Transcript of Frankel's Free Clinic November 13, 2000 (11/13/100 9:01 AM): Good morning, everyone!

Jane (11/13/100 9:01 AM): Good Morning!

RobFrankel ( (11/13/100 9:01 AM): Hey bob-a-re-bob! Mellow greetings, everyone! There was frost on the newspaper here this morning in sunny Los Angeles! It's just keeps getting weirder!

RobFrankel ( (11/13/100 9:02 AM): Who's up first?

Stephen E. (11/13/100 9:04 AM): Are people always this shy? (11/13/100 9:04 AM): Entered the room. (11/13/100 9:05 AM): I'm just gonna lurk for a usual

Jane (11/13/100 9:05 AM): Okay, I am dealing with the breadbox issue, as I call it- I am not big enough for the large companies, I am seen as sophisticated for the smaller ones- by the way I do e-marketing strategy and implementation. and

RobFrankel ( (11/13/100 9:05 AM): Nah, but we might as well kick it off by asking THawk how using gateway pages is going to go over when so many SEO and engines are warning against using them....

RobFrankel ( (11/13/100 9:06 AM): What's the prob, Jane?

RobFrankel ( (11/13/100 9:07 AM): It's a problem I STILL get.

Jane (11/13/100 9:07 AM): I think that corporations expect a dog and pony show- flash website, laptop presentation....Smaller companies are afraid that you are too expensive and often I am for them. Granted my website is not up yet.....but the truth is I have the expertise for both

Thawk (11/13/100 9:08 AM): The search engines should try to clean up all the broken links 404 errors first then worry about gateway pages...

RobFrankel ( (11/13/100 9:08 AM): Jane, you'll find cheap guys at big companies and spenders at small companies. Size of companies is NO indicator of business. Brand compatibility is.

Jane (11/13/100 9:09 AM): Are gateways the same as interstitials?

Joel (11/13/100 9:09 AM): Entered the room.

RobFrankel ( (11/13/100 9:09 AM): Thawk, I agree. But there's a flock of bad press about gateway pages, isn't there?

Joel (11/13/100 9:09 AM): Good morning all!

RobFrankel ( (11/13/100 9:09 AM): Jane, this is why I A. wrote the book and B. recorded the tapes. They both give the prospects an opportunity to try before they invest bigger bucks.

Stephen E. (11/13/100 9:10 AM): Sell value to the corporation or company, price issues are often red herrings.

Joel ( (11/13/100 9:10 AM): Entered the room.

Jane (11/13/100 9:10 AM): Rob, so how do you know if there is a brand match or how do you create one?

RobFrankel ( (11/13/100 9:10 AM): I agree, Stephen. Many times prospects use price as the excuse not to buy, but it isn't their real reason.

Thawk (11/13/100 9:11 AM): Yes, but there are no controls , it's just like saying to all the software companies that sell search engine placements software .. I don't think that it will work..

RobFrankel ( (11/13/100 9:11 AM): Jane, this is also the reason why I have the archives up there for free. This way, when prospects contact me, I give them FOUR options: Free articles, buy the book, buy the tapes or hire me. That way, it's their choice and they have no grounds to complain about price or accessibility.

RobFrankel ( (11/13/100 9:13 AM): Jane, you begin a dialogue with them. Then offer them a choice of working solutions. I offer them monthly fee arrangements, specific task assignments, on site day rates -- anything so that they can't claim "it doesn't work for me".

Jane (11/13/100 9:13 AM): Rob, I would love to be able to offer all of those things, but as one person who needs cash flow as well as ongoing business development , and being a single parent I find it hard to do it all!

Stephen E. ( (11/13/100 9:13 AM): Entered the room.

RobFrankel ( (11/13/100 9:13 AM): I find that if prospects quibble about price, they're probably looking for free work.

Jane (11/13/100 9:14 AM): Rob, all good suggestions! 3 types of arrangements, thanks

RobFrankel ( (11/13/100 9:14 AM): Jane, nobody is helping me, either....

christina ( (11/13/100 9:14 AM): Entered the room.

Thawk (11/13/100 9:14 AM): when submitting your URL (s) it's base on a time factor

Jane (11/13/100 9:14 AM): I come across a lot who want "creative arrangements" but I have begun pre-qualifying them before meeting or spending too much time emailing...

RobFrankel ( (11/13/100 9:15 AM): Jane, I would bet that out of all the new business e-mails I get, I only close maybe five to ten percent as consulting clients. The majority go away because they want free advice, and the rest either buy the book or the tapes -- and of those a fraction come back for consulting. But it's a long sales cycle.

Jane (11/13/100 9:16 AM): That's good to know- I thought I wasn't closing a high enough percentage!

RobFrankel ( (11/13/100 9:16 AM): Jane, even if you have an e-book that you can let them download for free, you're giving them something for free so that they can check you out. Get to work on something like that. It saves you endless amounts of time in correspondence

Jane (11/13/100 9:16 AM): What I am trying to look at is what I can offer for

Stephen E. ( (11/13/100 9:17 AM): Jane, write an article or two for a local mag or paper and seed your letters with them to help establish credibility...creating value

RobFrankel ( (11/13/100 9:17 AM): Also, "Creative arrangements" is code for "no cash". Send them away with a nice e-book, to show -- very genuinely -- that you would like to help, but that you only take business that's good for both you and the client. that's fair.

Jane (11/13/100 9:18 AM): oops- didn't mean to "talk" for sale or download on an automated basis to get some ongoing revenue while I am out doing other business development and as a teaser for getting them to sign up larger consulting.

RobFrankel ( (11/13/100 9:18 AM): Stephen, Jane's at the point where people are contacting her, but qualifying and closing them is the problem.

RobFrankel ( (11/13/100 9:19 AM): I went from "writing columns to gain recognition" to the point where now, I recommend products for those who can't afford my services.

Joel ( (11/13/100 9:20 AM): Just curious Rob -- how would you brand the Democrats and the Republicans?

RobFrankel ( (11/13/100 9:20 AM): Again, not too many people want to pay my day rate. But the kind of clients I want certainly do. For the rest -- many of whom don't want to part with even $1000 -- the tapes are a great solution. For those who can't even afford that, there's a $36 book. For those who just want something for nothing, there are the archives. But every one of them gets a not that says I'll do what I can, as long as it's good business

RobFrankel ( (11/13/100 9:21 AM): Joel, early on in the campaign my gripe was that I didn't get to brand Al Gore.

RobFrankel ( (11/13/100 9:21 AM): And I'm registered as a Republican. This election was Gore's to lose....and branding made the difference

Jane (11/13/100 9:21 AM): was waiting for someone to open up that can of worms- and if you read Ellen Cassagnola's offer- she amended her tag line to read" President,

Stephen E. ( (11/13/100 9:21 AM): By "brand" do you mean searing flesh with a hot iron?

Jane (11/13/100 9:22 AM): by popular vote and electoral college {I elected myself} tee hee

RobFrankel ( (11/13/100 9:22 AM): Gore made the mistake of all clients -- all about him, nothing about us. He played right into Bush's hands.

RobFrankel ( (11/13/100 9:22 AM): Stephen, when are you going to quit clowning around and hire me for that speaking gig?????

Kenrick (11/13/100 9:23 AM): Entered the room.

Stephen E. ( (11/13/100 9:23 AM): I swear to you that we're getting closer!

RobFrankel ( (11/13/100 9:23 AM): I'll bring tapes and books and cut the vendors in on the sales <-- Rob pitching to a speaking bureau in real time)

RobFrankel ( (11/13/100 9:24 AM): And one more thing: I pay in $US! Not Canadian!

Kenrick (11/13/100 9:24 AM): Hi Rob, I found you through my friend Mark Joyner. The e-book you wrote is really good.

RobFrankel ( (11/13/100 9:24 AM): Thanks, can I help you today?

Stephen E. ( (11/13/100 9:24 AM): We LOVE $US!

RobFrankel ( (11/13/100 9:25 AM): That e-book, incidentally, was NEVER publicized outside FrankelBiz -- and has already been downloaded by more than double the entire FrankelBiz population

RobFrankel ( (11/13/100 9:25 AM): You wanna talk about the power of branded community or what???

RobFrankel ( (11/13/100 9:26 AM): Anyone else have an issue? Thawk, did you want to continue?

Kenrick (11/13/100 9:26 AM): I sell training on influence and persuasion and am working on branding me and what I do. Anything you have to say would be great.

Kenrick (11/13/100 9:26 AM): Ya, Mark can really get the job done for promotion.

RobFrankel ( (11/13/100 9:26 AM): Incidentally, Stephen, I'll be speaking to Nissan next week.

RobFrankel ( (11/13/100 9:27 AM): It helps if you ask a specific question, Kenrick.

Stephen E. ( (11/13/100 9:29 AM): Do you have a video of a presentation you can send me?

Thawk (11/13/100 9:29 AM): I was asking about the redesign.. as before you stated that my sale message had to be refined?

RobFrankel ( (11/13/100 9:29 AM): Nope. But I can give you personal references.

Jane (11/13/100 9:29 AM): Kenrick what you are talking about is Personal Branding- I have been helping another FrankelBee develop a program on it

Kenrick (11/13/100 9:30 AM): One of the problems I have is that my material is different than most "rah rah" material out there. What I teach is rather technical and involves some work to get it down. When a person does the work, the results are enormous. Trying to position that effectively has been a bit difficult. Do you have any suggestions along that line.

Jane (11/13/100 9:30 AM): Rob, love more of your pearls on this!

RobFrankel ( (11/13/100 9:30 AM): Thawk, I don't know that you have to change the sales message, although I think that people probably need to have "gateway page" defined for them.

RobFrankel ( (11/13/100 9:31 AM): What kind of work is it that you do Kenrick?

Joel ( (11/13/100 9:31 AM): Kenrick: Testimonials from satisfied customers can work wonders for you!

RobFrankel ( (11/13/100 9:31 AM): Do you have a URL you want to give us?

Stephen E. ( (11/13/100 9:31 AM): Kenrick, sounds a little like "NLP" to me

Thawk (11/13/100 9:31 AM): the web page will have examples of what a gateway looks like.. just adding the final

Jane (11/13/100 9:32 AM): could you define for us here, what a gateway page is please

Kenrick (11/13/100 9:32 AM): I started in NLP 22 years ago Stephen and was one of the first Trainers - but have gone beyond that as it applies to covert influence.

RobFrankel ( (11/13/100 9:33 AM): Kenrick, I can tell you this much: a large portion of the tapes I'm doing center around the issue of losing the philosophical and theoretical crap and focusing on delivering the real time action items.

Stephen E. ( (11/13/100 9:34 AM): Is a gateway page the same as a "portal"?

RobFrankel ( (11/13/100 9:34 AM): Of course, I provide rationale as to why people should implement the stuff I discuss, but I alas give them the implementations.

RobFrankel ( (11/13/100 9:34 AM): Thawk: see what I mean?

RobFrankel ( (11/13/100 9:35 AM): Even people right here and now (fairly sophisticated) still aren't sure of a gateway page.

Kenrick (11/13/100 9:35 AM): Ok, I have them from really big names (Jay Abraham etc) to guys that have made literally millions more using my material. It sure helps, but the overall focus doesn't seem "razor sharp" enough to me.

Kenrick (11/13/100 9:36 AM): I've been wrestling with the idea of creating an inexpensive "front end" product. . . I just don't know if that's the right move.

RobFrankel ( (11/13/100 9:36 AM): Kenrick, I just had lunch with Jay last week....and he's a great guy, but hardly razor sharp. Even Jay will tell you that he's the last person to lay it down clearly because his brain works in a frenzy mode.

RobFrankel ( (11/13/100 9:37 AM): Kenrick, you'll likely find that -- like myself -- you need to brand your own products. Let's face it, you're in need of a brand. I can tell because it SEEMS as if you're having a tough time presenting your brand to us here and now, yes?

RobFrankel ( (11/13/100 9:38 AM): Kenrick, do you already have books or products out there?

RobFrankel ( (11/13/100 9:38 AM): Under your own name, I mean....

Kenrick (11/13/100 9:39 AM): I meant, I have testimonials from credible people and that I'm worried that my focus for my marketing isn't as sharply focused as I would like. Confusion as to the best strategy. Yes, I have several product that have done very well.

Thawk (11/13/100 9:39 AM): Generates HTML pages designed to rank near the top of the search results.

Kenrick (11/13/100 9:40 AM): I have a newsletter with over 2000 people I send to each week too.

Stephen E. ( (11/13/100 9:40 AM): Kenrick, define, "front end" product please.

RobFrankel ( (11/13/100 9:40 AM): Kenrick, I'd have to see what your past products and future plans look like. You're right, I cant tell that you're kind of floating around here.

Jane (11/13/100 9:41 AM): Is your newsletter generating new business?

RobFrankel ( (11/13/100 9:41 AM): Thawk, why would anyone need 400 of them?

RobFrankel ( (11/13/100 9:41 AM): Kenrick starting out with a list of 2000 is good. How loyal and responsive are they? Is it a list of paying or free people?

Kenrick (11/13/100 9:42 AM): My first course is $297. By "lead in" I mean, should I do something much less expensive like an inexpensive e-book. Yes, it generates most of my business. (of course not what I'd like to have it generate.) :-) There is starting to be lots of "knock offs" entering the market, but I think they are quite loyal. The newsletter is free.

RobFrankel ( (11/13/100 9:44 AM): You have to gage your expectations. Kenrick. For example, the FrankelBees are a hugely responsive group -- but only to the right kind of offer. Many -- maybe most of them -- have never bought my book. But I don't expect them to.

RobFrankel ( (11/13/100 9:46 AM): On the other hand, over almost all of them downloaded the FREE ebook...which tells me they like free stuff and pass good stuff on like wildfire.

RobFrankel ( (11/13/100 9:46 AM): Of course, many of the book buyers become FrankelBees after having read the book.

Kenrick (11/13/100 9:46 AM): Do you think you'll have sales from that?

RobFrankel ( (11/13/100 9:47 AM): So it's the right tool for the right job. And yes, I've gotten more inquiries from the e-book and several influential links....after all, you showed up toady!

RobFrankel ( (11/13/100 9:47 AM): today!

RobFrankel ( (11/13/100 9:47 AM): And I may not get a sale from you, but you may refer someone else....

RobFrankel ( (11/13/100 9:48 AM): In case you're wondering, FrankelBiz is very profitable, less through sponsorships than from business referrals.

Kenrick (11/13/100 9:48 AM): I see, that helps a lot.

RobFrankel ( (11/13/100 9:49 AM): The key part, Kenrick, is that having refined and articulated my own brand, I get less unqualified time-wasters and more qualified prospects. Closing them is often an issue that's not in my control.

Kenrick (11/13/100 9:50 AM): That makes sense.

RobFrankel ( (11/13/100 9:50 AM): Yikes, my typing really sucks today....sorry

RobFrankel ( (11/13/100 9:50 AM): (TEN MINUTE WARNING)

RobFrankel ( (11/13/100 9:50 AM): We still got ten minutes...anyone want to jump in? (11/13/100 9:51 AM): if you warm up the room you're in, your typing will improve, Rob.

Kenrick (11/13/100 9:51 AM): Thanks for your ideas. I'm loving your e-book.

Stephen E. ( (11/13/100 9:51 AM): Rob, why is closing not in your control?

RobFrankel ( (11/13/100 9:52 AM): Ha! Stephen, you oughta know!!! Seriously, in my own practice, people usually have to fail first before they admit they need me. Admitting failure is really tough to do.

RobFrankel ( (11/13/100 9:53 AM): Secondly, I don't come cheap. At least they think it's expensive. They ignore the fact that NOT hiring (as in one client I had this year) cost them over FOUR MILLION bucks. Compared to that, I'm a pack of chewing gum.

RobFrankel ( (11/13/100 9:54 AM): Anyway, these are more personal issues that clients have. I can do my best to encourage them to get it right before it costs them even more, but I can't sell too hard or I would be rubbing their noses in it.

Stephen E. ( (11/13/100 9:54 AM): So...when you say it's not in your control...are you leaving the closing process entirely up to the client? Their agenda...their timetable?

RobFrankel ( (11/13/100 9:55 AM): So very often, I get prospects who are very excited about working together, but may not be able to convince their boards or committees that the investment is a bargain.

RobFrankel ( (11/13/100 9:56 AM): Not entirely, but after presenting my credentials and getting their approval, they often have to sell me to their management. That can be a long process.

Stephen E. ( (11/13/100 9:56 AM): I know the feeling...I almost refuse to deal with them unless they'll introduce me to the REAL decision makers early in the game.

RobFrankel ( (11/13/100 9:57 AM): I can follow up (or have my assistant do that when I'm not swamped), but not much else. It's not uncommon for a prospect to take six months -- even years -- before I close them. That's why deal flow is so critical.

Stephen E. ( (11/13/100 9:57 AM): It's difficult sometimes, but in the long run it shortens the selling cycle and doesn't waste anyone's' time.

RobFrankel ( (11/13/100 9:58 AM): Stephen -- I usually DO deal with the decision makers, but even they have a tendency to rule by consensus....

RobFrankel ( (11/13/100 9:58 AM): (TWO MINUTES)

Kenrick (11/13/100 9:58 AM): By the way Rob, is there more info in your book than is in the e-book I have?

RobFrankel ( (11/13/100 9:58 AM): The point is that NOTHING is as easy as it looks -- and don't believe anyone who tells you different!

Kenrick (11/13/100 9:59 AM): And is there considerably more info in your soon to be released course?

Stephen E. ( (11/13/100 9:59 AM): Ain't it the truth

RobFrankel ( (11/13/100 9:59 AM): Yes, Kenrick, I think you'd find it speaking to you issues rather well, although it's not the same as the e-book. It's about branding and even MENSA gave it a great review this week!

RobFrankel ( (11/13/100 10:00 AM): If you do order it, go to . It's got a ton of info for you.

Kenrick (11/13/100 10:00 AM): Good deal - thanks. I'll pick it up ASAP. Is it available at Amazon, or through you or. . .?

RobFrankel ( (11/13/100 10:00 AM): Wow, that hour went by quick! Okay, everyone, have a great week. I'll see you online!

Kenrick (11/13/100 10:01 AM): LOL, ok, will do. Thanks

Jane (11/13/100 10:01 AM): Thanks Rob. g'day all!

Joel ( (11/13/100 10:01 AM): Thanks Rob. Maybe next week we'll even have a President-elect. This whole affair is "un-President-ed" <grin>

RobFrankel ( (11/13/100 10:01 AM): Bye!

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