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Ordering The Revenge of Brand X: How to Build a Big Time Brand on or off the Web, by Rob Frankel is easy! The price is $36.95 plus shipping (special low foreign shipping rates!). This is a totally secure site. Watch for the https/security icons when you submit your credit card information!
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Frankel has a way of explaining tough concepts that make them come alive. He doesn't speak down to the reader; "Hey! I'm the world expert on this subject -- listen to me!" and his language is down-to-earth and filled with examples from the real world." -- Mensa International Journal

Now you can take advantage of a full day seminar with Rob Frankel -- in his own inimitable style -- at a fraction of the price. With six hours of The Frankel Tapes, Volume One, you'll be able to listen, laugh and learn how to apply Rob's tactics that turn prospects into evangelists for your brand.

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You have packed so much material into those tapes that it is a complete business education in its own right. You've sent me right back to square one, back to first grade" -- Stewart Shaw

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The Frankel Tapes Volume One!
A whole day seminar
for a fraction of the cost!

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Here are all the tools and tactics you get in
The Frankel Tapes Volume One:

Tape 1: Frankel's Laws of Big Time Branding: How they cut costs and increase profits
Tape 2: The Media Implosion: Why consumers act totally differently today and how you can play to that.
Tape 3: Branding on the Inside: How to implement your brand inside your company and turn employees and vendors into evangelists for your brand
Tape 4: The Mantle of Leadership: Ways for your brand to tactically lead so that others will follow.
Tape 5: Naming Your Price: How to let your brand command premium prices in any environment.
Tape 6: Branded Community: How to make your brand touch the human heart and motivate from there.

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