A compelling, inspiring portrait of a thoroughly likable, generous, enigmatical, and mysterious man, who left us all, far too soon, bereft. To read about him only increases one's admiration for him - his upbringing as well as time spent in Vietnam during the war, his methods of working and materials, his relationships with women, his generosity, his personal quirks,as well as his eccentric sense of humor, along with the wild, thoughtful parties that he staged - it's all here. The book leaves me with the sweet, sentimental, wistful feeling, above all, of dearly wishing that I could have known this man personally, because I am certain that I would have liked and admired him a very great deal. For me, personally, this book is worth it's weight in gold. Great job, Mr. Frankel!

Mr. Frankel, has written a highly literate and heartfelt exposé about the life of an anonymous artist .... until now! It was time someone gave Patrick Nagel the recognition he so truly deserved. Great book!

I truly enjoyed your hard work and dedication to the story that has never been told!! And most likely never would have with out your love for his work and desire to make this great book possible!! Patrick Nagel has been an incredible influence on our historical 1980's Art worshipping!! I was lucky to have been one the special women that worked with Patrick Nagel and 6 wonderful pieces where created of me. Rob Frankel you touched on so many parts of his life that would have never been told had you not graciously and diligently taken on this not so easy task!! This story is wonderful, compelling, smart and true!! I have enjoyed it immensely!! Thank you Rob Frankel!!.

Rob Frankel's biography of the popular artist is both riveting and informative, about the meteoric rise and tragic fall of Patrick Nagel's career. A story never before revealed,but still affecting the art world more than thirty years after Nagel's sudden death at age 38.

Having been Pat's assistant at the time of his passing, this book brought back a flood of memories. It also gave me insight into the man for the period before I knew him. He was such a great person, so talented and so humble at the same time. A must read for fans or those who would like to know about an artist taken from us far too soon.

It is an irony that one of the major conclusions that Mr Frankel makes concerning the life of Patrick Nagel within our culture is propelled by the author himself: that "In the 1980s and 1990s, over two million Americans framed his work in their homes and almost none of them knew his name or his fascinating life story". the main title of the book, "THE ARTIST WHO LOVED WOMEN" does not contain the name of the artist, and the photograph of the artist is smaller than the picture of his artwork on the dust cover. if Mr Frankel was demonstrating his conclusion, than that was a clever way of portraying it.

To discover the life of the artist just adds to the joy of looking at and owning Nagel's artwork. so i am grateful to the author for producing this work. i don't agree with some of his conclusions, like the premise of the driving force behind Patrick's design of the Nagel Woman; unfortunately, Patrick isnt here to ask. the biography is also placed in the context of 80s American Hollywood culture; which is a nice complement, maybe even a necessity to better understanding the life of the artist. i think that this greater envelope of the biography subject, in the art world culture -the global center during the 1970s and 80s being Los Angeles as posited by Mr Frankel- shows the mature writing capability of the author.

The style of writing is entertaining as well as informative. there were times i felt as if the author were there in the room discussing the life of Patrick. should i be interested in the subject, i would buy another book written by Mr Frankel.

Avid fan & collector of Patrick Nagel's artwork. it was a delight to read Mr Frankel's biography on Patrick Nagel. i can think of no better complement and assessment of the book than to say, i look forward to reading it a second time after having read it the first time in four days.

What a great book ...could not put it down. i learned alot about mr. nagel

This is great book. You don't need to love Patrick Nagel's work to truly appreciate it. The author dives into the eighties and leaves us with lasting impression of the incredible world that surrounds the books subject. A time capsule. It's well written and deeply researched. There are a few typos but it didn't take away from the experince. Highly recommended to any art lover or anyone who is curious about Los Angeles of the 1980's and of course to any fan of Patrick Nagel and his ART.

Read the book cover to cover this weekend. Started and then couldn't stop. Really was like a ride I got on and didn't want to get off. Every page remembered something I had long since forgotten about....Just a great job, Rob!!!