Transcript of Frankel's Free Clinic November 29, 1999

RobFrankel ( (11/29/99 9:04 AM): So...who's up first today?

Glenda( (11/29/99 9:04 AM): Entered the room.

Terri ( (11/29/99 9:04 AM): Entered the room. (11/29/99 9:05 AM): Entered the room.

Glenda( (11/29/99 9:05 AM): Hello everyone

RobFrankel ( (11/29/99 9:05 AM): What's the deal...everyone up late? Rolling in at 9:05?

Terri ( (11/29/99 9:06 AM): Good morning Rob and everyone! sorry about that, Rob, think my clock is off!

Clayton T( (11/29/99 9:06 AM): Way too much turkey.. (11/29/99 9:06 AM): Using a new "device" to get online. Don't like it.

RobFrankel ( (11/29/99 9:07 AM): Well, I can tell you that it being at home on the desktop sure beats logging in from the road on my old PowerBook. Buying a new one this week...

RobFrankel ( (11/29/99 9:07 AM): Is Kevin here? He seems to be the new guy...Kevin? You here?

RobFrankel ( (11/29/99 9:09 AM): If not, who's up first? (11/29/99 9:09 AM): Well, I can't take credit for scaring the new guy away...

RobFrankel ( (11/29/99 9:10 AM): I was in Washington D.C. last week, and had a 90 minute F2F with a FrankelBee. Very interesting.

RobFrankel ( (11/29/99 9:10 AM): Only one showed, because I had to switch locations at the last minute.

Yancey @ (11/29/99 9:11 AM): What was his plan/idea/gig? (11/29/99 9:12 AM): Rob, so was I! From Thursday to Sunday. (HR conference)

RobFrankel ( (11/29/99 9:12 AM): A doctor with two products: one is a new technology that actually fingerprints your immune system, making it easier to detect conditions like allergy and so forth. Also a supplement company. (11/29/99 9:12 AM): Good thing I DIDN'T know...If we'd have rendez-vous'ed, it would have really started the rumors flying!!!

RobFrankel ( (11/29/99 9:13 AM): This was a very interesting project, because doctors are a VERY tough market....

RobFrankel ( (11/29/99 9:13 AM): Ah, Jo Anna. If you could only have seen the beautiful little hotel room I had...all six square feet of it!

RobFrankel ( (11/29/99 9:14 AM): The place didn't even have restaurant. had to order room service from across the street!

kat ( (11/29/99 9:15 AM): Rob, what makes doctors a tough market and how do you reach them?

Yancey @ (11/29/99 9:15 AM): Why not sell it to the patient? Can it be done long distance?

RobFrankel ( (11/29/99 9:15 AM): Doctors are tough because they spent too much time in school and have little grounding in reality. They're horrible business people.

Yancey @ (11/29/99 9:16 AM): Conferences! One of the best ways to find doctors who have the spare time to hear you out.

RobFrankel ( (11/29/99 9:16 AM): But because they command a staff and make a lot of money, they THINK they know what they're doing. It's hard to tell them anything.

RobFrankel ( (11/29/99 9:16 AM): Their problem, however, is that they're getting squeezed for profits. Which means they have to find alternative ways to make money. And THAT means...

RobFrankel ( (11/29/99 9:17 AM): ...the newest retail space prized for selling products with high margin is WAITING ROOMS!

RobFrankel ( (11/29/99 9:18 AM): Think about it. Where else do you have a perfectly targeted group of people with nothing else to do just sitting in front of custom products?

Yancey @ (11/29/99 9:18 AM): I used a new x-ray machine at the dentist that put the image directly on the computer.

RobFrankel ( (11/29/99 9:18 AM): My discussions with the doctor centered around "pushing" doctors into programs by generating traffic from the web.

Glenda( (11/29/99 9:18 AM): What about bathroom stalls, Rob? LOL

RobFrankel ( (11/29/99 9:19 AM): The question is how stubborn doctors will be when their patients come in saying, "Hey I want this thing I saw on the web." (More complicated, but basically it)

Glenda( (11/29/99 9:19 AM): I said that jokingly, but I've met a guy who sells ads to be placed in bathrooms

Kieran (11/29/99 9:19 AM): Entered the room.

Kieran (11/29/99 9:20 AM): Hi Y'all!!

RobFrankel ( (11/29/99 9:20 AM): Glenda, you'll find that one of the most popular ad venues in the stadium and concert circuit are the bathrooms! (11/29/99 9:20 AM): Raise a pint for me, friend!

RobFrankel ( (11/29/99 9:20 AM): They're high traffic and easily segmented...

kat ( (11/29/99 9:20 AM): Hello, Kieran

RobFrankel ( (11/29/99 9:20 AM): Kieran, do you still have your question from last week?

Kieran (11/29/99 9:21 AM): How do Kat??

Kieran (11/29/99 9:21 AM): No, got it sorted thanks! Great memory by the way!

Glenda( (11/29/99 9:22 AM): Doctors, in my opinion, respond to things that will make them money

RobFrankel ( (11/29/99 9:23 AM): I find that doctors will do ANYTHING if you can convince them that your suggestion was THEIR idea...

Kieran (11/29/99 9:23 AM): Doesn't Everyone Glenda!!

Yancey @ (11/29/99 9:23 AM): I'll through one in, I've got a recurring sweepstakes and need it to stay on the sweeps sites. Anyone know who I could out source to?

kat ( (11/29/99 9:24 AM): or saves them time or paperwork

Glenda( (11/29/99 9:25 AM): Yes, but the point I'm trying to make is that in selling them an instrument, they are more interested in how much money it will make for them

RobFrankel ( (11/29/99 9:25 AM): Yancey, we had a FrankelBee who did that a while back. You should post that request to the list.

Yancey @ (11/29/99 9:25 AM): Thanks, I will.

RobFrankel ( (11/29/99 9:26 AM): Yes, Glenda, that's true. But I've found that you can't get there from here. It's tough just to get their attention, then get their buy-in on a "non-rational" level.

RobFrankel ( (11/29/99 9:27 AM): When I re-branded a doctor's products a few years ago, we found that the LESS mention we gave the doctor/inventor, the higher the acceptance rate: the other doctors couldn't handle the ego recognition.

RobFrankel ( (11/29/99 9:27 AM): There! I said it!

RobFrankel ( (11/29/99 9:28 AM): I don't' fault them -- everyone treats them like God, so they start believing it. It's a very delicate sell.

Glenda( (11/29/99 9:28 AM): I assume you're talking about getting an audience with them Rob? Once there, however, I would think that showing them whether that test would be easily reimbursed through insurance and Medicare with a high return and how soon it would pay for itself in testing would help sway them to purchase

Yancey @ (11/29/99 9:29 AM): My wife is one and to get where they are takes a certain type of conditioning.

Bob Adams (11/29/99 9:29 AM): Entered the room.

RobFrankel ( (11/29/99 9:29 AM): you would think so, Glenda. But you'd be surprised how many people will let ego keep them from profitability.

Glenda( (11/29/99 9:29 AM): You're right the egos are a big problem...and yes, most think they are God.

RobFrankel ( (11/29/99 9:30 AM): Even in non-medial environments, you get the "Not Invented here" mentality, which cripples their innovations.

Bob Adams (11/29/99 9:30 AM): Greetings from a frequent lurker and beneficiary. Sadly an infrequent chat partner.

Kieran (11/29/99 9:30 AM): Surely, the God Factor is tailor made for Online Branding. Offering these guy's the opportunity to present to a global audience of 200M

RobFrankel ( (11/29/99 9:30 AM): Sales people -- and consultants -- need to realize that whenever we're called upon, it's to fix a problem. Which means a prospect had to admit they've failed at something.

Kieran (11/29/99 9:30 AM): It's ideal for the Cult of the Individual..

Terri ( (11/29/99 9:31 AM): Doctors don't worry themselves as much about how much paperwork, etc they will save - they don't have to do it *grin* But if you can show them how using this will make them look good to their peers and their patients think they are heroes, that is their language

RobFrankel ( (11/29/99 9:32 AM): Sure, Kieran. I ad a prospective eye surgeon who could have owned the web space for laser optics. But he couldn't part with a fee. So he missed the boat. And the fee, BTW, was less than a day's worth of fees he generates.

RobFrankel ( (11/29/99 9:33 AM): I think the problem with doctors is that they think their way is the only way: a surgeon gets paid to cut; a shrink bills by the hour. They have never ventured into entrepreneurism. It's a whole different mindset.

Yancey @ (11/29/99 9:33 AM): Doctors are also interested in getting CME credits which they have to have to keep their license.

Glenda( (11/29/99 9:33 AM): Yeah, Terri...if they feel the instrument will make them the EXPERT in their field...but I question how many machines you can sell that way...once the market begins to get saturated

Kieran (11/29/99 9:33 AM): You’d think being that high up in the clouds that they would have a better view

RobFrankel ( (11/29/99 9:33 AM): Bob Adams, didn't mean to ignore you! Glad you could make it. Anything special on your mind today?

RobFrankel ( (11/29/99 9:34 AM): Kieran, you're a romantic!

Yancey @ (11/29/99 9:34 AM): I know of 4 Doctors who one a restaurant. The ones that make money are always looking for way to invest it.

Kieran (11/29/99 9:34 AM): By the Way, Hi Bob, You're welcome

Bob Adams (11/29/99 9:34 AM): Thanks for the howdy Rob! I'm intrigued by this dialog as we are building a site aimed at physician reimbursement which can be a tough sell.

Kieran (11/29/99 9:35 AM): We all are over here, Rob

RobFrankel ( (11/29/99 9:35 AM): Sure, Yancey. I know two other doctors who are trying a "physicians on line" thing. They're going to get killed because they adopt THEIR model to the web: they have a techno-geek guiding them and they think HE'S God!

RobFrankel ( (11/29/99 9:36 AM): That's what I love about the Emerald Isle....Jeez, I gotta visit there.

Yancey @ (11/29/99 9:36 AM): That is dangerous.

RobFrankel ( (11/29/99 9:36 AM): Yowee, Bob. I assume you having large backing?

Yancey @ (11/29/99 9:37 AM): Physician reimbursement, is that bill collection for the doctor?

RobFrankel ( (11/29/99 9:37 AM): The interesting thing about doctors -- as you might suspect -- is that the doctors that are the most open to business are also most open to alternative medicine and philosophy.

Bob Adams (11/29/99 9:38 AM): By large backing I'm assuming you don't mean my Thanksgiving bulge! We are privately held and may soon be looking for outside investors.

Terri ( (11/29/99 9:38 AM): Physician reimbursement is a tough one, Bob. With all the HMO's out there, it is really hard for the doctor. Private pays are just a small percentage of their practice, unfortunately. And HMO's are not benevolent dictators

Yancey @ (11/29/99 9:38 AM): Rob, that's the old school and new school.

RobFrankel ( (11/29/99 9:38 AM): That’s a real credibility issue for you, Bob. Do you have value-added partners who can sell you in (I hope)?

RobFrankel ( (11/29/99 9:39 AM): Yes, Yancey, but that's where the low hanging fruit seems to be. And that's where the trend seems to be going.

Bob Adams (11/29/99 9:40 AM): Fortunately, we are launching as a 'vortal' for reimbursement professional & our founder is a prominent player in that field.

Bob Adams (11/29/99 9:41 AM): Rob, good question about partners, we are working on that as we speak. Since our launch has been delayed have had to focus on that.

RobFrankel ( (11/29/99 9:41 AM): Yeah, that's the smart way, Bob. It's too big a mountain to try from scratch.

RobFrankel ( (11/29/99 9:42 AM): The main thing is that you assemble a brand-compatible team that speaks with a consistent and credible message. Doctors buy into brand -- big time.

Kieran (11/29/99 9:43 AM): Gotta Go, See you all next week

Bob Adams (11/29/99 9:44 AM): BTW as a newbie I forgot to type in my URL as I logged if anyone is interested. Only a few announcement pages are live.

RobFrankel ( (11/29/99 9:44 AM): What I want to know is are people seeing business ramp up or slow down this week?

RobFrankel ( (11/29/99 9:45 AM): Bob, don't be afraid to plug it here or online when you go live. That's what we're here for.

kat ( (11/29/99 9:45 AM): Rob, here in Houston business is increasing (11/29/99 9:46 AM): the Entertainment industry in Los Angeles kind of shuts is so funny, people will put stuff off for two months because they're afraid that nobody is motivated to work, and will dawdle during studio time

Terri ( (11/29/99 9:46 AM): here in Phoenix I had a definite upswing last week right before the holiday, Rob

kat ( (11/29/99 9:46 AM): Partly due to increase in oil prices. Oil industry is calling to say they plan to spend money next year

Bob Adams (11/29/99 9:46 AM): Thanks Rob. Our non-web business is pretty busy right now. Many healthcare companies have to spend discretionary budgets by year-end.

RobFrankel ( (11/29/99 9:47 AM): Yeah..if they don't spend it, they don't get it budgeted for next year!

Yancey @ (11/29/99 9:48 AM): Bob, nice treatment on your links page, looks good.

RobFrankel ( (11/29/99 9:49 AM): I once did a TV spot for a major car company...came in UNDER budget and they called to tell me to increase the bill, because we came in too low...

Bob Adams (11/29/99 9:49 AM): I used to work at an ad agency that was the same way...budget crunch in September, spend like Midas in December.

RobFrankel ( (11/29/99 9:49 AM): Where are you located Bob? What agency?

Bob Adams (11/29/99 9:49 AM): Thanks Yancey, I'm impressed you checked!

RobFrankel ( (11/29/99 9:50 AM): (TEN MINUTE WARNING)

RobFrankel ( (11/29/99 9:50 AM): We ALLL do Bob...we're on the ball here.

Bob Adams (11/29/99 9:50 AM): I'm in Portland, OR. Used to work for TMP Worldwide which is based in NY.

RobFrankel ( (11/29/99 9:50 AM): In fact, two thing more you should know: 1. People lurk without signing in here and 2. Half of those here talk on ICQ during the session! (11/29/99 9:51 AM): (oh, darn, I am SO busted!)

Bob Adams (11/29/99 9:51 AM): You mean I'm not the only lurker? And I was sooooo ashamed.

RobFrankel ( (11/29/99 9:51 AM): It's all part of the networking thing...

RobFrankel ( (11/29/99 9:52 AM): JoAnna, you're #1 on the list!

RobFrankel ( (11/29/99 9:52 AM): Yeah, I figure that for everyone who actually signs on, about 3 are just watching...kinky as that seems.

Yancey @ (11/29/99 9:53 AM): Go JoAnna! (11/29/99 9:53 AM): I've been good, Rob. I didn't turn this into a HR chat, and I've learned how to talk to my doctor...?! (11/29/99 9:54 AM): (Thanks, Yancey, for the support!)

RobFrankel ( (11/29/99 9:54 AM): JoAnna, you know you're soooooo special...

Bob Adams (11/29/99 9:54 AM): Thanks for being nice my first time. Gotta go to a meeting. I'll definitely be back. (not intended as a threat!)

RobFrankel ( (11/29/99 9:55 AM): We're about to wrap up, bob. Thanks for stopping by. Usually we have more business issues....Slow after thanksgiving... (11/29/99 9:55 AM): Okay, let's not turn this is to a "Diss JoAnna" session, there's only five minutes to go...

RobFrankel ( (11/29/99 9:56 AM): Shoot, JoAnna, it was just getting fun! (11/29/99 9:56 AM): I'm putting the finishing touches on a special, free offer, which will have a bonus for FrankelBees... but only if you're nice!

Glenda( (11/29/99 9:57 AM): Slow is right! I need to go force myself to do some work now. Thanks for another great chat Rob and everyone. Have a Great Day!

RobFrankel ( (11/29/99 9:57 AM): Works for me. Okay, one last time: Anyone with a real issue...or are we all still digesting??? (11/29/99 9:57 AM): (Terri, can you believe I'm still fighting with that thing...)but it's COOL now! Instant job descriptions, and free postings)

Terri ( (11/29/99 9:57 AM): Gotta run you guys! Very interesting session today, Rob! See you all next week! (11/29/99 9:58 AM): Anyone wanna beta-test it?

RobFrankel ( (11/29/99 9:58 AM): If not, let's bag it for today and I'll see you online!

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