Transcript of Frankel's Free Clinic November 22, 1999

RobFrankel (Live from DC!) (11/22/99 9:02 AM): Entered the room.

Bill ( (11/22/99 9:02 AM): Hi Terri.

Terri ( (11/22/99 9:02 AM): Hi Glenda! hello Kieran! hi everyone! Greetings, Rob!

Glenda( (11/22/99 9:02 AM): Hello Rob

Barb( (11/22/99 9:03 AM): I'm a printer and graphic designer ... even did the postcards for the Hawaii seminar!

Bill ( (11/22/99 9:03 AM): Hello from a first timer here Rob.

Barb( (11/22/99 9:03 AM): what do you do, bill?

Kieran (11/22/99 9:03 AM): Hey Rob!

RobFrankel (Live from DC!) (11/22/99 9:03 AM): Hi folks! Travelling today, just finished meeting with FrankelBee!

Bill ( (11/22/99 9:03 AM): I am a sponsorship fund raising consultant.

Kieran (11/22/99 9:04 AM): When is that Seminar on, or Have I missed it?

Barb( (11/22/99 9:04 AM): so you take other people's money, do you? :)

Mark( (11/22/99 9:04 AM): Entered the room.

Kieran (11/22/99 9:05 AM): Rob, how is everything in the capital?

Barb( (11/22/99 9:05 AM): Rob may be better equipped to talk about the seminar ... I just printed the postcards

Barb( (11/22/99 9:05 AM): this is my first time in here as well

Kieran (11/22/99 9:05 AM): Don't we all Barb?

RobFrankel (Live from DC!) (11/22/99 9:05 AM): Bill, what can I do for you today?

RobFrankel (Live from DC!) (11/22/99 9:06 AM): Barb, let me know what I can do for you today.

Glenda( (11/22/99 9:06 AM): I'm trying to learn more about sponsorships Bill

Barb( (11/22/99 9:06 AM): yes, we definitely do, Kieran

RobFrankel (Live from DC!) (11/22/99 9:06 AM): Kieran, I'm in some hotel outside the airport. All I know is that they get a lot of airplanes here...

Barb( (11/22/99 9:07 AM): Rob, I've opened the door for you to talk about the Hawaii Seminar

Bill ( (11/22/99 9:07 AM): I am curious what you think about the shortening of messages Rob - like United is Rising. I have been thinking about creating a very short message for building my brand - Building Sponsorship

Bill ( (11/22/99 9:07 AM): What would you like to know Glenda?

RobFrankel (Live from DC!) (11/22/99 9:07 AM): The E-Commerce Seminar is in Hawaii on January 11 through 14 and features some of the heavy players in e-commerce.

Glenda( (11/22/99 9:08 AM): Perhaps we can correspond later Bill...don't want to take away from the conversation

RobFrankel (Live from DC!) (11/22/99 9:08 AM): It's going to be an intimate conference with people who have really made it in online biz.

Mark( (11/22/99 9:08 AM): I'm a new FrankelBee and joined how to better promote and create a brand for my company.

RobFrankel (Live from DC!) (11/22/99 9:09 AM): Bill, you must have been at one of my lectures!

RobFrankel (Live from DC!) (11/22/99 9:09 AM): Mark, you'll find that the FrankelBees most helpful group there is to build your business.

Bill ( (11/22/99 9:09 AM): No - sorry. Just learned about you from a friend yesterday. I have been looking at your site though.

Kieran (11/22/99 9:09 AM): I'm not sure if I fit the Bill.

Kieran (11/22/99 9:10 AM): Mark, what does your company do?

RobFrankel (Live from DC!) (11/22/99 9:10 AM): One last thing about Hawaii: it's cheap and probably the last time you'll be able to sit down on one with these guys.

RobFrankel (Live from DC!) (11/22/99 9:11 AM): Bill, I like to use United as an example of a company with gobs of money that has no idea how to brand.

Mark( (11/22/99 9:11 AM): A small company called Agri ImaGIS. We're a VAR of satellite imagery to the agriculture sector, plus provide GIS consulting services.

RobFrankel (Live from DC!) (11/22/99 9:12 AM): Their tag "Rising" means nothing to anyone. What's rising -- their fares?

RobFrankel (Live from DC!) (11/22/99 9:12 AM): The whole idea of branding (at least the way I do it) is to present yourself as the solution to your prospects' issues.

Kieran (11/22/99 9:13 AM): Who exactly is your target market?

Bill ( (11/22/99 9:13 AM): Rob - laugh - I hear you. Okay so I will focus more on a customer focused message as opposed to a message just saying what I do.

RobFrankel (Live from DC!) (11/22/99 9:13 AM): Oops -- as the solution to your prospects problems. Rising doesn't do that.

Guy R Cook - (11/22/99 9:13 AM): Entered the room.

RobFrankel (Live from DC!) (11/22/99 9:14 AM): (You guys will have to excuse my typing...on an old machine)

RobFrankel (Live from DC!) (11/22/99 9:15 AM): Absolutely Bill. Download and you'll get the whole rundown.

Bill ( (11/22/99 9:15 AM): Kieran not sure if you were asking Mark or me. I target owners of public buildings like Arts Centres, Sports Facilities, Recreation Centres, Hospitals etc. I

Mark( (11/22/99 9:15 AM): Agri businesses, crop consultants, chemical input suppliers, ag coops, individual producers

Bill ( (11/22/99 9:16 AM): I will do Rob. Had already planned to do that. Thanks.

RobFrankel (Live from DC!) (11/22/99 9:16 AM): The point is that branding doesn't take money, it takes brains. Companies buy their way into a brand, but if you have no strategy, you have no brand.

RobFrankel (Live from DC!) (11/22/99 9:16 AM): That's why "Just do it" sucks, too.

RobFrankel (Live from DC!) (11/22/99 9:17 AM): "Comapnies buy their way"...

Kieran (11/22/99 9:17 AM): How have you targeted that Market heretofore?

RobFrankel (Live from DC!) (11/22/99 9:17 AM): Mark, you take a picture of my house??

Bill ( (11/22/99 9:18 AM): Yes - Nike just made Just do it mean what they wanted it to mean with the rest of their messaging.

Kieran (11/22/99 9:19 AM): But Just do It is not a meaningful message!

RobFrankel (Live from DC!) (11/22/99 9:19 AM): Which means it means nothing at all.

RobFrankel (Live from DC!) (11/22/99 9:19 AM): Kieran is a genius.

Terri ( (11/22/99 9:20 AM): Rob, Wanda sent me a photo ad of a company the other day.. a pic of a little girl holding a cookie and the caption "You can have just one!" Guess what it was selling? *G*

Bill ( (11/22/99 9:20 AM): I agree - like pasta - the flavour is really in the sauce.

RobFrankel (Live from DC!) (11/22/99 9:20 AM): Just because it's popular doesn't mean it's well-branded.

RobFrankel (Live from DC!) (11/22/99 9:21 AM): A COOKIE?

Mark( (11/22/99 9:21 AM): Not quite Rob. The imagery we work (NASA Landsat) with is low resolution (30 meters). However, a new 1 meter resolution satellite called Ikonos was recently launched in Sept, so that will be available soon.

RobFrankel (Live from DC!) (11/22/99 9:21 AM): I saw an ad on the plane of a girl lying down with her dog...

Kieran (11/22/99 9:22 AM): I will teach you much Grasshopper

Terri ( (11/22/99 9:22 AM): *laffin* nope!! it was a Real Estate company selling homes! I guessed it was a dentist :)

RobFrankel (Live from DC!) (11/22/99 9:22 AM): ...selling business consulting services.

RobFrankel (Live from DC!) (11/22/99 9:23 AM): Snatch the Guinness from my hand...if you can.

Kieran (11/22/99 9:23 AM): There are people getting paid millions to sit around in rooms and think this crap up, scary isn't it?

RobFrankel (Live from DC!) (11/22/99 9:24 AM): This is why you have to be careful NOT to model your marketing after the big boys. They can afford to be stupid.

Kieran (11/22/99 9:24 AM): That's an old trick 'round here Rob!

RobFrankel (Live from DC!) (11/22/99 9:24 AM): Anyone else? Don't be shy

Glenda( (11/22/99 9:24 AM): Seems most are trying to entertain and leave an impression of the ad in your mind in hopes that you'll remember who's commercial or ad it was...but I can usually remember the ad or commercial but don't have a clue what they were selling or who the company was

Bill ( (11/22/99 9:25 AM): When you position a brand do you sometimes find yourself helping to change the type of business a company focuses on?

RobFrankel (Live from DC!) (11/22/99 9:25 AM): Glenda, that's precisely how you define bad advertising.

Kieran (11/22/99 9:25 AM): That's the beauty of the net Rob, innovation and creativity are finally rewarded, not just emulating the Sacred Cows

Barb( (11/22/99 9:26 AM): Right, Glenda ... I saw a very clever print ad recently ...

RobFrankel (Live from DC!) (11/22/99 9:26 AM): Good question Bill. A good part of the time the answer is yes. Often focusing more on service, for one thing, which is easy and cheap to implement

Barb( (11/22/99 9:26 AM): ... it was a full page ad, mostly white space, and in the centre, had a scratch off thingie ...

Kieran (11/22/99 9:27 AM): Ok, my work here is done, I had hoped to ask a question instead of preaching the Gospel according to Kieran, but it will wait till next week. See Y'all

Barb( (11/22/99 9:27 AM): ... I rarely get duped into scratching the wax off, but did this time ....

RobFrankel (Live from DC!) (11/22/99 9:27 AM): Bill, you will also find that a strong brand creates new and undiscovered revenue streams.

Mark( (11/22/99 9:27 AM): Kieran, in re to your earlier question. Yes, locally but now we're going nationwide, plus Canada.

RobFrankel (Live from DC!) (11/22/99 9:28 AM): So many people try to be everything to everyone, that they miss the inner beauties of their own companies, overlooking profit centers

Terri ( (11/22/99 9:29 AM): Bye Kieran!

Bill ( (11/22/99 9:29 AM): Good bye to Ireland for now.

RobFrankel (Live from DC!) (11/22/99 9:30 AM): Anyone else? Don't be shy

Bill ( (11/22/99 9:31 AM): To your point on all things to all people I am always debating to brand my business on the part which is most profitable (plus enjoyable) which is sponsorships for business or to play to a competitive advantage which is that I do Charitable and Sponsorship Fund Raising.

Bill ( (11/22/99 9:32 AM): Sorry that first part should have been sponsorship for buildings not business.

RobFrankel (Live from DC!) (11/22/99 9:33 AM): I'd brand the former and use the latter as a marketing strategy for the former.

Guy R Cook - (11/22/99 9:33 AM): Bye from Washington State, enjoy your trip Rob and thanks for taking the time to be here.

RobFrankel (Live from DC!) (11/22/99 9:33 AM): How do you sponsor a building?

Bill ( (11/22/99 9:34 AM): Like the United Centre or the Pepsi Centre etc.

RobFrankel (Live from DC!) (11/22/99 9:35 AM): Jeez, Bill, do you really have big names like that?

Glenda( (11/22/99 9:35 AM): Title sponsorships for sports arenas, signage, etc.

Bill ( (11/22/99 9:35 AM): Well I used examples you would know. I do $5-10 million deals for buildings in Canada. Mostly Arts Centres.

RobFrankel (Live from DC!) (11/22/99 9:36 AM): The charitable stuff should be more for PR. It's great to do it, but they're slow and bad business people.

Bill ( (11/22/99 9:36 AM): Other smaller facilities are $1 to 3-million.

Bill ( (11/22/99 9:37 AM): The fact I do both though has gotten me hired several times. Would you care if a company or an individual wanted to give you the money for your building - probably not.

RobFrankel (Live from DC!) (11/22/99 9:37 AM): I turn down a lot of charitable requests for the simple reason that most charities are home to people who can't make it in business,

RobFrankel (Live from DC!) (11/22/99 9:38 AM): They can't make a decision without a committee...

Mark( (11/22/99 9:38 AM): I invite all of you to check out and give me some feedback. Our response so far has been good, but the online sales haven't been what I would like.

RobFrankel (Live from DC!) (11/22/99 9:38 AM): ..because they're not motivated by profit, everything just sits there,,,

Bill ( (11/22/99 9:39 AM): I did nothing but charitable fund raising for eight years. I know how to work with the industry.

RobFrankel (Live from DC!) (11/22/99 9:39 AM): You must have the patience of Job.

RobFrankel (Live from DC!) (11/22/99 9:40 AM): Mark, how are you marketing the site and what are your expectations?

Bill ( (11/22/99 9:40 AM): Besides even my sponsorship work is for charities most of the time. Difference is the types of deals we do on their behalf --sponsorship or charitable deals.

Bill ( (11/22/99 9:41 AM): Rob I have to view it that it is the job - not something that gets in the way of the job.

Mark( (11/22/99 9:41 AM): Rob, what do think of the use of imagery as a marketing tool, instead of a seed company giving a farmer a hat, why not a free image of his field.

RobFrankel (Live from DC!) (11/22/99 9:41 AM): (Bill, send me your e-mail details offline. I may have something for you....)

Barb( (11/22/99 9:41 AM): sorry ... a client had the nerve to phone me in the middle of this conversation :)

RobFrankel (Live from DC!) (11/22/99 9:41 AM): I meant the Biblical Job...

Bill ( (11/22/99 9:42 AM): Oh you really made me laugh - I know what you meant. Coincidence me talking about the other type of job.

RobFrankel (Live from DC!) (11/22/99 9:43 AM): Mark, everything I know about sat's is that a farmer can be immensely more profitable if he knows how to use it right

RobFrankel (Live from DC!) (11/22/99 9:44 AM): Mark, the WSJ had a great article on this exact topic last week.

RobFrankel (Live from DC!) (11/22/99 9:44 AM): I suspect the benefits of the data are not clearly understood by many.

Michael (11/22/99 9:45 AM): Entered the room.

RobFrankel (Live from DC!) (11/22/99 9:45 AM): But when you say sales are not what you hoped for, what were you hoping for?

RobFrankel (Live from DC!) (11/22/99 9:46 AM): Are you sure your prospects can see how using your imagery will directly impact their bottom line?

Mark( (11/22/99 9:47 AM): I thought we would shake up the industry to tell you the truth. We purchased over 60 satellite scenes from across the ag regions of the country and have them available online for viewing.

RobFrankel (Live from DC!) (11/22/99 9:48 AM): What's your revenue model?

Barb( (11/22/99 9:48 AM): Mark ... but does your industry even know you have an online presence to shake them up?

RobFrankel (Live from DC!) (11/22/99 9:49 AM): What made you think you would shake it up?

Mark( (11/22/99 9:49 AM): We have been working successfully with the sugar beet industry. They use our imagery to create management zones in their fields and then variably rate apply Nitrogen using GPS.

RobFrankel (Live from DC!) (11/22/99 9:50 AM): IS that the industry needs education? The beet industry gets it, but do others?

RobFrankel (Live from DC!) (11/22/99 9:51 AM): (TEN MINUTE WARNING)

RobFrankel (Live from DC!) (11/22/99 9:52 AM): How does intend to make money?

Mark( (11/22/99 9:52 AM): It's coming around. There a whole new industry in Ag called (Precision Agriculture) which uses all this new technology for better management.

Mark( (11/22/99 9:53 AM): We want to become a business to business agent I guess you could say providing geospatial information in people who need it.

Barb( (11/22/99 9:54 AM): Mark: it almost sounds as if you're waiting for the advertising to happen for you, instead of getting yourselves

RobFrankel (Live from DC!) (11/22/99 9:54 AM): But Mark, what do people pay you for? And on what basis do they pay for it?

RobFrankel (Live from DC!) (11/22/99 9:55 AM): Barb, I'm glad you said it

Mark( (11/22/99 9:55 AM): They pay for the data, consulting fees, etc.

RobFrankel (Live from DC!) (11/22/99 9:56 AM): Mark, in this day and age, people pay you to their work for them. And then only when they can see immediate results

Mark( (11/22/99 9:56 AM): I enjoyed this session very much. My first chat and excuse my typing. My email is

Barb( (11/22/99 9:56 AM): yes, like waiting for the technology to reach the AG sector, instead of bringing the technology to them

RobFrankel (Live from DC!) (11/22/99 9:57 AM): My guess is that unless you provide complete services along with your data and then show case studies to illustrate it, you won't move ahead very fast

Mark( (11/22/99 9:57 AM): I guess it would be easier if the ag economy was in better shape, that's why we're also look at other sectors.

Bill ( (11/22/99 9:58 AM): Farmers are definitely a prove it to me audience. That is why seed companies plant so many demonstration fields.

RobFrankel (Live from DC!) (11/22/99 9:58 AM): (TWO MINUTES)

RobFrankel (Live from DC!) (11/22/99 9:59 AM): Show them the money. Prove it works. Offer free trials

Bill ( (11/22/99 9:59 AM): Rob, thanks a lot for this service.

Barb( (11/22/99 9:59 AM): Thanks very much, FBees! Hope to see you next week.

Mark( (11/22/99 10:00 AM): What about giving away free imagery to entice sales of more.

RobFrankel (Live from DC!) (11/22/99 10:00 AM): Provide access to updates on the web!

Glenda( (11/22/99 10:00 AM): Thanks Rob for another great chat...wish we could do this twice a Have a great day everyone

Terri ( (11/22/99 10:00 AM): Nice meeting you Barb, Mark and Bill! See you all next week! Thanks, Rob!

RobFrankel (Live from DC!) (11/22/99 10:01 AM): Now you're you're cookin; Mark. Okay everyone, I gotta go! See you all online!

Bill ( (11/22/99 10:01 AM): Glenda you have my email if you had a question about sponsorship.

Mark( (11/22/99 10:01 AM): Thanks Rob.

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