Transcript of Frankel's Free Clinic November 18, 2002

Rob B ( (11/18/102 8:55 AM): hi Jonathan, seems we are a bit early

Jonathan Cohen ( (11/18/102 8:55 AM): A few minutes :) (11/18/102 8:55 AM): Entered the room.

Jim ( (11/18/102 8:55 AM): Entered the room.

Jim ( (11/18/102 8:56 AM): Morning all

Jonathan Cohen ( (11/18/102 8:56 AM): hi Jim

Jim ( (11/18/102 8:58 AM): Morning Jonathan

 Tony Novak (11/18/102 8:59 AM): Entered the room.

Mark ( (11/18/102 9:00 AM): Entered the room.

Cheryl Lynn Spencer ( (11/18/102 9:00 AM): Entered the room.

 Tony Novak (11/18/102 9:00 AM): greetings from Ocean City NJ!

Cheryl Lynn Spencer ( (11/18/102 9:00 AM): Morning everyone!

Rob Frankel ( (11/18/102 9:00 AM): Entered the room.

Jonathan Cohen ( (11/18/102 9:01 AM): hi Rob.

Pat ( (11/18/102 9:01 AM): Entered the room.

Rob B ( (11/18/102 9:01 AM): good morning rob

Pat ( (11/18/102 9:01 AM): Good morning/afternoon everyone.

Rob Frankel ( (11/18/102 9:01 AM): Hi everyone..hope you all had a good weekend and are ready to rock!

Rob Frankel ( (11/18/102 9:02 AM): Holy cow, Jonathan, how many URL's do you have???

Jonathan Cohen ( (11/18/102 9:02 AM): Rob - enough :)

Rob Frankel ( (11/18/102 9:02 AM): To coin a phrase, "who's on first"?  Mike, you are new here, right?  We let the new guys go first...

Rob Frankel ( (11/18/102 9:03 AM): You too, scameron....

Tamra ( (11/18/102 9:03 AM): Entered the room.

Rob Frankel ( (11/18/102 9:03 AM): OF course, I assume that you've all been to  by now...

Jonathan Cohen ( (11/18/102 9:04 AM): Rob - you're mad as hell and you're not going to take it anymore!

Jim ( (11/18/102 9:04 AM): I missed most of that Rob...what happened?

Rob Frankel ( (11/18/102 9:04 AM): I'm normally not a really politically active guy, but this is something that can burn every single one of you.  And you won't know about it until you see your monthly checking statement

ScottM (11/18/102 9:04 AM): Entered the room.

Cheryl Lynn Spencer ( (11/18/102 9:05 AM): Of course we have! (11/18/102 9:05 AM): I must be doing something wrong I get over 1000 unique visitors a day but sales are awful

frederick( (11/18/102 9:05 AM): Entered the room.

Rob Frankel ( (11/18/102 9:06 AM): A hacker tried to test credit card numbers against money ever was transferred, but CardService International charged me for 8000 transactions anyway.  Even though NOTHING happened

 Tony Novak (11/18/102 9:06 AM): Rob - Since I think I qualify as "new", I wonder if I could get some input on predatory pop-ups ads where someone purchases ads on my website name and says "click here to get a discount...".

Rob Frankel ( (11/18/102 9:06 AM): Cost me $2600...for nothing. identified them as fraudulent and didn't charge me anything, but CardService International charged me and then said, "tough luck."

Rob Frankel ( (11/18/102 9:07 AM): Go to  for the full story

Rob Frankel ( (11/18/102 9:07 AM): Tony, let's do scameron first.  IS that

Jim ( (11/18/102 9:07 AM): have you found out what can be done about it? (11/18/102 9:08 AM): yes

Rob B ( (11/18/102 9:08 AM): scameron, first I'd kill the animation. very annoying

weber (11/18/102 9:08 AM): Entered the room.

Rob B ( (11/18/102 9:08 AM): second, too much text. get the merchandise up front.

Jonathan Cohen ( (11/18/102 9:08 AM): yeah Flash is overkill

Rob Frankel ( (11/18/102 9:08 AM): Jim, so far, the thing to do is to make sure this is as widespread as I suspect it is.  So far, judging by the number of responses, it's a HUGE issue, which the media will find interesting....

weber (11/18/102 9:09 AM): Good morning all (11/18/102 9:09 AM): the logo or the flash ?

Cheryl Lynn Spencer ( (11/18/102 9:10 AM): I personally like the logo but the flashing words are very annoying.

Pat ( (11/18/102 9:10 AM): scameron - the flash

Rob Frankel ( (11/18/102 9:10 AM): First, I always recommend losing Flash.  A waste of time and actually hurts your business.  Remember that at this time, the big majority of users are on dial up connections....

Rob Frankel ( (11/18/102 9:10 AM): But you have a MUCH bigger problem, regarding sales....

Pat ( (11/18/102 9:11 AM): scameron - the flash. It causes your visitors to focus on the flash instead of your products.

ScottM (11/18/102 9:11 AM): And change your logo graphic to tell what it is you sell.  Right up TOP

Rob Frankel ( (11/18/102 9:12 AM): If you look at the index page, there's no reason why you're the ONLY solution to your users' problem.  Why would they do business with you, especially if you're selling other people's brands?

Tony Novak (11/18/102 9:12 AM): Entered the room.

Rob B ( (11/18/102 9:12 AM): The navigation set-up is a bit poor.  I don't know if I  need to go to Retail store to buy or products.  Need to make the navigation to a sale quick and easy.

Rob Frankel ( (11/18/102 9:12 AM): I like the little guy up there.  But your store needs a reason for people to buy.  Remember, if YOU don't tell them why they should buy, you can't expect them to figure it out on their own.

Rob Frankel ( (11/18/102 9:13 AM): These are reasons why you're not closing sales, from what I can see.  This is the branding cause.  I haven't gone past the first page, but 80% of web users don't, either.

Jonathan Cohen ( (11/18/102 9:14 AM): scameron - have you analyzed your logs to find out a) where people are coming from to get to your site, and b) where they leave your site?

Rob Frankel ( (11/18/102 9:14 AM): That's my take, anyway.  The site is clean and nice looking.

Tony Novak (11/18/102 9:14 AM): right, why would I buy this when my local store has some great stuff for a couple of dollars.

Rob Frankel ( (11/18/102 9:15 AM): Scameron, can you tell me why I should buy from you as opposed to anyone else?  It really should be up there, way before the 100% secure message.

Jim ( (11/18/102 9:16 AM): Entered the room.

Jonathan Cohen ( (11/18/102 9:16 AM): also, everything is described as 'hot'...can you provide a scale or something where you rate the relative hotness of each item? (11/18/102 9:16 AM): We offer the most extensive gourmet salsa products selection on the internet and you can order them from one place rather then multiple sites

Rob Frankel ( (11/18/102 9:17 AM): Finally, something else you may want to test:  try a small, time-limited instant coupon on your first page.  See how many people will jump on a "today only" offer.  You can run a JavaScript that changes the offer everyday and rotate the offers.  This way, you can see if people are really interested in buying.

Rob Frankel ( (11/18/102 9:17 AM): Okay, Tony, did you have a question?

Tony Novak (11/18/102 9:18 AM): scameron, you are appealing to my sense of adventure, to try stuff I haven't tasted before?

Rob Frankel ( (11/18/102 9:18 AM): (Send your friends to ) <---- subliminal advertising (11/18/102 9:18 AM): Thanks

Tony Novak (11/18/102 9:19 AM): Rob, yes, bigger companies are purchasing predatory pop-ups on my site name "MedSave" inducing buyers to switch sites without them realizing it.

frederick( (11/18/102 9:19 AM): What's the URL. Tony

Rob Frankel ( (11/18/102 9:20 AM): Can you elaborate Tony?

Tony Novak (11/18/102 9:20 AM):  I do not own the trademark "medsave" and there seem like little I can do to track these ad campaigns

weber (11/18/102 9:20 AM): Tony what do you do?

Tony Novak (11/18/102 9:21 AM): The pop up ads say "click here to get a free sports radio with your order" luring customers away

Rob Frankel ( (11/18/102 9:21 AM): Are you selling these companies the ads?

Cheryl Lynn Spencer ( (11/18/102 9:21 AM): scameron the site looks better already.

Tony Novak (11/18/102 9:21 AM): no these are big national health insurance companies or brokers

Rob Frankel ( (11/18/102 9:22 AM): I'm not clear on where the pop ups are happening...

frederick( (11/18/102 9:22 AM): I'm not seeing any popups.

Tony Novak (11/18/102 9:23 AM): Let me back up a second.  I enroll people in health insurance.  People type " on their browser"  When my site appears sometimes a competitor's ad appears that does not tell them that the offer is not associated with

Tony Novak (11/18/102 9:23 AM): I got one big company to "back off" effective this AM.

Rob Frankel ( (11/18/102 9:23 AM): Nothing pooped up for me, Tony

Tony Novak (11/18/102 9:24 AM): No, I see none this morning.

Rob Frankel ( (11/18/102 9:24 AM): And I have no pop-up blockers on at all.

Rob Frankel ( (11/18/102 9:24 AM): So how are the pop ups getting there?

Mark (11/18/102 9:24 AM): Entered the room.

Tony Novak (11/18/102 9:24 AM): Also, I think it depends on what search engine you may use.

Tamra ( (11/18/102 9:24 AM): sounds to me like Kazaa or Gator or one of the other scamware companies is selling popups.

Rob B ( (11/18/102 9:24 AM): I didn't get a pop-up. And if it's your site, shouldn't you have control of what pops up?

Mark (11/18/102 9:25 AM): I'm not seeing any either. Could they be from Gator and the like?

Rob Frankel ( (11/18/102 9:25 AM): Tamra, I think you're right on this one

Tony Novak (11/18/102 9:25 AM): Yes, but I don't have a handle on it yet,

frederick( (11/18/102 9:25 AM): Sounds like Kazaa scumware

Tamra ( (11/18/102 9:26 AM): to see if you have the scumware on your system go to

Tony Novak (11/18/102 9:26 AM): Should I be worried?

Rob Frankel ( (11/18/102 9:26 AM): If it is Kazaa or some  other scumware, what it really means is that you're bottom-feeding for business, because those types are usually the ones who use stuff like that

Tony Novak (11/18/102 9:26 AM): I estimate I lost 10k sales in October due to this.

Jonathan Cohen ( (11/18/102 9:27 AM): Tony - you could offer your customers a 'bounty' for every unique popup they report to you...

frederick( (11/18/102 9:27 AM): Rob, it wouldn't be on Tony's system - it is on the computers of visitors.

Rob Frankel ( (11/18/102 9:27 AM): Worried?  Well, these guys are diverting traffic from you and chances are that's what's happening.  As you can see, there's nothing you can do about it other than establishing your own brand and building it, instead of relying on a pre-established structure, which is where these guys live.

Tony Novak (11/18/102 9:27 AM): I tried that a little bit but sensed negative reaction.

frederick( (11/18/102 9:28 AM): Put a big statement top of every page - We do not use popups on this site - any popups you see are pirated.

Rob Frankel ( (11/18/102 9:29 AM): Tony, it's like when a client of mine used to advertise in the PennySaver and then wondered why sales were so dismal.  I told him, "what do you expect?  You're advertising to freebie shoppers."  When we changed the media tactic to daily newspapers and radio, sales went from $9.95 average sale to $59 per transaction.

Rob Frankel ( (11/18/102 9:29 AM): Frederick, I'm betting that the unsophisticated users won't know how or won't care.

frederick( (11/18/102 9:30 AM): Exactly Rob - that's the problem with these programs. The visitor downloads a program and doesn't realize what he is getting.

weber (11/18/102 9:30 AM): Tony some ISP's are offering popup killer software in the browsers, can you get a short program that will do the same and you can load into your pages?

Tony Novak (11/18/102 9:30 AM): ok thanks

Tamra ( (11/18/102 9:31 AM): Tony, I did a quick search of "" at 6 diff search engines -- saw no popups. Has to be installed SW/scumware rather than the SE itself.

Rob Frankel ( (11/18/102 9:31 AM): I guess the best suggestion, tactically, would be to see if your ISP can block pop ups from the server side....

weber (11/18/102 9:32 AM): Maybe it can be done using .htaccess

Rob Frankel ( (11/18/102 9:32 AM): Okay, then, who's up next?  Anyone?  Did I mention  ?

Tamra ( (11/18/102 9:32 AM): rob, if it's scumware I don't think the ISP can block it -- it's working on the browser (client) not the server.

frederick( (11/18/102 9:32 AM): Rob I cannot imagine that working - these popups are not coming from Tony's ISP

Rob Frankel ( (11/18/102 9:32 AM): I was just fishing for something to help, Tamra...

ScottM (11/18/102 9:32 AM): If it's Kazaa (or something like it) you can't do anything...  It's on the "surfers" computer.

Rob Frankel ( (11/18/102 9:33 AM): That's what I figured, but sometimes, someone here rushes in with a late-breaking bulletin....

frederick( (11/18/102 9:33 AM): Scott - a statement to the effect of 'we do not use popups' will at least alert the surfer.

Tamra ( (11/18/102 9:33 AM): Tony, is there any way you can TM Might be well worth the time/cost.

Rob Frankel ( (11/18/102 9:33 AM): Anyone else up?  Mike?

ScottM (11/18/102 9:34 AM): Exactly frederick...  That's about the only thing.

weber (11/18/102 9:34 AM): There has to be some way to check the visitors browser for scumware, and then either stop the popups, or overwrite them with your won stuff.

Tony Novak (11/18/102 9:34 AM): Tamra what does "TM" man?

weber (11/18/102 9:35 AM): That should have been overwrite (11/18/102 9:35 AM): What is a good ezine finder?

Tamra ( (11/18/102 9:35 AM): Trademark.  I use

Rob Frankel ( (11/18/102 9:35 AM): BTW, Mike, I think Zig Ziglar's name is misspelled on your site...

weber (11/18/102 9:35 AM): scameron try cumli

Rob Frankel ( (11/18/102 9:36 AM): Okay, anyone else?  Because if not, I need some good blogs and boards where I can post about

Tony Novak (11/18/102 9:36 AM): Tamra, no I can not, but that's another story.

weber (11/18/102 9:36 AM): Rob, did you post to revenge.alt

Pat ( (11/18/102 9:37 AM): Rob - Thanks for that idea a few weeks ago about a mail merge program to send out reminder e-mails to potential clients. It definitely cut down on the amount of time I spend sending e-mails to people who have originally shown an interest in doing business with me, but then for some reason did not follow up afterwards.

frederick( (11/18/102 9:37 AM): Er, Rob -- are you trying to tell us something about card service international?

weber (11/18/102 9:37 AM): BOOy am I bass ackwards today

Rob Frankel ( (11/18/102 9:37 AM): Frederick, I'm trying to make sure honest merchants don't get burned by anyone, including CardService International

Tony Novak (11/18/102 9:38 AM): Pat, I also purchased a product like this called FortuneFlow and I love it.  More important, my customers and ezine list seems to love it.

Rob Frankel ( (11/18/102 9:38 AM): Pat, I'm going to be up in Silicon Valley in early December.  The first thing I did was blast out an e-mail to clients and prospects that I would be available for meetings.  Already got one.

weber (11/18/102 9:39 AM): We left CSI several years ago when they kept dicking with the rates. I complained and they said "Read the contract" so we did, and left.

Pat ( (11/18/102 9:39 AM): Rob - you sent the e-mail out to prospects that have already expressed and interest, right?

weber (11/18/102 9:40 AM): Rob, did CSI charge you a fee for leaving before a year was up?

Rob Frankel ( (11/18/102 9:40 AM): Yes, Pat.  They've either expressed interest or have responded in a way that wasn't negative.

Pat ( (11/18/102 9:40 AM): Tony - a small script was written in-house to mail potential clients that seem to have forgotten to respond.

Tamra ( (11/18/102 9:41 AM): We're using Wells Fargo (our biz bank) and -- so far so good.

Rob Frankel ( (11/18/102 9:41 AM): Weber, we need more stories like that on the site.

Pat ( (11/18/102 9:41 AM): Rob - Ok. Thanks. I was curious.

Rob Frankel ( (11/18/102 9:41 AM): Weber, we haven't left yet.  We're in the process of converting

Pat ( (11/18/102 9:42 AM): I'm just trying to find ways to automate as much e-mail as possible.

weber (11/18/102 9:43 AM): Rob, Did you try the merchant account providers I sent you?

Tony Novak (11/18/102 9:44 AM): Pat, somewhat in contrast, I find that a good email merge program allows my to more closely target the written response which means smaller volume batches but higher quality content and hopefully better response.

Rob Frankel ( (11/18/102 9:44 AM): Weber, we're surveying a number of them, including yours, thanks!

michael kimsal ( (11/18/102 9:44 AM): Entered the room.

weber (11/18/102 9:45 AM): I have to say that IMS has been very responsive. Also, since you already have your gateway account with authorizenet there should be no additional charge to set it up.

Pat ( (11/18/102 9:45 AM): Tony - each e-mail is personalized before it is sent.

Rob Frankel ( (11/18/102 9:45 AM): I'll definitely look at IMS again, Weber, thanks.

Rob Frankel ( (11/18/102 9:46 AM): Anyone else have something to bring up?

weber (11/18/102 9:46 AM): You are welcome.

Rob Frankel ( (11/18/102 9:47 AM): Anyone have any blogs or boards to recommend for ?

Jonathan Cohen ( (11/18/102 9:47 AM): Prospecting for clients in it worth it?

Jim ( (11/18/102 9:47 AM): Entered the room.

Tamra ( (11/18/102 9:48 AM): Rob, might be good -- but read some threads first and check the posting rules!

michael kimsal ( (11/18/102 9:48 AM): Rob - use LogiCreate from  :)

Rob Frankel ( (11/18/102 9:48 AM): Jonathan, good question.  The answer is yes, if you know how to pitch them

weber (11/18/102 9:48 AM): Rob, did you report it to the scam report ezine. I forgot who publishes them.

Rob Frankel ( (11/18/102 9:48 AM): Thanks for the plug, Kimsal (11/18/102 9:48 AM): Entered the room.

michael kimsal ( (11/18/102 9:48 AM): You're welcome.

Rob Frankel ( (11/18/102 9:49 AM): Jonathan, you can pitch in December IF you remember that the pitch is along the lines of "I know you're busy with Christmas, but I want to contact you after the New Year" kind of thing

Jonathan Cohen ( (11/18/102 9:49 AM): good idea

Rob Frankel ( (11/18/102 9:50 AM): Forget about getting business this month.  BY showing them you're sensitive to their schedules, you immediately move closer to them

Rob Frankel ( (11/18/102 9:51 AM): (TEN MINUTE WARNING brought to you by )

Rob Frankel ( (11/18/102 9:51 AM): Tee hee

michael kimsal ( (11/18/102 9:51 AM): Rob, give me a call sometime today please when you can. (11/18/102 9:51 AM): May I gloat / gush / beam?

Cheryl Lynn Spencer ( (11/18/102 9:51 AM): Of course you can!

Rob Frankel ( (11/18/102 9:51 AM): After the chat, Mike, I'm all yours.

Rob Frankel ( (11/18/102 9:52 AM): Go Jodie (11/18/102 9:52 AM): In today's Wall Street Journal - in the special e-commerce pull-out section, yours truly is mentioned in the Keeping Romance Alive section :-D

Jonathan Cohen ( (11/18/102 9:52 AM): wow, congrats Jodie :) (11/18/102 9:52 AM): Lorilyn Bailey is a part of that same article too

weber (11/18/102 9:53 AM): Great news Jodie

frederick( (11/18/102 9:53 AM): Well done, Jodie

Rob B ( (11/18/102 9:53 AM): Congrats Jodie.  That's great! : ^ )

Cheryl Lynn Spencer ( (11/18/102 9:53 AM): Congratulations!

frederick( (11/18/102 9:53 AM): And well done to Lorilyn, too (11/18/102 9:53 AM): Thanks! Nice long article too - 5 paragraphs all about my company, if I counted right. Woo-hoo!

Pat ( (11/18/102 9:54 AM): Way to go, Jodie.

Rob Frankel ( (11/18/102 9:54 AM): That's great, Jodie.  Nice shootin'.

Rob Frankel ( (11/18/102 9:54 AM): Now, let's convert that publicity to $$$$.

Rob Frankel ( (11/18/102 9:54 AM): Any noticeable uptick in traffic yet? (11/18/102 9:54 AM): Yes, let's... already one sale this morning...

Pat ( (11/18/102 9:55 AM): Way to go Lorilyn

Mark ( (11/18/102 9:55 AM): Entered the room. (11/18/102 9:55 AM): Let me check on traffic

Rob Frankel ( (11/18/102 9:55 AM): Now you're cookin.'  I love it when stuff like that works out.  How did you get the WSJ reporter lead? (11/18/102 9:56 AM): ack - my stats isn't updated. Well, I have almost 20 new newsletter subscribers too... I got the lead through Lorilyn - she was contacted because of a book she wrote, and I met Lorilyn right  here in the chat!

Rob Frankel ( (11/18/102 9:57 AM): ANOTHER FRANKELBIZ CONNECTION, (applause) Thank you, ladies and gentlemen!!!! (11/18/102 9:58 AM): Yup - Thanks Rob!

John Charlesworth ( Professional Web Tracking) (11/18/102 9:58 AM): Entered the room.

Rob Frankel ( (11/18/102 9:59 AM): (TWO MINUTES) brought to you by (11/18/102 9:59 AM): now to figure out how to convert to paying customers... I know... I know... should have been done before....

Rob Frankel ( (11/18/102 10:00 AM): Okay folks, that should pretty much wrap things up for this Monday...I appreciate your support and help.  Look for a big announcement on FrankelBiz in the next few weeks. Big news!

Pat ( (11/18/102 10:00 AM): Thanks for the chat, Rob. Have a good week everyone.

Rob Frankel ( (11/18/102 10:00 AM): Yup.  Publicity don't pay da rent

Jonathan Cohen ( (11/18/102 10:00 AM): Bye everyone - have a great week! And for all your writing needs... (just kidding)

Rob Frankel ( (11/18/102 10:00 AM): Send your friends:

frederick( (11/18/102 10:00 AM): Thank you Rob and everyone

Cheryl Lynn Spencer ( (11/18/102 10:01 AM): Bye everyone! (11/18/102 10:01 AM): g'day all!

weber (11/18/102 10:01 AM): Take care (11/18/102 10:02 AM): Thanks for all your advice


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