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Rob Frankel is the guru of branding, and I don't mean cattle. Its hard to find anyone who really knows what branding means except for Frankel. Here's what he says, Branding is not about getting your prospects to choose you over your competition: it's about getting your prospects to see you as the only solution to their problem. Frankel is an ex-advertising guy, so he gets his message across in a way that is easy to understand, and kind of fun too.

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Frankel has a way of explaining tough concepts that make them come alive. He doesn't speak down to the reader; Hey! I'm the world expert on this subject -- listen to me! and his language is down-to-earth and filled with examples from the real world. -- Mensa International Journal

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FrankelTips #1
Web Stuff That Works
Web Traffic, Multiple Personalities on the Internet, How Internet Advertising Doesn't Work, 9 Ways To Screw Up Banner Advertising, Branding, right down to the buttons, Build it, don't buy it. Affiliate Chicken Soup, The Death of CPM's and more!
FrankelTips #2
Increasing Profitability
Packaging for Profit, Secret Weapon Syndrome, Paying for Placement, Telegraphing Failure, The Back End Deal, The Danger of E-Books, Discounting Your Brand, Is Over-servicing Killing Your Brand?, The E-Weapon, Autoresponders Destroying Your Brand and more!
FrankelTips #3
Pitching Business
How Much Should You Put in a Proposal?, Hiring Ad/PR Agencies, Slow Times, Fast Moves, Distracting from the Sale with contests, E-Mail Cold Calling, Killer Sig Line Strategies, The Leadership Thing, Consider the Source, Skip Intro and other stupid tech, The Hobby to Business Continuum and more!
FrankelTips #4
Maintaining Business
Can Servers Kill Your Brand?, Better Than Nothing, The most blunderful time of the year, Stabilizing year round sales, One from Column A: pricing your services and products, Selling or Begging?, Who's the Expert, Anyway?, Strength of Brand, Marketing by graphic image, Millions of Opt-ins on CD-ROM, CPR for CPM's and more!
Promoting Your Brand
Paying for Placement, Getting the Message, Christmas Revisited ,Year of the Brand, The birth of i-legions.com, Mickey Fall Down, Go Boom, Should I be my brand or Should the company?, Double Trouble, Open Rates Don't Mean Closed Sales, Leveraging Superhype and more!
FrankelTips #6
Why & How You Should Self-Publish Your Book
Should I Self Publish?,The Big Myths, Why Major Publishers are So Wrong, A Real Life Horror Story, Stuff You Need to Know, Why You Shouldn't Depend on Amazon

FrankelTips #7
Business Agreements
Service Agreement, Non-Disclosure/Non-circumvent Agreement, Estimate Form.

Run 'em by your lawyer first, but these are the agreements I use. Published in MS Word, for easy copy, paste, search and replace.

FrankelTips #8
Trade Shows, Trademarks and Policy Changes
Who you know and how to grow, Business Barometers, Ya-hubris, How Not to Change Policies, Branding or lack thereof, High margin technology, Branding vs. Trade Shows, What I've learned about e-books, The Big Circle R, Multi-tiered Branding Test

FrankelTips SixPack
The first six issues of FrankelTips bundled at a discount price!

FrankelTips #9
How to Send Unsolicited E-Mail and NOT be a Spammer
Why E-Mail?, Who Are Your Best Prospects?, How Often Should You E-Mail?, What Kind of Letter Should You Write?, How Do You Build and Manage the Contacts?, When Do You Send Letters?
FrankelTips #10
Funding & Launch: What you need to know. The dream, system, money and people. What you need from each. How to organize. The funding pitch. Venture and private placement. Alternative funding sources and more.




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