Transcript of Frankel's Free Clinic October 11, 1999

Terri ( (10/11/99 9:01 AM): Good morning Rob!

RobFrankel (10/11/99 9:01 AM): Greetings...who's really here besides Terri?

Terri ( (10/11/99 9:02 AM): I think it may be just me so far :)

RobFrankel (10/11/99 9:02 AM): Just you and me Terri?

Terri ( (10/11/99 9:03 AM): yep!

Guy R Cook - (10/11/99 9:03 AM): Entered the room.

Guy R Cook - (10/11/99 9:04 AM): Greetings from the great state of Washington

RobFrankel (10/11/99 9:04 AM): That's okay....although I must check out Brian's site....

Terri ( (10/11/99 9:04 AM): hey! hi there Guy!

RobFrankel (10/11/99 9:04 AM): ...which doesn't come up!

Guy R Cook - (10/11/99 9:05 AM): Hello Terri, what's up today?

Terri ( (10/11/99 9:05 AM): who is it that is doing the Pokemon thing, Rob?

Clayton ( (10/11/99 9:05 AM): Entered the room.

RobFrankel (10/11/99 9:05 AM): I have a feeling that all of America had a hard time getting up this morning.....

Clayton ( (10/11/99 9:05 AM): Good morning!

Terri ( (10/11/99 9:05 AM): not much so far, Guy. Think everyone is sleeping in today *g*

RobFrankel (10/11/99 9:05 AM): I think it was Andy. Check last week's archives.

Guy R Cook - (10/11/99 9:06 AM): Hey, Clayton

Terri ( (10/11/99 9:06 AM): Hi Clayton! Maybe they're celebrating the Canadian Thanksgiving *g*

Guy R Cook - (10/11/99 9:06 AM): I was at "it" 2 hours ago, working hard...

Terri ( (10/11/99 9:06 AM): will do Rob!

RobFrankel (10/11/99 9:07 AM): Are any of you thinking of making it to the E-Commerce convention in Kona?

Andy "Pokemon" TeBockhorst (10/11/99 9:07 AM): Entered the room.

Andy (10/11/99 9:07 AM): Hi gang!

RobFrankel (10/11/99 9:07 AM): Speak of the devil, Terri

Terri ( (10/11/99 9:07 AM): would love to, but don't think I will make it this time Rob.

Terri ( (10/11/99 9:08 AM): laffin! Hi Andy! saw a new list that deals with Pokemon - thought of you this weekend!

RobFrankel (10/11/99 9:08 AM): Well, if you're even thinking of vacationing in January, this will definitely be worth the write off....

Guy R Cook - (10/11/99 9:08 AM): Rob: FrankelBees are free right? or discounted?

Andy (10/11/99 9:08 AM): ditto from me Terri

Clayton ( (10/11/99 9:08 AM): if I can get my company to foot the bill I will go, Rob

RobFrankel (10/11/99 9:09 AM): Guy -- If you register before October 15, I think it's something like 20% off the $395 price.

Andy (10/11/99 9:09 AM): Rob, what is the URL for the convention again?

RobFrankel (10/11/99 9:10 AM): Well, I'll tell you: I know these guys are a great group to get to know. Real movers. You could do worse than make their acquaintance.

Andy (10/11/99 9:11 AM): Rob, what is the URL for the convention again?

Terri ( (10/11/99 9:11 AM): I'm working on it Rob :)

RobFrankel (10/11/99 9:12 AM):

Andy TeBockhorst ( (10/11/99 9:12 AM): Entered the room.

RobFrankel (10/11/99 9:12 AM): I think that gets you there...tracks you as a FrankelBee

RobFrankel (10/11/99 9:13 AM): I'm seriously thinking about bolting on a special session just for FrankelBees. THAT will be free.

Andy TeBockhorst ( (10/11/99 9:13 AM): Got it!

RobFrankel (10/11/99 9:15 AM): Every face to face that we've done has been great. And I rarely get to hold them outside of Los Angeles...

Andy TeBockhorst ( (10/11/99 9:16 AM): Any special travel deals with the convention (i.e. discounted airfare, etc.)? How many people do you expect to be in attendance?

RobFrankel (10/11/99 9:17 AM): Andy, Thom Reece is organizing the event, and I understand that he may have travel stuff. I'll check into it and announce it to the list.

Andy TeBockhorst ( (10/11/99 9:18 AM): Probably can't go anyway, but it's good to have all the facts!

Hip Deep (10/11/99 9:18 AM): Entered the room.

Glenda (10/11/99 9:19 AM): Entered the room.

RobFrankel (10/11/99 9:20 AM): You never know....if you want to write off a Hawaiian holiday and make some good connections, you won't find a better value. It happens to fit my schedule, so I'm going.

bassco (10/11/99 9:20 AM): Entered the room.

RobFrankel (10/11/99 9:20 AM): Okay, so who has a real business issue today?

Tom Stefan (10/11/99 9:21 AM): What about permission marketing, opt-in email? Recommendations? Warnings? Sources?

RobFrankel (10/11/99 9:21 AM): Bassco? Want to jump in?

bassco (10/11/99 9:22 AM): Dennis (bassco, Inc) Recent joiner to FB. First time visiting the clinic.

Glenda (10/11/99 9:22 AM): Hi Dennis

RobFrankel (10/11/99 9:22 AM): Dennis, what can I do for you today?

RobFrankel (10/11/99 9:23 AM): Tom...I'm a big believer in opt-in...with one major caveat: you gotta make sure they're legit.

bassco (10/11/99 9:23 AM): My question deals with recruiting for self-employed position (NOT MLM).

RobFrankel (10/11/99 9:23 AM): The big problem with opt-in is that the illegitimate ones simply go for the numbers. They don't care who subs or how.

RobFrankel (10/11/99 9:24 AM): You can tell the evil opt-ins by their tell tale signs. They suggest you enlist within a hotmail or other disposable e-mail address.

Tom Stefan (10/11/99 9:24 AM): Is there a list of legitimate/illegitimate list providers?

bassco (10/11/99 9:24 AM): I don't want to confuse or distract prospects on my website with a recruiting link. So how do I find good prospect for self-employment?

RobFrankel (10/11/99 9:25 AM): Which means they simply load in names to inflate their membership numbers. If you pay CPM, you're screwed. Most people don't even check that mail.

RobFrankel (10/11/99 9:25 AM): Dennis, can you define "prospect for self-employment"? What are you recruiting?

Tom Stefan (10/11/99 9:25 AM): Do you have any providers you personally recommend?

RobFrankel (10/11/99 9:26 AM): Tom, have you tried to define your market first? You'll have better luck if you do...who are you going after?

bassco (10/11/99 9:27 AM): I sell advertising specialties for Kaeser and Blair, a nat'l leader. I also recruit others to sell for K & B as independent agents/dealers.

RobFrankel (10/11/99 9:27 AM): Tom, I tend to lump listservs and e-zines into opt-in, by the way. Most of them are great, because they're smaller, but niched. The Fb list, for example, kicks butt in terms of response rates.

RobFrankel (10/11/99 9:28 AM): Dennis, what's wrong with welcoming partners on your site? To me, it shows you're interested in cultivating relationships.

Guy R Cook - (10/11/99 9:28 AM): Ackk!!! Have to leave have a great week. Time to don my cape and do some rescuing in person. Bye.

Tom Stefan (10/11/99 9:29 AM): My first information product, that I will be testing, is targeted at people who suffer from back pain and who have already "tried everything".

RobFrankel (10/11/99 9:29 AM): If you position it less as recruitment and more as "brokering relationships" I bet you'd do great. Sales people love that stuff.

Clayton( (10/11/99 9:29 AM): Entered the room.

bassco (10/11/99 9:29 AM): I'm concerned with distracting buyers from the primary mission of the site.

RobFrankel (10/11/99 9:30 AM): Tom, if this falls into "natural" or holistic healing, there are tons of lists that deal with this.

RobFrankel (10/11/99 9:31 AM): Well, Dennis, don't be. If your brand personality exudes the trait of a business that enjoys creating relationships, it will actually enhance your site, not distract from it.

RobFrankel (10/11/99 9:31 AM): Tom, have you tried

RobFrankel (10/11/99 9:32 AM): E-zone publishers are normally very generous and reasonably priced.

RobFrankel (10/11/99 9:33 AM): Dennis, what's the URL of your site? Let me get there.

bassco (10/11/99 9:34 AM): Thanks, I'll look into ways of doing it in the relationship style. My URL is .

Tom Stefan (10/11/99 9:36 AM): Rob, thanks for the tip on Ezine AdSource Directory; just took a quick look, and it seems like a great starting point.

RobFrankel (10/11/99 9:36 AM): Dennis, I wouldn't worry about distraction. Add a button that invites people to do higher level business. It won't distract. What I would do, though, is lose that LINKS button. Why give people a chance to escape?

RobFrankel (10/11/99 9:37 AM): Yes, Tom, and as for e-zones, I can tell you that if you sub to Zine talk (archives at URL: you can post your needs.

RobFrankel (10/11/99 9:38 AM): As far as opt in lists, there are directories for those, too.

bassco (10/11/99 9:39 AM): Thanks for the advice. I'm glad I finally had a Monday free to join your clinic.

RobFrankel (10/11/99 9:40 AM): Sure, Dennis, Tom, try Jaffer Ali at He's a FrankelBee and can help you with lists.

Andy TeBockhorst ( (10/11/99 9:42 AM): Has anyone ever received any help/advice from the SBA? How about their mentoring program ( I'm about to take the "big leap" into a business startup, and was wondering if there's much to be had there.

RobFrankel (10/11/99 9:42 AM): Dennis, you should introduce your company to the FrankelBiz list. You'd get a great response.

RobFrankel (10/11/99 9:43 AM): Not me. I stay away from government. Too much paper....anyone else work with the SBA?

Terri ( (10/11/99 9:44 AM): I have used them Andy - they have a lot of requirements to help you

Tom Stefan (10/11/99 9:44 AM): Rob, both Zine-Talk and PennMedia were new to me, both look like they'll be helpful, and I'll be looking into them more later. Thanks.

Glenda (10/11/99 9:44 AM): Andy, I've tried them both, SBA and SCORE...what they have to offer in my opinion is limited

Terri ( (10/11/99 9:45 AM): they do offer some courses to help you write a business plan

bassco (10/11/99 9:45 AM): I just returned from visiting Terri's site.

Terri ( (10/11/99 9:46 AM): did it help you any, bassco?

RobFrankel (10/11/99 9:46 AM): Hey, if you want help writing a business plan, I know of couple of people -- including some FB's -- that will do the job a lot faster and better!

bassco (10/11/99 9:47 AM): Rob, As a matter of fact I did introduce myself through your board about a month ago. All the ad specialties you need at great savings. I just forgot to give you my URL at the time.

bassco (10/11/99 9:48 AM): Terri, I just too a quick peek, since I'm particularly interested in filling the void K & B has in your area Phoenix and Tucson. I'll be back at your site later.

RobFrankel (10/11/99 9:49 AM): Yikes! Dennis, re-post it with a nice added value. Especially now that gift giving season is starting up.

Terri ( (10/11/99 9:49 AM): okay Dennis :)

Terri ( (10/11/99 9:50 AM): Andy, I can tell you that the SCORE folks won't just help you for working capital - at least that was the impression I got

bassco (10/11/99 9:50 AM): Rob, I'll post it later when your not so busy.

RobFrankel (10/11/99 9:50 AM): Holy cow, TEN MINUTES WARNING already! Time flies!

Andy TeBockhorst ( (10/11/99 9:50 AM): interesting!

RobFrankel (10/11/99 9:51 AM): Dennis, I'll always swamped, but the FrankelBees get precedence!

Glenda (10/11/99 9:51 AM): SCORE is just for advice I believe Terri...and if your biz is internet experience has been that the SCORE counselors aren't so up to date on internet

Tom Stefan (10/11/99 9:52 AM): Rob, you mentioned directories available for Opt-Ins too. Any that you would suggest?

Terri ( (10/11/99 9:52 AM): Rob, I'm still working on the vertical portal I had mentioned before. I'm looking for input on what sales/marketing people want to see that no other recruiter offers. Any ideas?

bassco (10/11/99 9:52 AM): Goodbye all, I have to check out.

Jorge R (10/11/99 9:52 AM): Entered the room.

RobFrankel (10/11/99 9:53 AM): Tom, none comes to mind...but I know I have one somewhere.

Terri ( (10/11/99 9:53 AM): Glenda, that was my experience too.

bassco (10/11/99 9:53 AM): Oh yeah- I'll be back!!!!!! (Always wanted to say that.

Terri ( (10/11/99 9:54 AM): Bye Dennis! I'll look forward to hearing from you later :)

RobFrankel (10/11/99 9:54 AM): Terri, I think sales and marketing people want to see new businesses that are "up and coming". They want to get in on the bottom floor.

RobFrankel (10/11/99 9:55 AM): The easiest sale in the world is a salesman. They're really into taking reduced fees for a piece of the action.

Andy TeBockhorst ( (10/11/99 9:56 AM): Rob (sorry I had to take a phone call) I may contact you about those sources for help on a business plan etc. Didn't want you to think I was ignoring your answer!

Jorge R (10/11/99 9:56 AM): Entered the room.

Terri ( (10/11/99 9:57 AM): So what would you offer on a site, besides job offers? Recreation? Seminars? What would make YOU return often to a site ?

RobFrankel (10/11/99 9:57 AM): Hey, Andy, you'd have to do a LOT better than that to insult me!

Jorge R (10/11/99 9:57 AM): Hello everyone. sorry for my lateness. How's everything going with your book Rob?

RobFrankel (10/11/99 9:57 AM): Terri, I'm not in your target, am I?

RobFrankel (10/11/99 9:58 AM): Hi Jorge! The publishers started getting nasty with me and threatened to pull the book! So now I have to rewrite it -- unless I find another publisher!

Terri ( (10/11/99 9:58 AM): well, isn't branding marketing? I could be confused *g*

RobFrankel (10/11/99 9:58 AM): Terri, I only go back to sites that help me in my daily life, not these dopey portals. The only site I visit daily is to track my stocks.

Jorge R (10/11/99 9:59 AM): I wasn't aware of the change of time zone. Here its always the same.

RobFrankel (10/11/99 9:59 AM): (TWO MINUTES)

Tom Stefan (10/11/99 9:59 AM): Rob, thanks for all the info. Made this a very helpful first visit for me.

RobFrankel (10/11/99 9:59 AM): Terri, Branding is the front end of marketing. You have to know what you are and how to tell people about it before you can market it.

RobFrankel (10/11/99 9:59 AM): You're way welcome, Tom.

Jorge R (10/11/99 10:00 AM): Aggh. that's not the best news. Anyways. I am awaiting to buy your book as soon as it hits the stores.

Glenda (10/11/99 10:01 AM): I need to buy your book also Rob...having trouble branding my city guide

Terri ( (10/11/99 10:01 AM): Thanks Rob - that does give me another idea; BTW .. have you thought about putting your book with (I think that is it)

RobFrankel (10/11/99 10:02 AM): Okay guys, phone's ringing off the hook! Gotta split! See you all online!

Terri ( (10/11/99 10:02 AM): see ya next week! Bye all :)

RobFrankel (10/11/99 10:02 AM): I promise I'll kick the publisher as hard as I can!

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