, IE crashed) (7/26/99 9:25 AM): Rob - Should I give you a call after this?

Terri ( (7/26/99 9:25 AM): David, when I chose my domain name I went with the experts who said your domain should describe what you do :)

Kieran (7/26/99 9:25 AM): Entered the room.

RobFrankel (7/26/99 9:25 AM): Case is smart in that he's building his business where he should build it -- in the online arena. You don't see him going out and buying motorhome factories or fish farms...

David (back again, IE crashed) (7/26/99 9:26 AM): As attractive as motorhome factories and fish farms may be...

RobFrankel (7/26/99 9:26 AM): Sure, David.

Kieran (7/26/99 9:27 AM): Thanks a million guy's. Rob Keep up the good work, I'm off to the pub for a creamy pint of Guinness. Now there's a brand worth talking about!

David (back again, IE crashed) (7/26/99 9:27 AM): Terri - you could afford to do that! ;)

RobFrankel (7/26/99 9:27 AM): Got that right, Kieran. Raise one up for me.

Terri ( (7/26/99 9:27 AM): That is true Rob, but like David said, AOL could have cornered the market a lot more if they had started earlier

RobFrankel (7/26/99 9:28 AM): Descriptive is good, distinctive is even better.

Andy ( (7/26/99 9:28 AM): An example of Descriptive vs. Distinctive?

RobFrankel (7/26/99 9:28 AM): Oh, for crying out loud, if my grandmother had wheels, she'd be a car. Hindsight is easy, folks. The market wasn't ready for ISP's when AOL started. The infrastructure wasn't there.

David (back again, IE crashed) (7/26/99 9:29 AM): vs. webcrawler?

RobFrankel (7/26/99 9:29 AM): Andy: vs., for starters.

David (back again, IE crashed) (7/26/99 9:29 AM): When it started, no, but their 'net interface was terrible at best until AOL 3.0, and not even really until 4.

RobFrankel (7/26/99 9:30 AM): Or how about vs.

Joel (7/26/99 9:30 AM): Entered the room.

Ben (7/26/99 9:30 AM): Entered the room.

RobFrankel (7/26/99 9:31 AM): David, you're TOO Gen Y. Those of us from Generation R or even M witnessed the entire evolution. There were market conditions that existed then that precluded what is now AOL 4.0 and the web itself. (7/26/99 9:32 AM): May I jump in? I was wondering if anyone out there is recruiting with those "major" online companies...if at all?

David (back again, IE crashed) (7/26/99 9:32 AM): Hey, I'm un-Y enough that I remember Q-Link and I'm a charter member. ;)

RobFrankel (7/26/99 9:32 AM): Don't forget that NASA sent three men to the moon with the same computing power as a 64K HP calculator....

Andy ( (7/26/99 9:32 AM): Please... AOL has done a great job marketing themselves, but technically their history is nothing but trouble. I don't think it's a business model any of us would want to emulate anyway. They're trailblazers, but the world passed them by technologically a long time ago. They have not kept up!

RobFrankel (7/26/99 9:32 AM): Hey, Q-Link was a client! That's how I met Steve.

David (back again, IE crashed) (7/26/99 9:32 AM): Ehh...I'd take AOL's business model in a second. Tons of customers and tons of ads? Ehh...

RobFrankel (7/26/99 9:32 AM): Andy, it's the Apple v. Microsoft story. One's a better product, the other's a better marketer.

Andy ( (7/26/99 9:33 AM): And tons of naysayers... get back to me five years from now.

Terri ( (7/26/99 9:33 AM): Rob, I was around in the early CompuServe days - I think it was a matter of the higher ups not taking the potential of the Internet seriously until it sneaked up and bit them on the butt :)

RobFrankel (7/26/99 9:33 AM): The fact is, where is Prodigy, GEnie and CompuServe today? Those are the questions worth asking.

RobFrankel (7/26/99 9:34 AM): Five years from now this will be a three-D video chat. (7/26/99 9:34 AM): prodigy?! My first internet experience. fascinating

David (back again, IE crashed) (7/26/99 9:34 AM): Bad software, high prices and text-based, respectively.

Ben (7/26/99 9:34 AM): AOL is guilty of ad abuse. Ads online need to be targeted not shotgunned.

RobFrankel (7/26/99 9:35 AM): I met with Prodigy Business Services earlier this year. Totally clueless. AOL has it all over them.

RobFrankel (7/26/99 9:35 AM): Okay, we're drifting. Anyone have real topic? (7/26/99 9:35 AM): I think my question got lost: I was wondering if anyone out there is recruiting with those "major" online companies...if

at all?

RobFrankel (7/26/99 9:36 AM): Which ones?

Greg Boser (7/26/99 9:36 AM): Entered the room.

Ben (7/26/99 9:36 AM): Branding. I have a big Web event related to space exploration in 4 months. Any ideas? (7/26/99 9:36 AM):,,

RobFrankel (7/26/99 9:37 AM): Ben, that's a pretty vague question. Want to refine it? (7/26/99 9:37 AM): and that giant one out of AZ - Recruit to Hire! :-)

Joel (7/26/99 9:37 AM): This is my first time to this chat room. Do all of you have online businesses? If so what's your experiences and URL. Thanks

RobFrankel (7/26/99 9:37 AM): I have no use for those services, but I like their business models.

LarryT (7/26/99 9:38 AM): Hi everyone. I want to start and affiliate program. Has anyone had experience with tracking software they could recommend?

RobFrankel (7/26/99 9:38 AM): Joel, what do you do?

Terri ( (7/26/99 9:38 AM): *laffin* thanks JoAnna! Someone must be recruiting with Monsterboard and HeadHunter - they are huge and well known!

Ben (7/26/99 9:39 AM): Sure. The event is Planet Fest. Three days of live speakers and events culminating with the landing of the latest Mars probe. How can I take this event onto the Web and get attendance so the big corporate sponsors walk away happy?

Joel (7/26/99 9:39 AM): I'm a database developer for Delta Air Lines. I do video production and am planning to market some special effect "How To" video on the web.

RobFrankel (7/26/99 9:40 AM): Ben, you've got to get on our horse and ride fast. Your promotional plans should be under way by now. Are your incorporating any cam stuff on your site?

Louise ( (7/26/99 9:40 AM): got a few ideas Ben.. what are you doing already?

RobFrankel (7/26/99 9:41 AM): That seems to do really well with the offline press. It's graphic and shows well on CNN.

Ben (7/26/99 9:41 AM): Rob: I just got hired Friday and the client is floundering. 501c3 blues. Lots of ideas and no budget. (7/26/99 9:41 AM): Hi, Louise!

RobFrankel (7/26/99 9:42 AM): I talked to one guy who's digging up a baby Tyrannosaur and scheduling a whole event around it. We agreed that sponsorship does well, because the sponsors help promote the site and event.

Ben (7/26/99 9:42 AM): For cam stuff what's my best bet? RealVideo or....??

RobFrankel (7/26/99 9:42 AM): No budget? How do they pay the rent? Yikes!

RobFrankel (7/26/99 9:43 AM): Ben, realize that most of the world is still seriously offline. Anything you give them will fascinate them.

RobFrankel (7/26/99 9:44 AM): I wouldn't suggest RealVideo. Stick with something really generic that requires no plug in or helper app. makes it more accessible to the newbies -- and the press.

David (back again, IE crashed) (7/26/99 9:44 AM): Find something push-related.

RobFrankel (7/26/99 9:44 AM): Make the site readable with 3.0 browsers. Keep it simple and fast to load.

Ben (7/26/99 9:45 AM): But they at least want sound. RealAudio kicks butt on WAV files.

RobFrankel (7/26/99 9:45 AM): The good news for you Ben, is that NASA content is totally free to all tax-paying US citizens, so you can use their stuff for free. Go to their site, for starters.

Ben (7/26/99 9:46 AM): No probs there. JPL is funneling all sorts of stuff to us.

RobFrankel (7/26/99 9:46 AM): Pictures, Ben. They want pictures. If you give them sound, they'll take it. But they want pictures.

RobFrankel (7/26/99 9:47 AM): Take a lesson from what JPL did with Sojourner. Fabulous job that was accessible by all.

RobFrankel (7/26/99 9:47 AM): Joel, did we answer your question?

Ben (7/26/99 9:47 AM): But the big gimmick for this Mars landing is that it's going to have a microphone on board. The very first sounds from another planet. Zounds!

RobFrankel (7/26/99 9:48 AM): Well, that's another story. I sure hope they have a bras band playing there...

David (again feckless unstable Applets!) (7/26/99 9:48 AM): Entered the room.

RobFrankel (7/26/99 9:49 AM): Actually, that would be the most publicity you'd ever get. The first sounds from another planet could be your Mom whining for you to take out the trash....

Clayton( (7/26/99 9:49 AM): Is there a good online resource for ad info on the larger E-zines?

Joel (7/26/99 9:49 AM): Thanks for the advice of web based video. I really need marketing and advertising advice for the web. The videos will be on VHS tape.

RobFrankel (7/26/99 9:49 AM): Go ahead Joel.

RobFrankel (7/26/99 9:51 AM): Clayton have you tried

Terri ( (7/26/99 9:51 AM): Clayton I think has great info on most of them - not positive on that Andy - will write you later with the right one if I'm wrong on that.

Clayton( (7/26/99 9:51 AM): on my way..

RobFrankel (7/26/99 9:52 AM): (EIGHT MINUTE WARNING)

Ben (7/26/99 9:52 AM): It'll probably just be the Martian wind whistling. But it's the IDEA of 'firsts sounds from Mars' we can sell.

Greg Boser (7/26/99 9:52 AM): Hi Rob, I could use some of your branding/funding wisdom for a new project. Do you know who Gene LeBell is?

RobFrankel (7/26/99 9:52 AM): As long as it has a good beat and you can dance to it...

RobFrankel (7/26/99 9:52 AM): Gene the announcer?

Joel (7/26/99 9:52 AM): A friend of mine, a folk lore video producer, who has sold a lot of tapes via magazine ads want to use e-commerce. So do I! So, How do I get started? What's your experience?

RobFrankel (7/26/99 9:54 AM): Joel: Build the site first. Then do your marketing. Stay very niched. Then source out your niche partners. My lovely wife is doing the same thing, but for folkdancing.

Dan Geist ( (7/26/99 9:54 AM): Joel-

Dan Geist ( (7/26/99 9:54 AM): Joel-

RobFrankel (7/26/99 9:54 AM): Greg, wasn't Gene a wrestling announcer?

Dan Geist ( (7/26/99 9:54 AM): Joel-

Dan Geist ( (7/26/99 9:54 AM): Joel-

Greg Boser (7/26/99 9:54 AM): Gene LeBell is a Hollywood stunt coordinator, and martial art guru. Elvis, and Bruce Lee were just a few of his students. He is referred to in Hollywood as "The toughest man alive." (He's 67)

Joel (7/26/99 9:55 AM): What do you mean by "niche partners"?

RobFrankel (7/26/99 9:55 AM): Okay, shows you what I know about Gene LeBell. What' the question?

Dan Geist ( (7/26/99 9:55 AM): Joel, I'd be happy to offer advice on marketing.

RobFrankel (7/26/99 9:55 AM): "Niche partners" are those who are as narrowly defined as you are. Stick to your own niche first. That's where your money is...for now.

RobFrankel (7/26/99 9:56 AM): (I can hear the ICQ engines revving up already)

Ben (7/26/99 9:56 AM): For good niche martial arts marketing, check out the Gracie Bros.

Joel (7/26/99 9:57 AM): Rob, Are you saying to partner with others who are marketing similar products?

Ben (7/26/99 9:57 AM): Greg E me at and we'll chat more about martial arts niche marketing.

RobFrankel (7/26/99 9:58 AM): Yes, Joel. But not partner. Just do business with them. They already have access to the people you want, right? They've done that work for you.

RobFrankel (7/26/99 9:58 AM): (TWO MINUTES)

Joel (7/26/99 9:59 AM): So I would buy their list or have my URL on their site?

Greg Boser (7/26/99 10:00 AM): we are putting together Gene LeBell Enterprises which will take over the control of his name and business dealings. He is one of those kind of guys that has always done business with friends and has been taken advantage of. Our goal is to not only market his life story, but to make him the Don King of the grappling/No Holds Barred world. He is well known in those areas, but has not been promoted well. Where would you suggest we look for some money for such a project?

Ben (7/26/99 10:00 AM): What's equitable Rob? Just buy wholesale from them?

RobFrankel (7/26/99 10:00 AM): Talk to them Joel. Scope them out first. See what you want from them, then figure out and offer what they might want from you.

RobFrankel (7/26/99 10:01 AM): Greg, that's a very high risk project. I personally don't know any group that would fund such a project. (7/26/99 10:01 AM): Well, "the price is right" is on now, so I'm outta here. Have a great week, everyone!

RobFrankel (7/26/99 10:01 AM): Ben, whatever you both feel is fair is equitable. I can't tell from here where that works out. I'd have to know more specifics.

RobFrankel (7/26/99 10:01 AM): Okay, you guys, I've gotta run. But you are most welcome to continue as long as you want. You can also use this site to meet any time you like during the week. See you online!

Terri ( (7/26/99 10:02 AM): Rob, thanks for all your help today! Great discussion everyone :) See you next week!

Joel (7/26/99 10:02 AM): Rob, Thanks for the advice.

Joel (7/26/99 10:02 AM): Dan, I'll E you!

Ben (7/26/99 10:02 AM): Thanks Rob!

Clayton( (7/26/99 10:03 AM): Rob, thanks again Bye!

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