While Nagel's influence spanned continents and decades, video and audio of him are extremely rare: personal video cameras were just coming on the market in the 1980s and "portable phones" looked like bricks. Below are samples of Nagels effect on rock and roll, Pepsi, Borateem laundry detergent, animated comedy in 2015 and rare footage of Nagel and his manager, Karl Bornstein, discussing art on Todd Bingham's cable show in the early 1980s.
The only known audio-video of Patrick Nagel, on the set with his manager, Karl Bornstein, for Todd Bingham's cable show. (30 minutes)
Robert Palmer: Addicted to Love was a major national hit in the mid-1980s. His Nagel-inspired "Palmer girls" reprised their roles in Simply Irresistible and Palmer's Pepsi TV spot (below).
Bob Kurtz's Borateem laundry detergent TV spot was revolutionary, the only TV spot or animation Patrick Nagel ever did, but didn't make it on air, due to client issues.
Now a television superstar, Joan Collins tells guest host Joan Rivers on the Tonight Show all about her new portrait by Patrick Nagel, December 3, 1982. Years later, despite newspaper clips featuring her with Pat, her publicist denied Joan's ever meeting Patrick. (Watermarked clip for reference use only).
Robert Palmer followed up Addicted to Love with Simply Irresistible, using the Palmer Girls again. Both were gigantic hits -- again.
In 1982, magician David Copperfield's fourth national TV special was completely designed by Patrick Nagel. When Copperfield made his own private jet disappear, it was Nagel's portrait of him that graced its tail section. Every dancer was a Nagel woman, too.
Pepsi was so taken with Palmer's Nagel-inspired look and raucus music, they hired him for their national advertising campaign.
In her 2014 music video, Girls Chase Boys, Ingrid Michaelson paid homage to Palmer's Nagel-inspired women with a gender-bending update.
In 2015, Rob Lowe created the animated comedy series Moonbeam City, unabashedly creating his characters in Patrick Nagel's style.