Transcript of Frankel's Free Clinic September 21, 1998

Guy - (9/21/98 8:23 AM): Entered the room.

Guy - (9/21/98 8:23 AM): test test

Bob Garber (9/21/98 8:54 AM): Entered the room.

Bob Garber (9/21/98 8:56 AM): Hello Guy... Is Rob going to be here today?

Guy - (9/21/98 8:56 AM): hello Bob good morning

Guy - (9/21/98 8:57 AM): I wasn't here last week, but I did an ICQ to Jorge and he thought not, I will see shortly.

Guy - (9/21/98 8:57 AM): I am here to ask about online classifieds

Guy - (9/21/98 8:57 AM): do you use them, where at, best sites sort of thing.

Bob Garber (9/21/98 8:57 AM): Interesting topic... do you have any experience with them?

Guy - (9/21/98 8:58 AM): Just doing the homework so far, getting lots of positive information together

Guy - (9/21/98 8:59 AM): I have an autoresponder setup, the ideas for the ads, just want to get them in the "A list" of classifieds sites

Bob Garber (9/21/98 9:00 AM): I haven't used them. What do you know about their cost and effectiveness?

Guy - (9/21/98 9:01 AM): Most are FREE, to post for up to 30 days and some longer.

Guy - (9/21/98 9:01 AM): Effective may be a stretch in that they are only as good as the message of course

Bob Garber (9/21/98 9:02 AM): Free is good, but if you get no return, it's just a waste of time.

Guy - (9/21/98 9:02 AM): I was going to test them and determine the effective ness on the results, agreed no return is not the motivation, hence the homework first

Bob Garber (9/21/98 9:04 AM): It will be interesting info to have. When you learn more, please post it to the group for all to see.

Guy - (9/21/98 9:05 AM): I hope to have a list of the best sites available after a time of testing and will post that list, I have only found one and I wanted several to see which sites appear in all of them

Bob Garber (9/21/98 9:05 AM): I wish that more Frankelbees would log on so that we could ask them about their businesses... This is a perfect opportunity for them put in a plug

Scott (9/21/98 9:06 AM): Entered the room.

Guy - (9/21/98 9:06 AM): ok, what is your Business Bob?

Bob Garber (9/21/98 9:06 AM): Hi Scott

Guy - (9/21/98 9:06 AM): good morning Scott

Scott (9/21/98 9:07 AM): good morning all

Scott (9/21/98 9:07 AM): What is your question Bob?

Bob Garber (9/21/98 9:07 AM): Well, I just posted sent an Intro/Discount offer to Rob for posting, but it hasn't come out yet. It's all about generating traffic at your web site

Bob Garber (9/21/98 9:08 AM): But I hate to take the time here, when you'll be reading the letter shortly.

Guy - (9/21/98 9:08 AM): With online or offline promotion?

Bob Garber (9/21/98 9:08 AM): Scott, Do you have any experience with Classifieds?

Bob Garber (9/21/98 9:09 AM): online promotion.

Scott (9/21/98 9:09 AM): We all are interested in getting more traffic, but what is more important is the quality of that traffic for our businesses

Guy - (9/21/98 9:09 AM): Then the Classifieds, could become a part of that.

Scott (9/21/98 9:09 AM): My experience with Classifieds is limited

Scott (9/21/98 9:10 AM): Most of the responses I have gotten from classifieds has been someone else wanting my business

Bob Garber (9/21/98 9:10 AM): Anyone else out there lurking?

Guy - (9/21/98 9:11 AM): Scott, have you a list of your favorite classifieds sites to post on?

Scott (9/21/98 9:11 AM): There are so many classified ad sites that you cannot figure out where to go.

Bob Garber (9/21/98 9:11 AM): I agree that the quality of the traffic is important, but just getting ANY traffic is hard enough

Guy - (9/21/98 9:12 AM): I try to use "word of net" to generate traffic, by having content that will be shared that can happen I think.

Scott (9/21/98 9:12 AM): I do not use classified for my own personal use, so no, I do not have any favorite sites.

Guy - (9/21/98 9:14 AM): The reason I ask Scott is I am preparing an extensive test of the online classifieds, for a client to launch their website.

Bob Garber (9/21/98 9:14 AM): We've created the ability to bring people to your site by the hundreds each day.

Scott (9/21/98 9:14 AM): I believe that having quality links to and from your web site is the best way to get more eyes to your site.

Guy - (9/21/98 9:15 AM): reciprocal links

Scott (9/21/98 9:15 AM): Bob, what is this way?

Guy - (9/21/98 9:15 AM): But content is still the king of draws or attracts

Scott (9/21/98 9:16 AM): Guy, I believe all the FrankelBees would like to know the results of your test.

Guy - (9/21/98 9:16 AM): It will be after a while, at least a month or two, so I have good data

Bob Garber (9/21/98 9:17 AM): Scott, it's simply a $1000 cash sweepstakes

Scott (9/21/98 9:18 AM): How do you advertise the sweepstakes?

Bob Garber (9/21/98 9:19 AM): We market it online to a number of sweep sites and newsgroups

Bob Garber (9/21/98 9:19 AM): all you do is pay a small fee and put the banner on your site

Guy - (9/21/98 9:19 AM): how small of a fee?

Bob Garber (9/21/98 9:20 AM): The offer should be coming to you soon - but it's $100 for participation in a sweeps that ends Oct 23rd

Scott (9/21/98 9:21 AM): Do you have more online info? Sounds interesting.

Guy - (9/21/98 9:21 AM): Do you have a projection on how many entries? Or is this still too new?

Bob Garber (9/21/98 9:22 AM): 250 to 300 per day so far and we continue to locate other marketing avenues

Guy - (9/21/98 9:24 AM): I see, for $100 I can double the traffic I have already, in my case of I have an average of 135 per day now.

Bob Garber (9/21/98 9:24 AM): We don't have online info.. we're working on that part, but you can go to to see it

Guy - (9/21/98 9:25 AM): How do you audit your site traffic, with cookies?

Bob Garber (9/21/98 9:25 AM): Guy, if you have 135 per day already, this will jump you to 400 or so

Guy - (9/21/98 9:26 AM): How do I turn that into increased sales?

Scott (9/21/98 9:26 AM): Bob, If I did a search on sweepstakes, could I find the sweepstakes site you refer too? I have a laptop giveaway that I am working with to promote a new online store but the offer ends at the end of the month. The more people I can get to register, the more potential new customers and commissions I can make.

Bob Garber (9/21/98 9:26 AM): Our admin tools keep track of all the sweeps entries. We'll know exactly how many entered and exactly how often they returned (they can enter every day)

Guy - (9/21/98 9:27 AM): I will be attracting users that frequent sweeps sites, right, I am trying to sell web design, development and deployment

Scott (9/21/98 9:28 AM): Guy, are you familiar with a submission wizard from a company called Exploit?

Guy - (9/21/98 9:28 AM): Yes, I am a subscriber, like it very well.

Bob Garber (9/21/98 9:29 AM): True enough Guy, but these visitors will be bookmarking your site to come back every day. Even the 135 that come in as a result of your own efforts will be encouraged to bookmark you and come back

Guy - (9/21/98 9:29 AM): In fact I just upgraded the list yesterday for the submission wizard

Scott (9/21/98 9:29 AM): Does it submit to all the key search engines and have you had favorable enough results?

Guy - (9/21/98 9:30 AM): Except for Yahoo, it does a good job, Yahoo has to be entered manually and then they might still not list your entry.

Scott (9/21/98 9:31 AM): One of my products is a small prefab website for small businesses. I have debated buying a key and providing the submission as a value-added service.

Guy - (9/21/98 9:32 AM): Next question Bob, is the contest local, regional or national?

Bob Garber (9/21/98 9:33 AM): Guy, It's entirely up to you. We can set up whatever territory you prefer

Guy - (9/21/98 9:33 AM): Scott, the submission is a PLUS for sure, and since the tool works it's even better.

Bob Garber (9/21/98 9:34 AM): Scott, I can help you with your laptop give away - tell you how to market it, but we should talk offline

Scott (9/21/98 9:35 AM): That would be great. How can I reach you and what is a good time?

Bob Garber (9/21/98 9:35 AM): Guy.. If you go to, they have a regional sweeps going.. Southern Ca only

Bob Garber (9/21/98 9:36 AM): Send me an e-mail and we'll exchange numbers..

Guy - (9/21/98 9:36 AM): How does that work then, they have their own $1000 prize, as I would for my client too?

Bob Garber (9/21/98 9:37 AM): No, the prize is shared, sort of like publisher clearinghouse that gives away one big prize on behalf of dozens of magazine clients

Scott (9/21/98 9:38 AM): Thanks Bob, I will get in touch with you.

Scott (9/21/98 9:40 AM): Bob, if I pay the $100 dollars, can I put the banner on as many of my pages that I want?

Guy - (9/21/98 9:40 AM): So if I understand it correctly, we could have hundreds of entries on our site, and someone in Michigan could win?

Bob Garber (9/21/98 9:41 AM): Sure Scott, within the same domain. We'll give you the banner and the link to the form, you can post it all over your site.

Guy - (9/21/98 9:41 AM): Why then wouldn't I want to just get 10 local guys to put up $100 each for the contest, with entry points on their respective sites?

Guy - (9/21/98 9:42 AM): Then have the contest with a "prize region" like starauto is doing.

Guy - (9/21/98 9:43 AM): That would keep the local vendor happy by garnering local traffic for his website information.

Scott (9/21/98 9:43 AM): Gotta run for a second. Be right back (BRB)

Bob Garber (9/21/98 9:43 AM): If you want it restricted to your county, then we will market it that way, and only draw local traffic (but it will be much reduced)

Guy - (9/21/98 9:44 AM): One can target just a county???

Bob Garber (9/21/98 9:44 AM): That's what we're doing. Letting multiple web sites benefit from the same sweepstakes

Bob Garber (9/21/98 9:45 AM): Sure, you can target a county.

Guy - (9/21/98 9:46 AM): we can target a county for only a $100 expense? to the client, and I only need 10 clients right?

Scott (9/21/98 9:47 AM): Keep in mind, that anyone can enter so you still may have a non-local win the money.

Guy - (9/21/98 9:47 AM): or $100 for the domain that is running the promotion, and have a prize region like the car dealer in California does.

Guy - (9/21/98 9:48 AM): That's the hurdle for me to jump, Scott, is having the winner out of town is not keeping things local.

Guy - (9/21/98 9:49 AM): I run into legal problems if not anyone can enter though right?

Bob Garber (9/21/98 9:49 AM): Since we are putting up the $1000 prize money, we need 10 of you Frankelbees to accept this offer before we break even.

Scott (9/21/98 9:49 AM): Hmm, this whole discussion opens the door for a automated sweepstakes submission service.

Guy - (9/21/98 9:49 AM): yes, Scott by county of course

Bob Garber (9/21/98 9:50 AM): There are no legal problems with restricting entry

Guy - (9/21/98 9:50 AM): We try to sell global but think local, remembering that the siding contractor isn't going to go to Kansas, if he is here in Washington.

Scott (9/21/98 9:51 AM): Bob, I am definitely interested in giving it a try. My site is small and I am doing it part time. But if I could break even on sales I would be happy.

Bob Garber (9/21/98 9:51 AM): Guy, are you interested in local customers, or global

Guy - (9/21/98 9:52 AM): I will design, develop and deploy for the world, my list is global

Guy - (9/21/98 9:52 AM): I am targeting small and mid sized businesses that want a web presence

Bob Garber (9/21/98 9:53 AM): Perfect, then you could keep entry into the sweeps open to all

Guy - (9/21/98 9:53 AM): I have clients (websites) that are car dealers for instance that are more regional in their targets

Guy - (9/21/98 9:54 AM): Bob I don't have a budget for promotion yet, still have got to pay the bills first.

Bob Garber (9/21/98 9:54 AM): Yes.. we specialize in car dealers (online photos of pre-owned vehicles, etc) and the www.silverstarauto site is one of our clients... both web site and sweepstakes

Guy - (9/21/98 9:55 AM): If you write up a classified ad for your service I would be happy to post it for you as part of my experiment, you too Scott

Guy - (9/21/98 9:55 AM): If you write up a classified ad for your service I would be happy to post it for you as part of my experiment, you too Scott

Bob Garber (9/21/98 9:55 AM): thanks Guy

Scott (9/21/98 9:56 AM): Thanks, I will take you up on that Guy. email address?

Guy - (9/21/98 9:56 AM): Entered the room.

Bob Garber (9/21/98 9:56 AM): Scott, what is your site URL?

Guy - (9/21/98 9:56 AM): oops, email your ad to,

Bob Garber (9/21/98 9:57 AM): Guy, what are the requirements/limitations on the ad?

Scott (9/21/98 9:57 AM): I have 2. and

Guy - (9/21/98 9:57 AM): Ad should be short and sweet, not over 4 lines, have an email address or URL in it,

Scott (9/21/98 9:58 AM): The first is business related and the second is product related.

Guy - (9/21/98 9:58 AM): If you have time make up a couple of URL's for the respondents and then I can test different sites easier

Guy - (9/21/98 9:59 AM): try ad A and ad B, I will reply to you which were posted where.

Bob Garber (9/21/98 9:59 AM): Guy, 4 lines is still wide open - I can write pretty small

Scott (9/21/98 10:00 AM): I can do that easily enough.

Guy - (9/21/98 10:00 AM): Keep in mind I may have to edit the content for particular ad sites requirements for size but 4 lines should work.

Guy - (9/21/98 10:01 AM): well, it's 10 am, would have been nice to see Rob, ah well, we had a good one today will watch for your email. bye

Scott (9/21/98 10:02 AM): Gentlemen, Thanks for the great discussion. I will get back with each of you. I need to go as well.

Bob Garber (9/21/98 10:02 AM): Okay - thanks guys - Scott, looking forward to hearing from you.

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