Transcript of Frankel's Free Clinic December 9, 2002


Rob Frankel ( (12/9/102 9:00 AM): Greetings, are we all doing as we head into this holiday season?

Frederick ( (12/9/102 9:01 AM): Morning all - ready for some good works ahead

Tamra ( (12/9/102 9:01 AM): Entered the room.

Harley Kaufman (12/9/102 9:01 AM): Hi Robert. I want to offer a pdf file for people to download directly from my site. what code do I need to put in to do this?

Peter Cooper ( (12/9/102 9:01 AM): Entered the room.

Lynn (12/9/102 9:01 AM): Entered the room.

Lynn (12/9/102 9:02 AM): hi everyone

Rob Frankel ( (12/9/102 9:02 AM): Harley, it's really easy: All you do is create the link as you would any other link.

John Charlesworth ( Professional Web Tracking) (12/9/102 9:02 AM): Entered the room.

Rob Frankel ( (12/9/102 9:02 AM): So essentially, you just block the phrase you want to link and for the link, put the address of the pdf file. It's that simple.

Tamra ( (12/9/102 9:03 AM): Hello Everyone. Harley, make sure you put the PDF size in Kilobytes by the link -- I hate clicking a PDF link then discovering the thing is really big.

Harley Kaufman (12/9/102 9:03 AM):a ref, etc. type link?

Rob Frankel ( (12/9/102 9:03 AM): That's how people download ANY file, in fact. Sound. Data.

Lynn (12/9/102 9:03 AM): for the pdf - don't use spaces in the file name.

Harley Kaufman (12/9/102 9:04 AM): Thanx Rob and Lynn

Lynn (12/9/102 9:04 AM): ref yes

Rob Frankel ( (12/9/102 9:04 AM): Right. Remember that most of the people in the country still are on dial up. Which means they download at roughly 1 MB every 20 minutes

Harley Kaufman (12/9/102 9:04 AM): Thanx Tamra

Rob Frankel ( (12/9/102 9:04 AM): Harley, what app are you using to do HTML?

Harley Kaufman (12/9/102 9:05 AM): site build it

Rob Frankel ( (12/9/102 9:05 AM): If it's user friendly, you should just block the item you want to link and then type in the link to it.....

Peter Cooper ( (12/9/102 9:05 AM): Entered the room.

Tamra ( (12/9/102 9:06 AM): Don't EVERY uses spaces in filenames -- older browsers barf, some Unix hosting systems have issues with displaying files, and it messes up links to your website. Use hyphens instead, or just name things scrunched together like myfilenamethisis.html

Lynn (12/9/102 9:06 AM): rob, actually you should be able to browse for the file, and the rest is done for you.

Peter Cooper ( (12/9/102 9:06 AM): Site Build It.. another piece of Evoy's great legacy :-))

Rob Frankel ( (12/9/102 9:06 AM): Right...I just imagine that everyone is stuck on Windows 3.1...tee hee.

Bob (12/9/102 9:07 AM): Harley, you may also want to include a link to for folks to download the free pdf reader if they don't already have it

Rob Frankel ( (12/9/102 9:07 AM): I agree with you Peter. Harley, how did you get sucked into that???

Lynn (12/9/102 9:07 AM): i know someone that only last week upgraded from win 3.1. really.

Tamra ( (12/9/102 9:07 AM): (argh -- that should have been EVER not EVERY. Coffee hasn't gotten to my fingers yet.)

Lorilyn Bailey ( (12/9/102 9:07 AM): Entered the room.

Peter Cooper ( (12/9/102 9:07 AM): Rob: I know how much you love Ken ;-)

Rob Frankel ( (12/9/102 9:08 AM): Lynn, I just read that 70% plus of all Windows users are on windows 98 or older....making everything after that a real loser, in software adoption terms for Microsoft.

Harley Kaufman (12/9/102 9:08 AM): I got it when it was US $93.00. It sounded like it was a good deal. Do you not think so? Rob?

Lorilyn Bailey ( (12/9/102 9:08 AM): loser? Low loser? ;)

Rob Frankel ( (12/9/102 9:08 AM): Peter, I actually like Ken. He's a nice guy. I just don't dig the stuff he sold. In fact, I'm not sure he's even in the game any more.

weber (12/9/102 9:08 AM): Entered the room.

Lynn (12/9/102 9:08 AM): oh poor Microsoft. i feel so sorry for them. win 2k is actually the best os to date imo.

weber (12/9/102 9:09 AM): I read that M$ is going to stop supporting winblows98 June of 03

Rob Frankel ( (12/9/102 9:09 AM): Harley, unfortunately, there's nothing out there to substitute for knowing your market and sitting at the controls. You can't buy success out of a box.

Rob Frankel ( (12/9/102 9:10 AM): Fine by me, Weber. I'm on Mac OSX and lovin' every minute of it.

Harley Kaufman (12/9/102 9:10 AM):, it was a great company. Why is it going out of business

Lynn (12/9/102 9:10 AM): MSFT will now only support any os for 5 years

weber (12/9/102 9:10 AM): Looks like that is the way we are going too. Unfortunately Linux doesn't have the professional graphics we need.

Rob Frankel ( (12/9/102 9:10 AM): In fact, there's another brand story for you: Mac users are adapting to OSX faster than any other system in history. And let me tell you, it's not just a minor system upgrade. It's a lot of work.

Frederick ( (12/9/102 9:10 AM): As for that 70% on MS98 or lower - what happens to counting machines that get discarded? They aren't taken out of the count! So that 70% is a sure distortion, No?

Rob Frankel ( (12/9/102 9:11 AM): Harley, WZ was flawed from the beginning. Don't get me wrong, I love Audri and Jim, who owned the site. But the whole business model was doomed from the start.

Mark Riffey ( (12/9/102 9:11 AM): Entered the room.

weber (12/9/102 9:11 AM): I wish adobe would make a linux version of PhotoShop and illustrator

Lynn (12/9/102 9:11 AM): Fredrick, it depends on who is counting. if a machine is donated for example, they are supposed to license a new copy of the os.

Rob Frankel ( (12/9/102 9:11 AM): No, Frederick, that's active users.

Frederick ( (12/9/102 9:12 AM): Lynne - yeah right! They all do that, of course!

Lorilyn Bailey ( (12/9/102 9:12 AM): Most net businesses were doomed from the start, IMHO.

Harley Kaufman (12/9/102 9:12 AM): What was the flaw, Rob?

Rob Frankel ( (12/9/102 9:12 AM): Anyone have any personal business issues? Don't want to get too far off track here.

Lynn (12/9/102 9:12 AM): course! it keeps the cash flow going!

Frederick ( (12/9/102 9:12 AM): No MY active users, Rob

Tamra ( (12/9/102 9:12 AM): Frederick, I think that number is pretty darned accurate. Had problems with a client the other day -- she complained about all the colors looking brown. Turned out to be her 6-year-old monitor still set at 16 colors. This from a very up-to-date biz -- they just haven't spent the money on HW/SW since what they have still works fine for memos and spreadsheets.

Lynn (12/9/102 9:13 AM): yes rob. we all want to makes lots of money. and have a good time doing it.

Lynn (12/9/102 9:14 AM): Tamra, that is true. too true. then issues become exchanging files. or online issues.

Rob Frankel ( (12/9/102 9:14 AM): Well, Lynn, how can I help ya do that?

Lynn (12/9/102 9:15 AM): give me a winning lottery ticket? seriously, it's very tough for techies to compete

Lorilyn Bailey ( (12/9/102 9:15 AM): What are suggestions for marketing to small businesses?

Rob Frankel ( (12/9/102 9:15 AM): I'll tell you one thing: I was on the road all last week and the techies that are still in high demand are Linux people!

Lynn (12/9/102 9:16 AM): where?

Frederick ( (12/9/102 9:16 AM): Marketing to small businesses - IMO, most small businesses deal locally - Therefore, show them how to use the internet for local sales.

Rob Frankel ( (12/9/102 9:16 AM): Lorilyn, what kind of marketing and to what small businesses? BTW, a small radio station in Seattle called me for a bizarre interview from Guestfinder last week.....

Rob Frankel ( (12/9/102 9:17 AM): Lynn: Silicon Valley. They're getting close to the same money Windoze programmers were getting back in the bubble days

Lynn (12/9/102 9:17 AM): what is Guestfinder?

Lorilyn Bailey ( (12/9/102 9:17 AM): Rob, really, why bizarre? And I want to do promo for small businesses with national audiences.

Lorilyn Bailey ( (12/9/102 9:17 AM): Guestfinder is one of my services. Promotes experts, authors to radio stations.

Lynn (12/9/102 9:17 AM): silicon valley is still in trouble though. and that does not help anyone in the rest of the country.

Rob Frankel ( (12/9/102 9:18 AM): Lorilyn, I've found that small businesses are a national concern, not local. I get a considerable amount of business from small businesses all over the country, because they're major internet users.

Lynn (12/9/102 9:18 AM): thx Lorilyn. what's the addy?

Lorilyn Bailey ( (12/9/102 9:18 AM): Rob, that's good news, but where do I find them. Associations?

Rob Frankel ( (12/9/102 9:19 AM): Lynn, they were a gag team (Ron and Don) who do business talk. But I don't think they could decide if they wanted to be comedians or business guys.

Lorilyn Bailey ( (12/9/102 9:19 AM): Lynn, what? What's addy?

Lorilyn Bailey ( (12/9/102 9:19 AM): is the "addy." lol.

Markham ( (12/9/102 9:19 AM): Entered the room.

Lynn (12/9/102 9:19 AM): thx Lorilyn

Rob Frankel ( (12/9/102 9:20 AM): Lorilyn, there are tons of associations, but I find that those associations feed off the "dream merchant" theory. These are guys like Ralph Wilson, etc. who make their dough by charging tons of people little amounts of money for stuff that really doesn't produce actionable results.

Mark Riffey ( (12/9/102 9:20 AM): Rob, any thoughts on If you haven't read it, the writer has the premise that creative new products that really take off come primarily from curing "pain" in our everyday lives. Course the author is unemployed now, but ....<G>

Lorilyn Bailey ( (12/9/102 9:20 AM): Rob, maybe they were click and clack wanna bees.

Rob Frankel ( (12/9/102 9:21 AM): I like Ralph personally, but he's mostly a resource locator and traffic driver.

Lorilyn Bailey ( (12/9/102 9:21 AM): Rob, explain more? They feed off the dream merchant theory... ? I'm familiar with Wilson...

Rob Frankel ( (12/9/102 9:22 AM): Mark, that's actually a tangential spin off of my own, "being the only solution to their problem." I totally buy into that. Not only that, but also staying by their side long after they buy your initial profit (Branded Community).

Rob Frankel ( (12/9/102 9:23 AM): Lorilyn, the dream merchant theory is what drives the likes of Jay Abraham and Jay Conrad Levinson and all those guys. They know that there are thousands of people out there who think that if they just buy the right book or tape, their troubles are over.

Rob Frankel ( (12/9/102 9:24 AM): In reality, though, all they do is continue to buy overpriced books and tapes while their own businesses languish. A little known fact, for example, is that almost none of these dream merchants have real consulting clients.

Lorilyn Bailey ( (12/9/102 9:24 AM): Rob, yes, so how do I tap into those people looking for dreams? :) I run into those myself, but I am ultra-ethical and sell them only if I think it'll help.

Rob Frankel ( (12/9/102 9:25 AM): Wilson takes the opposite approach: Instead of charging $5000 (that's thousands) to a small group, he e-mails what looks like helpful stuff to massive amounts of people who pay maybe $7 a month for the e-mail newsletter.

Frederick ( (12/9/102 9:25 AM): Does Tony Robbins have 'real' consulting clients?

Lorilyn Bailey ( (12/9/102 9:25 AM): If they're making enough money, why consult? They are basically publishers at this point.

Rob Frankel ( (12/9/102 9:25 AM): Actually, that's what Harley was talking about with Ken Evoy's stuff. That was another "buy this and your troubles are over" pitch.

Moses (12/9/102 9:26 AM): Entered the room.

Lorilyn Bailey ( (12/9/102 9:26 AM): All products are like that, though, aren't they?

Moses (12/9/102 9:26 AM): yea verily y'all

Rob Frankel ( (12/9/102 9:26 AM): Frederick, according to Jay Abraham, Tony Robbins has NO consulting clients, because he's not a business consultant. He's the 21st century equivalent of a travelling show tent evangelist. Positive thinking, all that stuff.

Lynn (12/9/102 9:26 AM): i don't get why anyone buys ken envoy's anything. most is outdated and no one answers their email.

Rob Frankel ( (12/9/102 9:27 AM): Lorilyn, anyone can anything they want. But when you sell people a snake oil tonic and they expect it to cure their cancer, it gets a little murky....

Lorilyn Bailey ( (12/9/102 9:27 AM): Any women's magazine promises me I'll be fit and beautiful and make my family happy with delicious meals.

weber (12/9/102 9:27 AM): I like Tony Robbins stuff for personal growth. I never saw him as a biz consultant.

Rob Frankel ( (12/9/102 9:27 AM): Lynn, to be fair, I believe Ken sold out his interest a while back. I'm not sure how much he still does or doesn't do.

Lorilyn Bailey ( (12/9/102 9:28 AM): Rob, true, and I see competitors of mine doing that very same thing. It's probably why they are successful and I'm not!

Harley Kaufman (12/9/102 9:28 AM): Rob, Ken, does not imply your troubles are over if you buy SBI, but only if you follow through and do what he preaches creating theme based content site. Most people often don't follow through in any thing in life. Example in your affiliate program, how many % of your affiliates have ever made a sale?

Frederick ( (12/9/102 9:28 AM): Tony Robbins is certainly self help - but does he not have personal coaching clients?

Rob Frankel ( (12/9/102 9:28 AM): Tony is in the same business. Another dream merchant. Selling you stuff you can easily do yourself. He's successful, I grant you. But I wouldn't want that kind of success. I'd rather offer people real value and real solutions.

Lorilyn Bailey ( (12/9/102 9:29 AM): Actually, I just want to be more successful.

Rob Frankel ( (12/9/102 9:29 AM): Harley, you can't compare the two. Affiliates are independents.

Lorilyn Bailey ( (12/9/102 9:29 AM): Yes, me, too, as far as success. So I guess I can just target small business media and hammer them to death.

weber (12/9/102 9:30 AM): I don't know. Seems to me sometimes people need something said a certain way to finally "get it"

Markham ( (12/9/102 9:30 AM): To a lot of people, a successful business is a pie in the sky type they're just ripe pickings for the dream merchants

Frederick ( (12/9/102 9:30 AM): I don't wan to push Tony Robbins particularly, but I have found his material very valuable from a business POV.

Rob Frankel ( (12/9/102 9:30 AM): You got that right, Markham. I can't bring myself to take advantage of them though.

Markham ( (12/9/102 9:30 AM): E.g. The "dreamers" want to buy dreams, not real value

weber (12/9/102 9:31 AM): The problem with most businesses is that they want to get rich and successful without putting in the work necessary to achieve it.

Lorilyn Bailey ( (12/9/102 9:31 AM): Hard work does not guarantee success.

Rob Frankel ( (12/9/102 9:31 AM): Lorilyn, you have a product that people really want. What I question is what resources you want to apply. Personally, I built a lot of my early career on publicly available discussion lists that were frequented by early adopters.

Harley Kaufman (12/9/102 9:31 AM): I have made some money using SBI, particularly selling ken's product. My site is and is available to anyone who wishes to look at it and helpful suggestions are welcome. My email is

Mark Riffey ( (12/9/102 9:31 AM): Exactly. Business plan? Market research? Too much work, Ill buy a book instead.

Rob Frankel ( (12/9/102 9:32 AM): Lorilyn, which business are you talking about marketing?

Lorilyn Bailey ( (12/9/102 9:32 AM): What is SBI?

Mark Riffey ( (12/9/102 9:32 AM): That was replying to Markham's comment, btw <G>

Lorilyn Bailey ( (12/9/102 9:33 AM): Rob, two of them... one distributing press releases and the education one -- both not yet launched.

Markham ( (12/9/102 9:33 AM): I think most people just don't think to put in the analysis, thought and planning it takes to build a business

Tamra ( (12/9/102 9:33 AM): If hard work was *all* it took I'd be a millionaire several times over by now. < grin>

Lorilyn Bailey ( (12/9/102 9:33 AM): Markham, I agree with that.

weber (12/9/102 9:33 AM): Lorilyn " Hard work does not guarantee success." True, smart work does. But no work guarantees failure.

Harley Kaufman (12/9/102 9:33 AM): Lorilyn SBI = Site Build It, One of ken's fine webhosting and webpage building products. Please visit to see the result of its page building prowess!

Rob Frankel ( (12/9/102 9:34 AM): Work hard doesn't do it; working smart is what does it.

Frederick ( (12/9/102 9:34 AM): Lorilyn - when you get the PR distribution thing running, let me know - Sounds like it would sit well on my Virtual Desktop

weber (12/9/102 9:34 AM): Rob, That's what I just said.

Rob Frankel ( (12/9/102 9:34 AM): Harley, you're hooked. Promoting Ken's brand instead of your own!

Lorilyn Bailey ( (12/9/102 9:35 AM): Smart work doesn't guarantee success either.

Rob Frankel ( (12/9/102 9:35 AM): EVERYONE wants a good PR solution that works. That's why I think Dan janal's PR leads service is doing so well.

Rob Frankel ( (12/9/102 9:35 AM): Weber, and I agreed with you!

Harley Kaufman (12/9/102 9:35 AM): That is a good point!, Rob

Lorilyn Bailey ( (12/9/102 9:35 AM): Frederick, will do.

Markham ( (12/9/102 9:36 AM): A lot of small business owners (IMHO) think like hobbyists and not business people.......

Rob Frankel ( (12/9/102 9:36 AM): Lorilyn, I recommend Dan's service strongly. I have hired a publicist for a TON more, but Dan's service has gotten me FAR more press from real credible reporters and publications.

Rob Frankel ( (12/9/102 9:36 AM): I hired a publicist for i-legions this year and am disappointed with the results.

Lorilyn Bailey ( (12/9/102 9:36 AM): I wanted to offer the same service. Said yes, then said no. Grrr.

weber (12/9/102 9:37 AM): Sorry Rob, I thought you were thinking I was talking about hard work

Rob Frankel ( (12/9/102 9:37 AM): The big issue for PR people is accountability. And Lorilyn, why would you be afraid of the competition? Holy cow, there's a HUGE market out there!

Tamra ( (12/9/102 9:38 AM): Markham, we get calls from the hobbyists all the time. They want a web site just like Amazon and are honestly shocked to discover it might cost over $500. Sheesh -- save me from hobbyists!

Lorilyn Bailey ( (12/9/102 9:38 AM): Competition for what? For PRleads or for press release distribution?

Moses (12/9/102 9:38 AM): hey rob, I've got a new product idea, but I'm not sure how I go about pitching it - it needs BIG companies behind it.

Rob Frankel ( (12/9/102 9:38 AM): Dan charges $495 per year. He sends you leads targeted at your niche. That's it. You should be able to brand your own service with those deliverables and more

Rob Frankel ( (12/9/102 9:39 AM): Lorilyn, PR Leads is what works. Press releases, for my money, are the hard way up the hill.

Lorilyn Bailey ( (12/9/102 9:39 AM): You mean get a SEPARATE service up or get it from Profnet, like he does? Profnet won't budge. Do I start up a SIMILAR one?

Rob Frankel ( (12/9/102 9:39 AM): Moses, you've come to the right place.

Moses (12/9/102 9:39 AM): Good.

Rob Frankel ( (12/9/102 9:39 AM): What is your new idea, Moses? Does it involve tablets? Golden calves?

Moses (12/9/102 9:39 AM): I'll outline my idea here, if that's OK. that way there's a record.

Rob Frankel ( (12/9/102 9:40 AM): Lorilyn, why not? You could tie it in with Guestfinder and have a marked difference.

Rob Frankel ( (12/9/102 9:40 AM): Fine Moses. While you're at it, can you tell the group how you managed that staff into the serpent trick?

Rob Frankel ( (12/9/102 9:41 AM): Don't forget Lorilyn, that Dan builds his user base that are primarily small businesses

Lorilyn Bailey ( (12/9/102 9:41 AM): Rob, I already have a great name (another one) that is trademarked. Hmmmm. Have thought about it for years. Profnet is heavy duty competition. Big time.

Markham ( (12/9/102 9:42 AM): Most of my business comes from EBay --- surrounded by Hobbyists -- my approach and the way my competitors approach things are light years apart.......

Lorilyn Bailey ( (12/9/102 9:42 AM): Moses, what is your idea?

Rob Frankel ( (12/9/102 9:42 AM): Yeah, but Profnet is Profnet. They don't have anywhere near 100% of the market. And what do you really need to make the business profitable? 50? 100? 200 subscribers?

Lorilyn Bailey ( (12/9/102 9:43 AM): They have about 80 percent of press release market. They lean heavily on potential competition, too. Like me!

Rob Frankel ( (12/9/102 9:43 AM): There are millions of small business out there and they all need publicity they can rely on. I think Dan's approach is genius....and it works. Plenty of room for another brand there.

Moses (12/9/102 9:44 AM): No - a 'pizza button' on cell phones. Ideally, domino's pizza would hand out cellphones that either ONLY called a central pizza reservation service, or sold phones for Verizon and others that also had a big 'pizza button' on it to call domino's reservation.

Rob Frankel ( (12/9/102 9:44 AM): Let them lean. The worst they can do is offer to buy you out.

Lorilyn Bailey ( (12/9/102 9:44 AM): He is just a go-between. He has the power of Profnet behind him. Which is huge.

Moses (12/9/102 9:44 AM): yea verily, how does that sound?

Rob Frankel ( (12/9/102 9:45 AM): I like the serpent turning into the staff trick better, Moses. Man,. you've really lost your flair for the dramatic.....

Lorilyn Bailey ( (12/9/102 9:45 AM): Rob, I'm playing the devil's advocate, but I thank you for pushing me to do this. I WILL.

Moses (12/9/102 9:45 AM): don't play devil's advocate around me please

Moses (12/9/102 9:46 AM): i try to be serious for 37 seconds on this board and I get dissed! :(

Rob Frankel ( (12/9/102 9:46 AM): Okay, Lorilyn, but do you see the bigger picture? You can synthesize the same practice. For example I don't see much from Dan in the way of broadcast media. his stuff is mostly print and web.

Lorilyn Bailey ( (12/9/102 9:46 AM): Moses. LOL.

Lorilyn Bailey ( (12/9/102 9:46 AM): Rob, I had the idea almost 7 years ago. I've just been dragging my feet. Seriously.

Mark Riffey ( (12/9/102 9:46 AM): All in fun, Moses. If you still want to share your idea and get feedback, please do:)

Rob Frankel ( (12/9/102 9:46 AM): No Moses, if I were dissing you, I'd have called you on that butterfingers move when you tossed the tablets down the hill. I expect a leader like you to have better control of you emotional outbursts.

Moses (12/9/102 9:47 AM): I just did share the idea

Moses (12/9/102 9:47 AM): My pizza phone

Lorilyn Bailey ( (12/9/102 9:47 AM): Must be divine intervention with Moses here in the room that made you say what I needed to hear. ;)

Rob Frankel ( (12/9/102 9:47 AM): Lorilyn, THAT'S what's holding you back. There's a big "fear of success" factor that I find with a markedly high number of clients

Moses (12/9/102 9:48 AM): Could be expanded such that 'coke' could put out a phone with a few big buttons (to McDonalds, etc)

Lorilyn Bailey ( (12/9/102 9:48 AM): I also have fear of running out of development money.

Lorilyn Bailey ( (12/9/102 9:48 AM): I like Moses' idea, but I'm not sure if it would fly.

Tamra ( (12/9/102 9:48 AM): Moses, you need to team up with someone who wants to market to college students...and have the phone show an ad for their product in the window when starting up.

Mark Riffey ( (12/9/102 9:49 AM): Sorry Moses, it must've scrolled past while I was swapped elsewhere.

Rob Frankel ( (12/9/102 9:49 AM): Actually, Moses, the idea is somewhat similar to some speedlink characters who were trying to do something like that with bar codes on the Florida highways. Something about ordering before you get to the restaurant based on your swipe at the tollbooth

weber (12/9/102 9:49 AM): Moses, what if you are in a town with more than one Domino's how do you know which one will be delivering your order?

Jim Sposto (12/9/102 9:49 AM): Entered the room.

Frederick ( (12/9/102 9:49 AM): PizzaPhone? Of course it could work with the right marketing. If pump tennis shoes a la Michael Jackson can sell, pizzaphones can sell!

Moses (12/9/102 9:49 AM): yeah, the other idea is 'free phones' that simply show video ads before your phone is connected. Maybe a 10 second delay between dialing and connecting, and you have to listen to/watch ads, but it's a free phone

Rob Frankel ( (12/9/102 9:50 AM): Moses, you wouldn't want the hardware cost of manufacturing a button. I expect this would be a software play, where you'd dial "#MCD"

Lorilyn Bailey ( (12/9/102 9:50 AM): Rob, I've developed several versions of a home page for that over the years. I'll dredge one up and revise.

Markham ( (12/9/102 9:50 AM): I'm terrible at evaluating ideas -- I thought Yahoo, the new Beetle & EBay were bad ideas when they first came out

Rob Frankel ( (12/9/102 9:50 AM): (TEN MINUTE WARNING) Then you could sue McDonald's and the phone company for making your child obese....

Markham ( (12/9/102 9:51 AM): that being said, I agree with Rob.......the face of a cellphone is packed enough without extra buttons........

weber (12/9/102 9:51 AM): Actually, watch out for a lawsuit for carpal tunnel syndrome, and causing people to get obese from ordering pizza.

Rob Frankel ( (12/9/102 9:51 AM): I've been pretty accurate at predicting hits and misses. Right now, my riskiest proposition is betting that the UPS "brown" campaign will die a miserably painful death

Markham ( (12/9/102 9:51 AM): I would go for a sponsored firm ware upgrade, where info from various companies scrolls across the screen with pre-programmed numbers.............

Moses (12/9/102 9:51 AM): yikes verily

weber (12/9/102 9:52 AM): BY supplying the phone you could be attached in the lawsuit, America.... What a Country!!

Markham ( (12/9/102 9:52 AM): E.g. The Nokia 9243 -- with WAP and pre-programmed numbers to your favorite local vendors.....

Rob Frankel ( (12/9/102 9:52 AM): What Markham said. yeah.

Jodie - (12/9/102 9:52 AM): Entered the room.

Rob Frankel ( (12/9/102 9:53 AM): Anyway, Lorilyn, you have the resources you need. It's not the marketing angle that's holding you back.

Lorilyn Bailey ( (12/9/102 9:53 AM): Hey Jodie!

Lorilyn Bailey ( (12/9/102 9:53 AM): Rob, thanks much. You are the kick in the pants I need, I think. Now I have to figure out how to juggle everything at once. Same audiences, though, which is good.

Jodie - (12/9/102 9:53 AM): Hey! What a beautiful morning!

Moses (12/9/102 9:54 AM): rob, i will be in touch - i have a meeting from 1-2

Tamra ( (12/9/102 9:54 AM): Rob, I hope the UPS campaign doesn't die. I'm having far too much fun with it. Every time they come to the door, I yell "pie" at my business partner. (If you missed the "Brown brings me pie" commercial, that won't make any sense to you....)

Markham ( (12/9/102 9:54 AM): Hmm, I'm waiting for someone to sue Microsoft for causing their blood pressure to go up when their computer crashes......LOL

Lorilyn Bailey ( (12/9/102 9:55 AM): Ice storm hit here bad. It IS a wonderful morning. Power. Internet connection. Cable TV. What a lovely day!

Rob Frankel ( (12/9/102 9:55 AM): Of course, Lorilyn. You need to really take stock of how much you've got going there.

Lorilyn where are you? (12/9/102 9:55 AM): Entered the room.

Lorilyn Bailey ( (12/9/102 9:56 AM): Who is Lorilyn where are you????

Rob Frankel ( (12/9/102 9:56 AM): Tamra. from what I hear, the brown campaign is tearing the company in half.

Jodie - (12/9/102 9:56 AM): Ah, for me it's a glowing, two-page testimonial from a more than satisfied clients. Ya-hoo! Glad to see you got out OK!

Lorilyn Bailey ( (12/9/102 9:56 AM): Do I have a stalker?

Lorilyn where are you? (12/9/102 9:56 AM): Markham, no one sues MSFT for that. it keeps us techies working.

Lorilyn Bailey ( (12/9/102 9:57 AM): Rob, yes, but I can't kill off anything now. Too much trouble.

Lorilyn where are you? (12/9/102 9:57 AM): i got a phone call, did a reload, and that is the result. not worth relogging in now.

Rob Frankel ( (12/9/102 9:57 AM): Wait until we establish more Branded Communities....built in audiences for all kinds of products and services.

Jodie - (12/9/102 9:57 AM): Why is the "brown' campaign cutting the Co. in half?

Markham ( (12/9/102 9:58 AM): True -- but I don't the users are concerned about keeping techies employed

Rob Frankel ( (12/9/102 9:58 AM): Jodie: because half of the company is smart enough to realize that throwing away 100 years of reliability branding is a stupid idea. The rest don't get it

Jodie - (12/9/102 9:58 AM): And the rest that don't get it, are the one's holding the stick. Ugh.

Rob Frankel ( (12/9/102 9:59 AM): Internally, from what I hear, it's ripped the company into two camps. (TWO MINUTES)

Rob Frankel ( (12/9/102 9:59 AM): Well, it's just like I wrote last year in FrankelTips in an article called "Icky Brown Stuff".

Jodie - (12/9/102 9:59 AM): Never a good thing - an 'us vs. them' scenario develops.

Rob Frankel ( (12/9/102 10:00 AM): Okay, folks, here we go again. Another week into the fray! Let's go get 'em...I'll see you online!

Tamra ( (12/9/102 10:00 AM): Have a good week everyone!

Peter Cooper ( (12/9/102 10:00 AM): Apple was ripped into two camps in the mid 80s. Took a whole ton of management to fix the damage.

Frederick ( (12/9/102 10:00 AM): 'kay - see y'all next week? nest week?

Harley Kaufman (12/9/102 10:01 AM): Thanx, Robert and all for your helpful advice

Markham ( (12/9/102 10:03 AM): see everyone later......

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