Transcript of Frankel's Free Clinic December 7, 1998

Muhammad (12/7/98 8:55 AM): Good Morning, I was wondering if anyone would be here today.

David Beroff (12/7/98 8:55 AM): Entered the room.

David Beroff (12/7/98 8:55 AM): No one but us chickens

Muhammad (12/7/98 8:57 AM): Who wants to sub for our fearless leader?

David Beroff (12/7/98 8:57 AM): I thought the 'Net was ruled through anarchy? (12/7/98 8:58 AM): Entered the room. (12/7/98 8:58 AM): goooooood morning!

Muhammad (12/7/98 8:59 AM): Shh congress will hear you... Uh no we have leaders and rules ;)

Muhammad (12/7/98 8:59 AM): Good morning JoAnna, find a new ISP yet? (12/7/98 8:59 AM): So, what's on everyone's mind??

David Beroff (12/7/98 8:59 AM): Congress can go ... :-) (12/7/98 9:00 AM): Still comparing the pros & cons. I'm going to have to make a compromise

David Beroff (12/7/98 9:00 AM): compromise of what?

Muhammad (12/7/98 9:01 AM): What kind of compromise (12/7/98 9:01 AM): I want autoresponders, but not a shopping cart, but to get autoresponders, I have to PAY for a shopping cart. things like that

David Beroff (12/7/98 9:01 AM): why!? (12/7/98 9:02 AM): I have been redesigning the old site, in the meantime. I'm REALLY happy with my work (smug grin!)

Muhammad (12/7/98 9:02 AM): I'm sick of ISPs who charge ridiculous amounts for simple things like autoresponders and cgi-bin access

David Beroff (12/7/98 9:02 AM): Why should u have 2 pay 4 things u don't want?

Heather@SucessWorks (12/7/98 9:03 AM): Entered the room.

David Beroff (12/7/98 9:03 AM): u mean I'm supposed 2 *charge* for that stuff??

Muhammad (12/7/98 9:03 AM): Try or autoresponders included with the normal price, no forced shopping cart (12/7/98 9:03 AM): The truth is, all I want is to have the site hosted. I want people to type in and find me. I don't CARE where the rest of the site is...but everyone wants to charge big bucks for 30 meg/50 meg/80 meg of space.

Heather@SucessWorks (12/7/98 9:03 AM): Good morning! (12/7/98 9:03 AM): that's the one you icq'd me, M?

David Beroff (12/7/98 9:03 AM): what's yr budget, JoAnna? (12/7/98 9:04 AM): Hi, Heather!

David Beroff (12/7/98 9:04 AM): what r yr parameters? (hi, all!)

David Beroff (12/7/98 9:05 AM): they shouldn't even have to type the "www." if they don't want to (12/7/98 9:05 AM): I don't want to pay more than $20...but I don't think what I want costs $20

David Beroff (12/7/98 9:06 AM): I normally charge $35/mo, everything included, but yr a 'Bee, so I could knock that down. AR's, CGI, etc., all included

Muhammad (12/7/98 9:06 AM): Internet Connection 19.95/month. Yeah that is the one I ICQ'd. I use them no problems, I don't even resell so this recommendations is real.

David Beroff (12/7/98 9:07 AM): once we get the secure server running, u can have that, too (included) (12/7/98 9:07 AM): I've decided to keep earthlink as the ISP, for now.

David Beroff (12/7/98 9:08 AM): u would still need a dial-up; 1 thing we do not offer is modems :-) (12/7/98 9:08 AM): but I'm NOT going to have them host me. even the salesguys are rude!!!!

Louise the SoapLady (12/7/98 9:08 AM): Entered the room.

David Beroff (12/7/98 9:09 AM): well, I might b a bit pushy, but never rude :-) (12/7/98 9:09 AM): are we talking over anyone's heads? are the acronyms confusing? JUST ASK!!!!!! (12/7/98 9:09 AM): Hi, Louise!

Louise the SoapLady (12/7/98 9:10 AM): hello everyone!

Heather@SucessWorks (12/7/98 9:10 AM): Hi, Louise!

David Beroff (12/7/98 9:10 AM): Hey, Louise!

aneeza (12/7/98 9:10 AM): I am interested in secure server and merchant account info (12/7/98 9:11 AM): By the end of next week, I should have the demo site up. email me and get a sneak preview!

David Beroff (12/7/98 9:11 AM): what are yr questions, Aneeza?

Muhammad (12/7/98 9:11 AM): What do you want to know?

David Beroff (12/7/98 9:12 AM): So, what do I have to do to win your biz, JoAnna? :-) (12/7/98 9:12 AM): Aneeza, if you like, I could mail you then entire batch of messages I received from the FrankelBees. several people's offers included SSL and Merchant/ShoppingCart in their messages.

aneeza (12/7/98 9:12 AM): not really sure at this point, just been looking around for services.

aneeza (12/7/98 9:14 AM): JoAnna...will take those messages and check them out (12/7/98 9:14 AM): Hmmmm, David -- If I can get 5 autoresponders, a minimum of CGI, and under $20 with no setup fee, then you are now, as of this moment, the proud host of Vermillion Human Resources Consulting's site! (12/7/98 9:15 AM): aneeza, send me your address. (or post it here if you're comfortable with that)

Heather@SucessWorks (12/7/98 9:16 AM): Bye all! :-) It was my first time here, so I was in lurk mode. See you next week!

David Beroff (12/7/98 9:16 AM): 43% is a bit steep of a discount; how about $27.50/mo?

aneeza (12/7/98 9:17 AM): it's

David Beroff (12/7/98 9:17 AM): c ya, Heather!! (12/7/98 9:17 AM): Gosh, it looks like I scared everyone into silence??? (12/7/98 9:17 AM): nope, it just didn't reload (12/7/98 9:18 AM): I'll have to sit on that a bit. that's kind of high... I don't need ANY space on your server...

David Beroff (12/7/98 9:19 AM): huh?

David Beroff (12/7/98 9:19 AM): where will yr web space reside?

Muhammad (12/7/98 9:19 AM): ditto Huh? (12/7/98 9:20 AM): on earthlink's "free" site.

aneeza (12/7/98 9:20 AM): (12/7/98 9:20 AM): they give me 6 meg, of which I use less than half hosting MY site and PIHRA site.

David Beroff (12/7/98 9:21 AM): You can certainly have webspace included in the price, without having to deal with ads, etc. How much do you need? ("free" rarely is, btw) (12/7/98 9:21 AM): (got it aneeza, look for it by this evening)

Muhammad (12/7/98 9:21 AM): You sure that is the best idea? If you are going to pay for hosting and autoresponders and cgi you might as well put your site there to. It will definitely load faster, plus you won't have pop up windows with ads on your site.

David Beroff (12/7/98 9:21 AM): there is also the branding/marketing aspect; u don't want people 2 c u r on a free site, esp if u r paying 4 a domain, anyway (12/7/98 9:21 AM): no, 6 meg is included in my $20 ISP fee. that's where vermillion's site lives right now. (ick) (12/7/98 9:22 AM): no windows, no ads:

David Beroff (12/7/98 9:22 AM): 6 meg is nothing; I think I include 50 meg

David Beroff (12/7/98 9:23 AM): well, it's not free, then; u r *PAYING* for that space :-) (12/7/98 9:23 AM): it doesn't sound like you're convinced... go check it out

David Beroff (12/7/98 9:23 AM): convinced of what? (12/7/98 9:24 AM): yes, my $20 pays for internet access, and 6 meg of space, which won't get used unless I'm going to put up a "joanna is cool" page. (12/7/98 9:25 AM): B R B...

Louise the SoapLady (12/7/98 9:25 AM): 50 meg ( sorry, just came back from making toast :) does that include secure server, and majordomo software ? :)

David Beroff (12/7/98 9:25 AM): we r working on getting the secure server, but yes, it will once it is running

David Beroff (12/7/98 9:26 AM): I don't have majordomo installed, but we could do that

David Beroff (12/7/98 9:27 AM): We are looking into Lyris, since it handles bounces automatically, but the price is kinda steep

David Beroff (12/7/98 9:27 AM): If u have extra toast, u can throw that into the deal, too ;-)

David Beroff (12/7/98 9:28 AM): I'm trying to negotiate one deal with hosting a chocolate confection firm... gotta love barter :-) (12/7/98 9:28 AM): okay, I'm back :-)

Muhammad (12/7/98 9:28 AM): No kidding! It's fine for small lists, but for large ones it's very expensive. Question anyone on the list ever use E2 Sales Office

scottm (12/7/98 9:29 AM): Entered the room.

Louise the SoapLady (12/7/98 9:29 AM): hmmm...

David Beroff (12/7/98 9:29 AM): my ISP only charges me $11/mo for dial-up; maybe they cover your area?

Louise the SoapLady (12/7/98 9:30 AM): sorry Muhammad, no :-(

Louise the SoapLady (12/7/98 9:30 AM): and how much is that again? :) (12/7/98 9:30 AM): are they 100% reliable?????

David Beroff (12/7/98 9:30 AM): Then, u would have a few extra bucks to cover our costs, JoAnna :-) (12/7/98 9:31 AM): but are they ONE HUNDRED PERCENT reliable?

David Beroff (12/7/98 9:31 AM): my dial-up? no one is 100%, but I have been *very* impressed

David Beroff (12/7/98 9:32 AM): The Internet is thousands and thousands of computers; lots of things can go wrong. But these people are quick to handle problems. (12/7/98 9:32 AM): 100% of the time I've tried to log on earthlink, I've been able to get online. and their tech support is GREAT. (that's why I'm choosing them until I've chosen someone else....)

David Beroff (12/7/98 9:32 AM): I just sent them a check; I think I'm on my third year. They lose money on me, since I am logged on pretty much all my waking hours.

David Beroff (12/7/98 9:33 AM): o, u r talking busy signals. that's a different discussion from reliability, but these people are great in that dept., too

David Beroff (12/7/98 9:34 AM): I encounter a busy maybe once every 100 dial-ups

Muhammad (12/7/98 9:35 AM): My ISP loses a lot of money on me, I am constantly connected to the net. Never had a problem though, I use bell atlantic.

David Beroff (12/7/98 9:35 AM): an awful lot comes down to the # of modems & lines that a firm can keep running; the more $ available, the more they can buy, but it's a trade-off (12/7/98 9:36 AM): Entered the room. (12/7/98 9:37 AM): it logged me off--- :-(

David Beroff (12/7/98 9:37 AM): So, JoAnna (& Louise if u r still here), what if I drop down to (gulp) US$25/mo and waive the setup fee?

Muhammad (12/7/98 9:38 AM): I hate when that happens, I set my Eudora to check my E-mail every 5 minutes. That why I'm always active.

Louise the SoapLady (12/7/98 9:39 AM): weeeeelll David, you have ICQ?

David Beroff (12/7/98 9:39 AM): Muhammad, this chat thing goes even more often than that. But if a person isn't near their machine, it doesn't make sense to do that automatically. (12/7/98 9:39 AM): and I can get exactly what I asked for? Hmmmm-and how much space would that include?

John Charlesworth (12/7/98 9:39 AM): Entered the room.

David Beroff (12/7/98 9:40 AM): Yes, I have ICQ, but to be honest, I need to leave here in about ten minutes to go to a client appt., and I have another one right after that. Try email: (12/7/98 9:40 AM): John steals the title for "longest handle" from JoAnna (12/7/98 9:40 AM): Hi, John!

David Beroff (12/7/98 9:40 AM): Like I said, I think the basic is 50 meg (if not, it's higher :-)

John Charlesworth (12/7/98 9:41 AM): Howdy folks!

David Beroff (12/7/98 9:41 AM): (we keep bumping the # higher) (12/7/98 9:42 AM): I will email you later, too, David.

Louise the SoapLady (12/7/98 9:42 AM): well I will tell you I get 7 meg, unlimited autoresponders, majordomo, CGI, unlimited email forwarding.. I need more space :) though .. all for $15 US$/month

David Beroff (12/7/98 9:42 AM): disk space is cheap; we only ask US$10/100 meg beyond the included levels. ... Thanks, JoAnna!

Muhammad (12/7/98 9:42 AM): Yeah, but I am not always on the chat. I'm in front of my computer working on web pages, and I need to reference the net or upload files. So I like to stay connected. Besides Eudora is minimized and checks in the background. Doesn't cause a problem. (12/7/98 9:43 AM): I'd have to say, for a free program, Eudora ROCKS!

David Beroff (12/7/98 9:43 AM): I can't meet $15, Louise, but JoAnna's just talked me down from $35 to $25, so I could offer that to you, too.

David Beroff (12/7/98 9:45 AM): I'm a fan of Pegasus, (also free) (which I understand meets the functionality of the fee-based version of Eudora). (12/7/98 9:45 AM): Entered the room. (12/7/98 9:45 AM): Blasted thing keeps crashing. Netscape does NOT rock!

aneeza (12/7/98 9:45 AM): Thanks for the info JoAnna...I have to go answer my emails...later. (12/7/98 9:46 AM): ciao!

Muhammad (12/7/98 9:46 AM): Hey now, leave Netscape alone

David Beroff (12/7/98 9:46 AM): Anyway, I have a face-to-face with a client; I gotta go. Sounds like both of you are interested; great! Let's continue via email or ICQ or phone, etc. (12/7/98 9:47 AM): You betcha! Later David!

David Beroff (12/7/98 9:48 AM): bye, all!

Muhammad (12/7/98 9:48 AM): C-ya David (12/7/98 9:50 AM): Hey, Rob's not here to say 10 minutes left! We can chat here all day! (joke)

Muhammad (12/7/98 9:51 AM): 10 Minute Warning (12/7/98 9:52 AM): HA! (M- is your icq on?) (12/7/98 9:54 AM): . (12/7/98 9:55 AM): everybody's so quiet????

Muhammad (12/7/98 9:56 AM): Louise, can I e-mail you later about your ISP? A couple of clients of mine would be interested in low cost hosting like that. (12/7/98 10:02 AM): (she might be getting more toast) (12/7/98 10:06 AM): Well, my lovelies, work beckons, and I must get going. Have a great week, and see you next Monday!!!!!!!

Muhammad (12/7/98 10:07 AM): I guess everyone is gone, C-ya later

woody (12/9/98 7:18 PM): Entered the room.

woody (12/9/98 7:19 PM): I own a small IT consulting Firm and want to start a 401k for my employees..(only 4 of them) anybody know where to start or what options I have?

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