Transcript of Frankel's Free Clinic Sepetember 23, 2002

Rob Frankel ( (9/23/102 9:00 AM): So...what's up today? Who's up first?

Yosef ( (9/23/102 9:01 AM): Entered the room.

Yosef ( (9/23/102 9:01 AM): Quickie comment about UPS' "brown" campaign

Lyman Stucky ( (9/23/102 9:01 AM): Entered the room.

Yosef ( (9/23/102 9:01 AM): For a brief instant...

Lyman Stucky ( (9/23/102 9:01 AM): hi all.

Yosef ( (9/23/102 9:02 AM): I thought they had listened to you...

Rob Frankel ( (9/23/102 9:02 AM): Uh oh, now I'm going to get slapped for the UPS campaign???

Yosef ( (9/23/102 9:02 AM): They aired a commercial which showed the UPS driver doing the job of 3...

Tamra ( (9/23/102 9:02 AM): Entered the room.

Yosef ( (9/23/102 9:02 AM): It was a brilliant commercial (and not just because it dumped the "brown" thing)...

Yosef ( (9/23/102 9:03 AM): but 10 minutes later, I saw another "brown" commercial and figured that "hey, they STILL don't get it".

Anita ( (9/23/102 9:03 AM): Entered the room.

Jonathan (writer - (9/23/102 9:03 AM): Entered the room.

Rob Frankel ( (9/23/102 9:03 AM): No, the people I know inside UPS say that the campaign really caused division in the company. As you can see, the campaign is totally derailing their past overall brand message.

Rob Frankel ( (9/23/102 9:04 AM): What that means, Yosef, is that it REALLY must be war inside UPS now.

Tamra ( (9/23/102 9:04 AM): all I know is, every time we're out to dinner and the menu mentions pie, my husband says "Brown brings me pie."

Anita ( (9/23/102 9:04 AM): I've got a new tagline for UPS, "Ring the bell and run like hell!"

Yosef ( (9/23/102 9:04 AM): They're a great company and I hope the "correct" side wins :-)

Rob Frankel ( (9/23/102 9:04 AM): Right Tamra, but is he using UPS more than he did before?

Rob Frankel ( (9/23/102 9:04 AM): True, Anita, very true. half the time I get to the door and they're gone.

Anita ( (9/23/102 9:05 AM): We have had three deliveries the past week and I have yet to see the driver!

weber (9/23/102 9:05 AM): Entered the room.

Anita ( (9/23/102 9:06 AM): I realize that they are on a tight schedule, but...

weber (9/23/102 9:06 AM): Hello Rob, Yosef, Jonathan, Anita and everyone I missed

Rob B ( (9/23/102 9:06 AM): I guess that shows that advertising and reality are two different things.

Rob Frankel ( (9/23/102 9:06 AM): would think that with such a massive undertaking, UPS would have had a program at the customer level that made a difference. It's SO clumsy and wrong.

Jim Malone ( (9/23/102 9:06 AM): Entered the room.

Tamra ( (9/23/102 9:06 AM): Haven't shipped anything in several months, so I don't know about effectiveness.

Lyman Stucky ( (9/23/102 9:06 AM): So isn't a question here one of how important interpersonal contact is vs. merely commoditized "delivering packages"?

Rob Frankel ( (9/23/102 9:07 AM): But it does show how even the biggest companies don't know much more -- if anything, less - than people like you and I do.

Jonathan (writer - (9/23/102 9:07 AM): hi weber, all

weber (9/23/102 9:07 AM): They are all run by people and politics

Anita ( (9/23/102 9:08 AM): The personal touch isn't there at all.

Rob B ( (9/23/102 9:08 AM): I think they let the creative get ahead of the needs of the business.

Rob Frankel ( (9/23/102 9:08 AM): Lyman, I think it has more to do with completing the message, whatever that message is. That's another problem with the brown campaign: there's no user benefit, so people don't know why they should care. When UPS ran "the tightest ship in the shipping business" we knew what to expect.

THE WEB NEWSROOM ( (9/23/102 9:08 AM): Entered the room.

Jim Malone ( (9/23/102 9:09 AM): Rob, isn't "Brown" just going after what the shipping industry has been calling them for years

Anita ( (9/23/102 9:09 AM): UPS needs to go back to their original message and give up on this "we care" crap

Rob Frankel ( (9/23/102 9:10 AM): If they are, Jim, they're making a huge mistake. You don't see business people renting cars calling Avis "red" or Hertz "Yellow".

Jim Malone ( (9/23/102 9:10 AM): Entered the room.

Jim Malone ( (9/23/102 9:11 AM): attacking the people who may have gone elsewhere in the past few year?

Rob Frankel ( (9/23/102 9:11 AM): I'm telling you, they got sold a huge bill of goods from some agency that needed to make a big score. You can see how hard we're all trying to make sense of it. imagine how that plays out in the marketplace!

Anita ( (9/23/102 9:11 AM): They have forgotten your first rule of branding!

Rob B ( (9/23/102 9:11 AM): Honestly, every time I hear 'brown can do this or that,' I think Dr. Seuss. Now I know that's because I have little kids but it does show that they're message is lacking substance to define the business and it's goals.

weber (9/23/102 9:11 AM): TO me brown connotes Nazi's and sh*t

Theresa Metzger (9/23/102 9:11 AM): Entered the room.

Lorilyn Bailey ( (9/23/102 9:11 AM): Entered the room.

Rob Frankel ( (9/23/102 9:12 AM): I agree. And Weber, this is what I wrote about in "FrankelTips" titles "Icky Brown Stuff". Wrote a whole piece on this folly.

Anita ( (9/23/102 9:12 AM): The ad they had showing businesses using the service worked.

Rob Frankel ( (9/23/102 9:12 AM): Anyone have any personal business branding issues to bring up? Just checking.....

Jim ( (9/23/102 9:12 AM): Entered the room.

Jim ( (9/23/102 9:13 AM): No but in the industry they are referred to as "Brown"

Anita ( (9/23/102 9:13 AM): I have a quick question.

weber (9/23/102 9:13 AM): Yeah, I am launching a new ezine in November

Lorilyn Bailey ( (9/23/102 9:13 AM): What do you do when you have two "brand names" and people get confused and you can't really change them... e.g. GreatGuests Newsletter and directory. Should I change GreatGuests? Would kill me.

Rob Frankel ( (9/23/102 9:13 AM): Yeah, but Jim, who cares about that? For years, AT&T was known as "Ma Bell" but they never launched a branding or advertising campaign around it.

Jim ( (9/23/102 9:14 AM): I do a lot with them...they are really trying to win back the larger shippers ...going into hundred weight business.

Rob Frankel ( (9/23/102 9:14 AM): Lorilyn, first, are you sure you really need to change them? If they run independently, why go through the hassles? Run two brands.

Jim ( (9/23/102 9:15 AM): taking it away from the LTL carriers

Anita ( (9/23/102 9:15 AM): Lorilyn, how do people sign up with your newsletter?

Rob Frankel ( (9/23/102 9:15 AM): That having been said, why not simply cross-promote and leave it at that?

Rob Frankel ( (9/23/102 9:15 AM): (Anita, you're next)

Anita ( (9/23/102 9:16 AM): (I'm waiting for Lorilyn)

Frederick ( (9/23/102 9:16 AM): Entered the room.

Rob Frankel ( (9/23/102 9:17 AM): Okay, Anita, jump in....we'll wait for Lorilyn to come back.

Anita ( (9/23/102 9:18 AM): I'm trying to raise awareness about my services offline, so I am sending out a postcard.

Jim ( (9/23/102 9:18 AM): Rob having a lot of trouble holding the link today

Jodie ( (9/23/102 9:18 AM): Entered the room.

Lorilyn Bailey ( (9/23/102 9:18 AM): Sorry. Client on the phone. Info on GreatGuests Newsletter is at You advertise, media people get the newsletter.

Jodie ( (9/23/102 9:18 AM): sorry, it was my fault Lorilyn took so long ;-)

Anita ( (9/23/102 9:19 AM): The question is, do I concentrate on web designers or on the actual companies that have web sites and need my help?

Rob Frankel ( (9/23/102 9:19 AM): Jim, must be your connection. I think everyone else is okay.....

Lorilyn Bailey ( (9/23/102 9:19 AM): Rob, people get so confused, they can never remember the two names. I thought up both names but one was for a friend who gave it back to me.

Lorilyn Bailey ( (9/23/102 9:19 AM): Re newsletter, can get to info via too. Might be better since I'm playing with .asp code today.

Rob Frankel ( (9/23/102 9:20 AM): Anita, I'd stick with your core competencies. In your case, I'd go with the companies. They're the ones who pay the bills and hold higher revenue potential for you.

Rob Frankel ( (9/23/102 9:20 AM): Lorilyn, ever thought of merging the sites, directing the URL's to the same home page, and then sunsetting one of the names?

Anita ( (9/23/102 9:21 AM): It does appear to be the companies that realize they need help. Thanks!

Rob Frankel ( (9/23/102 9:21 AM): That way, you could always count on either URL getting them there, no matter which one they remember.

Lorilyn Bailey ( (9/23/102 9:21 AM): Rob, sunsetting the names, id o that.

Rob Frankel ( (9/23/102 9:21 AM): BTW, this is really funny: last night, the URL came up as available, which of course, I snatched up for $8.

Lorilyn Bailey ( (9/23/102 9:21 AM): Oh. Well, no, because the audiences are different.

Lorilyn Bailey ( (9/23/102 9:22 AM): One is for clients. One is for media.

Rob Frankel ( (9/23/102 9:22 AM): I'll be forwarding it to of course....

Rob Frankel ( (9/23/102 9:22 AM): Lorilyn, lots of companies have a home page with two different entrances. If anything, it makes you look more comprehensive in addressing both markets.

Frederick ( (9/23/102 9:23 AM): Lorilyn - you could have a common index page with two links to each section

Lyman Stucky ( (9/23/102 9:23 AM): Not a bad $8 deal, Rob, especially when you'd have paid $20,000 for that during the dotcom Bubble...

John Charlesworth ( Professional Web Tracking) (9/23/102 9:23 AM): Entered the room.

Lorilyn Bailey ( (9/23/102 9:23 AM): I don't want to make the media work anymore than they have to, but thanks for your suggestion.

Rob Frankel ( (9/23/102 9:23 AM): As a matter of fact, Lorilyn, over the past few months, I've updated my own home page to reflect three different divisions of my own company. To show how complete the services are and how well they integrate

Rob Frankel ( (9/23/102 9:24 AM): Lorilyn, they only have to SEE that you cover the whole spectrum. It actually helps you sell their specific products when they see those products as part of a bigger picture.

Frederick ( (9/23/102 9:24 AM): I do it with the Business Star Page

Lorilyn Bailey ( (9/23/102 9:24 AM): Well, I'm juggling so much now. I need to keep GuestFinder as easily accessible as possible. People who use it are usually in a hurry.

Lorilyn Bailey ( (9/23/102 9:25 AM): But the media doesn't want to see marketing/client stuff.

Lorilyn Bailey ( (9/23/102 9:25 AM): It's a usability issue.

Frederick ( (9/23/102 9:25 AM): One extra click is all it will take them

Lorilyn Bailey ( (9/23/102 9:25 AM): Thanks for your suggestions.

Rob Frankel ( (9/23/102 9:25 AM): Lorilyn, that's a simple home page design issue. It makes your home page more central. As long as it's easily navigable, there shouldn't be any problem. It really is the quickest way to add value to your brand without doing much else.

Lorilyn Bailey ( (9/23/102 9:26 AM): It'll be one click too many.

Rob Frankel ( (9/23/102 9:26 AM): Lorilyn, they don't need to go through it. Just seeing a link there is enough.

Lorilyn Bailey ( (9/23/102 9:26 AM): Okay.

Rob Frankel ( (9/23/102 9:26 AM): Lorilyn, you may want to lead with the media brand, and make the other links second priority then.

Tamra ( (9/23/102 9:27 AM): Keep in mind that if both names are already in the search engines, you might not want to mess up those click throughs by combining the sites -- most search engines hate multiple domains going to the same web page.

Lorilyn Bailey ( (9/23/102 9:27 AM): Actually, this is making me think I should just send all people to, where you can get to anything else.

Lorilyn Bailey ( (9/23/102 9:27 AM): Tamra, good point.

Anita ( (9/23/102 9:27 AM): Also, search engines do not like redirects!

Rob Frankel ( (9/23/102 9:27 AM): You can always use an auto-redirect.....

Rob Frankel ( (9/23/102 9:28 AM): ...that way you save the search engine issues, right?

Lorilyn Bailey ( (9/23/102 9:28 AM): Rob, yes, I'm the queen of auto-directs. :) That's what I'm doing this morning.

Anita ( (9/23/102 9:28 AM): Unfortunately, spamdexers have used redirects to death.

Frederick ( (9/23/102 9:29 AM): Tamra - Lorilyn could overcome that problem with two separate index pages for each domain, but each index page is identical

Lorilyn Bailey ( (9/23/102 9:29 AM): I am not worried about search engine placement. I will direct people to the page through PR. Without autodirects, I wouldn't be able to afford the web costs.

Rob Frankel ( (9/23/102 9:29 AM): Well, if what Anita says is true, you have a choice. Either maintain slightly distinct, separate home pages for each, or consolidate. I prefer the latter.

Tamra ( (9/23/102 9:30 AM): Frederick -- SEs hate identical pages -- they ban you when their algorithms find you. Read up on the Google PRzero penalty at any SEO's bad news, and usually caused by duplicate content.

Lorilyn Bailey ( (9/23/102 9:30 AM): My brain would explode doing multiple home pages for each. :) But those are good ideas I will consider.

Rob Frankel ( (9/23/102 9:30 AM): However, and I want to reiterate this, I only combine sites when appropriate. For example, my ad agency is combined into But is its own site. Each with reciprocal links

Lorilyn Bailey ( (9/23/102 9:30 AM): So I guess I won't do identical pages.

Frederick ( (9/23/102 9:30 AM): Tamra, then make them different, spare and with the same two links on them

Rob Frankel ( (9/23/102 9:32 AM): In case nobody has realized it, we're almost in October. Anyone making real plans for fourth quarter?

Lorilyn Bailey ( (9/23/102 9:32 AM): I am. Will be launching something then I hope.

Anita ( (9/23/102 9:33 AM): I'm not dealing with "quarters" yet. (9/23/102 9:33 AM): Entered the room.

I used the first three for a soda, I guess I'll use my fourth quarter for some chips (9/23/102 9:33 AM): Entered the room.

Rob B ( (9/23/102 9:33 AM): Yea, our holiday card. : ^ )

Lorilyn Bailey ( (9/23/102 9:33 AM): Building a site all by yourself is like building a house. It's hard to be general contractor and plumber and drywaller, etc. Always takes longer than you think.

Lyman Stucky ( (9/23/102 9:33 AM): Yes, Rob--I am planning an ad campaign and will discuss with you offline soon.

Rob Frankel ( (9/23/102 9:33 AM): Robert, what kind of results are you expecting from that?

Rob Frankel ( (9/23/102 9:34 AM): Whoever wrote the "soda" comment, that's my laugh for the day. Thank you! (9/23/102 9:35 AM): Entered the room.

Tamra ( (9/23/102 9:35 AM): We're trying to get a whole new name/identity for our company finalized and live in time for Xmas and new years. So I'm looking to first quarter for doing new advertising.

Rob B ( (9/23/102 9:35 AM): off the holiday card, well, you know it's the one time we aren't constrained by our 'German' branding so it allows to show a more human side of the bank. So, I do like to take advantage of that.

Anita ( (9/23/102 9:36 AM): Are snailmail cards best?

Rob Frankel ( (9/23/102 9:36 AM): First quarter is the right time to book the media, Tamra. Cheapest rates of the year.

Pat ( (9/23/102 9:36 AM): We're trying to double the amount clients committed to working with us.

Lorilyn Bailey ( (9/23/102 9:36 AM): Do a lot of companies still do holiday cards?

Rob B ( (9/23/102 9:36 AM): I would think so. The holidays are so touchy feely, e-mail would almost seem too distant.

Lorilyn Bailey ( (9/23/102 9:36 AM): I would do paper cards before I did snail mail.

Lorilyn Bailey ( (9/23/102 9:37 AM): Whoops, I meant snail mail, not email!

Rob Frankel ( (9/23/102 9:37 AM): Robert, is this just a client "thank you" or is there really a campaign there? (9/23/102 9:37 AM): I am in Indian, I would like you guys to tell me when should an e-enterprise be ready to take in the holiday rush

Lorilyn Bailey ( (9/23/102 9:37 AM): Sonzy, be ready now.

Rob Frankel ( (9/23/102 9:37 AM): Lorilyn, the only holiday cards I get from businesses -- which I think proves the folly of them -- are from companies with whom I've NEVER done business.

Rob Frankel ( (9/23/102 9:38 AM): Sonzy, could you clarify that? What do you mean "take in"?

Lorilyn Bailey ( (9/23/102 9:38 AM): At least right after Halloween, October 31st.

Rob B ( (9/23/102 9:38 AM): More of a client thank-you than a concerted campaign. We really haven't done any campaigns to speak of with the slashed budgets. (9/23/102 9:38 AM): ok you mean we should be ready for "October till December"

Lorilyn Bailey ( (9/23/102 9:38 AM): Rob, that's weird. I'm always disgusted with corporate cards myself. Too cheesy.

Rob B ( (9/23/102 9:38 AM): We send them to clients and possibly, very promising prospects.

Rob Frankel ( (9/23/102 9:38 AM): Sonzy, in America, the busiest shopping day of the year is the Friday after Thanksgiving, which is the third Thursday in November. But Tamara's correct.

Susie (9/23/102 9:39 AM): Entered the room.

Rob B ( (9/23/102 9:39 AM): We avoid cheesy. (9/23/102 9:39 AM): well Rob, I mean the Xmas shopping season... in which dates does that period fall in?

Rob Frankel ( (9/23/102 9:39 AM): Lorilyn, that's my point. You'd think these companies would realize that this kind of impersonal cards actually cost them my business,

Susie (9/23/102 9:39 AM): Hi Everyone!

Rob Frankel ( (9/23/102 9:39 AM): Sonzy, you're not too early if you get a running start in late October.

Tamra ( (9/23/102 9:40 AM): We're doing a paper (snail mail) announcement to existing customers regarding our new name, and I'll probably time it just before the holiday card rush. Then some kind of new years follow-up, but I haven't figured out what yet.

Rob Frankel ( (9/23/102 9:40 AM): hi Susie...what can I do for you today? (9/23/102 9:40 AM): Entered the room. (9/23/102 9:40 AM): Are we having a party?!

Anita ( (9/23/102 9:40 AM): And, don't forget, Chanukah is early this year! (9/23/102 9:40 AM): okay great.... I should start preparing my holiday gift packs now....

Lorilyn Bailey ( (9/23/102 9:40 AM): Rob, what do you think about New Year's cards? I would prefer them because it's not a religiously oriented holiday. It's the "pretend" religious or ultra-secular cards that I find cheesy.

Rob Frankel ( (9/23/102 9:40 AM): Tamra, you may want to wait until AFTER New year....too much other clutter. (9/23/102 9:40 AM): I miss chatting with you all.

Rob B ( (9/23/102 9:41 AM): Just to make sure our mission isn't misunderstood, our cards are signed by the sales and client service people when they send them to their clients. So, there is a real personal touch to them and the design reflects that as well.

Rob Frankel ( (9/23/102 9:41 AM): Lorilyn, I actually prefer Thanksgiving cards. They're non-denominational and they send the right message: thanks for your patronage.

Tamra ( (9/23/102 9:41 AM): After the new year...hmmm, I'll talk that over with my partner. That may be a good idea for us. (And if any Bees want my announcement, send me an email with your snail mail address.) (9/23/102 9:41 AM): I send Christmas and Chanukah cards with my orders throughout December.

Lorilyn Bailey ( (9/23/102 9:42 AM): Rob, good idea. I collect antique postcards and should do something with those. I have Thanksgiving antique cards, too.

Rob Frankel ( (9/23/102 9:42 AM): I REALLY hate when people send Blue Mountain cards....

weber (9/23/102 9:42 AM): Rob, when you get a chance I have a question (9/23/102 9:42 AM): Well, I actually send Seasons Greetings and New Year rolled into one.

Rob Frankel ( (9/23/102 9:42 AM): Go Weber, now's that time

Anita ( (9/23/102 9:42 AM): What is wrong with Blue Mountain?

Rob B ( (9/23/102 9:42 AM): Mmmm....Thanksgiving cards sounds interesting. Less clutter then, I would think.

weber (9/23/102 9:42 AM): I never open e-cards unless I know who it is from

Rob Frankel ( (9/23/102 9:43 AM): Yeah, Robert....and it's the right message. Plus, nobody else sends them!

weber (9/23/102 9:43 AM): OK, I'm starting a paid subscription ezine called Diabetic Alternatives

Lorilyn Bailey ( (9/23/102 9:43 AM): Some companies give a link to a card on their sites. I've never seen really good ones though. If they spent time on the card and made it beautiful, it might be a nice thing.

weber (9/23/102 9:44 AM): I now have freelancers from around the world writing for it, there are several ways to position it and I am looking for input

Lorilyn Bailey ( (9/23/102 9:44 AM): Weber, is there much competition for that/

Rob Frankel ( (9/23/102 9:44 AM): What kind of input?

Anita ( (9/23/102 9:45 AM): Weber, go over to and take a look at their Diabetes page.

weber (9/23/102 9:45 AM): It is 100% digital. But I really want to differentiate it from others that do "Some" alternative stuff

weber (9/23/102 9:46 AM): We are delving into Yoga, Naturopathic medicine, diet, spirituality, and some on "Conventional" allopathic medicine (9/23/102 9:46 AM): I've been wanting to design a planner page for diabetics to keep track of things.

Anita ( (9/23/102 9:46 AM): Perhaps a Spanish edition as well? (9/23/102 9:46 AM): I have no clue as to where to start.

weber (9/23/102 9:46 AM): Susie, that is actually one of the services I plan to offer from it. (9/23/102 9:47 AM): Planner pages, Weber?

weber (9/23/102 9:47 AM): Susie, email me off list

Rob Frankel ( (9/23/102 9:47 AM): Well, the one thing I wouldn't shy away from is tying your product line to it in a straight-ahead, non-apologetic way. If it ties into your brand properly, this really works great.

weber (9/23/102 9:47 AM): Planner pages and schedules of what to do and when

Anita ( (9/23/102 9:48 AM): Susie, how about a planner page for archaeologists?

weber (9/23/102 9:48 AM): I am already starting to do that with the emperor's herbologist site

Rob Frankel ( (9/23/102 9:48 AM): Where I live, we have a store called Trader Joe's. They get really great buys from all over the world, but whenever they advertise what they've got, they always have a story to tell about it. About why they hunted it, how they got it at a lower price and why they chose it for their stores.

Rob Frankel ( (9/23/102 9:49 AM): Weber, any way to tie the title of the newsletter into the brand more closely?

Tamra ( (9/23/102 9:49 AM): Weber, the new bloodless testing machines are soooo cool. Do a write up on them.

Lorilyn Bailey ( (9/23/102 9:49 AM): Sounds like that catalog that Seinfeld made fun of. I loved that catalog. Forgot the name. (9/23/102 9:49 AM): Weber.... DONE

Rob Frankel ( (9/23/102 9:49 AM): J. Peterman

Lorilyn Bailey ( (9/23/102 9:49 AM): J. Peterman catalog was the name. (9/23/102 9:50 AM): Anita, do you need one and how many would need one?

Rob B ( (9/23/102 9:50 AM): J . Petermans. And it's coming back.

weber (9/23/102 9:50 AM): Right now there are three of four sites that are somewhat similar to what I am planning, but not to the level of depth. Also, the 99% of the writers are either diabetics or have relatives who were/are diabetic. All are sick and tired of allopathic medicine treatment and looked into "Alternative:" methods.

Anita ( (9/23/102 9:50 AM): Susie, e-mail me off list so we can talk about it (

Rob Frankel ( (9/23/102 9:50 AM): As it stands, Diabetic Alternative has no resonance of Emperor's Herbologist (9/23/102 9:50 AM): Rob, I LOVE Trader Joe's! They have the BEST munchies there! heeheehee

Tamra ( (9/23/102 9:50 AM): That was the best catalog...the story about the leather skirt was my favorite. I really wanted to buy it (but at 5"0' it wasn't quite my size).

Lorilyn Bailey ( (9/23/102 9:50 AM): Rob B, it IS? Where can I find out more?

Rob Frankel ( (9/23/102 9:50 AM): TEN MINUTE WARNING

Lorilyn Bailey ( (9/23/102 9:51 AM): I wanted to buy the suffragette suit. Never did. Wished I did.

weber (9/23/102 9:51 AM): Rob F, how so?

Lorilyn Bailey ( (9/23/102 9:51 AM): It was so me. :)

Anita ( (9/23/102 9:51 AM): Not only are the stories fun at TJ's but you learn about the product.

Rob Frankel ( (9/23/102 9:52 AM): Shouldn't the newsletter have something of either "Emperor" or "Herbolgist" in it the title of the publication?

weber (9/23/102 9:52 AM): Rob, it was set to be a separate company with a little inbreeding, but not a whole lot. (9/23/102 9:52 AM): Rob, I LOVE your chats. I always get something from them. LOL

Rob Frankel ( (9/23/102 9:52 AM): Yeah,. but Weber, isn't it feeding into the EH site? To promote EH business?

Rob Frankel ( (9/23/102 9:52 AM): Thanks Susie. We always aim to please! (9/23/102 9:53 AM): Anita, I have to get ready for the day and then if you want you can call me...

weber (9/23/102 9:53 AM): No it is not specifically for the EH site. EH is more like a "Big Brother" for it.

Anita ( (9/23/102 9:54 AM): OK, Susie, I know your site.

weber (9/23/102 9:54 AM): Basically, EH will be an advertiser in the zine along with competitors to EH.

Rob Frankel ( (9/23/102 9:54 AM): Weber, I hope that you sub revenue warrants the effort. I'd be more open about it, but that's just me.

Rob B ( (9/23/102 9:54 AM): Lorilyn, I heard about it on NPR awhile back. Should have a web site or something.

Lorilyn Bailey ( (9/23/102 9:54 AM): Rob B, thanks. I'll look it up.

weber (9/23/102 9:55 AM): The main thing is to separate from the competition. Most of them are using MD's (9/23/102 9:55 AM): Bye everyone!!!

Rob B ( (9/23/102 9:55 AM): Lorilyn,

Rob Frankel ( (9/23/102 9:55 AM): I don't know that MD's are a plus in the alternative space. There's a real cultural bias against them in alternative, isn't there?

Lorilyn Bailey ( (9/23/102 9:55 AM): Rob B, thanks!

weber (9/23/102 9:56 AM): Yes, actually because their outlook on alternative is that it is Voodoo and doesn't work (because it goes against everything they were taught and cuts into their income)

Anita ( (9/23/102 9:56 AM): Gotta go, there's an ant invasion in my office!

Lorilyn Bailey ( (9/23/102 9:57 AM): I'll be playing for far too long on

weber (9/23/102 9:57 AM): I do have some nurses who retired that are writing for this as well.

Lorilyn Bailey ( (9/23/102 9:57 AM): Maybe not. Prices went up.

Rob Frankel ( (9/23/102 9:58 AM): (TWO MINUTE WARNING)

allanp (9/23/102 9:58 AM): Entered the room.

allanp (9/23/102 9:58 AM): Hi

Rob Frankel ( (9/23/102 9:58 AM): Hey Allan P...we have just two minutes left....speak up!

Lorilyn Bailey ( (9/23/102 9:59 AM): Buh-bye everyone.

allanp (9/23/102 9:59 AM): I know that there isn't much time left but does anyone know anything about cross-link perils on Google

Jim ( (9/23/102 9:59 AM): Rob, is it too late to change brands before Christmas for a merchandise company

weber (9/23/102 9:59 AM): Would the best positioning be more of "We investigate all alternative practices and report on them for you" or something like that. Basically that is what we are doing.

Rob Frankel ( (9/23/102 9:59 AM): Depends, Jim, mainly on how long your brand's been established. Overall, I'd say you still have time

Lyman Stucky ( (9/23/102 10:00 AM): bye all...

Rob Frankel ( (9/23/102 10:00 AM): I like that, Weber.

Tamra ( (9/23/102 10:00 AM): allanp, I can send you links to some forums that have tons of theories; just let me know.

Jim ( (9/23/102 10:00 AM): we do a lot of fundraising- schools fire companies...

allanp (9/23/102 10:00 AM): my email is

Rob Frankel ( (9/23/102 10:01 AM): How long you been doing it Jim?

Jim ( (9/23/102 10:01 AM): thought was-- to incorporate that into the branding

Jim ( (9/23/102 10:01 AM): less than a year

weber (9/23/102 10:01 AM): I also want to somehow pull in the fact that most of the writers are themselves diabetic so it is like a mutual quest (I am not diabetic) but I understand the disease.

Rob Frankel ( (9/23/102 10:01 AM): Okay, everyone, that should do it for today. Have a great week. I'll see you online!

allanp (9/23/102 10:01 AM): Any help would be appreciated

Tamra ( (9/23/102 10:01 AM): allanp, got it -- I'll send you the links in a few minutes.

Tamra ( (9/23/102 10:02 AM): Have a good week everyone!

Rob B ( (9/23/102 10:02 AM): bye all. have a great week.

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