Transcript of Frankel's Free Clinic November 2, 1998

JoAnna (11/2/98 9:00 AM): Entered the room.

JoAnna (11/2/98 9:01 AM): Good Morning!

Raynay (11/2/98 9:03 AM): Entered the room.

Raynay (11/2/98 9:03 AM): Hi, JoAnna!

Raynay (11/2/98 9:04 AM): You do know Rob's not going to make it today. It's us FrankelBees fending for ourselves. :)

JoAnna (11/2/98 9:05 AM): Yup. first time in a long time that I'm actually here at this hour

Raynay (11/2/98 9:05 AM): Do you have a website?

JoAnna (11/2/98 9:06 AM): does it usually take a long time to warm up?

Raynay (11/2/98 9:06 AM): I've only come to the last few. Yes, it does.

JoAnna (11/2/98 9:06 AM): why, yes I do. two separate entities, actually but they share the same "space"

JoAnna (11/2/98 9:07 AM): one is at ...

JoAnna (11/2/98 9:07 AM): the "other" is at ...~vermillionhr/pihra/text.html

Raynay (11/2/98 9:08 AM): I'm at I'd appreciate some feedback if you get a chance. My site has been up since mid-September.

JoAnna (11/2/98 9:09 AM): did you do it yourself?

Raynay (11/2/98 9:10 AM): Sure did.

JoAnna (11/2/98 9:10 AM): NICE! I love a clean-looking page.

Raynay (11/2/98 9:11 AM): Thanks. I'm trying to zip over to your site in a new window...

JoAnna (11/2/98 9:12 AM): I did both of mine, the verm site is "older", the pihra site is brand-spanking-new. 90% tested

Raynay (11/2/98 9:14 AM): Fast loading. Are you getting a lot of visitors?

JoAnna (11/2/98 9:15 AM): the pihra one, yes, the verm one, probably not so many any more...

Raynay (11/2/98 9:17 AM): The pihra one is beautiful. Are you in charge of promoting it?

JoAnna (11/2/98 9:17 AM): (blushes) yes, but we've got a captive audience...

JoAnna (11/2/98 9:18 AM): people not in h.r. probably wouldn't be interested

Raynay (11/2/98 9:20 AM): Easy to navigate. Yes it is a niche audience.

JoAnna (11/2/98 9:21 AM): it's my little pet project/hobby

Raynay (11/2/98 9:21 AM): Are you dealing with any branding issues?

JoAnna (11/2/98 9:22 AM): has the "brand", really. my OWN company has TONS of issues :-)

Raynay (11/2/98 9:23 AM): High tech hobby you have there. You're ready for the millennium.

JoAnna (11/2/98 9:23 AM): whoo HOOO!

JoAnna (11/2/98 9:24 AM): verm is trying to develop it's own market. the need is there, but most people who are in need don't know it.

CaroleA (11/2/98 9:24 AM): Entered the room.

CaroleA (11/2/98 9:24 AM): Hi all!

JoAnna (11/2/98 9:25 AM): morning, Carole!

CaroleA (11/2/98 9:26 AM): I'm late, sorry - missed the intros.

Raynay (11/2/98 9:26 AM): Morning! Let me give you all my address: If you want some extra input or ideas on online stuff, I'll be glad to give my two cents.

JoAnna (11/2/98 9:26 AM): no biggie, we're just us three

Raynay (11/2/98 9:27 AM): Carole, do you have a website?

CaroleA (11/2/98 9:27 AM): Great, input always welcome. I'm preparing to launch an on-line service and having folks to preview will be very helpful.

Raynay (11/2/98 9:28 AM): You, too?! Excellent! I was telling JoAnna about my young site.

CaroleA (11/2/98 9:28 AM): I work for Acme Software (meep meep, yes, Acme) and we are at; but as we haven't released product yet our site says very little. Worried about competition.

JoAnna (11/2/98 9:30 AM): Keep me posted!

Raynay (11/2/98 9:30 AM): Business moves so fast these days.

JoAnna (11/2/98 9:30 AM): Carole, I have the meep meep sound on my computer. (mac) and I'll now think of you each time I hear it. :-)

CaroleA (11/2/98 9:31 AM): Raynay, I see your site, very nice.

Raynay (11/2/98 9:32 AM): Thanks. It's still a work in progress. But who's site isn't?

CaroleA (11/2/98 9:32 AM): JoAnna, thanks for the email address. I think we'll be talking publicly in about 4 weeks. Basically our product will manage information on a web site.

JoAnna (11/2/98 9:33 AM): Entered the room.

JoAnna (11/2/98 9:34 AM): (it logged me out?!?!?!)

Raynay (11/2/98 9:35 AM): Carole, sounds like you're in the right biz.

JoAnna (11/2/98 9:35 AM): So, anyone know of any biz's of under 100 employees?

Raynay (11/2/98 9:35 AM): What kind of biz's?

Dave (11/2/98 9:36 AM): Entered the room.

JoAnna (11/2/98 9:37 AM): Well, office type companies, not medical/construction/etc. that would involve LABORER types...

Raynay (11/2/98 9:37 AM): Hi, Dave!

Dave (11/2/98 9:37 AM): Hi. I'm a newbie to this discussion

JoAnna (11/2/98 9:38 AM): Morning, Dave!

Raynay (11/2/98 9:39 AM): Thinking...thinking...

JoAnna (11/2/98 9:41 AM): I work for companies that don't have a formal Human Resources department. (usually under 100 ees)

CaroleA (11/2/98 9:41 AM): JoAnna, check out I 'found' them at ISPcon (trade show for ISPs) and they have a web-based service to provide you with a list of potential customers, sliced & diced any way you want!

JoAnna (11/2/98 9:42 AM): I keep them in compliance, help them recruit top talent, ...

Raynay (11/2/98 9:42 AM): Another suggestion is to write a report that would appeal to your target market and give it away free. The people who request it would be your prospects.

JoAnna (11/2/98 9:42 AM): Help them KEEP the talent happy, and keep them from suing their bosses

JoAnna (11/2/98 9:43 AM): That's a great idea. Something you'd offer on your site, perhaps?

Raynay (11/2/98 9:43 AM): Of course you'd have to advertise the freebie.

CaroleA (11/2/98 9:43 AM): Welcome Dave. What's your interest at the moment?

Dave (11/2/98 9:43 AM): I have a problem I would like to discuss. It involves Ad agencies. Does this group deal with that kind of questions?

JoAnna (11/2/98 9:44 AM): fire away

JoAnna (11/2/98 9:44 AM): we'll certainly try to help!

Raynay (11/2/98 9:44 AM): We'll give it a shot.

Raynay (11/2/98 9:46 AM): JoAnna, you can send the report by autoresponder, too.

JoAnna (11/2/98 9:46 AM): (Raynay-I just got an email that has "win win win" in the text, as a part of their strategy.... Want a copy?)

Raynay (11/2/98 9:47 AM): Sure! Thanks.

Raynay (11/2/98 9:47 AM): I tell you, you try to be original...

JoAnna (11/2/98 9:47 AM): ( could it be YOUR articles? )

Raynay (11/2/98 9:48 AM): No, I'm not sending promotional emails.

JoAnna (11/2/98 9:48 AM): ...just sent it.

JoAnna (11/2/98 9:49 AM): So, Dave, SPILL, I'm dying to hear your story

Raynay (11/2/98 9:49 AM): I do appreciate it.

JoAnna (11/2/98 9:49 AM): (not that the others aren't entertaining me immensely)

JoAnna (11/2/98 9:50 AM): 10 minutes until I have to COMMIT and get on with my day...

Dave (11/2/98 9:50 AM): I have a ad agency that I have had for 3 months and they aren't giving me the service I expected. For instance, I have still not received the report on site activity for September. I haven't seen any significant increase in CPM over the three months either. My question is: would you know of other -good ad agencies. My site is small... 500,00 pi/mo.

Dave (11/2/98 9:51 AM): 500,000 pi/mo

JoAnna (11/2/98 9:51 AM): OOPS you're talking technical terms... pls explain pi/mo?

Dave (11/2/98 9:52 AM): pi/mo == page impressions/ month

JoAnna (11/2/98 9:53 AM): (same as hits?)

Raynay (11/2/98 9:53 AM): You may want to post that on the FrankelBiz list. People there may be able to point you in the right direction. Also, this may help you find non-competing peers who can help on other issues.

Raynay (11/2/98 9:54 AM): Seven minutes, everyone.

JoAnna (11/2/98 9:54 AM): okay, what's CPM cost per monkey? :=)

Raynay (11/2/98 9:55 AM): Also, Dave, what is your site doing to keep 'em coming back?

Dave (11/2/98 9:55 AM): No, hits are files downloaded. Page impressions are a total page (no matter how many files) that contain a banner ad and are viewed by a visitor

Raynay (11/2/98 9:55 AM): Email newsletters, bulletin boards...

Charles (11/2/98 9:56 AM): Entered the room.

Raynay (11/2/98 9:56 AM): Are you commerce-enabled or advertiser supported?

CaroleA (11/2/98 9:57 AM): Dave, I've worked with Times Direct Marketing in San Francisco, very oriented towards results rather than awards. They're really good about keeping and measuring success metrics.

Raynay (11/2/98 9:57 AM): I'm just curious, with all that traffic.

Dave (11/2/98 9:57 AM): advertiser supported. CPM == cost per thousand of pi

Raynay (11/2/98 9:59 AM): Actually keeping them coming back is important, either way.

Dave (11/2/98 9:59 AM): My site is . I hope to enable commerce in about 6 mo

JoAnna (11/2/98 9:59 AM): gotcha, Dave...

Raynay (11/2/98 10:01 AM): Great URL Dave.

JoAnna (11/2/98 10:01 AM): I am DEFINATELY checking that out!

Raynay (11/2/98 10:02 AM): Gotta go. Thanks everyone.

JoAnna (11/2/98 10:02 AM): Well, darlings, it's been GREAT this morning!

JoAnna (11/2/98 10:03 AM): Please, if you find a moment, check out

Dave (11/2/98 10:03 AM): I have 7000 poems on the site. I get them at a rate of 40/day. I edit every poem. That's the rub. I have to hire editors

JoAnna (11/2/98 10:04 AM): Ciao! Have a WONDERFUL day!

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